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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 55 Blade
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!JXfOzLMb5rg5dtjdWJ72posted on PENANA

         “I’ll be there to carry you back.” I opened my eyes. I sat up, my brain was fuzzy, my mind was empty. I looked around. I had no idea where  I was or why I was there. The only thing I remember was five letters. Cal..so. I knew I was missing pieces, quite a bit of pieces, but I didn’t care about that. All I wanted was to remember Cal…so. I needed to find out what it meant. I stood up, my leg tingled, but I was able to walk. I was in a large room, where darkness danced beyond the pillars that lined the walls, and an empty dais occupied the middle of the room.copyright protection14PENANA0nnr8n6WMM

            “Hello?” I shouted. I was alone, alone with my thoughts, the few that I actually had. I clutched my head. My hair was wet, there was no water nearby so I couldn’t understand why though. “Is anyone there?”copyright protection14PENANAevJtkjf6uk

            “I’ll be there to carry you back.”copyright protection14PENANAyLqLeJZbs7

            “Who said that?” I turned in a circle. There was no one there. There was no one to say it, and I began to wonder if it had even been said. “Cal…so.” I looked around. I did not know this place. I was sure I had never been here before. I walked towards the raised dais. When I stepped onto it, the shadows rushed forth from beyond the pillars to form a throne.copyright protection14PENANAdtuAUDX0AJ

            “Anyone who sits on a throne of shadows can’t be a good person.” I observed quietly to myself.copyright protection14PENANANOfxizQxGl

Albanycopyright protection14PENANASe6i0l1Zwu

         Kronos was our Trojan horse. He was our way to sneak into the city at night. Kronos would fix this, and we would just have to watch. Well I would have to watch.copyright protection14PENANA6JXBkSfiTP

            “Are you ready Aphrodite?” Kronos asked me, we were no longer in the Underworld, we had left everyone behind and now stood in a secluded alleyway. Kronos was looking at me with his evil eyes. It was frightening to look at them, he didn’t know that he was supposed to hate me. He didn’t know that I was his enemy. His eyes should have been kind, but all the malice and hatred from before was still inside them. We were playing with fire. We were messing around with a loaded gun.copyright protection14PENANA2GEheWR5tx

            “Yes my lord.” I said standing next to him.copyright protection14PENANAqlMxENSFMo

            “Then we’re off.” Kronos smiled and I almost fainted. He embraced me, his arms wrapped around mine. It was a tight hug. Normally you wouldn’t hold someone this close. I felt like I was suffocating, then time slowed down. My heartbeat got louder. Thump, thump…thump, thump…..thump, thump……..thump, thump. The people in the street slowed down. Thump, thump………..thump, thump. A pigeon overhead appeared to have stopped in midair. Thump……thump. Turning my head was so sluggish, like moving through gelatin. Thump…………thump. Time was not working anymore. Thump………………………thump. I was scared I would spend infinity alone with just Kronos, I could spend infinity with him…all before a heartbeat ended. Thump…………………………………………………………………...copyright protection14PENANAaT88vs0LLU

Deoncopyright protection14PENANABNBf5PbWUF

Albany had left with Kronos, or Zeus or whoever we were pretending he was supposed to be. And I couldn’t help but be relieved. The Titan was gone and we were on the highway to success. I couldn’t be more happy.copyright protection14PENANAul1hSF4KlR

“Was it just me or did Kronos make a better Zeus than Zack ever did?” I asked jokingly.copyright protection14PENANA9vKhEgKE1v

“That is sad, but true.” Hector murmured.copyright protection14PENANAzCjaSoZ3lU

“We should have gone back with her.” Kara walked briskly into the room. “She shouldn’t have gone alone.”copyright protection14PENANAJPfK77qbSL

“I don’t remember you volunteering earlier.” I said. “Albany is one of the strongest girls I know, she can do anything. Isn’t there some old saying like ‘Love conquers all’ or something like that?”copyright protection14PENANA21hNjV33A5

Kara ignored me. I was starting to realize that that was a theme among my godly (at least formerly godly) comrades. “Adele,” she addressed Adele who had so far been sitting next to me in silence, “is there anyone else. A god, a special apple, or like a magical squirrel? Anything that can take us back in time to help Albany.”copyright protection14PENANAz9ISjAhjEC

“A magical squirrel?”copyright protection14PENANAensu7zBxLu

“I DON’T KNOW!” Kara practiced screamed at me. “Just anything that can time travel.”copyright protection14PENANAjNwAAPvET5

Adele thought about it. I could see her going through her mental filing cabinet. After searching through A-Z she said. “Kronos. He’s the only one, at least the only one in Greek mythology.”copyright protection14PENANAKtfsmy3DSH

Kara looked like she wanted to pulled her hair out, but she couldn’t…because she was bald. Yeah. So she hit a wall instead. “Gods! Why? Why didn’t we go with her?”copyright protection14PENANAg64IAcicJ3

“Kara, this was the plan. Albany knew her part and she knew she could say no or even ask us for help.” I stood up and walked over to her. “This isn’t your fault. It’s nobody’s fault. We are doing the best we can.”copyright protection14PENANAH3RdDs296W

            “If that’s the case then we should never have helped at all. If our best leads to Kronos killing Zeus and changing the world for the worse, then we shouldn’t be gods! We should have used Kronos’ time traveling powers to stop Nyx from recruiting me. We should have stopped them from recruiting any of us. What good have we done?”copyright protection14PENANAeRpujL3noV

            Kara started crying. No one spoke. I’m certain we had all had thoughts such as these. But Kara had lost it. I mean, we had been bad gods. But that wasn’t entirely our fault. We had one bad sample in our baker’s dozen. One little death god who wasn’t happy with where he was in life. It was his fault we were here right now.copyright protection14PENANA4F29oDlGP5

            No, I couldn’t think like that. Blade was in the other room without any sense of himself right now. He might never wake up from his coma, he may not have made our lives easier but he never gave up. Blade had tried to atone for his mistake until he was physically unable to continue. What had I done? I flirted with Adele, told some mediocre jokes and been of no actually use. I couldn’t name one thing that I did to stop Kronos.copyright protection14PENANAKx8CKM4NVb

            “I just…we should have gone with her.” Kara said wiping away her tears. With that she turned and ran from the room.copyright protection14PENANAJa28EmUHJj

            “Kara!” Adele stood up. “I’m going to go talk to her.” She said. “Be right back.” She pushed past Eric who was entering the room.copyright protection14PENANACOYFXmij38

            “Did I see tears?” he asked.copyright protection14PENANAoOFxqpjuce

Karacopyright protection14PENANAGWoI524ZKN

         I couldn’t really see where I was going, but I didn’t care. I just didn’t want anyone to see me right now. I wanted to be alone. I was just so disappointed with myself. I had cried, like a…well I guess like the old me. I was supposed to be strong. I was supposed to be the leader, the queen. Lady Hera did not cry! I guess today I was feeling more like Kara. I felt like a helpless mortal girl with too many regrets.copyright protection14PENANAimCg1zDkSG

            “My lady.” I turned and saw the ugliest ear ever.copyright protection14PENANAshu7PVx8qK

            “Janus!”copyright protection14PENANAn6GLOMOTLy

            “May I be of any assistance?” he asked.copyright protection14PENANAH4VjkXSXhL

            “Janus, I don’t really need to make any choices right now. It’s too late to change anything. Albany already left.” I wiped away one more tear.copyright protection14PENANAEK29RR4p0u

            “Why are you choosing to focus on something that you can’t change. You can choose to sing all you want, but that will not make your sugar taste any sweeter.”copyright protection14PENANA9nAQ9oCYho

            “What do you mean?” I asked.copyright protection14PENANAxYsthNqaKI

            “That’s the beauty of it. It is open to interpretation. You can choose its meaning.” Janus double smiled and looked quite frightening.copyright protection14PENANAWpsZykRCJR

            “Our conversations usually leave me more confused than when we started.” I informed the god of choices.copyright protection14PENANA6TfGKo5mnn

            “After a pebble falls into the water, the waves are difficult to see through. Only after the ripples have run their course is it plain want lies at the bottom. Kicking at the water, our your choices, won’t make them easier to understand.” Janus turned his back to me. “Sometimes it is best to choose ignorance.”copyright protection14PENANAKUmdnE0OPL

            “So your telling me to ignore all of my problems?” I asked.copyright protection14PENANAxLaZKIkBl4

            “Only the ones who’s expiration date has passed.” With that he left me. He left me to ponder my options.copyright protection14PENANAsrYI8I7e5u

            “Kara!” I looked up to see Adele slowly approaching. She was moving slowly, cautious to see if I would start whimpering again like a little baby I bet.copyright protection14PENANACQoY3MD3As

            “Hey.” I said.copyright protection14PENANAO8dZ7XHsz2

            “Hey…is everything all right?” She asked now standing next to me. I wiped my eyes, just to make sure I wasn’t crying anymore, and nodded at her.copyright protection14PENANAx2uvKDdRRi

            “I just, chose to let everything overwhelm me. I’ll be ok I think.” I managed a smile. Janus was right. I had no way of going back and changing anything no matter how much I felt like I needed to. I was stuck with the choices I had made, and I would just have to live with that.copyright protection14PENANAlu8Kscx5g8

Albanycopyright protection14PENANAy4gL4oJLQi

         ………thump. Thump, thump. My heart began to pick up the pace, the wind blow fast and cool against my face. Time was back. Infinity was no longer a heartbeat, a second was a second.copyright protection14PENANAOnljT5W6XO

            “I have been here before.” Kronos muttered looking around. We were standing on a gentle mountain slope shaded by a great cliff. “This is Crete.”copyright protection14PENANApjiy4LLBR1

            “Crete?” I asked. The name was new to me.copyright protection14PENANAKp60bapUWf

            “Crete, the island where Zeus was born.” Kronos explained. I couldn’t help but notice that Kronos said Zeus…not I. Was it a coincidence or was he starting to see through my deception?copyright protection14PENANAdKDz4wE1DC

            “Oh yes.” I said quickly. “Then Kronos should be coming soon. You need to stop him or else he will destroy the whole world that we know.”copyright protection14PENANAP3V8CZTnBK

            “I don’t know the world. I can’t remember it.” Kronos said.copyright protection14PENANAolaumlELgA

            “Do you want the whole world to have to go through that?” I said.copyright protection14PENANA1tlF2pbHqP

            “I will stop him.” he said quietly.copyright protection14PENANAjgTfovfiSQ

            “RHEA!!!” we turned to see Kronos, the pre-brain washed one, standing below us in the valley. There was a cave in the valley, and from that cave a woman emerged.copyright protection14PENANA3hcdLyyqkO

            “Kronos what are you doing here?” we heard her shout.copyright protection14PENANA0lim0lMc3d

            “Where is my son mother?” he demanded rushing towards her.copyright protection14PENANA2mtVCSrRaj

            The Kronos who was standing next to me was looking at himself strangely. He couldn’t possibly recognize himself, but this was where the danger doubled. While my Kronos wouldn’t remember that that is what he looks like, the other Kronos remembers everything.copyright protection14PENANAIdAUrmtZMN

            “KRONOS!!!” with no warning Kronos charged Kronos. The good Kronos, by good of course I mean less evil of the two, dove into the eviler Kronos and they went tumbling to the ground. I ran down the hill to get closer to the action. The other woman was suddenly next to me.copyright protection14PENANAON8699rVlu

            “Why is my son fighting himself? What is this trickery?” she said. I turned to explain but was too stunned to speak. Her hair was missing its green streaks and I would never have imagined her wearing a long white dress like she was now, but it was her! I recognized her face.copyright protection14PENANA8nRCjuuKlF

            “Gaia?” I said still too shocked to move.copyright protection14PENANA43TFXk1rkN

            “Who are you?” she demanded. I know that this Gaia didn’t know me and still wouldn’t for thousands of years, but I was just so relieved to see her alive.copyright protection14PENANAe8AnfKwGFS

            I stood staring at her waves of emotion changing like the tide, only Kronos’ battle brought me out of it.copyright protection14PENANAbOg3qzxVkT

            “Who are you to steal my face?”copyright protection14PENANABoWv3UQ4la

            “KRONOS! You stole my memories, now I will steal your life!”copyright protection14PENANASzjtXydtfS

            I watched as the Kronos landed a punch on Kronos, but Kronos retaliated by hurling a stone the size of a watermelon back at Kronos. As I saw more and more, I realized that it was no guarantee that the Kronos I was rooting for would win. However both of them were sufficiently distracted.copyright protection14PENANAlrHBu8b24w

            A baby’s cry it a powerful thing. And Zeus first cries were no different. Thunder accompanied the shrieks of the king of the gods, and large dark clouds gathered overhead.copyright protection14PENANAVFUSbYM127

            “Rhea’s child has been born.” Gaia said softly, almost a whisper. She was now intrigued by the circling clouds. Yes, it is a boy.” She nodded. “Kronos’ bane has been born.”copyright protection14PENANAcVHvoE3B8j

            “Can you take me to the baby?” I asked. I knew that I needed to take advantage of the time Titan’s battle.copyright protection14PENANAutKc5fkhho

            “Why he is just inside the cave.” Gaia pointed. The rain came as I was running. A heavy rain, thick with raindrops. I was soaked within seconds. The cave was small, at least what I could see of it. There was only a meager fire burning in the middle of the cave. Sitting beside the fire was a woman. She was young and she was holding a baby.copyright protection14PENANANd4I5fGRhJ

            She looked up at me and said. “My husband is coming isn’t he?” her voice was soft, nurturing almost. And her sad eyes evoked pity in me. I nodded that she was right. “Please, can you take him?” She offered me her son, the god Zeus, with outstretched arms. “Kronos will devour him if he finds him with me, please.” She begged. Without waiting for an answer she stood up and carefully deposited her son into my arms. I gingerly held him tightly and secured him close to my body.copyright protection14PENANAZtEHY3l2Eu

            “What are you going to do?” I asked. Rhea, the woman, was busy turning her back to me and bending over. She was moving quite well for having just birth a baby. It was actually quite impressive. Bending up and down like that, this was one tough lady. With a grunt she heaved a rock, roughly the size of an average infant god into her arms and wrapped a cloth around it.copyright protection14PENANAl9Y5l3kGlC

            “I’m going to go show my husband his son.” She smiled and patted the rock on its head. To be honest she may have patted the rocks stomach. My high school didn’t offer rock anatomy as a class so cut me some slack.copyright protection14PENANA58P9RVpxMG

            “There’s no way that will work.” I muttered.copyright protection14PENANAgMaVt8YPaD

            “But you must go, take my son to safety.” Rhea ordered me. “For he will be the future.” I looked down at the little child I was holding. So fragile, so small. I couldn’t believe I was holding Zeus. This organic life form in my arms right now would be the most powerful god ever. He would rule the world for eons. But right now, he was helpless. Right now, he needed me. He needed me to help him escape. I left Rhea in her cave. I hurried back outside. Gaia was gone and so were the two Kronos’. I was alone with the rain and a baby. Pulling Zeus tighter to my chest, I made sure his blanket was protecting him from the rain. I started walking up the mountainside. I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew that I needed to get Zeus away from here. I hurried up the gravely slope as quickly as I could, the rain was making the going rough and very slow. I lost my footing on more than one occasion and was scared for my and Zeus’ life the whole time.copyright protection14PENANAjwNhB8lWPH

            “No one’s going to believe this.” I said to myself. “I rescued baby Zeus.”copyright protection14PENANAzUQo3Hjte6

            “ZEUS!”copyright protection14PENANAavTkqnspcD

            “Not yet.” I corrected myself. I recognized Kronos’ voice, but it the rain it was hard to be sure of where it had come from, I looked around, but it was so dark now because of the thunderclouds that I couldn’t really see much back down in the valley or anything above the ridge I was climbing. I just had to keep going and hope that I wouldn’t run into Kronos. I took a deep breath and began to push myself to go faster. It was getting more dangerous. The slope was getting steeper and now the rain water was starting to reach a volume where it was flowing down the mountainside like a shallow wave. I was struggling, Zeus’ weight was starting to make my arms ache and I nearly screamed when I slide down several feet as a patch of mud partially gave way underneath me.copyright protection14PENANA2w9POLYaIN

            “This way child.” I looked up and saw Gaia standing on top of the ridge. She waved her hand and the gravel compacted into a stairway for me to climb up the slope quickly. I reached Gaia’s position and thanked her ceaselessly. “I do not know you. Who are you?” Gaia asked,copyright protection14PENANARhHHGLo0eD

            “I’m…” I didn’t get to tell her.copyright protection14PENANA7p80JznbYA

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