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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 41 Artemisia
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!1YzAHnnbwoy7N6o5bjuEposted on PENANA

            BEEP BEEP BEEP… BEEP BEEP BEEP… BEEP BEEP BEEP… I opened my eyes. Groggily I reached out my hand and turned off my alarm clock. I sat on my bed for a while, just thinking. I was trying to remember the dream that I had had. It was the third night in a row where I know I had been dreaming something amazing, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what it was.copyright protection18PENANACnjQZOPZdF

            “Oh, well. Maybe I’ll remember it tomorrow.” I shrugged getting up and walking to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and went back to my room. I made sure everything was ready for school, and then I returned to the bathroom and took a shower.copyright protection18PENANAifESQlfdwL

            “Hey hey sis.” Paul greeted as I sat down at the table to eat my breakfast.copyright protection18PENANAB5TpbiunCZ

            “Hi.” I muttered. “I had the best dream.” I told him.copyright protection18PENANA2enl5naUmo

            “What, did a guy actually talk to you?” He asked smiling.copyright protection18PENANAAEDewuzMH6

            “I hate you.” I said biting into my toast. “And no, it wasn’t that. Honestly I don’t remember what it was about.”copyright protection18PENANAxjcrIoJdLm

            “Hmm, if you don’t remember then how do you know that it wasn’t what I said?” Paul asked with his stupid face.copyright protection18PENANAdOABaGYkBk

            “Paul, you just finished explaining how you had the same thing happen to you. You were convinced that this dream was the greatest thing ever, but you couldn’t remember. Don’t act like Artie’s such a freak so experiencing the same thing as you.” Mom chided her while she sipped her second cup of coffee.copyright protection18PENANAJbZnqwR0iz

            “Whatever.” Paul muttered.copyright protection18PENANA6QSjhBH1Ot

I finished my breakfast and got up to head out for school, Paul followed. I turned to her and said. “Does something seem different to you?”copyright protection18PENANAn2hYDrECMf

Albanycopyright protection18PENANAWvrWTRtKRL

“GO VIKINGS!” I shouted with the others. I was at after school cheer practice. I hated every minute of it.copyright protection18PENANAkYCchTNZVC

I was really zoning out today. I just couldn’t keep focused, the weird thing was that I wasn’t, like, daydreaming or anything like that. I just kept staring at these emo kids hanging out by the bleachers. I was certain that I didn’t know them, but one of the group had green hair and another had purple hair. I was unsettled by that. I couldn’t quite grasp it but I felt that I should remember that color from someone in my past. But none of my (fake) cheer friends had dyed hair. Actually I take that back, none were natural blondes.copyright protection18PENANAsiEJgiaVUX

Deoncopyright protection18PENANAbRsCNmtg7l

         I was just chilling out in the park with some of my friends. We were just sitting in the shade joking around as boys do. Nothing planned for the day, just riding on the wind. It was a good time, but we were near the playground and the little kids were being loud and obnoxious.copyright protection18PENANA2rjEDByrAt

            The little children drew my attention more than they should have. I found myself glancing over at them more than usual. There was something about them that was giving me goose bumps. Then one girl fell off the swings and began crying. Seeing her hurt and crying touched me down somewhere deep inside me. I just couldn’t help but worry for her. I had to force myself to stay sitting with my friends.copyright protection18PENANA32MIM31XYV

            Something was screaming in my gut for me to get up and sit next to the girl until she got better. I ignored the impulse until something hurt in my chest.copyright protection18PENANAU9MnLAJfRQ

Karacopyright protection18PENANABUhVzVw7m7

         “We have a problem.” I was roughly woken by this shouting voice. I blinked my eyes in the bright light. When my eyes adjusted I realized that I had been sleeping in a forest.copyright protection18PENANABqan9WqaUp

            “What happened?” I asked sitting up. “Where are we?” I looked around. Hestia was kneeling next to me. She appeared to be holding back hysteria.copyright protection18PENANA6OyTbktUAl

            “Lady Hera, there is a problem.” She told me.copyright protection18PENANALbf26OYDWk

            “Why aren’t we on Olympus?” I asked studying the nearby trees. “And where is everybody?” I could see only Sid and Demi in the immediate area around Hestia and I.copyright protection18PENANAKxLVVVRl5L

            “I was getting to that.” Hestia admitted leaning back from me a little. “Olympus no longer exists.”copyright protection18PENANALbAk4LFyGf

            BOMB. Hestia was dropping bombs over here! My jaw sank like a rock in water. I was speechless.copyright protection18PENANAUrr9tyYrbV

            “What?” Sid asked waking up. “Did you say what I think you said?” Demi walk over and hugged Hestia without words.copyright protection18PENANAMWsyRotJJz

            “What about the others?” I asked recovering my tongue. “Do they still exist?”copyright protection18PENANAvvK6PPRuox

            Hestia hesitated. “What do you mean exist?” I nearly died. Seeing my face, Hestia hastily added. “Their god aspects never existed. I can only assume that the human parts of them lived on.”copyright protection18PENANAKiZbssKqUW

            “Why didn’t their god aspects exist?” Sid asked after a moment to digest that we really didn’t know what happened to our friends.copyright protection18PENANAmHTPgKdJuX

            “Because without Zeus, they never came to be.” Hestia explained. “Kronos changed things.”copyright protection18PENANAj0s46hTYMi

            “What happened to Zeus?” I asked. Zack had gone from being my crush, to my most hated coworker. But I still wanted to know what happened to him.copyright protection18PENANAwwAvI2YstT

            “Zeus is dead.” Hestia said. “And probably Zack as well.” She paused and looked away. “Everyone’s dead. The other gods, the ones that didn’t have human lives to go back to. They are gone for good!”copyright protection18PENANAoPBhFR2SBx

            “Calm down!” Sid shouted standing up. “We’re alive right? So, we can’t be the only ones.”copyright protection18PENANAPUyiYEzSDm

            “Why are we alive?” I asked. “Why are we still here?”copyright protection18PENANAb9SLEAOD3i

            “We are the children of Kronos. Zeus and Hera. Hades and Poseidon. Demeter and me, Hestia. So we were still born. Zeus was killed as a child as was meant to happen. Without Zeus, no one else was ever born OR made a god. Think about it! Everyone that was related to Zeus can no longer exist now, because Zeus got zapped as a baby!”copyright protection18PENANAws87KNYNFA

            “Where’s Blade?” I asked. “Shouldn’t he be here if Hades was a child of Kronos?”copyright protection18PENANAkvuSNtxnmb

            “Kara, think about it.” Hestia said. “We know that Blade released Kronos and gave him a body. No way Kronos didn’t kill him to ‘test’ out his new body.” She brushed the hair out of Demi’s eyes. “I bet that Blade died before Kronos went back in the past.”copyright protection18PENANAJxkBjZc7Cg

Bladecopyright protection18PENANAp8Ixgslff0

            I wasn’t dead, but I wanted to be. I had woken up in the dump where the thirteen New Olympians had first met. Probably one last jab by Kronos to let me know that I was responsible for their fates.copyright protection18PENANAPAwjtjN1G9

            But he didn’t have to remind me. I was fully aware of how many people I killed. The first thing that I noticed when I stood up was an old history book. It was opened to the chapter on Greek Mythology. There was a picture of Kronos. He was smiling wickedly and his eyes seemed to follow me.copyright protection18PENANAcqGx10we79

            Clearly another reminder from Kronos. I ripped out the page and tore it into oblivion. I threw it and reached from another page. The picture I had just exposed stayed my hand. It was an illustration of what the artist perceived the throne room to look like. I saw the twelve Olympian circled around another man. The caption next to him informed me that he represented Hades.copyright protection18PENANAuxic5yFqNU

            Suddenly I was back in the throne room. I watched as each of the twelve was named as a New Olympian. I saw their faces and I heard their voices. And I cried. This was entirely my fault. I was directly responsible for anything that happened to them.copyright protection18PENANArCuXWYhJZX

            “Zack’s dead.” I told myself. I had hated him, and had gone to war against him. But now he was dead, because of me. “Zack’s dead and who knows how many others!” I shouted to the sky. I fell to my knees and cried. I cried for what I had caused and done. I cried for before and after. I cried when I realized that the best thing I did as a god, was go to war with the other gods. I was a disaster as a god. I ended the world as I knew it. It was all on me. That was quite a lot to swallow.copyright protection18PENANATboAIpAfEH

            I don’t know how long I was there weeping. But after a long while, the tears shut off. My sobs went away, and I walked out of the dump. I returned to the real world. I gritted my teeth, and told myself that the time for crying was done. The time for atonement was upon me. I had to make up for what I had done.copyright protection18PENANAo8eGlke0K2

            I found the nearest library I went in and smiled kindly at the old library as she glared suspiciously at me. I sat down at one of the available computers and opened a browser. I had to know.copyright protection18PENANAVbEq9Aoqkn

            I typed in four letters. Z-E-U-S. I almost cried again. Nothing came up. Kronos had actually erased him from history. I searched ‘Kronos’ and sifted through numerous articles. I clicked on one and began to read.copyright protection18PENANAodyMNhcnwQ

            Kronos(or Cronos) – the Titan of time and king of the Titans. He overthrew his father Uranus and ruled the Titans in his place. Kronos is the most well know of all the figures is Greek Mythology and was the most revered individual in ancient Greek culture. Numerous temples and shrines to Kronos were erected throughout the world of Greek influence, most notably the Temple of Kronos at Ephesus, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, as well as the Statue of Kronos at Olympia, another Wonder of the Ancient World until its destruction in the fifth century.copyright protection18PENANA5UYkAjEPkp

            There was a prophecy that Kronos would be overthrown by a son, much like the way Kronos rose to power himself. Kronos is said to have killed his finial son. The manner of the final son’s death was never recorded. Ancient text state that the boy did not live longer enough to be named. Historians today view this myth as a misinterpretation however. This Final Son is only mentioned in two historical accounts, both by the same author. The other children of Kronos were Hera, Poseidon, Hestia, Demeter, and Hades. Collectively they were known as the gods. The gods were outcasts in Greek Mythology and viewed as taboo. The destruction of the city of Atlantis caused much of the Hellenistic world to erase the gods from their pantheons.copyright protection18PENANARfAwFK74ar

            The city of Atlantis was where the gods fled to escape the fate of the Final Son of Kronos. The people of Atlantis openly worshiped the gods. Kronos and the Titans eliminated the city from existence as punishment for taking the gods before the Titans. After this point the gods make no further appearance in Greek mythology. This has led to the belief that the Final Son of Zeus was either Poseidon or Hades, and that this last surviving son and god escaped the decimation of Atlantis. This however creates a problem with the known accounts of the Final Son as his death was the reported reason for the gods to flee to Atlantis. This makes the debate of the “Final Son of Kronos” to be one of the most questioned and disputed aspect of Greek Mythology.copyright protection18PENANAryF0lshxQO

            I stopped reading, my stomach was sick. I knew that Zeus was the Final Son of Kronos, and I knew that Kronos killed him in a manner that I did not want to know. I realized that many of the gods now never existed because Zeus was killed and therefore unable to be their father. I was one of the few gods left. It was me and these other children of Kronos, but they had died in Atlantis. I was all alone. Kronos had broken his promise of leaving someone to hate me.copyright protection18PENANAnVImgjGU90

            He had wiped out the gods, except for me. Who was I kidding? I wasn’t Hades anymore. The old Hades had died in Atlantis with the others. I was just Blade now. I let that sink in. I left the library. The others would never know how sorry I was. I could never make it up to any of them, not that I could have anyways. Even if they still existed.copyright protection18PENANAk0gUxWEE0P

            And then I thought of something. I was alive. I may not be Hades, but I’m alive. That means that the others could be alive too. They’d just be human now.  I knew that I had to find them, I knew that was the reason I had a second chance. Kronos had spared me to watch me sink in my regrets. He never thought that I would try to fix my mistake. I walked into a phone booth and opened the yellow pages.copyright protection18PENANA5roKsJdKg3

            I realized that I didn’t know the last names of any of the others except Eric. “I’ll start with him and maybe Albany, she would probably have a good idea of where to look for the others.” I promised. I opened the book and began slowly reading off all the names in my head. The journey of a thousand pages starts with a single name.copyright protection18PENANAyEZh0gAGbK

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