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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 47 Deo
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!y7ZjKNWjr3Bqvy8zH0v2posted on PENANA

Chapter 47copyright protection17PENANAdQC7cXYvs6

Deoncopyright protection17PENANAO0eOjZBgi3

            I have to admit. The moment that I kissed Adele, the whole stop Blade save the world thing took backseat in my mind. After I had kissed her, Adele was blushing so much. I thought that I embarrassed her and that she would never talk to me again, but she just kissed me back. That was probably better than being a god. I wish that I could kiss Adele forever. But there were things that forced my lips to leave her. Dumb things like breathing and eating. What a waste of time.copyright protection17PENANAkUtQsBpaCV

            “And a little cup of water too?” Adele was telling the waiter. “Thank you so much.” The two of us were sitting in the sun outside of a small bagel place. It was date.copyright protection17PENANAcPMPXZNWuf

            “What are we doing after this?” I asked staring at her pretty face. When the sun hit her eyes, they looked like gemstones.copyright protection17PENANA2jgh7zgIQz

            “Oh I don’t know.” Adele muttered smiling. “You said something about seeing that movie afterwards?”copyright protection17PENANAMatf0VQq6t

            “Yeah but that’s tonight.” I reminded her. “I meant what are we doing in the long hours between now and then?”copyright protection17PENANAmji88f7WbC

            “We can sit on the ground and count the bricks in that wall.” Adele suggested.copyright protection17PENANAceVsw21NLS

            “No.” I laughed. “How about not.”copyright protection17PENANAnx2QM3MDtT

            “Why don’t we do nothing?” Adele said. “Let’s just go and sit on a bench somewhere.”copyright protection17PENANA6PcpYlF6hR

            “No bricks?” I asked. “No counting things.”copyright protection17PENANAIt5DVCGXqr

            “I’m going to count down the time until the movie, but I promise there will be no bricks.” Adele solemnly swore. “On my honor.”copyright protection17PENANAPNZSDLWqpq

            “I’ll hold to you that.” I said arching my eyebrows at her. Our food arrived and the talking slowed down. I knew deep down that while I was messing around, Blade was probably enslaving my friends and tearing at the balance of life, but it was hard to care about that slimy weirdo when Adele was attracting all my attention.copyright protection17PENANAjwgvVeQBk8

            We finishing our meal and left the little café hand in hand. Walking down the street we were oblivious to the world, we were so self-absorbed that we didn’t notice a thing, including the purple haired lady shouting at us. That is until she stood in front of us and really looked at her.copyright protection17PENANAs3ByGxanuA

            “Kara?” Adele asked looking at her. “What are you doing here?”copyright protection17PENANAOknNd1z9sZ

            Kara looked at both of us and then at our hands, which were still entwined. “Are you guys dating?”copyright protection17PENANAzLvPhr482p

            Adele laughed and I smiled. “Yes we are.” My lady answered.copyright protection17PENANAgusS38pdwU

            “Aww! You guys are so cute!” Kara shouted in a rather unusually high pitched voice. She stopped, looked confused, and shook her hair out. “Focus!” She muttered quietly more to herself than to us. “We got problems. Come on.” Kara grabbed our hands, and ripping them apart, lead us around the block to where some other familiar faces were waiting.copyright protection17PENANAOkfc8seIBG

            “Hey you guys.” Sid muttered when he saw us. He was sitting on the steps of Adele’s grandmother’s apartment with Demi next to him. Hestia was reading a newspaper a few feet away.copyright protection17PENANAHbsd1JF5SH

            “Hey, what’s going on?” I asked. Like I said, love had messed with my mind.copyright protection17PENANAu9cW1f5rtB

            “Kronos, gods are gone, and we are the only hope.” Sid explained briefly.copyright protection17PENANAliWAu53JNF

            “You guys are no longer gods.” Kara explained.copyright protection17PENANApvQRJSBoXt

            “We already knew that.” Adele said. “That’s why we’re living here and not on Olympus. But wait, you said ‘you guys’. Not us? Are you still a god?”copyright protection17PENANA6rCioEyt52

            “I’m a goddess.” Kara explained.copyright protection17PENANA5rk11P75yV

            “Whatever you know what I meant.” Adele said sounding annoyed. “Why are you still a GODDESS?”copyright protection17PENANAKYrBQatryq

            “Should we tell them the whole story?” Kara asked looking at Sid.copyright protection17PENANAVFSyXhcwKi

            “No, I think we should lie to them.” Sid said with a little grin on his face. “Of course you should tell them the whole thing! What’s wrong with you?”copyright protection17PENANAyQJTSLJZQi

            “Shut up!” She informed him with a sharp slap for good measure. “I didn’t ask for sass!”copyright protection17PENANAVBgmc7wGy5

            “Yeah, you asked for the obvious.” Sid said, careful this time that Kara didn’t hear his retort.copyright protection17PENANA7uK03Ihff2

            “Anyway.” Kara said looking back to us. “What all do you know of what happened on Olympus?”copyright protection17PENANAyOShIK3rKU

            “They were there the whole time!” Sid said. “They know as much as we know!” Another slap silenced himcopyright protection17PENANAKFv11I8yoH

            “They may know what happened, but they may not understand it!” Kara clarified.copyright protection17PENANAEvbpve8Mun

            “That is a zero on the sense scale.” Sid said. Kara raised her hand and Sid scampered off to Hestia. He pretended to read the paper over her shoulder.copyright protection17PENANAO2bHkTsolc

            Kara shook her head. “Will you help me kill him?”copyright protection17PENANAi5RN6TvfsU

            “What don’t we know about Olympus?” Adele pressed on. “I wasn’t really awake for the last bit. You know, I got stabbed and stuff. Deon just me a little summary, but I still don’t understand.”copyright protection17PENANAW6q7wWmEJQ

            “Wassup bro!” Two guys just walked up and sat on the stairs near us. They had a boom box and turned up some loud and pulsating music. I could barely hear my thoughts, let alone Kara who was trying to talk through the sound waves.copyright protection17PENANA1yTdfd7HBt

            I got Adele’s attention and pointed to the roof. I thought it would be quieter up there. Adele nodded and motioned so Kara understood too. We made our way to the top of Adele’s building.copyright protection17PENANATUyLHFFdV7

            “Ok, so Olympus. What happened?” Adele asked again.copyright protection17PENANA8ReyYKukod

            “Blade died the day you got hurt.” Kara said. “But Albany found out that he was coming back.”copyright protection17PENANAbqL4E1iLIU

            “How could he come back to life?” Adele said clearly lost.copyright protection17PENANAeCONnwt3Ko

            “I don’t know, he had a spare body.” Kara said. “We didn’t really understand it. God of death does what he wants I guess.”copyright protection17PENANAaSfoqe9Vzx

            “Spare body?” Adele said eyeing me.copyright protection17PENANA9KYUPCV7nE

            “We knew that he was bringing someone back too.” I said. “We just had no idea who. Turns out it was Kronos.”copyright protection17PENANA2CgQpEnSH7

            “Yeah a bright light and a boom then we woke up in the woods. “Kara explained. “Kronos went back in time and killed Zeus.”copyright protection17PENANAgRZwgqKqlj

            “This is all Blade’s fault.” Adele muttered. “He started this and now he’s kidnapping the others. I wish he had stayed dead!”copyright protection17PENANAXu4WpTyl0W

            “Wait, what did you say?” Kara said looking surprised.copyright protection17PENANAZ2ygTYUgQB

            “I saw Blade on the news. He was with Albany and they were kidnapping Eric.” I explained.copyright protection17PENANAn7tnDKNoa9

            “He looked like he did before?” Kara asked. “Like he wasn’t in the spare body?”copyright protection17PENANAH8EL43FDpF

            “He looked the same as ever.” I told her. “But he was kidnapping Blade, and Albany was with him. Now I think he tricked her or something, so maybe she doesn’t realize what she’s doing, but regardless we need to stop him.”copyright protection17PENANAzoI7EB5zSW

            “I can’t believe this.” Kara shouted. “Not only do we have to deal with Kronos, now Blade is starting another revolt. We need all the help we can get! I really thought that maybe he would have changed after seeing what he did. Turns out I was wrong…and worst of all he’s stealing our allies. How can he call himself a god!” She was working herself up. “The children of Kronos are the only gods left, and Hades is betraying us…again.”copyright protection17PENANAbg4EDHpq6z

            “That’s why your still a goddess?” I asked. “Because you a child of Kronos.”copyright protection17PENANAANIezMiepH

            “Hera, Demeter, Hestia, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades.” Kara rifled the names off. “All children of the Titan of time.”copyright protection17PENANAUZ6D6Lfck7

            “But Zeus is dead.” I said. “And Hades is on the other side.”copyright protection17PENANA9vnda1Uzs1

            “I know.” Kara said leaning over the rail looking down on our friends still on the sidewalk. “That leaves us with me, a moron, a little girl, and a grandmother. We are all that remains of the Olympians.”copyright protection17PENANA92PRhoEzD4

            “Well technically Hestia isn’t an Olympian.” Adele muttered. “But that doesn’t matter.” She waved down at Sid who was looking up at us. “I’m and Olympian, and so is Deon.”copyright protection17PENANAgy3nca8rnt

            “But you’re not gods anymore.” Kara said.copyright protection17PENANAywZWJ9YEJq

            “We were there. Our memories didn’t die with our gods.” Adele said. “I believe that there was a reason we keep our human traits on Olympus. We were told that they used us to replace the real Olympians because the gods thought that humans would be better rulers.”copyright protection17PENANAFSsuKJTpjx

            “She’s right.” I said grabbing her hand. “We sucked as gods. We failed pretty epically. But now we’re human again. I don’t know about you, but I have much more experience as a human. Why don’t we prove that humans can be just as powerful as any god?”copyright protection17PENANAtA6xXiI6J5

            Kara smiled. “I always liked Kara better than Hera anyway. You’re right. We can do this.”copyright protection17PENANAziCyflId0r

            “Then let’s go do it.” Adele said. “Blade is causing problems, so we can make a pit stop there before we meet with Kronos.”copyright protection17PENANADGk6b5Q5u9

            “Let’s go downstairs and spread the word.” Kara said. “We’ll have to find Blade first.”copyright protection17PENANACYJJvH1dNL

            “Thanatos will be able to find him.” I said. “What is he doing these days?”copyright protection17PENANAjn4VWjhExh

            Kara shrugged. “I hadn’t thought of him. He should still be around. He wasn’t really connected to Zeus. We can see if Hestia would know where to look.”copyright protection17PENANA6bYri9w8e1

            “Well then we’re wasting time up here.” I said. “You know, Kara, me and Adele aren’t immortal anymore. We need to start managing our time.”copyright protection17PENANAiRZ2BuKDIx

            “Talk to Kronos about time.” She told me. “I hear he’s good with that.” We headed back down to the street.copyright protection17PENANAo1UtXQNevk

            “What if Thanatos is in the Underworld?” Adele asked.copyright protection17PENANAwCwu3OEAXT

            “Then we go to Hell.” Kara muttered. She shrugged. “Maybe that will help us emphasize with Blade a little more. But probably not. His actions are beyond justification.”copyright protection17PENANABgLAjm53ZO

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