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Badar Consultant Agency
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Badar Consultant Agency
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1 - Entropic Spiral - 4D
Apr 15, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!drIdK3nDvDVrt3Q3J4XGposted on PENANA

Present…copyright protection16PENANAqzMrS8dVyO

The wolf burst out of its cage, breaking the lock with a pathetic ping!copyright protection16PENANAgMgZZ02mDy

Mentally, Woody tried to put up a fight. He lifted hands and the wolf saw that as an invitation. It ate them first. Each finger, each knuckle disappearing down its gullet like revenge. Woody twisted to the side, curling into a ball, but his arms were little protection. The wolf gripped a forearm and started thrashing, pulling it free from his body. It too disappeared into its mouth.copyright protection16PENANA0z0uCQylUv

Whenever he saw it, Glenn recalled the wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood stories. The terrifying illustrations in the classic work showed the feet of the little girl sticking out of the yawning maw of the monster. His father had always laughed when they got to that part of the story.copyright protection16PENANA2l5PNXX0Sw

HUNGRY.copyright protection16PENANAP9j59i6cFK

He couldn’t remember ever laughing himself.copyright protection16PENANAKGjKbWBJhv

That’s enough.copyright protection16PENANAekRj9Eh7Fa

The onslaught paused. Woody waited, anxious for the work to continue, but when it didn’t, he looked up through his shredded arms. His breath caught. Jude? The wolf stood at the pale man’s side, licking its chops, still staring at Woody with that mindless intensity that promised annihilation. For once though, the animal looked more interested than angry; more curious than ravenous. What the hell is going on?copyright protection16PENANAEukXAtgGGW

We’re going to talk, Glenn, Jude said mentally. Well, think… Shit’s complicated.copyright protection16PENANAqqCKbNGMwY

Outwardly Woody had consumed all his human flesh, his stomach was full and uncomfortable. He looked down at his paws, felt the blades of grass between his toes. The world was on fire. He felt the evening breeze cross through his thick black fur and relished it. He lifted his head up and saw Jude in front of him, covered in his blood, rivulets of red falling into the wells of his scars.copyright protection16PENANAiLj95sOnAt

How is this possible? he thought at the vampire. He was never in control when it came to the full wolf form. He was always at the mercy of the creature within.copyright protection16PENANAxeYSbylsf2

He took a couple tentative steps forward, tail swishing. Startled, he bounced back when he accidentally stepped on a stick, breaking it in two. He twisted and turned, smelling experimentally. He was at least five feet high at the shoulder. Even on all fours, he stood eye-to-eye with the vampire. He looked up at the moon, tilted his head to the side, cocking saucer ears.copyright protection16PENANAoFs0pEO6ql

“Glenn?”copyright protection16PENANA5I7oScQHAr

The wolf looked at the man before him. The pale one smelled like burning apple orchards, surprisingly comforting tobacco, and nerve-fraying blood.copyright protection16PENANAa7F90RIljX

HUNGRY.copyright protection16PENANAoIDQJ2vx9V

The pale one? Is that what you call him? Woody asked the wolf within.copyright protection16PENANASeEZCxcteM

The wolf bared its teeth, a possessive sort of leer to its posture. HUNGRY, it told him.copyright protection16PENANAVpUAyUshgM

For once, Woody’s fascination overcame his impatience. Hungry. Always hungry with you… But he seems to think there’s more to you. So what’ll it be? Care to reveal your secrets? Work together for once? Put aside our differences?copyright protection16PENANAeEuRvdU0K4

The wolf’s ears went back. It had its pride too. But… It looked to the mental projection of Jude and the young man gave a nod, prodding it forward like an adamant parent. It approached Woody and the two of them circled each other as wolves. Neither of them showed any kind of aggression, only tentative interest. There was a playful edge about the exchange. Granted, it was a playful edge on an otherwise deadly-sharp knife.copyright protection16PENANAWDiBDV8Ppm

Don’t underestimate you? Woody snorted outwardly. Like I ever have.copyright protection16PENANACkLxVkrnBI

The wolf bared its teeth, its golden eyes wild. Liar, it seemed to accuse him.copyright protection16PENANA9QnEITRCUC

Seemed to? It did.copyright protection16PENANAGRfZsSVBIl

Woody did a double take. So you have more words than just hungry? That’s refreshing. What other tricks has Jude taught you behind my back?copyright protection16PENANAXkGJRB4jZG

He was hoping to piss it off, to get it to say more, but the wolf actually paused, its ears panning forward. It sat down on its haunches, its nose twitching. It looked over its shoulder at the spectral Jude and the vampire came forward and put his hands between the wolf’s ears, musing its fur affectionately. The wolf not only tolerated this, but its tongue lolled out its mouth for a brief moment before it remembered itself and it turned back to Woody.copyright protection16PENANA29wqNejFRe

Alpha, it intoned seriously.copyright protection16PENANAhy5wxxot96

Jude’s not your alpha. You’re the alpha.copyright protection16PENANAO7ruQi6VC6

The wolf bared its teeth, its anger returning. However it didn’t move otherwise.copyright protection16PENANABEf843noJe

Woody sat on his haunches in front of it, trying for a different tactic. Alright, let’s lay it all out then. You think he’s the alpha. Why?copyright protection16PENANAC0NHxlfWOo

The wolf gave him a confused look, tilting his head to the side like he didn’t understand the question. They shared the same memories, the same mind. The wolf conjured up a series of images, but then settled on one happening. It nosed it over to Woody and the werewolf looked down at the picture. The memory enveloped him. It was his, after all.copyright protection16PENANA3Dvu7mNehp

“Glenn… You can change back. Glenn, listen to me… You’ve had enough. We came here to destroy her. You did. But we have to finish it… Are you listening to me?”copyright protection16PENANAkT4A28Epwn

The wolf wasn’t impressed by this little pale man. He smelled like pie. The wolf liked pie.copyright protection16PENANAE9orQVN6RB

HUNGRY.copyright protection16PENANAvUf1omncBF

“Glenn… please.” There were tears in his eyes. He was begging. All the better. The wolf liked salty food. It started with the pale man’s shoulders and back. The stringy parts first. Save the soft parts for later. The man was screaming. It liked the sound. The sound was different. Pitched strangely, emotional. It had never killed something that kept fighting. Normally they were too shocked to fight. copyright protection16PENANABVzFwBOa1l

HUNGRY.copyright protection16PENANAyFuW7lRUsJ

The man shouted again, pitifully scrambling for some kind of weapon. The wolf bit into his arm, crunching through the humorous like a dry chicken bone. The knife remained on the floor. The man stopped screaming. The wolf licked at his exposed spine, nosed up under his shirt to turn him over. The man wasn’t breathing, his eyes staring up at the ceiling of the room.copyright protection16PENANAwXDLY28meK

Dead? It nosed at the pale man, but didn’t take another bite.copyright protection16PENANA2PGBvccknd

It was full. copyright protection16PENANAFWTaS1wKVY

It went back over to the vampire on the ground. It growled at the shape. She’d been mean. It reared up on his hind quarters and stomped down on what was left of her face, squelching black fluid between his toes.copyright protection16PENANAtsW7dV9mhn

Bored, It padded back over to the pale man and sat on its haunches. It sniffed, nose twitching. Something was different. It snorted at the pale man’s gold hair and tested teeth against his neck. Maybe it should tear the throat just to be sure? It stopped, teeth hovering over the thin skin there. It would too easy, too simple. There was no sport in that, no challenge, nothing to keep it occupied after that was over.copyright protection16PENANA6kdMVJZ84m

It whined, pacing around the body of the pale man. Then it heard it. There was a crunching noise. Its gold eyes flicked to the man’s arm, the one it had broken. It padded around again, coming around to sniff at it. It wasn’t broken. It licked it. It was supple, not stiff. copyright protection16PENANAmKigUbhrWc

Shaking its head, it brought a back foot up to scratch the back of it ear and then licked its nose to wet it. It nosed up under the body again and turned it over. The flesh there was crisscrossed with markings and shapes and lines, but the bones were gone. The wolf backed away from the body, its ears going flat against its head. It whimpered, confused and not liking the confusion. copyright protection16PENANAqqFnxTiHfA

It looked back at the vampire on the ground and then back at the pale man. The vampire had thick blood that smelled like clams. The pale man had coppery blood. It came around and licked the pale man’s face. copyright protection16PENANA5mUj9Q38Z7

The man winced. copyright protection16PENANAvlROBM0SdW

It hopped back, surprised, but now it was curious. It came over and sat next to the man’s face. It laid across the pale man’s body and rested its head on its forepaws. It let out a settling breath. Only one way to find out for sure, it figured. copyright protection16PENANA5EnL1VEkCU

It waited.copyright protection16PENANAUHgP1qG4yF

Outwardly, Jude was watching him, his ice blue eyes roving over his face.copyright protection16PENANAb303SCPSv3

Woody shook his head in bewilderment. It… thinks you’re the alpha because you came back. But that doesn’t make sense. Black Heart always came back, but it didn’t see her as the alpha.copyright protection16PENANAPBHcmI713K

“Are you so sure?” Jude asked in an undertone. “You think maybe that’s part of the reason she had such control over you? On top of her suggestion and her torture… maybe your subconscious was just as docile.” He approached Woody and the werewolf dipped his head down. Jude flicked him in one of his furry satellite-dish ears. “But don’t worry. It took some convincing on my part. That part of you isn’t so easily subdued… You should take comfort in that. It’s got a better bullshit meter than you.” He smirked.copyright protection16PENANAVXsbNtBtya

The wolf within was placid, tired. It yawned wide, licked its lips. It didn’t dispute Jude’s claim. Woody hadn’t expected it to. Jude’s words were law. Woody hadn’t thought it possible. To him, the mantle of alpha had always been an unspoken thing--a power that wasn’t chosen or elected. Now, he knew better. The wolf chose its own masters. If it had none, it would hunt one down. Even the lone wolf wants a pack. And didn’t Woody’s past actions only prove that fact?copyright protection16PENANA8Je9M6MCZh

Part of him regretted shutting the wolf out all those years ago. The other part accepted it. He wouldn’t be who he was if he hadn’t had all those many falls from grace. But now he was looking up from the bottom. He felt freer for it. He felt… in control.copyright protection16PENANAFPTm1g59h8

The wolf bared its teeth at him, but now it was more out of excitement than malice.copyright protection16PENANATc6loUP0nn

HUNGRY.copyright protection16PENANAaw7pFUwrwv

He knew what it meant by the word now. Hungry for a family. Hungry for the wilderness. Hungry for something that got your blood pumping. Hungry for conflict. Hungry for pain. Hungry for triumph. Hungry for something to fill the time. Hungry for truth. Hungry for life.copyright protection16PENANAJbkDymTEwa

HUNGRY.copyright protection16PENANANpmULKOBKc

He said to Jude, Let’s go hunting.copyright protection16PENANAYVI6ko0RQx

Jude’s smirk turned into a determined smile. “Let’s.”copyright protection16PENANAmAIHdh46WA

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