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Story Request
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Co-Writer Wizpen*
Co-Writer Nicole Armas
Co-Writer TheSecretDrawer
Co-Writer E.E. Cullen
Co-Writer Jhanvayyy
Full House
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Story Request
Story Request

In which where I write what people want me to write.

As the name gives, this is where I get ideas from you folks who are too lazy to write but have ideas nonetheless. Wouldn't promise to have the best of results but critics, improvements and the likes are very important so they're always welcome.

TL;DR Give me ideas and I'll do the best in my power to write them as you imagined it to be.

Total Reading Time: 12 minutes


E.E. Cullen - Here’s another idea: The thouhts of a girl realizing that she’s in love with her best friend. Only, her best friend is a girl and she dosen’t know whether or not said friend is straight.
1 year agoreply

Jhanvayyy - Can I make it boyxboy? I just got an idea thanks to your idea which is awesome.
1 year agoreply

E.E. Cullen - @Jhanvayyy, Sure! Feel free to interpert it how you see fit.
1 year agoreply

Jhanvayyy - @E.E. Cullen, thank you.
1 year agoreply

Jhanvayyy - Okay, Here is one idea. (I just came up with it and hope you all like it) -- a young man -- hoping to be detective -- takes up a 18 year old case -- to find a missing heir to the property of the whole town -- supposed missing boy is the only living member of founders of town -- little did the wannabe detective know that he was the heir himself -- (plus showing what and how he finds out the truth about his fam) So how's it?
1 year agoreply

E.E. Cullen - It’s really cool!
1 year agoreply

Wizpen - That’s a pretty good concept, might be quite a challenge to tackle but I think that would just make the idea even better lol
1 year agoreply

Jhanvayyy - @Wizpen, Hoping all of us can write it. I have no doubt that you tackle it but i am gonna make a fool outta myself
1 year agoreply

Jhanvayyy - @E.E. Cullen, Thanks.
1 year agoreply

E.E. Cullen - Can I post an idea even though I’m in the group?
1 year agoreply

Jhanvayyy - I wouldn't mind. I'd love to hear it.

1 year agoreply

Jhanvayyy - Just like you, I run out of ideas. I am a short story critic and when it comes to prompts, I have a thick spacer layer in my head called block. Mind if I join this?
1 year agoreply

Wizpen - Sure m8, though, we’re in desperate need of ideas
1 year agoreply

Jhanvayyy - I Will try to find some
1 year agoreply

INKYLORE - i made a group with this exact same intention as this book
1 year agoreply

Wizpen - wot?
1 year agoreply

INKYLORE - @Wizpen, well at least that was the plan but its not really going so well, people are inactive and know im thinking of taking the group down
1 year agoreply

Wizpen - @INKYLORE, oh, yeah, i don't think many people use this site, bit of a shame though cause I thought it had potential at the beginning
1 year agoreply

INKYLORE - @Wizpen,i mean it does, better then watt pad at least, and there's even a leader bored for like the best stories, kind of makes the story thing competitive you know
1 year agoreply

Wizpen - @INKYLORE,yeah I agree, also the existence of contests is really unique though I haven’t done any in the past few months (year maybe). It just lacks variety of people
1 year agoreply

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