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Badar Consultant Agency
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Badar Consultant Agency
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1 - Entropic Spiral - 1E
Feb 11, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!uNIoSsggC0IPVt0DPtk6posted on PENANA

Woody used Jude’s robe to punch a hole through one of the cabin door’s little slot windows. He reached in with his other hand and flipped the deadbolt before he gave the handle a turn from the outside. The door pulled outward on well oiled hinges. He tested the lightswitch on the inside of the door and the lights flickered for a moment before coming on.copyright protection36PENANAvjdH9E0v0T

“Generator?” he asked as he came back to Jude sitting on the porch steps. He helped the vampire up and they limped through the entrance. Jude gave him a listless nod. “Always on?”copyright protection36PENANA9uHRTAk9QW

Again, the mage nodded and he said, “You never know…”copyright protection36PENANAazM53MJTg4

“Expensive.”copyright protection36PENANAZMndtxSu3S

“You know me… I’ve got the means.”copyright protection36PENANAncm53fFopw

“Still haven’t met these friends in high places of yours,” Woody said experimentally.copyright protection36PENANAkz56F8So19

“Considering our current status, that’s for the best, don’tcha think?”copyright protection36PENANAs1VQfoo7Tr

The werewolf laid him on the cabin’s living room couch and looked about their surroundings to get his bearings. It was a gaudy rustic affair, but the decor seemed to be purposeful and frivolous. It was a stark contrast to the functional, spartan, casually-rich apartments Jude normally had them staying in. A pang of remorse suddenly hit him in the chest and he frowned. I haven’t been in one of Jude’s apartments since we embeded him back in February, Woody thought. Despite the constant rotation, they still felt like homes. This place feels like a last resort. Emphasis on the resort part.copyright protection36PENANAZgDmmGC151

There were various animal heads mounted on the walls of the vaulted living room. He cringed when he saw three different species of wolf lined up over the fireplace--arranged white, gray, and then black like some artistic gradient display. There was a bear over the bay doors leading to the back lawn area, silently baying in a territorial display, lips pulled out and back to bear huge teeth. There was a collection of deer hanging about the layout as well, all wearing differing startled expressions ranging from Who the doe? to Holy bucking Christ!copyright protection36PENANAxpBCwhLpFM

The furniture was brown and gold threaded, made of pine or oak or mahogany. There were little woodland themed candle holders scattered about the place, and a couple ficus trees that added to the overall escapist-with-no-budget ambiance. There were a handful of real oil paintings hanging where there was room, but despite their quality, their subjects consisted of benign activities: fishing, archery practice, duck scattering, dog rearing, and horseback riding.copyright protection36PENANAy8NtZ2SnaL

The cabin was warm on the inside, the red and tan curtains drawn. There was an archway that led to a kitchen from what Woody could see of it, and there was a hallway that disappeared into darkness where he assumed bedrooms and bathrooms laid in wait.copyright protection36PENANAO92swo98qe

Jude’s eyes were closed, but he managed to say, “There’s clothes in the master bedroom… as always. Bring me a change too, would you?”copyright protection36PENANA9XDLAa2lzI

“I’ll shower first then.”copyright protection36PENANA88RVBQYue9

“We’re not taking turns. There’re three bathrooms,” Jude said.copyright protection36PENANAg3ijvOHEX8

“You’re joshing me.”copyright protection36PENANAS76wSGGV1g

Jude cracked open an eye to regard him.copyright protection36PENANAD9ov50l4uA

Woody rolled his eyes. Oh, how silly of me. Of course there are three bathrooms, he thought with mild irritation. “Which one’s the master?” he asked out loud.copyright protection36PENANAdLDw49lMNi

“The one with the jacuzzi, probably.”copyright protection36PENANAUGp0ciGTdI

“There’s that goddamn word again… I’ll be back in a few. Are you going to be okay?”copyright protection36PENANA9RSxmYyI32

Jude rolled on his side, fumbled for a blanket from the adjacent chair and pulled the knit blanket over himself with a sniff. “I’ll be fine after a nap. That spell really kicked my shit in. Versatile, blood magic is. Gentle, it is not.”copyright protection36PENANAihNWOS59ES

“Whatever you say, Yoda. But… you sleep now?”copyright protection36PENANAsyySyLafEo

“The blood, Glenn. The blood.”copyright protection36PENANAYOfRmBPUjS

“Right… ” Woody spared the mounted heads one more tepid, mournful look before he turned and left the room. “Right.”copyright protection36PENANAXCaLyYDD7h

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