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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 10 Artemisia
TJ Nyx
Jun 10, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!CU6ahOBW1zotsBSAurANposted on PENANA

            So there we were, cruising down the highway. With a goat man driving and a shirtless idiot sticking his head out the window.copyright protection16PENANAxXK1CcLjTd

            “I’m king of the world!” Sid shouted. “Haha!” he was a total weirdo, and I couldn’t help but notice Pan shouting him annoyed looks the whole waycopyright protection16PENANAkv8rGqfhmg

            “Sid, get your head back in the car!” Pan shouted. “I swear, you’ll be the death of me. Actually I take that back, you’ll be the reason I retire early.” He substituted.copyright protection16PENANAQLKjmDTR4t

             I shook my head. “How much longer we got to deal with this?” I asked.copyright protection16PENANAFCrpE3Cpmv

            “Forever.” Pan replied. “You will be gods with Sid forever.” He muttered darkly.copyright protection16PENANADH1L9HboZy

            I shuddered at the thought. “Not that. I meant when is this car ride going to be over?”copyright protection16PENANAFQjq9G33x8

            Pan looked around, just to get his bearings. “Not much longer, I’d think.” He said.copyright protection16PENANAwdLXDp1fPo

            “Great.” Paul said stretching. “I can’t wait to see these other gods.” He yawned and leaned his head against the window.copyright protection16PENANALs6MeftqEt

            “I know, just hang in there guys.” Pan said. “Almost.”copyright protection16PENANAYjjiKsYOvw

            “Argh!” Sid exclaimed coughing. “I swallowed a bug!”copyright protection16PENANAX2JI0m82CX

            “Wow.” I muttered. This dude was beyond stupid. Paul shook his head and smiled.copyright protection16PENANAqnqxaEME5q

            “I told you to put your head back in the car!” Pan shouted. “You’re going to be a god! Act like it.”copyright protection16PENANA74KqmuTljp

            “How’s a god supposed to act like?” Sid asked.copyright protection16PENANARgsAYtX6vA

            Pan pursed his lips. “Not like you.” He muttered. “Not like you at all.”copyright protection16PENANA3VYut88fMe

            “Can’t we speed this up?” Paul asked. “I mean you’re a god, Pan. Can’t you teleport?” He asked.copyright protection16PENANAGUirlFWf0f

            “I’m the god of the wild.” Pan told her. “What part of wild sounds like superfast teleportation? No, I can’t speed this up!” He shouted. “If you all keep complaining, time will just seem to slow down. So shut up!”copyright protection16PENANAERv7suAqA5

            “Temper.” Paul muttered. “Target practice?” he asked me.copyright protection16PENANA0E1Y8u6hKT

            “But we won’t be able to get the arrows back.” I said.copyright protection16PENANAwqOORauOpu

            “Wuss.” Paul muttered.copyright protection16PENANA34mzbO3LeE

            “Fine.” I took out my bow and began stringing it. When I was ready, I rolled down my window and leaned precariously out of it, with Paul doing the same to his.copyright protection16PENANARfjSdrnkJ7

            “Ready?” Paul asked.copyright protection16PENANAegy25pczdC

            “What are we aiming at?” I muttered. Both of us pulled the string back and held it tight.copyright protection16PENANA4hGqQRfTDt

            “Trees.” My brother suggested. “And go!” he ordered. We loosed our arrows simultaneously. “Bull’s-eye!” Paul shouted.copyright protection16PENANAxuJQnWiKg2

            “Prove it.” I said not believing him. There was no way Paul, or me for that matter, would have hit anything moving as fast as we were.copyright protection16PENANASviqynQLX4

            “Pan, turn around!” Paul commanded.copyright protection16PENANAn1l3rbVG5y

            “Bite me.” the god responded. “We’re late as is. Now get back in the car before something regrettable happens.”copyright protection16PENANAaD3TuqQNb7

            Paul and I both returned safely to our seats. “Why would it only be regrettable if we died?” Paul asked. “I think it would be quite tragic for you to lose one of us.”copyright protection16PENANAP3C8tbwjWt

            “No.” Pan muttered. “But I would regret the fact that I’d have to come shorthanded to the rendezvous.”copyright protection16PENANAnjuJnWVjD0

            “I would regret the fact that blah blah blah, rendezvous.” Paul mocked. “I wouldn’t even care if you died either.” He stuck up his nose.copyright protection16PENANAROEVH8myVx

            “I’d cry for you man.” Sid said putting a hand on Pan’s shoulder.copyright protection16PENANAFLBiU5tqop

            “Get off me!” Pan squirmed away, causing the car to swerve in our lane. You can tell we were having a good day because there was a highway patrol parked right there as he swerved. And they wasted no time in flashing their sirens.copyright protection16PENANAUMJpw6mrqZ

            “Look what you did!” Paul shouted.copyright protection16PENANAriN6dvez4a

            “Sid did it.” Pan pointed an accusatory finger at the shirtless blunder.copyright protection16PENANA7JWJ1QOvhc

            “I wasn’t driving.” Sid pointed out.copyright protection16PENANAUcZEBvKYWb

            “Shut up!” I ordered. “Pan go you have a license?” I asked.copyright protection16PENANAXotLvGhJgl

            “No, I’m a Greek god.” He pointed out. “Why would I need a license?” Pan looked at me like I was completely stupid.copyright protection16PENANAUo5Q76GVCY

            “You need a license for situations like this.” Paul explained.copyright protection16PENANA8wa8aMEVKA

            “Relax, I’m a god. I can us out of this.” Pan said cracking his knuckles.copyright protection16PENANA6IZzuvgLex

            “What are you going to do?” I asked. “Wave your hands and say ‘These are not the droids you are looking for.” Cause that won’t work.”copyright protection16PENANA79VcZ3jGYV

            “Nice reference.” Paul said.copyright protection16PENANAE7sPfDBTyl

            “No, just don’t talk, especially you Sid.” Pan said. By then the officer was tapping on his window. “Yes, officer?”copyright protection16PENANAuF4ufyZwke

            “I couldn’t help but notice that you were driving rather recklessly back there.” The officer said. “Sir, have you been drinking this…lunchtime?”copyright protection16PENANA3rnYDm1X30

            “Well you see…” Pan started to say. But then the officer’s eyes found the bow and arrows resting in my lap.copyright protection16PENANASH7kwnX8hw

            “Hey!” He shouted drawing his gun “Drop the weapons!”copyright protection16PENANAuLcygr7gXr

            “What?” I asked totally confused. Then I saw what was in my hands. “Oh crap!”copyright protection16PENANAu0SSZwe1ti

            The officer’s partner was soon standing outside of Paul’s window with his own gun at my brother’s head. “This one has a weapon too!”copyright protection16PENANA1lZ9GwxEFO

            “Put the arrows down!” the man shouted once again at me.copyright protection16PENANAa9AmIQOP6L

            “Do what he says.” Pan muttered. I wasn’t given a chance. The officers ripped open both backseat doors and forced me and Paul to the ground before I could blink. Instants later Pan and Sid joined us.20Please respect copyright.PENANAFZdNQCb1nB
            “Hey guys be cool.” Sid muttered. “I’ve done this before.”copyright protection16PENANAgBM8tMEIN8

            “Why have you been arrested before?” Pan asked. “Or do I not want to know?”copyright protection16PENANA0Pt0ZawwOb

            “How am I supposed to know if you want to know?” Sid asked confused.copyright protection16PENANAkYlUl3L9SS

            “You have the right to remain silent…” the officers began to recite.copyright protection16PENANAV9tIiWvXEj

            “I don’t want to go to jail.” Paul whined.copyright protection16PENANA5E8yF8JbEx

            “Have you ever heard of a worse arrest story?” I asked. “Yeah, I’m in for holding a bow. No, not the ribbon kind, the bow as in bow and arrow.” I told an imaginary person.copyright protection16PENANAnZwJURMG1F

            “This is a first.” Pan muttered. “And considering that I’m older than most countries that’s saying something.”copyright protection16PENANAyXO1F6Ya3D

            “Do you want to know?” Sid asked him.copyright protection16PENANAt8iCHXKq9p

            “You tell me.” Pan said.copyright protection16PENANAXwpufkl20m

            “What!” Sid was very confused. “There is no way for me to know, if you want to know.” Pan merely smiled and shrugged.copyright protection16PENANAHyjwAZCzaG

            Once the officers had read us our rights, they lifted us to our feet and began patting us down. You know, in case I had a pocket-sized bow on me.copyright protection16PENANAcEPugws1XB

            I noticed Pan stiffen when he saw what they were doing. And I thought it was weird, until I remembered what they would find when they patted down Pan. “Pan.” I muttered. “Your hooves and horns.”copyright protection16PENANArV7QpnbKqb

            “I know.” He shot back. “This isn’t good.”copyright protection16PENANA78KrElrhUB

            “Hey watch it buddy.” I muttered as the pat down passed my hips.copyright protection16PENANAY7fNCwk4xh

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