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Red Dragon
Writer Msmarv28
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Red Dragon
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May 26, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!du69sH4NVDsQDAdS16nvposted on PENANA

Malich couldn’t help but notice Arya’s absence during mealtime. Normally she’d accompany him and answer the barrage of questions his aunt Asherah would lob at her. Asherah wanted to make sure Arya was future queen material. Malich allowed the inquisition because any objection from him would only make the situation worse. Also, Arya seemed to be handling it better than expected. Her temper hadn’t flared up once.copyright protection39PENANAiS6Rv1XeBQ

     “I was not a fan of your future bride at first, but I believe she is growing on me,” Asherah smiled.copyright protection39PENANAjOlqXN82B3

     “It means a lot that you approve.”copyright protection39PENANAG3UjE8bGez

     “Something tells me if I didn’t you’d marry her anyway.”copyright protection39PENANAbwshoXjlcU

     Malich chuckles, nodding. “Good observation.” She was right. He loved Arya beyond words and since she refused to say the same, he could only hope his sentiment was reciprocated.copyright protection39PENANAcvJxWHl4JW

     “My only worry is the tight leash you keep her on nephew. Domineering is a good quality in a ruler, but in a husband…lets just say I wonder if she might feel a bit like a prisoner rather than your beloved.”copyright protection39PENANA8p02IEbUlp

     “Arya is not my prisoner,” Malich waved off the thought.copyright protection39PENANAuwWWOkU7G6

     “It sure looks that way to me. And because I love you, I’ll leave you with this bit of wisdom. All leashes break eventually. If you want her respect and you want her to remain, allow her to choose? Leave the chicanery to the royal courts. Win her heart, not her obedience.”copyright protection39PENANA2SCLqysLDc

     Malich glanced sidelong at his wise aunt. They’d only been at the Spring Court for two turns and she’d already observed so much. He could lie to her but she’d see it as an insult to her intelligence.copyright protection39PENANAILBJOkoZfJ

     She was right. He’d commanded Arya’s obedience, but her heart was a different story. Her heart was still torn. To risk it all in the hopes she would choose him, however, he couldn’t fathom the possibility of losing her. He’d never loved anyone as much as he loved her. He never wanted to. Until Arya he was content sticking his cock into whomever he chose and would leave like a thief in the night, never giving any of his conquests a second thought. copyright protection39PENANApJglG4GAcn

     “Exactly what are you suggesting?” Malich asked.copyright protection39PENANAGegj0GRtsv

     “I’m suggesting you allow her to explore her emotions freely and without coercion or punishment. Let her come to her own conclusions and make up her own mind.”copyright protection39PENANAFbhgU5Bi5Q

     “Who says she doesn’t?”copyright protection39PENANA2uAiQgmwRy

     “She does what you want her to do because she loves you, but there is a rebel in that girl. If you continue to clip her wings she will eventually fly away and I know that’s not what you want. It may not even be what she wants, but you have to give her time to see that for herself.” Asherah spoke wisely.copyright protection39PENANAUyNaRNQJgj

     “I love her,” Malich sighed, “If she were to…if she were to choose another…I don’t know if I could live with that.”copyright protection39PENANAeWuvcoBOHH

     “Love doesn’t bind nephew, it liberates.”copyright protection39PENANAEJce12vozm

     Asherah rose from the tufted high-back chair she was sitting in and left Malich’s chambers. She meant well, but still he couldn’t fathom it. What if she ran to him? What if she didn’t come back?copyright protection39PENANAWtUJDMxuvO

     Malich stood and walked over to the bed he shared with Arya. Her clothes were still on the marble floor beside the bed where she’d left them. She was an incredible slob. He called for a servant to clean the room then walked to the alumni camp to talk to her. He wanted to make things right and confess what he’d done before she found out from someone else. copyright protection39PENANANKKigXHRLp

     Navi ran the training regimen in Ihsan’s absence and from the looks of things she was doing a damn good job. “Majii,” Navi inclined her head to him.copyright protection39PENANAyq8KEaN9ym

     “I’m looking for Arya.”copyright protection39PENANAvvQqfucNYI

     Navi became nervous and the room grew quiet. Something was wrong. He pinned Navi with a glare and she immediately broke down. “She went after Ihsan. She’s worried he’s-”copyright protection39PENANABMsm5IkMA5

     Malich didn’t let her finish her sentence before he quickly exited the training camp in search of Dax. He found him barking orders at a few of the guards he had posted around Asherah’s estate. “Your highness?” Dax inclined his head, surprised to see him.copyright protection39PENANAb9vkUauHj3

     “Arya is gone. She went after Ihsan.”copyright protection39PENANA4PzUgOptBn

     “Yes, I know.” Dax admitted.copyright protection39PENANAbdaEzfnT2Y

     Malich cocked his head to the side, temples flaring. “You know? Why wasn’t I informed?”copyright protection39PENANAZd7vx1F2JZ

     “Forgive me for saying so, but we need her out there fighting whatever this is and she cannot do that from your bed.”copyright protection39PENANA5NPFI5t7y5

     Malich took a deep breath and in the next moment his hand was clenched around Dax’s throat, lifting him up off the ground. “If anything happens to her…”copyright protection39PENANAvKiGoRVMLX

     “That girl has defied the odds of death Malich. You’ve been looking for answers to the nightmare creeping through the planes, well I’m sorry to tell you, but the answer has been in your bed all this time.”copyright protection39PENANAKLbRgITWLC

     Malich released him and he fell to his knees. He could kill Dax for allowing her to simply walk away, but he wouldn’t. These were hard truths, but truths he needed to hear. Dax was right…his aunt was right…everyonewas right. Arya blinded him from his objectives. He allowed her to. He wanted her so badly that he willingly compromised himself for her. He held her back and he tried to make her something she is not.copyright protection39PENANAVRpKw8QZfo

     Arya is wild, untamable, and a force to be reckoned with. She’s a finely crafted weapon, forged by his hands and whatever God saw fit to give her the gifts she has.copyright protection39PENANA4L8nrxemk0

     Taking a deep breath, Malich extends a hand to Dax and helps him up. “You’re right. She is more valuable to me as a weapon than a wife, but why can’t she be both?”copyright protection39PENANAk4LvW2ePYZ

     “It is unconscionable. Our assassins are successful because of their anonymity. She is by far one of the best I’ve ever seen your highness and we need her on the field, not the sidelines. On the field, she will hand you kingdoms. One the sidelines, we both know she will be a thorn in your side. She is not the sort to be kept.”copyright protection39PENANAsUQRFm0vmf

     “You’re suggesting I put an end to our relationship.”copyright protection39PENANAUq03OrA2OV

     “Forgive my saying so, but it is what’s best, for everyone. Arya included.”copyright protection39PENANA39ZPEWRTLP

     Malich stood, pensive. He needed to clear his head. If Arya came back alive, he needed to be sure of what he wanted to do, of what would be best for them both. He nodded to Dax and started to leave when Dax stopped him. “Is there more?”copyright protection39PENANASeJI6o56Ur

     “Yes, your highness. I’ve received a report that suggests Ihsan has returned home and reclaimed his birthright. Wherever Arya is headed, she won’t find him, but she may come across the threat.”copyright protection39PENANAlOSmRGOsJD

     Malich nodded. Of course he’d gone home to claim his birthright. He’d pushed Ihsan to the point of no return, sending him on dangerous charge after dangerous charge hoping someone would do him the favor of killing him so he wouldn’t have Ihsan’s blood on his hands. He knew Arya would hate him for it. Another blindly ambitious move provoked by his love for the assassin in his bed. “Keep an ear to the ground. Let me know how she fares.”copyright protection39PENANAnNMmCritk4

     He walked back to the palace where he poured himself a stiff drink and knocked it back. Several drinks later and he could barely stand. After hours of pouring over his situation, and pouring several glasses of wine, he knew what he needed to do.copyright protection39PENANAjcj3Vps1vm

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