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Blood, Bullets & Black Magic
Writer TylerDoak
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Blood, Bullets & Black Magic
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Oct 4, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!NsuZes7bPxLWhNIEapv3posted on PENANA


12Please respect copyright.PENANAqZs7GmD1I4
12Please respect copyright.PENANARmEaWOVqRM
copyright protection8PENANAUTwjYZ2HEA

(Three rugged looking scouts dressed in a cowboy's trail garb ride along a grassy field. They are on the edge of a wilderness. )copyright protection8PENANAhs3Msiezt4

12Please respect copyright.PENANA3RWHaNOwor
12Please respect copyright.PENANAUOrnW7KA9s
copyright protection8PENANA7f0o2J3d9y

SCOUT 1copyright protection8PENANAh3sNnqNp8r

Damn it's pretty out here ain't it?copyright protection8PENANA0pU3bmlqWO

12Please respect copyright.PENANAF1OjcK87b0
12Please respect copyright.PENANAUeSQV2DKy2
copyright protection8PENANAu33vr6fuko

SCOUT 2copyright protection8PENANA3BsvpPWce5

As beautiful as it is deadly. copyright protection8PENANAEeuyhGVD7R

12Please respect copyright.PENANActQDRNLBnV
12Please respect copyright.PENANA43WTm8EufP
copyright protection8PENANArCUv8mCnQW

SCOUT LEADERcopyright protection8PENANALUxeqX3m9i

Let's make towards the trees and we will break camp for the day. copyright protection8PENANArOxWnODisL

12Please respect copyright.PENANAua4m0ZpEKY
12Please respect copyright.PENANAGWrxAjklUH
copyright protection8PENANA9Un4pvr1Ti

(EXT: A SMALL CAMP. NIGHT TIME. The three cowboys sit around eating what looks like beans with some sort of meat in it.)copyright protection8PENANAYFcwTCtXZD

12Please respect copyright.PENANAgZKdS7lxCB
12Please respect copyright.PENANAm7LruMrTqb
copyright protection8PENANAgrrNoOC174

SCOUT 1copyright protection8PENANANhYamoGNqA

At least there ain't no starving out here. Damn rabbits be everywhere you look. copyright protection8PENANA5ofhU9Un7T

12Please respect copyright.PENANAR67jDICY3x
12Please respect copyright.PENANAGkwrxpyTXb
copyright protection8PENANA0nksbIhNKo

SCOUT 2copyright protection8PENANASxGRI2fpPF

Hell with the way you shoot you may well starve.copyright protection8PENANAZV3fdXp7lw

12Please respect copyright.PENANAukigLN2cGs
12Please respect copyright.PENANAnyzvRddubh
copyright protection8PENANA0mUlO536TO

(The three men laugh.)copyright protection8PENANAuLlbD4dSt3

12Please respect copyright.PENANA1RByi9YR2V
12Please respect copyright.PENANA2xflN08QcO
copyright protection8PENANAytZBIcz7jV

SCOUT LEADERcopyright protection8PENANAEkhzF5EJby

He has a point. You have to be able to hit a rabbit with a bullet before you can eat it.copyright protection8PENANAxGkTRXY5Qs

12Please respect copyright.PENANAjAnS5e5iIh
12Please respect copyright.PENANAAK8cjrlhio
copyright protection8PENANA9oV80EkAME

SCOUT 1copyright protection8PENANAvqYMZESEo4

Shooting isn't my strong suit. But I can piss further than the both of you put together.copyright protection8PENANAdVLxPDvNIl

12Please respect copyright.PENANAdkWsFKtNAG
12Please respect copyright.PENANACTgZMmeSFX
copyright protection8PENANAfRJb0KPkkC

SCOUT LEADERcopyright protection8PENANAZP3XC2CuH0

Which is a damn miracle being that your pecker is so much smaller than ours.copyright protection8PENANAzUWksMXXzF

12Please respect copyright.PENANA9fIhr1INi1
12Please respect copyright.PENANAbvl7Y1SsPs
copyright protection8PENANAiPx21yMRS7

(The three men laugh again. Scout 1 walks a a bit away from camp and starts taking a piss. He looks back at the other men.)copyright protection8PENANAtRXwPzzs4h

12Please respect copyright.PENANA9rmqr8MG0s
12Please respect copyright.PENANAE9Imr9naXG
copyright protection8PENANAsDcpXEbVCL

SCOUT 1copyright protection8PENANABVB9XCHKtA

I ain't in the business of peaking at other men's peckers, so I wouldn't know if yours is bigger than mine.copyright protection8PENANASWrPtho2Kt

12Please respect copyright.PENANAb9cxhby9En
12Please respect copyright.PENANABNPXdh60Y6
copyright protection8PENANAjc6vC4aN0M

SCOUT 2copyright protection8PENANAyBH9KFMrqf

Hell I seen a three year old with one bigger than yours.copyright protection8PENANA1ict7GLwIv

12Please respect copyright.PENANAsCgaZIknSh
12Please respect copyright.PENANA44qhCHsaR6
copyright protection8PENANA02I6xkbI7b

(All three of them laugh again. Scout 1 finishes his piss and turns to walk back to the camp. He stares up into the crystal clear night sky. )copyright protection8PENANAuGMbPxRBYh

12Please respect copyright.PENANAysToq7Gw8F
12Please respect copyright.PENANADAiTLhC6Fu
copyright protection8PENANAR0A4tIKffs

SCOUT 1copyright protection8PENANAKfutm2NyKV

Ain't no prettier sight in the Kingdom than the one we are staring at right here.copyright protection8PENANAJfBwrr4i33

12Please respect copyright.PENANAoKzO1bwtmn
12Please respect copyright.PENANAAVQukgB1NJ
copyright protection8PENANAAU3aZxTJM8

SCOUT 2copyright protection8PENANAcxnH0KJOiu

You think the sky is as clear in Freedom Springs as it is here?copyright protection8PENANAJ2KlybNCuQ

12Please respect copyright.PENANAGqkYk6gWcW
12Please respect copyright.PENANArAG1pHcWbz
copyright protection8PENANAF4LJfKg9t2

SCOUT LEADERcopyright protection8PENANAhFzFnAp7oH

No idear. It's a month and a half behind us. copyright protection8PENANAB7JmtixgV1

12Please respect copyright.PENANAkLvbfQsRRf
12Please respect copyright.PENANAByGVx02NXf
copyright protection8PENANA6B6SkmCBv6

SCOUT 2copyright protection8PENANAEMMes9ORgc

How much further we gonna go?copyright protection8PENANAzSkjeNBM3x

12Please respect copyright.PENANAKoPqqf8Dcj
12Please respect copyright.PENANAcx4IIkyabq
copyright protection8PENANANa8U2tgF5L

SCOUT LEADERcopyright protection8PENANAMJyyX0ILSZ

Another two weeks. We're the furthest west that anyone has ever been. copyright protection8PENANAYsRiL66nSa

12Please respect copyright.PENANAqMY6Iv7Lj5
12Please respect copyright.PENANA03uQuU6Cxi
copyright protection8PENANAUGk3AnxQ3C

SCOUT 1copyright protection8PENANACPlaojb644

(Nodding towards a tall mountain in the distance.)copyright protection8PENANA53wXlh3sEV

If we come onto yonder mountain I would like to name it after my departed ma. She died on the trek to Freedom Springs. I miss her dearly. copyright protection8PENANACzCWCcka3n

12Please respect copyright.PENANAVKP0sxk1Iw
12Please respect copyright.PENANAr8jqf2VnNf
copyright protection8PENANAMFd7QBr1Hv

SCOUT LEADERcopyright protection8PENANA5NzCKUTNny

That's the beauty of being the trailblazers. We get to name shit whatever we please. The lords and ladies in the kingdom don't even got that kinda sway.copyright protection8PENANAJZ7lWKxgUA

12Please respect copyright.PENANAsOiXEMRKoo
12Please respect copyright.PENANA2k9SkBqFD8
copyright protection8PENANAEGgRO6tf8a

SCOUT 2copyright protection8PENANALeYlQIgKvD

Nope. Not even them high and mighties got the power that we got right now. I think your mama's name would be a fine one for that mountain. What was her name again? copyright protection8PENANAieCqAyb7O5

12Please respect copyright.PENANAc4hvvxyrVm
12Please respect copyright.PENANAGoaYlOLdza
copyright protection8PENANAItMYlB5ORd

(There is a momentary silence.)copyright protection8PENANAZDsXYiFe3b

12Please respect copyright.PENANABBuLuPmUvZ
12Please respect copyright.PENANA3H4ldATL1O
copyright protection8PENANARlqtM01X7Q

SCOUT 2copyright protection8PENANA2QkPPFrUti

What was her name?copyright protection8PENANA8tVArUT68W

12Please respect copyright.PENANA7HciGy6sLF
12Please respect copyright.PENANACnh78MWvHr
copyright protection8PENANAi0iIt4Iv1Q

(Both men are now looking at Scout 1. He looks at them and a trickle of blood streams from his mouth. He falls forward, lifeless, and they see that there are three arrows sticking out of his back. They scramble for their weapons. Scout 2 grabs his rifle, but as he straightens up with it there is a armored being with long blonde hair standing in front of him. The man's face is covered by a steel mask that resembles a skull of some sort. SKULL FACE raises his axe and drives it into Scout 2's chest. As Scout 2 falls to the ground three more armored men come out of the darkness and start hacking at his body. The Scout Leader sees what has happened to his two men and he makes a run for it. Skull Face watches as Scout Leader runs into the darkness. Skull Face whistles and motions towards the fleeing man. )copyright protection8PENANAm4GGUwllqP

12Please respect copyright.PENANAvK9z6ma07b
12Please respect copyright.PENANAOfS1xzAE1l
copyright protection8PENANADzjzaKu3RD

(Scout Leader runs until he can't run anymore. He pauses to catch his breath and looks desperately around the area. It seems to be clear. He hides behind a fallen log. He hears a crack out in the distance. He aims his rifle and fires it twice in the direction from which the sound came. There is silence. Scout Leader lowers his rifle. When he turns around there is a gigantic wolf staring him in the face. A look of terror falls across Scout Leader's face as the creature drools. In one quick motion the wolf's face darts forward and clamps its teeth around Scout Leader's shoulder. Scout Leader screams as the creature bears down. Scout Leader can now see that there is an armored vikingesqe rider upon the huge wolf. The wolf tears his arm off at the shoulder. Scout Leader falls to the ground and begins to convulse. Another wolf rides up and Skull Face climbs off of it. He stands over Scout Leader as he lay dying. Skull Face peels a knife from its sheath. He reaches down and scalps Scout Leader. He then stands up and wipes the blood off of his knife while Scout Leader screams in pure agony. Skull Face nods and the two wolves start tearing the cowboy apart.)copyright protection8PENANA09DiR7mADo

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