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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 13 Blade
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!c25uIgDcoZlvS5Y7KCYTposted on PENANA

                  Their faces were all those of shock.copyright protection18PENANA1Kmn8v0Yhu

            “You mean it actually works?” Artie asked. “This is really happening?”copyright protection18PENANAuuwAZfQDre

            “Awesome.” Deon muttered.copyright protection18PENANACNJvSICDlB

            “Should be fun.” Eric said stretching his neck.copyright protection18PENANAxmlTJtpKsG

            “Yes, this is all very good.” Hestia said. “But we have a schedule to keep to. Here put these on, make sure you can’t see.” She said passing out blindfolds.copyright protection18PENANAeXbKxa0nOr

            “I swear, you better not let me run into anything.” Zack muttered.copyright protection18PENANABqflW83yLo

            “Yeah, me too.” Kara said right after him.copyright protection18PENANAaiLvcuZBer

            “Don’t worry, we’ll still be here to shepherd you.” Nyx said helping Herman put on his blindfold. “I won’t let you hit anything.”copyright protection18PENANAitoueWFejt

            “Ah, sun and moon are here.” Persephone said pointing up at the sky.copyright protection18PENANAGVTVgQ3jpO

            “What do you mean sun and moon?” I asked.copyright protection18PENANAIz7t4kY4Vd

            “Sun and moon, Helios and Selene.” Thanatos explained. “Helios is the god of the sun, and Selene is the goddess of the moon. That’s who sun and moon are.”copyright protection18PENANAweGVIVRo9a

            “Yes indeed, and they’re giving us a ride to New Olympus.” Hestia said as she tightened Demi’s blindfold.copyright protection18PENANARP6LKnBNH0

            I looked up and saw too black dots on the horizon moving steadily towards me. When they got closer I was able to see that the dots were actually chariots, one was being pulled by a flaming phoenix, and the other was towed by a giant owl.copyright protection18PENANACpzKTE4RJ0

            “About time!” Gaia shouted as the two chariots landed near us. “I was getting worried that you were coming.”copyright protection18PENANA5ffLaYH1mQ

            “Sorry, I just finished making my rounds.” A man whom I assumed to be Helios said. I made this assumption because the man had flames for hair and eyes. Flaming sun god.copyright protection18PENANAcdFiZqFAem

            “Yes, you’re lucky we made time for this at all. Luckily for you there was an eclipse tonight, which means I had the night off. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here.” Selene said. Selene had long snow white hair to go along with her pupil-less white eyes. Her skins glowed slightly, like the moon.copyright protection18PENANABRMbCFPGxy

            “Would you really miss the crowning of the New Olympians?” Gaia asked. “It’s kind of a big deal.”copyright protection18PENANAHCOXoYV5Zi

            “Selene, Helios. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules for us.” Hestia said. “I would have asked Aeolus, but he was busy with several tornadoes in the Midwest right now.”copyright protection18PENANAWcwCuv2a6h

            “No, Gaia is right.” Helios said. “This is something we shouldn’t miss. We are only too glad to be part of it.”copyright protection18PENANAxH8kSK0Irx

            “Good, now we’re dragged this out enough don’t you think?” Hestia asked. “These kids deserve to know their futures.”copyright protection18PENANAh8a55y31E3

            “Yeah, you’ve kept everyone waiting long enough, let’s go!” Paul shouted. He was facing the wrong way under his blindfold so he appeared to be shouting at a rusty refrigerator.copyright protection18PENANAjAfPcKkfUq

            “Very well. Pan and Gaia, you and your children will go with Helios. Nyx’s and my group will go with Selene.” Hestia said ordering the troops around.copyright protection18PENANAws8FM0pMIR

            “Lady Hestia, what about us?” Thanatos asked. “Who will we go with?”copyright protection18PENANAk00u56387H

            Hestia looked at us. “That dogs not coming with me.” She said pointing at Cerberus. “Why don’t you take him with Helios?” She said to me.copyright protection18PENANAcrirgvbBK5

            “Yeah, I can do that.” I said. “Come here Cerberus.” Together with Cerberus I squeezed onto the sun god’s chariot. I don’t know how we fit ten people and a dog, but it worked.copyright protection18PENANA2hybWlbm8U

            “Hold on, I would hate to lose one of you on the way.” Helios said turning his flaming eyes on us. “Yah!” he swung the reins, and the phoenix surged back into the air, pulling us with it.copyright protection18PENANAdsUdXZj08r

            Selene followed us up into the atmosphere with her great owl gracefully matching the phoenix’s wing beats. The two chariots pulled side by side and I was able to shout over the wind to them.copyright protection18PENANAIkS1L9wXLg

            “Where exactly is New Olympus?”copyright protection18PENANA3OxBZuWaQ5

            “Montana.” Nyx shouted back. “It rests on a mountain in Montana.”copyright protection18PENANA53yZhvZBw8

            “Which mountain?” I asked.copyright protection18PENANA2ftVgf4McQ

            “Mount New Olympus.” Nyx replied. “At least that’s what we call it, there’s probably some other name for it though.”copyright protection18PENANA3fEBRD5OOV

            “Oh, this is going to be a long flight.” I said. Montana was far away, and there were no seats in the chariot.copyright protection18PENANATTZrThXSTu

            “No, this is the sun chariot. There is no limit to our speed.” Helios said. Sure enough, when I looked down the ground was zooming past at a dizzyingly fast rate.copyright protection18PENANA1VKuR0KWNW

            “Stand back and relax kid.” Pan said. “We’ll be there in no time.”copyright protection18PENANAMRbqs23yQR

            Kid, he called me a kid! I was Hades, lord of the dead. I may be young, but I was not a kid! I wanted to say something, but I was distracted by a sudden addition to our escort.copyright protection18PENANAuKLucEL9xE

            “Are these our newest Olympians?”copyright protection18PENANAEyAo3rpNnd

            “Bellerophon. Always nice to see you and Pegasus.” Pan said. Bellerophon was wearing one of those Greek helmets with the red plume sticking out of the top. He carried a large and long spear in one hand and held the reins to Pegasus, the legendary winged horse in the other.copyright protection18PENANAKa4WAwYE5P

            “You too old friend.” Bellerophon said. “I don’t get much visitors, guarding Olympian airspace all day.”copyright protection18PENANAwzAh3MVOWs

            “At least you get to get off your horse sometimes.” Helios said. “I’m stuck in this chariot by myself just flying circles around Earth.”copyright protection18PENANAtA14Y5voST

            “I’m sorry that I’m not that fun to be around.” Gaia said.copyright protection18PENANABC3FyEcxih

            “No, you’re plenty fun.” Pan said patting her shoulder. “You just annoy everyone.”copyright protection18PENANAnOQY6UK1IG

            “Ah!” Bellerophon shouted suddenly. “We got geese flying too close to New Olympus! Finally some action.” He spurred Pegasus and disappeared into the clouds.copyright protection18PENANAuchwgfBMEu

            “He seems like he’s bored.” I observed.copyright protection18PENANAGf7KVGo8eH

            “Yeah, Bellerophon thought he would get more action as the protector of Olympus, but since no one is crazy enough to attack the gods, he’s just sat in the saddle year after year.” Pan explained.”copyright protection18PENANAqCwhACbkDU

            “What is he god of? Flying horses, or chasing geese?” I asked smiling.copyright protection18PENANA187iEnyg9c

            Gaia laughed. “We’d never make Bellerophon a god! He was a mortal hero back in the days of ancient Greece. As a reward for taming Pegasus was a granted immortality.”copyright protection18PENANAKQsSAoyYxM

            “So, he’s not a god, but he lives on New Olympus?” I asked confused.copyright protection18PENANAGYocfZOrjs

            “Oh yeah, not everyone on Olympus is a god.” Gaia explained. “Every once in a while the gods gift an exceptional human immortality and the chance to live among the gods.”copyright protection18PENANAmkBtDgRbw1

            “What kind of humans get something like that?” I asked.copyright protection18PENANAohRQ9rfIqM

            “Humans like Bellerophon.” Gaia said. “Except not as crazy.”copyright protection18PENANAu6KTj0S8sc

            “Anybody that I might know?” I asked.copyright protection18PENANABPxciasamZ

            “Chuck Norris and Elvis.” Gaia said. “The two most recent additions.”copyright protection18PENANAbKg2AquQ8U

            “But Elvis is dead.” I said.copyright protection18PENANACC1nwlnptQ

            “Nope, he just came home.” Pan said. “Maybe you’ll see him while you’re in New Olympus.”copyright protection18PENANAB4F9hYjJ8F

            “Yeah, maybe.” I agreed. If I meet Elvis on New Olympus, this would officially be the weirdest day ever.copyright protection18PENANAIjqZm1pQRx

            “Speaking of New Olympus, look what it is.” Gaia said pointing ahead of us. “Behold, New Olympus home of the New Olympians and capital of the cosmos.”copyright protection18PENANALtaNQH8e6C

            Sure enough, up ahead between two great banks of cloud I spotted a city resting on the mountain’s top. The buildings were built in the style of the Ancient Greeks, with marble columns and tile mosaics. I spotted several large open air temples, an amphitheater, and what appeared to be a marketplace.copyright protection18PENANA4IGKRXIbHR

            “It’s an actual city.” I said. “I never thought it was an actual inhabited city.”copyright protection18PENANARqbhpxiPn9

            “What did you expect?” Pan asked. “Twelve thrones and some pillars? Of course it’s an actual city! Where else would the gods live?”copyright protection18PENANAm9CxWte4Ik

            “Do I get to live there?” I asked. I could see several mansions that I wouldn’t mind living in.copyright protection18PENANAGN3nxUlg53

            Gaia laughed. “Sorry kid. But shouldn’t you be living in the Underworld with you charges?”copyright protection18PENANA7WtidTQwJe

            “Your place is in the Underworld.” Pan said. “As was Hades. You will get to visit New Olympus, but you can’t live there.”copyright protection18PENANAF5niDjLRot

            “Oh.” I said disappointed. How did Hades put up with this for so long? Sorry kid, you just get to stay down in the underworld while everyone gets to live as gods should be living. It would’ve driven me crazy…maybe it still will.copyright protection18PENANAc5gftOaO4f

            “Make sure they keep their blindfolds on!” Hestia shouted as we started our descent towards the mountain.copyright protection18PENANASccluqfkWY

I resumed looking at the city of the gods. On the pinnacle of the mount, stood a large circular building. “That’s the throne room of the Olympians.” Pan said seeing what I was looking at. “That’s where we’re headed.”copyright protection18PENANAyB4WTIgFzE

            “Brace for landing.” Helios warned. “It could get bumpy.” I clenched my jaw and held onto the railing. We touched down on a small circular platform that jutted out from the mountainside. There was a man in full Greek armor waiting there for us. I saw that he was wielding a large wooden club and he wore a lion’s pelt for a cape.copyright protection18PENANA8MKp2dec2i

            When the wheels ceased to move I followed Pan and Gaia’s lead, and started to help the still blindfolded soon-to-be gods out of the chariot. Once they were safely on the platform Helios and Selene took off again, leaving us alone with the club wielding man.copyright protection18PENANAsUvEgZ5vk1

            “Halt.” He said holding out a hand towards us. “What is your business here?” he asked.copyright protection18PENANAuTDzQwh6bR

            “Hercules, I told you! We’re bringing the New Olympians. Now let us go.” Hestia said slightly annoyed.copyright protection18PENANALkEvKGIYSL

            “The Hercules?” I asked. “From the myths?”copyright protection18PENANAhlFMZVM4r7

            “Yes, the very same.” Thanatos said, once again at my side.copyright protection18PENANA6W1JvRgNXs

            “Very well Lady Hestia.” Hercules said stiffly. “You may pass.”copyright protection18PENANAFIMjexZWwS

            “Thank you!” she said.copyright protection18PENANAHOdnAdjniK

            “Just doing my job.” Hercules said. “Gatekeeper of Olympus, I’m supposed to challenge all visitors.”copyright protection18PENANAvoHw8coo0l

            “This way.” Hestia said leading the blinded along. As we walked through the city of the gods, I saw many strange creatures and beasts. Some looked like hybrids, other more like Martians. Added into the mix I saw the occasional historical figure. I guess we can stop looking for Amelia Earhart now.copyright protection18PENANAQF4DYiaYfH

             We made our way steadily up the mountain towards the throne room which rested atop the mountain. When we got closer I saw that the throne room was being supported by several large pillars. The pillars were statues of the Old Olympians. Each stood roughly twelve feet tall and was made of pearly marble. Looking at them, I realized that there was no statue of Hades present. That made sense, since he wasn’t an Olympian god. But then I thought back to my time in the Underworld. The only statue of Hades there was a small engraving on my throne room door.copyright protection18PENANAQXv3k6gDuz

            “Whoa, the Olympians made statues of themselves?” I said. “Not very humble of them.”copyright protection18PENANAoZX5w5iUui

            “Well they’re the Olympians,” Pan said, “they do what they want.”copyright protection18PENANAgkYkXWC8VS

            “Didn’t that cause problems?” I asked.copyright protection18PENANAPLPlPar5NV

            “Oh yeah.” Pan said. “All the time, but they fixed more problems than they caused.”copyright protection18PENANAEbVChrIzlc

            “Hmm.” I muttered to myself. I entered the throne room and was surprised by how plain it seemed. The throne room consisted of twelve thrones, one each of the twelve Olympians. Each throne was built into the statue pillars that supported the roof. I guess that way the gods knew which chair was theirs. In the middle of the room was a small fireplace.copyright protection18PENANASBxQWuNzDI

            Hestia approached the fire and knelt beside it. She began feeding more wood to the fire.copyright protection18PENANArttgOirgoe

            “This isn’t what I expected.” I admitted. “I envisioned something more…flashy.”copyright protection18PENANAc3q7GHzohV

            “It won’t always look like this.” Nyx said. “The Olympians decorated it as they saw fit, and I assume these New Olympians will do so as well.”copyright protection18PENANAB9x8ZtDM3h

            “Where is Themis?” Hestia asked. “I need her to help me.”copyright protection18PENANAvuKZLzhcPG

            “Here Lady Hestia.” A woman said, stepping forward from the crowd of onlookers that surrounded the throne room. Themis was a tall woman wearing a white traditional Greek chiton dress. She had curly blonde hair that flowed down her back. But the weirdest part was that she was blindfolded and carrying a sword and set of scales. People made way for Themis to walk to Hestia. They were obviously worried about a blindfolded lady carrying a sword like me.copyright protection18PENANAr2KSaqzJPR

            “Ah, Lady Justice, it is good to see you again.” Hestia said, nodding at Themis.copyright protection18PENANAFr0cA0GeNJ

            “Is she a human? Is that why she’s blindfolded?” I asked Thanatos.copyright protection18PENANAviefhZPzcE

            “No.” was my answer.copyright protection18PENANAgDH1vRr5Bh

            “Themis is the goddess of justice and balance. To help her remain impartial in her decisions, she wears that blindfold. She believes that justice should be blind.” Persephone explained. “I don’t know how she doesn’t accidentally stab someone though.”copyright protection18PENANAWgJXtjY9xL

            “Lady Justice will now judge our potential New Olympians to see if they are indeed worthy of joining our ranks.” Hestia announced to the crowd.copyright protection18PENANAT347im78Wj

            The twelve were lined up before Themis. Themis then took her scales and lifted it above each one of the children’s heads, one by one. Each of the twelve passed whatever test Themis gave them instantly except Eric. Themis held the scales over his head for about two minutes.copyright protection18PENANANcXudtlFyW

            Once Eric had finally been proven just. Themis announced. “I deem them worthy of ruling the gods.”copyright protection18PENANAXvcGtF0rPy

            “Very well. Will the Fates step forward?” Hestia asked as Themis disappeared back into the crowd.copyright protection18PENANAdIBhQUDY2z

            At Hestia orders three robed figures slowly moved forward. I couldn’t tell anything about the figures due to their immense black robes and hoods, but they moved slower than a snail. The three Fates moved towards Artie and Paul. When they reached the twins they stopped.copyright protection18PENANAhPMfj0IFGh

            “Watch carefully.” Thanatos told me. “What we are about to see has never happened before.”copyright protection18PENANABDMOkgulHj

            One of the Fates’ sleeves began slowly rising until it was touching Artie’s blindfold. “Artemis.” A voice whispered throughout the room.copyright protection18PENANATV2ucTpQRr

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