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Badar Consultant Agency
Co-Writer Blondemaverick*
Beta Reader HalenNikole
Beta Reader Heywood Williams
Co-Writer Z
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Badar Consultant Agency
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1 - Entropic Spiral - 7B
Jun 11, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!XmFY4Om2OhVsN0bEB3GVposted on PENANA

Jude looked down at the handset. His tongue felt glued to the roof of his mouth. Did he botch it? He’d misread something somewhere… He turned to look up at Sherwood, who had been at his side for the whole conversation. The werewolf had a question in every one of his frown lines. The vampire swallowed uneasily and said, “I’m sorry, Woody. He used a private number.”copyright protection14PENANAsKIitbfxWz

Woody punched the wall next to the cradle and stalked off into the back bedroom without another word. The door slammed, making the vampire wince.copyright protection14PENANAQTVvSZke28

He just needs time to cool off, Jude reasoned. Then I’ll tell him what I--what I think I found out. The vampire hung the phone up on its cradle and let out a shaking breath. He hadn’t meant for the conversation with Jaeborn to degenerate like it had, but it did reveal one definitive thing to him: he was right about Jaeborn being under someone’s thumb. He just didn’t know who yet.copyright protection14PENANAvXBjYNXAQE

The Red Cleric? Tristan and his pet? Doll--her posse of vampire wannabes?copyright protection14PENANAvjoeCSqRqm

“Woody,” he called, approaching the bedroom door. “Alex will be here soon… Don’t…” He rolled his eyes as he asked, “Don’t be too mad at me, please… I made a mistake, alright?”copyright protection14PENANAqgglL8l5mn

“Leave me alone,” Woody told him, and he heard the thud of a shoe hitting the other side of the door.copyright protection14PENANAeSlPbjC9Tt

Real fucking mature, Jude thought at him and then he took a physical step back as Woody shoved him out of his mind. It hurt and surprised him in equal measure. When he tried to mentally reach out again, Woody’s mind had regressed into something more animal-like. The wolf bared its teeth and whined at him in warning, like a wounded animal backed into a corner. Jude threw up his hands as he retreated. “Fine! Mope!” Alpha privileges, my ass. He’d rather I was in a ditch right now… Nothing to do, but wait.copyright protection14PENANANpMcDo53fv

He went into the kitchen and started making dinner for four.copyright protection14PENANAqGLG2xOnCb

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