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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 17 Kara
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HwzW9LGnYeVRLjjHonOyposted on PENANA

            I couldn’t believe my luck. Of all the goddesses I could have been, I was Hera the wife of Zeus. And who did Zeus end up being? ZACK! I was beside myself with joy once I heard that. I was not only the queen of the gods, but my king was Zack, I couldn’t believe it. It was so magical. It was like something from a fairytale, a real life Cinderella story.copyright protection5PENANACHRVOCXiJy

            I was in an enchanted mood. Nothing could get me down. I was a goddess and Zack was to be my king. It was the best night ever. I was walking the streets of New Olympus with Zack at my side. Well more like I was at his back, following him everywhere.copyright protection5PENANAiq4SmeD3CC

            “Congratulations Lady Hera!” someone shouted stepping in front of me.copyright protection5PENANAhxt3QMLeaz

            “Thank you so much.” I said graciously yet quickly. I was falling behind Zack. “I’m sorry but I need to talk to Zack, I mean Zeus.”copyright protection5PENANANMhFI5hFn1

            “Oh, good luck keeping him in line. The old Hera had a lot of problems with that.” They said gazing back at Zack who was talking to a centaur.copyright protection5PENANAdGriyOwcS9

            “What do you mean?” I asked confused.copyright protection5PENANAO9Ghdx4YMe

            “Oh, well Lord Zeus is the king. He does what he wants, not what is right. At least the last one did. Maybe this Zeus will be different.”copyright protection5PENANAxz1OfJUwoi

            “Maybe.” I said hopefully. “Will you please excuse me?” I asked. Zack wasn’t like that I thought to myself walking over to him. “Hey, so we’re Zeus and Hera. That’s pretty cool.”copyright protection5PENANAyCY0UwPrIH

            Zack turned and looked at me. “Yeah, we’re gods. Nice.” With that he turned back to the centaur. “So Chiron, you trained Achilles, Jason, and Theseus?”copyright protection5PENANAAxQhO3OT1B

            “More.” The centaur said. “Ajax and Hercules too. Among others.”copyright protection5PENANA7zb9oqSiXh

            “Could you train me as well?” he asked the horseman.copyright protection5PENANAAvTzvN6kfP

            “It would be an honor Lord Zeus.” The centaur lowered his torso in an awkward looking bow.copyright protection5PENANA1PmS6bWV4X

            “Lord Zeus, excuse me.” that guy named Blade walked up to Zack and bowed slightly. “Can I talk to you?”copyright protection5PENANAwcxHlV8ee5

            “I will meet you at the arena tomorrow Chiron.” Zack said turning to Hades. “What do you want?”copyright protection5PENANAvPAoo6cvqr

            “You know that the old Hades was banished to the Underworld?” Blade asked.copyright protection5PENANAkshGkoSgjW

            “I do now.” Zack said.copyright protection5PENANAeQ9MyuIGIW

            “I was wondering if that still applied to me.” Blade said.copyright protection5PENANAMeMnDbtQGU

            “Why wouldn’t it?” Zack asked.copyright protection5PENANAi1nzIHXAYh

            Blade was at a loss for words. “…well because I’m a new Hades and you’re a new Zeus. Can’t we start over, turn a new leaf?”copyright protection5PENANAxd8GZGbInT

            “I don’t see why we should.” Zack said. “I think you’re good where you are.” Zack turned to walk away, but Blade caught his arm.copyright protection5PENANAF98rwLCZCj

            “Hey, come on. You don’t even know me. Give me one good reason I shouldn’t be up here. I can’t live my life in Hell. I’ll have enough of that when I’m dead.” Blade let go of Zack’s arm.copyright protection5PENANAUUkht2ZrDX

            “One good reason?” Zack rubbed his chin. “Ok, how about I don’t even know you. Why would I want some stranger living on my mountain?”copyright protection5PENANAJabRQby1TV

            “Your mountain?” Thanatos said. “New Olympus is home to all the gods. It doesn’t belong to you…Lord Zeus” his statement was ruined by the bow he gave afterwards.copyright protection5PENANAVy440AQCAs

            Zack laughed. “Fine, it’s not my mountain, but I still don’t want the likes of you on it. It would please me to see you in Hell, you belong there Blade.” Zack sneered. “Figures a Goth kid would be the god of death.” He said to me rolling his eyes.copyright protection5PENANAWumhLQkKiX

            “Hades is Lord of death.” Thanatos corrected Zack. “I’m the god of death.”copyright protection5PENANAI17UTY5s0Y

            “Oh, my bad.” Zack said. “I get the two freaks confused sometimes.” It’s not my place to second-guess Zeus, but I was under the impression that this was going a little too far.copyright protection5PENANAnWxs0x2RaD

            “What’s your problem?” Blade demanded. “What’s your beef with me?”copyright protection5PENANAj68FoTwIEO

            “I don’t like you.” Zack said. “It’s personal, so that’s my problem with you.”copyright protection5PENANAFnQNhKMmcM

            Blade nodded. “I get it. Someone died in your life, and you blame me. Well, let me tell you something. I lost my mom, dad, and sister. I’m the last person in my family that’s still breathing, but that’s not the worst part. Every day that I spend in the Underworld I have to deal with being so close to my family, yet knowing I can’t have any sort of contact with them. That’s why I need to be here. I can’t stand it anymore, and I’ve only been there a week. I can’t do this forever. I need to be on New Olympus. To rule the dead, I need to be with the living. That way I’ll know what it is that separates me from those ghosts. Because right now, I can’t tell which of us is dead. There are corpses with more life than me. This is killing me, I need to be here.”copyright protection5PENANAlAJS2Kq5BA

            Zack smiled. “I don’t see the problem. If you die, you’ll be that much more connected with you charges. In fact, that might work out better. Eric!” he shouted.copyright protection5PENANAJUGRA5L6Np

            By now the party had gone silent. Everyone was watching the argument between Zack and Blade. From their faces I could tell that this wasn’t the norm on Mount Olympus.copyright protection5PENANAVtNMg5x2sJ

            “Blade, perhaps we should go.” Thanatos said noticing the attention they were drawing. “Please excuse us Lord Zeus.” Thanatos grabbed Blade’s shoulder. “Come on.” He whispered.copyright protection5PENANAPNkyGmi6sT

            “No.” Blade shouted wrenching free. He walked up and stood nose to nose with Zack. “Hades may have stood for this bullshit! But I’m not going to just let you disrespect me, Lord Zeus!” Blade mockingly bowed down before Zack. “Well here’s what I have to say to you!” That’s when something happened that no god, in all their extensive lives, had ever seen before. Blade spit right in Zack’s face.copyright protection5PENANAGbOn2osNvg

            The silence was instantaneous. No sound emanated from the home of the gods. All was quiet, watching, waiting, and wondering how the Lord Zeus would respond to this obvious insult. I, myself was unable to move. I just started dumbly as Zack slowly wiped the spittle from his face.copyright protection5PENANAdrJ1dZ6K2y

            Zack leaned right next Blades face and whispered an only barely audible rebuttal. “Rot in Hell.” Zack responded. “I’ll make sure you never leave the darkness again.”copyright protection5PENANAuSlOq2bJ9E

            Blade roared. I mean a full on battle cry. And once again, he did what none before him had been stupid enough to ever even think of. Blade made and fist, and used said fist to punch the king of the gods full in the face. The punch landed squarely on Zack’s left eye, knocking him back into me. I was too shocked to even celebrate that I was touching Zack. At once Thanatos whisked Blade away, hurrying him through the crowd. I saw Persephone and the three-headed dog Cerberus follow him. Once Thanatos had cleared the crowd, he and the others disappeared into a cloud of shadow, like Nyx had done with us and the Chevy.copyright protection5PENANACPPrdRPGFl

            All eyes turned on Zack. He didn’t even touch his eye. He stared defiantly into the crowd. “Hades!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. Lightning and thunder roared and flashed, displaying his rage. “You will die!”copyright protection5PENANAWSMGUZG0KI

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