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love & betrayal
Writer Amelia Earhart
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love & betrayal
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10- Nikko
Amelia Earhart
Nov 30, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cFwpttq0XLR80Gpsmxp9posted on PENANA      Two weeks later I was watching movers move stuff out the house. I thought I would have had more time with Nyliah but she waisted no time finding a new house by Lisa a few towns over in New Haven but Nyliah didn’t want me to know where she was going.  I mean I guess I couldn’t blame her. I fucked up on her but she was definitely done she spent most over days remodeling her new house and when she wasn’t there she was at work or with Amelia.

     Lisa was over helping Nyliah back a few things and the whole time she was here she sat there and gave me this look that could kill about ten horses.copyright protection52PENANA9nVddGy97i

”Nikko I hope you know you really fucked up.” Lisa said.copyright protection52PENANA9jYGIr99r6

”You think I don’t know that? She won’t even look at me let alone talk to me other than when it was about Amelia.” I said.copyright protection52PENANAUjfUZEnlbM

”Yeah well I think Nyliah is over this whole situation, Look you didn’t hear this from me but I had to convince her not to leave again. Now look she moved an hour away changed Nyliah school and job just because you couldn’t keep you’re sick in your pants.” She said.copyright protection52PENANAulapyn67wd

”Trust me you think I don’t know, that by now? I just can’t do shit about it now she wants to leave than fine. Fuck her.” I said.copyright protection52PENANAqGxpmgQwpi

”Wow, that’s how you feel?” Nyliah said.copyright protection52PENANACkBSeBwCWI

”Ny it’s not like that you know I love you.” I said.copyright protection52PENANAor4yRDWYKt

”Just stop! This is happening Nikko not because this is what I want but because of what you chose to do. You fucked up deal with. It’s not fuck me its fuck you.” She said and went upstairs. I was glad Amelia was with Brooklyn sister so she didn’t have to see anything that was gonna happen. I ran upstairs and saw her pack up Amelia’s toys. I smacked the the box out of her hand.copyright protection52PENANAcbaKAw0r3p

”Stop packing just stay. We can work threw this.” I begged her.copyright protection52PENANAJGKlyYX4BU

”No!! I don’t want to stay, I don’t want to be in the same house as you just let me fuckin go!” She screamed. I don’t know what came over me I pushed her in the wall so hard that it left a hole. I was breathing hard and I was nose to nose with Nyliah.copyright protection52PENANANZlRyduvbf

”Nikko!” I heard Marco’s voice boom from the doorway.copyright protection52PENANAYnq870F8rI

”What?!” I yelled. copyright protection52PENANAyboixWhu1S

“Man come on let’s go get a drink before you do something you gonna regret.” He said. I looked Nyliah in her eyes and punched the wall next to her face, causing her to jump a little.copyright protection52PENANAoPSJGrXaW8

”Fine, hurry up and get you’re shit and get out my fuckin house.”  I said and left.copyright protection52PENANApVwQ3EQJMi

      Thirty minutes later Marco and I are at the strip club taking drinks back to back.copyright protection52PENANArluQD1NUvP

”Nikko, what’s going on man?” He asked.copyright protection52PENANANTEFDk6Av3

” I just didn’t want her to leave. I fucked up bad, why can’t she just forgive me?” I slurred.copyright protection52PENANAJVYgL2UCLH

”Nyliah has never been like the rest of the girls that you have fucked with Nikko. You fucked you’re baby mama in the same house that you built for Ny right after she opened up for you. She’s hurt Nikko.” Marco said.copyright protection52PENANAVd2p3GqRAV

”I’m hurt too she took my daughter away for ten years and I’m just suppose to be okay with her taking her again.” copyright protection52PENANAGoPk3tFa4a

“She’s not taking her away she just moved out that house. How would you feel if you walked in on her fucking some guy in the house you built for her?”copyright protection52PENANAeN6c4ReYuZ

”I would have killed them both, but it’s different.”copyright protection52PENANAGpdIPgpf8Z

”Exactly, she moved it’s what she does. Trust me she still loves you.” He said.copyright protection52PENANAbOo19ruOCy

”Yeah well she got a funny way of showing it.” I said and took a shit.copyright protection52PENANAZQm53qXipr

”Man so do you, you Ny exactly where you wanted her and you fucked another bitch how do you think she feels and now look what you did. That girl is probably gonna need to go back to therapy for that.” He said.copyright protection52PENANAh5RvOGLdWT

”How would you know if she went to therapy?”copyright protection52PENANAd8IB9R3DFG

”She’s been crying to My girl and she tells me everything.” copyright protection52PENANAcExyKAZHSo

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