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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 58 The Olympians
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!5joL0S2u9v3AHgCMLigUposted on PENANA

            Thirteen figures were gathered around a great bonfire in an enclosed room. “I can’t believe they did it. They actually defeated Kronos.”copyright protection14PENANAEqeWPQ4owP

            “Ahem, I seem to believe that Aphrodite was the one who finished him off. Or have you forgotten already my dear family.”copyright protection14PENANAKB89n91qDb

            “The girl’s name is Albany. You are Aphrodite once again, not her. And it is impressive that these…humans, were so successful. Very interesting.”copyright protection14PENANAVGLDXopIGF

            “Yes, yes it’s all good and dandy that love prevailed over all, and that wisdom and wine hooked up. But I will not have it forgotten that this boy Blade sacrificed himself for the greater good. I will also have my lieutenant Thanatos’ contribution noted, as well as the children seeking refuge in the Underworld. These must not be forgotten. I move to be reinstated upon Olympus with my own throne and a seat on the council.”copyright protection14PENANADl6SiWImke

            “Oh be quiet Hades, or I’ll do you like Zack did.”copyright protection14PENANAb5QkeetfE6

            “The plan worked. Granted a few bumps and unforeseen challenges, but the plan actually worked. How do you do it?”copyright protection14PENANAqANcdLACuh

            “Brain over brawn.”copyright protection14PENANAi7CoZUlIhF

            “You wanna test that theory?”copyright protection14PENANAWsKNNZ1geG

            “Of course you’d be looking for a fight. Kronos has fallen and the future of Olympus has been secured. I bet you’d love nothing more than a new enemy and a new war.”copyright protection14PENANAnFgbStWs6q

            “Are you insulting me?”copyright protection14PENANAKpymOyh9gy

            “SILENCE.” The figures bowed their heads and held their tongues, for their king was about to speak. “These mortal replacements…these gods in training if you will. Have they not done all we have desired of them?”copyright protection14PENANAOd1z0Oy14N

            “My lord Zeus, they have defended Olympus and defeated your father Kronos.”copyright protection14PENANAHstYDlsAOy

            “I am aware of this.”copyright protection14PENANA1yXzVL7cUo

            “They have completed their tasks and the plan has succeeded.”copyright protection14PENANAKJBLjBzSDE

            “This is glorious news. Shall we return again? I yearn to be on my throne once more.”copyright protection14PENANAFl79jLvLlj

            “Well…”copyright protection14PENANAjnShWN34ZY

            “What is it?”copyright protection14PENANAsKI3w1F6Ti

            “I…I believe that…”copyright protection14PENANALzDSIWEdI0

            “Do you not think they have overstayed their welcome? Do you not wish for us to rule again?”copyright protection14PENANAx2npjjdnod

            “That is just it.”copyright protection14PENANAlQX3Uu5zAY

            “What do you mean?”copyright protection14PENANARlxvegsSua

            “I do wish to be a goddess once more. And I speak for everyone here I believe when I say that. I believe we all want to rule atop Mount Olympus once more.”copyright protection14PENANAT1cgrwAETY

            “Then why do you hesitate? We should descend on these mortals and force them back from whence they came! They have completed their task, now we must take back what is ours.”copyright protection14PENANASfOQjJkoiU

            “No.”copyright protection14PENANAmagUFva7oE

            “No?”copyright protection14PENANAhhGux707MU

            “We wish to rule again, not for the world’s betterment, but our own. For selfish reasons we would see ourselves once again atop Olympus.”copyright protection14PENANA6EaVutEPSW

            “You dare to say these mortals deserve to be gods over us?”copyright protection14PENANAKf609LwkTU

            “These gods in training, these mortals…these children, did something we had never been able to do. They saved the world.”copyright protection14PENANAYabEFJMGRz

            “And that makes them deserve…”copyright protection14PENANABXdLSIfwx8

            “None deserve to be a god! You do not earn god status, it is given to you. Watching these mortals discover themselves in this crisis has taught me many things. One is, the people are not the servants of the gods, but rather the gods are the servants of the people. Gods should have their people’s best interest at heart. A god should defend and protect his charges, not terrorize and loom over. He should better his people and aid them in bettering themselves. These humans saw that before I ever did. In all of our eons of arrogance and ignorance, did we ever help a single soul? How many lives did we save? How many people did we help? How many did we hurt? How many were smite down by us because they showed greatness? How many were killed due to our jealousy or anger? The Titans were tyrants to us, we replaced them. And now the tyrants are being replaced once again.”copyright protection14PENANAthnAiwmORf

            “We were gods!”copyright protection14PENANAIPqUu5DhLu

            “No longer.”copyright protection14PENANAQms48lMnRk

            “You would throw the past away?”copyright protection14PENANAvlCTVUqiJh

            “No I am protecting the future.”copyright protection14PENANAxr7XmB20SO

            “We are the future.”copyright protection14PENANAvJbXNjizHa

            “We are ancient names and stone statues. We are crumbling temples, and half forgotten stories. No…I do not believe that we are the future, rather we shall step aside and allow time to move beyond us. It is for the best. It is for the greater good.”copyright protection14PENANAUcww6rqwKa

            “You believe we should die? You believe we should just fade into the mist of memory and disappear altogether?”copyright protection14PENANANhCUeYwhYp

            “The humans no longer build shrines to us, they do not pray to us anymore. They have already moved past us. Allowing the world to do so as well will only be a benefit. It would be a kindness. We died long ago.”copyright protection14PENANA6t8hrVAJvh

            “Gods never die…”copyright protection14PENANAUpuqVASm6C

Albanycopyright protection14PENANAwUT8O87kq5

         My eyes opened slowly. I was confused at first, but then memories returned. I looked around. We were on Olympus again, in the throne room. I counted thirteen chairs including my own. All were full. All were well.copyright protection14PENANAJxzRO0NoKi

A/N: Hey! Thank you for reading this far, I really appreciate your support and am so glad you enjoyed my work. I have happy news for you, there is a sequel to this story titled Gods in Training : Generations. Now you don’t have to give up on this characters you’ve grown to like just yet.copyright protection14PENANAGFIa5ELY1R

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