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The Descent
Writer TechieInAK
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The Descent
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Prologue - The Eternal Sun
Sep 14, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!nrjpCsoT00S2xoKcW29wposted on PENANA
The woman in the red dress stepped through the door to the apartment. She set down her purse on the small table just inside the door. A soft melody was playing somewhere in the background. She smiled. It was their favorite. He always turned it on when she came to visit.
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"Hello?" she called out, expectantly.
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The music continued to play in the otherwise quiet apartment.
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"Are you here, honey?" she called out again.
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She frowned and stepped into the living room. On the table next to the couch was a large bouquet of flowers. She paused for a moment as she took in the beautiful red and purple flowers. They were her favorite. He's outdone himself tonight. She giggled and picked up the note next to the vase. He's probably running late. On the occasions that he was late he always found a way to let her know, one way or another. 
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She opened the envelope and unfolded the paper inside. As her eyes danced over the letter, from side to side, her smile faded and was replaced by lips tightly pressed together. Her hands started shaking and her breathing quickened. A tear escaped her eye and rolled down her cheek in slow motion and landed on the note. The small stain grew as the tear soaked into the paper and then dried up, almost as quick as it had appeared.
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Her hands struggled with the note but eventually, she was able to refold it and return it to the envelope. She held it tightly as she looked around the apartment. It had been theirs to share, to visit anytime they wanted. Here they could be together, away from the disapproving eyes of the world around them. It was supposed to be the beginning of something that would last a long time. That's what he had said. As eternal as the Eternal Sun. Its rays contained the promise of life and death. At a distance, they provided what the world needed to grow and flourish. Too close, it burned and killed. In the middle, perfect balance.
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She looked up at the symbol of their relationship through the tinted floor to ceiling windows. It hovered by the horizon, its presence always sure. It's a symbol of our future, he had said. It sounded so good at the time. It still did, yet the note in her hands told a different story.
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The flowers were suddenly airborne, hurtled through the air towards the window accompanied by a piercing scream. The vase shattering as quickly as her dreams had as it hit the window, temporarily obscuring the view of Proxima Centauri as the water ran down the window and pooled on the floor. The woman, breathing heavily as tears flowed down her cheeks, stared at the flower petals that slowly danced through the air, mesmerized by their slow descent to the floor. It was over.
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With renewed determination, she turned and walked across the room, through the door to the bedroom. It faced the darkness of the north where the cold was never-ending and the rays of the sun never reached. She should have stayed there, away from the warm glow of romance she had found herself embraced in when she met him. The promise of happiness and a better life had been the bait but in the end, it had been only a promise.
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She picked up the picture frame on the nightstand and threw it against the wall. She wiped a tear from her eye as the glass pieces flew through the air. She took a quivering breath and walked back to the living room. One last time, she looked at what once had been her future as her hand softly rubbed her belly. He had broken his promise. He had left her behind. He had left their future behind.
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As she walked to the door to leave the apartment, her hand on her bulging stomach, she thought of what could have been and what was about to be. He would never be a part of it. Ever. Determined to never waste another thought on her past, she slammed the door shut and walked away.
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