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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 40 Kara
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
4 Mins Read
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            “Evacuate?” Zack said scoffing at the idea. “We aren’t going to surrender, so what if Blade is still alive. We beat him once, we can do it again.”copyright protection15PENANARpjlfqflZb

            “There is no doubt in my mind that you could beat Blade again in battle. With that in mind, may I leave now? You don’t what to evacuate, but I sure do.” Thanatos said standing up and making to leave.copyright protection15PENANAHH0po7a21w

            “You can’t go yet.” I told him. “What are you scared of? What do you know?” I could tell that Thanatos was scared of something. Something that had to do with Blade coming back, maybe he knew what the other body was for! “Tell us what you’re worried about.”copyright protection15PENANAlv0foI5vx3

            “I am not afraid.” Thanatos tried to reassured us. He failed.copyright protection15PENANASotcJICZ4C

            “I don’t believe you.” Albany told him. “None of us do.”copyright protection15PENANAaLkaaIikLj

            “What are you scared of?” I asked him once more. “What is going to happen?”copyright protection15PENANAR6ORmdArJ7

            “Swear I won’t be held accountable.” Thanatos said suddenly changing his whole demeanor. “You must not blame me.”copyright protection15PENANAuCwYOgGrfK

            “You won’t be punished.” I promised him. “But we will blame you if it’s your fault. You will take responsibility if you did anything wrong.”copyright protection15PENANA3pwnAG6S1R

            “Now tell us.” Zack ordered.copyright protection15PENANAcSY1KkfkMZ

            “I have worked with Hades for many years. Much, much more time spent in service than you can imagine. And through this time, I learned everything there was to know about the old Hades. Everything.” He repeated.copyright protection15PENANAsgBZepfVQv

            “So you do know?” Deon said.copyright protection15PENANAGUVchvTooV

            “Hades had a plan.” Thanatos began. “I assume you know at least the outline of it. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t be talking to me.”copyright protection15PENANAgBNeCyzSTl

            “We know that he has two bodies in the Underworld. One as a spare for himself, and another for a person who remains unknown.” Albany explained. “But that’s it.”copyright protection15PENANARmBslQSBMI

            Thanatos nodded. “That is part of the plan.” He paused. “You had to understand that I only learned the full plan after the old gods left. Otherwise I would have stopped it.”copyright protection15PENANA7sC2FUxyjW

            “Why didn’t you stop it when you learned of it later?” Deon asked.           “I mean, why would you just let those bodies sit down there.”copyright protection15PENANAtzxhNaQm2J

            “I did not find the bodies.” Thanatos said. “The Underworld is a big place. I was unable to find them, if I had, I would have destroyed them. But by that time Blade had replaced Hades, and his war drove any thoughts of hidden plans from my mind.”copyright protection15PENANAHU6jmsae3W

            “So, you just forgot?” Paul stated disbelievingly. “They just slipped your mind?”copyright protection15PENANAXapAd4uKCN

            “Blade was pushed into my hands. I was forced to drop everything to help him transition to a god.” Thanatos said. “I’m sorry if my memory slipped a bit.”copyright protection15PENANAH6neoapexs

            “Did you know anything about this?” Zack asked turning to Persephone.copyright protection15PENANAYem4yJxIXA

            “No, like I said, I didn’t stay in the Underworld unless I had to.” She answered. “I hated Hades.”copyright protection15PENANAFVL4vY90JM

            “Alright!” I shouted. “It doesn’t matter that you couldn’t have stopped this sooner. What is the second body for?” I was getting frustrated with how slow things were moving along.copyright protection15PENANAOqSbFhm5vT

            “I have no proof.” Thanatos muttered. “But I think it is Kronos.”copyright protection15PENANAxu8UzGD6pB

            The silence was oppressive. No one dared to speak. We weren’t scholars in Greek Mythology, but we all knew about the biggest villain in the myths. Kronos, the Titan of time.copyright protection15PENANAH5wta2rj2b

            “THE Kronos?” Eric asked, his voice not as manly as normal. “THE Kronos?” he repeated.copyright protection15PENANA5QCY2igonL

            “The Titan of time?” Hector informed us. “He’s a bad dude.”copyright protection15PENANAhUgpOP6sVw

            “Hades planned to have Kronos destroy you. Then he intended to double-cross the Titan king and take over for himself.” Thanatos spilled his secret. “Now will you evacuate? Please, at least let me leave.”copyright protection15PENANA3DCA6MCx6E

            “This is bad news.” I muttered to myself. Just then, a deep resonating BOOM, sounded through the air. People turned every which way to see where the noise had come from.copyright protection15PENANAJbvlaxDqV1

            “Today is the day we die!” Thanatos shouted to the sky. “Kronos comes!” he became hysterical and fell to his knees.copyright protection15PENANAcdWsDLiKde

            A brilliant white light appeared on the southern horizon. Like a second sun, the light rose quickly into the sky. It merged with the sun and disappeared.copyright protection15PENANAghRTRXFtvL

            “Did you guys see that too?” Eric asked pointing skyward. Then the sun exploded. The brilliant white light was back, and it was spreading across the sky. The light blocked out the blue sky and enveloped the earth, and then it began closing in.copyright protection15PENANA8eXDA8bey6

            “NO!” Thanatos shouted. “He has changed time. Kronos has altered the past!”copyright protection15PENANAfLkceXXwHa

            The light rapidly closed in on all side. Passing through trees and mountains on its way towards me. I turned in a circle and saw no escape. I couldn’t help it, I closed my eyes and screamed.copyright protection15PENANALYrCRjzxN5

            When I opened my eyes. All I could see was white. I looking around and was unable to distinguish anything from the light. I looked down and saw my body, but I couldn’t find any of the others. I had no idea what was happening. I couldn’t comprehend it. Suddenly the resonating BOOM was back. That’s the last thing I remember.copyright protection15PENANAjVkgzUpK9Y

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