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Badar Consultant Agency
Co-Writer Blondemaverick*
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Badar Consultant Agency
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1 - Entropic Spiral - 1C
Feb 11, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ryPiV3CC7efrY2cOaLllposted on PENANA

Two Months Ago…copyright protection38PENANA59cLeha8zQ

“So, what did you get on Lord Dae?” Woody asked Jude as the blood mage slid into the passenger seat of their black Cadillac. He put the vehicle in drive and they left their west side apartment heading toward Dareklind’s city central. “I know you read him. I saw it on your face.”copyright protection38PENANAL1pAjlEWXL

Jude lit a cigarette from his tin with his silver lighter and put his feet up on the dash. “You did not,” the blond said, but then he squinted with a smile. “How did you know?”copyright protection38PENANAbdc9foYp9k

“I guessed,” the werewolf said with a grin. “So, what’d you find out?”copyright protection38PENANALeuX0IeaQO

“He knows I’m a blood mage,” the vampire said starkly.copyright protection38PENANA1BPrc9MQ5K

“The fuck,” Woody hissed, his knuckles going white on the steering wheel. “So, is this meeting supposed to be a witch burning then?” His jaw muscles fluttered. “It would be just like a mage lord to fuck us like that… For all their preaching, they don’t give a shit about supernaturals.”copyright protection38PENANABgXOqccpCm

“Not that simple,” Jude said, still completely at ease. “He really does want to recruit us. I didn’t get much else, only that he’s not using this forum as a way to oust me… He wants to use our talents. But he’s trying to be legit with it. The Circle will want us registered, and there will be evaluations, of course. They’ll make sure we’re not total psychopaths. At that point, Dae’s planning to take us under his wing.” He rolled his eyes. “At least, that’s was all I was able to get in the ten freaking seconds he was talking to you.”copyright protection38PENANAJnBdlCVzMM

Woody gave him a sidelong look. “And you’re going to let him? Use us, I mean.”copyright protection38PENANAoOndfAm1qs

He knew Jude never liked being utilized by anyone--not unless it was a mutually beneficial arrangement--which got Woody thinking there was something else to Jude’s cool and unphased demeanor. The Holland boy said, “Well, yeah. We’re Friends of The Circle, remember? If he’s not planning to turn me over, then I’m not gonna pass up the opportunity to make a deeper connection with The Circle of Magi. Besides, we could use the money.”copyright protection38PENANAM2JJQ9W2yy

The werewolf rolled his own eyes as they came to the city’s main roundabout. He turned the car off, down one of central’s byways, and turned into an above ground garage. He rolled down his window and took a ticket from the terminal as he said, “Money is the least of our concerns, Boss… You’re bored, aren’t you? Is that was this is about? You’re looking for the next big thrill? We get plenty of that on the day-to-day, in case you haven’t noticed. Last night scared the hell out of me.”copyright protection38PENANApiV1wgDrQp

They’d made a citizen’s arrest the previous night. That’s where they’d bumped hips with a couple Circle mages. There had been a few hot words exchanged over who would handle the bounty, as the runner Jude and Woody had been tracking down was also a rogue earth mage. When Jude had suddenly given up on him, one of the mages had stayed behind while their female compatriot booked the perp. The mage had introduced himself as Lord Jaeborn Dae, a translation mage--a warlock with power over teleportation and other such affairs. He’d been so impressed by the BCA’s teamwork, he’d offered them an interview with the top brass. Jude had accepted without even looking Woody’s way.copyright protection38PENANAeeeCsucPvD

Since then, the werewolf had been biding his time, waiting for an explanation, but Jude had gone quiet in the hours that followed. Cornering him on the ride over to The Circle of Magi in Dareklind’s main quarters had seemed Woody’s only chance at getting anything out of him.copyright protection38PENANAihF11vaXyJ

“Look, it’s been us against the underworld for the last few weeks…” Jude said quietly. “It would be nice to have some allies at our back side if things ever go sour.” He flicked his cigarette out his window and pulled another from his tin, tapping the filter on the back of his thumb before sandwiching the roll between his lips. “I’m just looking out for the future of Badar Consultant Agency. Right now, we’re a two man army… but we’re still just two dudes in over our heads.”copyright protection38PENANAvY2rZyICZz

Woody narrowed his eyes. “Is there something you’re not telling me?”copyright protection38PENANA2eOgQhK27g

“It’s an executive issue,” Jude said with a smirk. “Nothing for a little intern to worry over.”copyright protection38PENANAFpykqAQBxo

“Jude…” Woody shook his head, parking and pulling the e-break.copyright protection38PENANAk3mmvmUeYU

“What?”copyright protection38PENANAO18ChYT210

“You know I don’t like being kept out of the loop.” I hate it, Woody amended internally.copyright protection38PENANAjGqS1QsRr0

“I know,” Jude said, lighting his smoke and inhaling.copyright protection38PENANAgM4D9zZ4OX

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