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Badar Consultant Agency
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Badar Consultant Agency
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1 - Entropic Spiral - 2D
Feb 18, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!XwfgqpNTvD2ABhMwQhpWposted on PENANA

What is this?copyright protection29PENANA2bC7evfsFs

Jude was lying on an altar. copyright protection29PENANAhDZwTpVHjr

He was in the sepulcher with its reddish lighting and its smell of sacrifice. copyright protection29PENANAlm2WDOsu6R

What? No.copyright protection29PENANAr833ghyvKe

He turned his head to the right, saw Sherwood standing not ten feet away staring at him.copyright protection29PENANAX1SWyMmuuG

His hand clenched and the blood welled in his palm.copyright protection29PENANAWP2YLFMeaT

It would only take one word. copyright protection29PENANA6B29EirdNc

NO!copyright protection29PENANAsLdlIM75hC

“Die,” Jude whispered, unclenching his fist.copyright protection29PENANALdsObeuYsE

Woody smiled sadly. Then his eyes rolled up into his head and he collapsed limply.copyright protection29PENANARzgTJUba8Z

Jude choked on a breath. copyright protection29PENANAmBKAWtn4yE

The Woden magi all turned, enraged. The blood magi saw their chances. copyright protection29PENANAGkR982nD0Q

The crimson circle turned on the witches like synchronized dancers, searing them with summoned heat. They turned into shadows, just silhouettes, as their forms were all enveloped in fire. They utterly destroyed the seven Woden magi, burning and tearing them down as a flame-clad pack, working together like they never had. copyright protection29PENANAiSpyL8tWiB

They were demons, weren’t they?copyright protection29PENANAVFcGg9aDdJ

Golden haired, blue eyed, sheathed in cracking black ash like the charred flesh of a fallen star, Jude slid off the slab of black stone and stepped over the dead Woden magi. He fell to his knees before the downed werewolf. He reached out with trembling fingers and buried his hand in the creature’s wavy black hair.copyright protection29PENANAiU393ccrQd

What am I?copyright protection29PENANAh85GGQO9N7

“Methuselah,” a blood mage said behind him in reverence.copyright protection29PENANAKJNXq36AHk

“Great Sacrifice,” another whispered.copyright protection29PENANAkZfn9iAlJq

“Red Magus.”copyright protection29PENANAz1zEHfvwoj

“Lazarus.”copyright protection29PENANAE93r7tve4d

“Nosferatu.”copyright protection29PENANAyodNMm6nIQ

“Champion of Magic.”copyright protection29PENANAOhRnWzCs61

“Tamer of Minds… even supernatural minds.” A proud grin in the words.copyright protection29PENANAMKbPcijIwo

“He had it coming.” A good-natured laugh amongst all of them.copyright protection29PENANAW5M9TzwZXe

“They didn’t stand a chance.” Nods. All of them as one. All of them as one.copyright protection29PENANAQLwI8tiLVo

“You showed the dog mercy, Magus.”copyright protection29PENANANH9YxmgQ5N

Jude turned his head at that, a smile curling the corners of his cupid’s bow. “The dog?”copyright protection29PENANAe1S1aLAHLx

He rose then, his hands balling into fists. There was one fiery mage before him, licks of blue flame where its eyes should be, red carvings covering it from head to foot. The blood mage opened its hands toward him, placating. “You could have bled him dry. You could have torn him apart. You could have brought this whole place down upon him. But you showed mercy. You are truly the most merciful of all magi. You are the perfect sacrifice. You are without fault.” The fiery mage's smile reflected his own. “You are worthy of worship.”copyright protection29PENANAVCjskrVDdR

Before Jude could show his flaming twin what mercy really looked like, there was a guttural growling from behind him, growing louder and louder; more and more real. The blood mage’s smile widened. “But no good deed goes unpunished, Judy. You know better than that.”copyright protection29PENANA20zcY6yfWD

Jude turned his back on the blood mage and slowly put his hands in front of him.copyright protection29PENANA2bFVcQHNxs

His left hand was a mangled, bloody mess, lacerated by Black Heart’s fangs. copyright protection29PENANAkt5EVq5R3j

He heard his voice even though he hadn’t opened his mouth. “Glenn… You can change back. Glenn, listen to me… You’ve had enough. We came here to destroy her. You did. But we have to finish it… Are you listening to me?” He was making eye contact with the hulking black wolf before him. Its golden eyes burrowed into him, accusing, furious.copyright protection29PENANAI5kihjoQyl

HUNGRY.copyright protection29PENANAuBw9wIZdvx

“Glenn… please.”copyright protection29PENANAGQ0LuVbAMf

Then the wolf was on him, gnawing on his shoulders and spine; tearing away skin and muscle; cracking into bone and tendon; shredding him from  outside to inside, where everything squelched and ran red. Jude screamed, thrashed, kicked, tried to roll. His fingers lost his knife. copyright protection29PENANAUvleNCxct6

Three hundred pounds of killing machine finally stepped off his broken corpse. The wolf then came around to his limited field of vision, its paws as huge as dinner platters. The animal bent down and snorted once at his hair. Jude was dead, stuck, frozen in a blank stare. The wolf tilted its head to the side, a paw coming up and resting on the vampire’s crooked neck. copyright protection29PENANAxXH37eM7si

The wolf opened its mouth over his ear and Sherwood’s voice came out: “WAKE UP!”copyright protection29PENANAE88EUDA6dn

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