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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 42 Albany
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!BhiJzKLoYVC2KGgWAYY1posted on PENANA

            “I failed that test.” Some girl informed me. I hardly knew her, but to her we were best friends. Little did she know that I didn’t know her name.copyright protection14PENANA4oVqwyC3U7

            “Really, I thought it wasn’t that bad.” I told her. Giving her my fake smile I used at school.copyright protection14PENANA8woqfYa0m8

            “Yeah, it wasn’t that bad.” She muttered quickly agreeing with me. She thought that she had to agree with me on everything. It made me like her even less.copyright protection14PENANAWYbGFrDfpB

            “I’ll see you around.” I told her heading into the stairwell. “Bye.” I quickly darted into the flow of students moving on the stairs. I didn’t really need to go this way, but it was my only excuse to stop walking with What’s Her Face.  I really didn’t like a lot of the people that I pretended to.copyright protection14PENANAhuZdVwLxzG

            I squeezed out of the crowded stairway. My locker was up here, so this detour wasn’t a total waste. I decided to dump off some books and headed towards my locker. I found however, that my locker was blocked.copyright protection14PENANAEHc37s1itn

            “Excuse me.” I said politely behind the person. “This is my locker.” The boy turned around and stared at me.copyright protection14PENANAqpmB513Jht

            “Hey Albany.” He said smiling, moving a little so I could get in my locker.copyright protection14PENANAkyXkMSQyqp

            Great. I thought. This poor guy was going to ask me out. “Who are you?” I asked opening the locker.copyright protection14PENANAe57r8eT9wn

            “I’m an old friend.” He said. “My name is Blade.”copyright protection14PENANAxXMTzSVDBd

            I looked at him. “Are you serious?” I asked. There was no way that was his name. “I don’t think that I know you, but I’m not sure.” I turned to better look at him. Something about him was familiar.copyright protection14PENANA6VM4fyW66m

            “You used to know me.” Blade said. “But that was in another lifetime.”copyright protection14PENANAvlsCMARGJo

            I laughed a little. “Did we go to preschool together?” I asked, thinking that what he had said meant that I knew him from my childhood.copyright protection14PENANA3hlQaVI6yj

            “No, it was more recent than that.” Blade said. “But it’s hard to explain.”copyright protection14PENANAkEf6JvEFBL

            “Try.” I ordered him.copyright protection14PENANA276uJT5BAO

            “You lost your memory.” He said. “You used to be the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.”copyright protection14PENANAZE6kuhgdnO

            Weirdest pickup line ever. I was too stunned to speak. Slowly, my brain rebooted and I managed to say. “There is no Greek goddess of love. The ancient Greeks worshipped the Titans.”copyright protection14PENANAxHtMOcitST

            “You’re smart for a cheerleader.” He said. “That is correct, but it’s not supposed to be.”copyright protection14PENANAeU0lpKfulQ

            The bell rang. “I have to go.” I told him. “But I want to talk to you after school. Could you meet me here again in an hour?”copyright protection14PENANAjkupFZGVc4

            He nodded. “Yes, I’ll be here.”copyright protection14PENANAKJMewAqO3i

            I ran off to class. I apologized to my teacher for being late, but I doubt that she was even listening to me. I took my seat and could not focus for the life of me. I was a straight A student. But I couldn’t pay attention today. I kept thinking about what Blade had told me. I felt that I should remember him, but I couldn’t.copyright protection14PENANAIidIEDtT8O

            His words echoed in my head. You lost your memory. You used to be the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. I knew that the Ancient Greeks worshiped the Titans as their gods, but I had never heard of Aphrodite. What on earth was he talking about? Wait…earth. Gaia.copyright protection14PENANAJr9eROdyKq

            “Oh my god.” I muttered. I remembered. Everyone was looking at me. It turns out that I had shouted rather loudly.copyright protection14PENANADvapJG0av3

            “Albany?” the teacher asked. “Are you alright?”copyright protection14PENANAtdmHW0kpUs

            “Uhh.” I remembered it all. I remembered Olympus, I remembered Gaia, and I remembered that Blade betrayed us! “Can I go to the nurse, I think I’m gonna be sick.”copyright protection14PENANAeEUnSMc6lX

            “Go.”  My teacher said turning back to the board. I picked up my bag and left. I didn’t head for the nurse though. I went straight back to my locker. Blade was sitting down in waiting for me.copyright protection14PENANAwYsHncnnmS

            He must’ve known from the look in my eyes that I remembered. Because he hastily got up and said. “Albany, wait. I’m trying to help you.”copyright protection14PENANArP6Nw2ORrI

            “You attacked us!” I whispered. Classes were still going on around us, and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. “You died!”copyright protection14PENANAkGnf3g1fmm

            “I am trying to fix things.” He said holding his hands out in front of him, as a defense in case I attacked.copyright protection14PENANAdTlFAIRY6e

            Then I got really dizzy. I fell to my knees. Blade caught me before I face planted. “What’s happening?” I muttered.copyright protection14PENANARy3XmA0ars

            “Should I take you to the nurse?” Blade asked. He seemed worried, which made me think that he didn’t poison me.copyright protection14PENANATL8g0bw2rT

            “No, it’s just a headache.” I said standing up. “I remember everything.” I told him. “Is Adele still hurt?”copyright protection14PENANApENKkotcmA

            Blade’s face changed. “I didn’t know she was hurt in the first place.”copyright protection14PENANAqd8ubu4cEw

            “She was stabbed when you tried to take over Olympus.” I informed him. I couldn’t help but be angry with him. “What are you doing here?”copyright protection14PENANAEyhMOiYllq

            “I’m sorry about Adele.” Blade said quietly. “We need to leave. I have to find the others.”copyright protection14PENANAfK52vqqYDM

            “Why?” I asked. “What are you doing? Why do you need to find the others? Blade what happened?”copyright protection14PENANAy30HycbDoQ

            “Zeus is dead.” He said. “Before you ask, I don’t know about Zack. When I came back, I released Kronos.” He paused and began walking away. “He went back in time and killed Zeus as a baby. Without Zeus, people like Aphrodite were never created. The Greek myths were changed to revolve around the Titans. I have to fix this.”copyright protection14PENANA92orPdKOz5

            “Oh.” I said a little stunned. Needless to say I was overwhelmed. “Yeah…do you need my help?”copyright protection14PENANAfOQkQlLhko

            “I’ll need your help finding the others. But you are no longer a goddess. We have to be careful.” Blade warned me. “Kronos wouldn’t like it if he found out we were gathering the Olympians.”copyright protection14PENANA4Ts4A0hLDF

            I thought it over. “Why are you gathering the Olympians?” I asked. “We’re not gods anymore, how can we stop Kronos?”copyright protection14PENANACNI0fyeZnN

            “I’m still a god, and I believe that some of the others still are too. We need to find them.” Blade explained. “We can leave dealing with Kronos until later. Right now let’s just find the others.”copyright protection14PENANA5CCVWshIKB

            “I guess I’m in.” I told him. With that Blade lead me out of the school and into the parking lot. “Are we walking the whole way?” I asked once I realized that Blade was walking past all the cars.copyright protection14PENANA6OuyT4yaQc

            “Yep.” He answered. “Unless you have a ride we could use?”copyright protection14PENANAQs0ztf7Hfu

            “Of course I do.” I told him. I pulled out my phone. “Baxter.” I said.copyright protection14PENANAvk77f4AwMk

            The limo pulled up and Blade and I climbed in. “Where to Miss Albany?” Baxter asked from the front.copyright protection14PENANA8S8Cq1HZcx

            “Do you mind if we pick up Eric?” I asked Blade. “He’s really close by.”copyright protection14PENANAc2ZdBssJaH

            “I was planning on heading for him next anyway.” Blade answered.copyright protection14PENANAeF1lMhpnNb

            “Baxter, take us to the Juvenile Detention Center.” I ordered.copyright protection14PENANAHV3QyuRft4

            “Very good Miss Albany.” Was the answer. With that the limo pulled back into traffic and we were off.copyright protection14PENANANG6NTIglrq

            “I love this song!” I informed the driver. On cue Baxter turned up the music to the point where he couldn’t hear us. “So, how do you expect us to find the others? I know where Eric is, and I could probably find Hector again. But beyond that I’m lost.”copyright protection14PENANA3F650Smpfa

            “I believe that we won’t have to find ALL of the others.” Blade told me. “I believe that some have remained gods like me. I think the children of Kronos, besides Zack, are still gods. That means that Hestia, Hera, Poseidon, and Demeter are still out there as gods. That means they won’t be where their human counterparts should have been.”copyright protection14PENANABX6ENE8FUC

            “That leaves Artie and Paula. Herman. Deon and Adele. And of course Eric and Hector. And we only know where to find two of them.” I said not liking our lack of knowledge.copyright protection14PENANAJHiQvbyLxZ

            “It’s not as bad as it sounds. Artie and Paula will be together. We find one, we’ll find the other.” Blade said. “And Adele you said was wounded. So she should be in a hospital. There are only so many hospitals.”copyright protection14PENANAbBEhGFa25q

            “Yeah, like five hospitals in the ENTIRE country.” I said sarcastically. And then I remembered. “Wait a minute! I know!”copyright protection14PENANAcGojlbXuRS

            “What is it?” Blade asked.copyright protection14PENANA6AApq5BYQ8

            “Back on Olympus. Deon was…in love with Adele.” It felt weird gossiping with someone that used to my enemy. But there I was. “He was always at her side while she was recovering. So maybe he’ll be with her at the hospital.” I suggested.copyright protection14PENANAY2JDjpiuso

            “I doubt it. Olympus was in another time.” Blade said frowning and shaking his head. “I don’t think things would carry over like that. Maybe when he gets his memory back, he will remember his affections for Adele. But without us jogging his memory, there’s no way he’ll remember that.”copyright protection14PENANAVF4jYquWUl

            “As the goddess of love, I feel obligated to tell you that you have greatly underestimated the power of love.” I told him, kind of annoyed that he shot down my theory so fast.copyright protection14PENANAO1Woqnu1mk

            “You’re not the goddess of love anymore. Aphrodite never existed.” Blade corrected me.copyright protection14PENANAaknUYGkgbM

            “And yet people are still falling in love.” I told him, this argument was getting really cheesy, real fast.copyright protection14PENANAF6sKpqaUm5

            “Fine, maybe Deon will be with Adele. That means after we pick up Eric and Hector, we will just have to locate three people to find everyone. Herman, one of the twins, and the lovers.copyright protection14PENANAfb6czwz4yW

            “We can do this.” I said confidently.copyright protection14PENANApJgMDesYvE

            “Then we have to meet up with those that are still gods. And after that…Kronos.” Blade muttered ominously.copyright protection14PENANAKbKdVaD64Z

            Baxter pulled into the parking lot of the juvenile detention center. “Let’s go.” I told the god of the Underworld.copyright protection14PENANAbkbhwKO6Pn

            We walked to the receptionist’s desk and asked to visit Eric. She sorted through some papers without glancing at us and then waved us onwards.copyright protection14PENANA2e6j0KxtI3

            “How did you get Eric out of here the first time?” Blade asked looking around.copyright protection14PENANA7teSGa2jg6

            “Gaia started an earthquake and we walked out of a very large hole in the wall.” I recounted the tale. “Very impressive if you asked me, but now that Gaia’s not here…I have no idea of how to get him out.”copyright protection14PENANAjrquJXfx34

            “God of the Underworld.” Blade reminded me. “I got this.”copyright protection14PENANAU5j1ojLWMu

            “Ok.” I muttered, before I could take another step Blade was in action. He drew his flaming sword from nowhere and started laying waste to anything within reach. He wasn’t slashing them, he was lighting them on fire. Pretty soon the fire alarm went out and the overhead sprinklers began raining down on us.copyright protection14PENANA0UXeMDpOXF

            “This way.” Blade said pulling me along. “They should evacuate the prisoners outside. We’ll grab Eric out there.” We exited the building and sure enough saw the tattooed body of Eric being escorted outside with the other prisoners.copyright protection14PENANAVh7lMQj1nm

            “This was a terrible plan.” I muttered. “There are guards everywhere.”copyright protection14PENANA6ispkRJ6Ov

            “Come on!” Blade shouted pulling me along. He charged the chain gang of prisoners and slammed into Eric. He grunted as Blade drove him to the ground.copyright protection14PENANAAOpx3cbs09

            “Hey!” one of the guards shouted at Blade. Blade quickly drew his sword again and cut Eric free of his chains.copyright protection14PENANA7Vqfhc5Aet

            “Albany!” He shouted, reaching out his hand for me. I grabbed his outstretched fingers. “Close your mouth!” he shouted before clamping his other hand over Eric’s lips. Then a strange shadow emitted from Blade and encircled us. I kept my mouth shut as the darkness tightened around me. Just when I was about to run out of air, light reappeared in the world and I found that I was sitting in the limo.copyright protection14PENANAXlMqK6huc5

            “Baxter! Drive!” I shouted when I understood where I was.copyright protection14PENANAZNUplXBwqC

            “Who are you people!” Eric shouted, with Blade still on top of him. “What is going on?”copyright protection14PENANAGyy6NQjSrx

            Blade turned to me. “I bet we just made the evening news.” He smiled and removed himself from Mars. “Let’s go get Hector.” He muttered sitting down.copyright protection14PENANAlpT7PEe78r

            “Are you crazy!” I shouted. “You can’t just do stuff like that!” I shouted once we were safely out of danger.copyright protection14PENANAd8e7yz596v

            “No, I just helped us find the others.” Blade told me. “That will definitely make national news. If any of them see it, they may get their memories back.”copyright protection14PENANAMM3lTQbcJD

            “Hold crap!” Eric shouted grabbing his head. “Albany? BLADE!” He shouted seeing our one time enemy. He jumped Blade, but quickly retreated when Blade pulled out his flaming sword.copyright protection14PENANAK52DcRhrZq

            “Eric, he’s a good guy now.” I told him. “Blade is on our side. He just broke you out of jail.”copyright protection14PENANAScy7j6HogN

            “What!” Eric said gazing wearily at the flaming sword. “If he’s our friend why does he have that?”copyright protection14PENANAT3zXotNAFx

            “Because you don’t know I’m your friend yet it seems.” Blade answered.copyright protection14PENANAdqCf3P7lg6

            Once it was clear that Eric wasn’t going to try anything else, I turned on Blade. “Are you crazy?”copyright protection14PENANAL9ijhCqY0G

            “What?” Blade asked defensively. “Now we may not have to find the others, they could find us.”copyright protection14PENANALUJlR8OFIu

            “And if they see it, maybe Kronos will see it too.” I shouted. “And then he could kill us before we even find the others.”copyright protection14PENANAcVUObXDjjU

            “Oh…” Blade muttered realized what he had done.copyright protection14PENANAp44IolkPjk

            “Deja vu.” Eric muttered looking around. “Hey Albany, next time do me a favor and just pay my bail. Create a lot less problems.”copyright protection14PENANAv5ffq6nfM6

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