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Falling for The King's Best Friend (Choices fanfic) (Drake X MC)
Writer Kaylaisamermaid
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Falling for The King's Best Friend (Choices fanfic) (Drake X MC)
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All the Wrong Moves
Nov 13, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!F8SLSV5j72VCCW15S7Vyposted on PENANA (A/N:) Alright you beautiful people, this story will start after the time the main character finds out Lady Penelope framed her and is not following the exact plot of is in RR.  Yn means your name and yln means your last name.

You sat in  bed crying your eyes out. "Why would Lady Penelope frame me that way?" Youasked to nobody in particular. You sighed and laid down, grabbing your phone, you didn't want to be alone. If we're being completely honest, the only reason you're still here is to clear House Beaumont's name, you don't care about marrying the King, you fell hard for somebody else at court, his best friend Drake, dreamy Drake. You opened a text stream with Mr. Drake and sent a quick, are you awake? Mhm. He replied, in a minute or two. "Care to go for a walk with me?" You sent back. "Sure, meet me in the alley." You threw a tshirt and some jeans on, luckily for you,  we weren't in Cordonia right now, if you dress down nobody will recognize you. You sighed, throwing your hair in a ponytail and sneaking out of the train. You had to pass Maxwell's room to the exit. You felt bad and like you were betraying he & Bertrand while sneaking around with Drake, but you had told them you'd fallen for someone else at court. "Whatever." You mumbled and stepped into the night. You looked around, waiting for Drake. "Did he really not show up?" You said outloud frustrated. "Did who not show up?" Drake's voice asked from behind you. copyright protection48PENANA175srxpA4k

You rolled your eyes and turned around, smiling. "Oh, just this guy that I've fallen for, he's the King's best friend." "I match that describtion." Playfullness danced in his eyes. You pulled him into a kiss, man have you been craving those lips, your lips fit together so perfectly, like two puzzle pieces. He pulled away too quickly, your last name rolling out of his mouth. "Not here, are you aware how easily we could be caught?" "Olivia seems already suspicious of us." You sighed and nodded, he was right. "Then where Drake?" "When?" He smiled. "Follow me." He lead me towards a dimly lit pizza joint. "Man I haven't been in a restaurant like this in awhile."  You said. He laughed. copyright protection48PENANA1KtUwlPBEW

"Nobody is going to recognize us here." He said. "Hopefully not, anyway." You nodded. "Hopefully, the last thing I need is another scandal on my back." He motioned towards a dimly lit booth in the very back of the place. "Let's have a seat back there." "Want me to grab you a drink?" You nodded. "Sure, surprise me." You headed to the booth, knowing fully well he'd return with whiskey, he was a whiskey sort of guy. copyright protection48PENANAEAzhwAmpHi

"Whiskey on the rocks for a beautiful girl." You  rolled your eyes. "Predictable." He laughed scooting in next to me. "What's so wrong with that?" You shrugged. "Nothing." "Drake." You stated, seriously. "Why won't you just accept the fact that it's you that I want?" You held your hand up before he could say anything. "I don't care that Liam can give me a whole kingdom, I don't want that, I don't want to be a Queen, I may have come here with those intentions but then I met you and none of that mattered anymore."copyright protection48PENANAXIq2bSAAsF

 "You and the Beaumonts are the only people here that matter anymore, and Hanna of course, if I didn't care about Maxwell and Bertrand so much, I wouldn't even be here, I would have gone back to New York." "But their name had to be cleared first, and i haven't told them this yet, but I don't plan on staying once that is done, that's my last chore here, is to clear their name."  "Once that's done, I want to go back to New York." "I want you to go with me." He took a huge swig of his drink. "O." "Look, you've said yourself, there's not much here for you." He looked around. "I-I'm just not sure that's a good idea." He said, ending the sentence with your last name. Man that drove you absolutely insane, in all the wrong ways. copyright protection48PENANAVtqonWKdxp

"Why Drake?" "Why is it a bad idea?" "Nobody in New York knows about all this mess, shoot nobody in New York has probably even heard of Cordonia." He let a small laugh escape his mouth. "I guess you're right about that." He moved closer to me, he was so close now I could feel his breath on my face. "Tell you what, once your name is cleared and you have one hundred percent decided that this, that I am what you really want, I will follow you anywhere." He sighed. "I feel like I'm making all the wrong moves here, but god damn they feel so right." He closed the distance between the two of you and kissed you. It seemed as if that cautious Drake you once knew was gone, at least in this moment, anyway. Nobody knew you here, nobody knew you were the mysterious lady from New York that betrayed the future king of Cordonia, nobody knew he was the best friend of that future king, hell nobody was even paying attention to the two of you.copyright protection48PENANA9c0JtwjQW1

He finally pulled away. "We should head back." You said. He nodded in agreement and you walked back to the train hand in hand until you got too close for comfort to the train. He walked you to your room. "Goodnight." He said turning to leave. "Wait." You pulled him into the room. "Don't go yet." He sighed shutting the door.copyright protection48PENANA8UKzXVrywT

" You know you make it absolutely impossible to stay away from you?" You laughed, pulling at his shirt. "Then don't stay away." "You know I have to, for now anyway." You moved closer to him and sighed. "I know, this sucks." "I feel like I'm leading Liam on, and I feel horrible about it." "Why couldn't we have met under different circumstances?" You asked. He shut you up with a kiss, wrapping his arms around you and tangling his hands in your  hair. Damn, who was this Drake? You kissed him back wrapping your arms and legs around him. "Mmm." He bit your lip, his lips finding your  neck and bitin at it. There was a knock at the door and you heard Maxwell say. "Everything okay in there?" "Shit." You mumbled as Drake put you down.copyright protection48PENANAdrnEQLABY8

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