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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 9 Kara
TJ Nyx
Jun 10, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!wCoIC2FLX3svTfn1KlNSposted on PENANA

            The Chevy’s air conditioning, radio, and speedometer all did not work. This sucked. It was hot, woefully lacking good music and I was very worried that Nyx had no idea how fast she was going. But, sitting next to Zack made it all better. Then Herman ruined it again.copyright protection16PENANALKM7wAYJlF

            “So, Kara, how do you think your parents will take you disappearing to be a goddess?” he asked me.copyright protection16PENANAWSikAUngFl

            I was forced to wrench my eyes away from Zack to answer him. “My dad will probably worry like crazy.” I told him.copyright protection16PENANAk8Rdoef8A2

            “But not your mom?” he pressed. Gods! Why wouldn’t he just let me stare at Zack in peace?copyright protection16PENANA0lMNtjor2K

            “She’s in Panama. Working with the Red Cross.” I said quickly switching my gaze to Zack once I was able to again. His arm was touching mine!copyright protection16PENANA7YCpjdjHuY

            “That’s cool.” Herman said. “My parents work with the postal service.”copyright protection16PENANA2O7T1v8hDI

            “So they’re mailmen?” Zack asked looking at him.copyright protection16PENANAjE46sxpRZr

            “Pretty much.” Herman shrugged. “Not as exciting as having a mom in Panama though.” He smiled.copyright protection16PENANAB6pevJsPqW

            “Trust me.” I said. “There’s nothing exciting about it. I haven’t even heard from her since she left.”copyright protection16PENANANsKVmMqu33

            Zack looked at me. “No letters or phone calls?” he asked.copyright protection16PENANAdnIitaQS1P

            I was pleasantly surprised. I found myself able to respond to him. “None for me.”copyright protection16PENANAkDWKSstkhT

            “That sucks.” He said consolingly. AHHH!! He felt sorry for me! This was better than learning I was going to be a god.copyright protection16PENANAh5m20IPrdS

            “Yeah it does.” Herman exclaimed. “So, Z, what about your mommy and poppy?”copyright protection16PENANAvrgdKJoACq

            “Don’t call me Z.” Zack muttered. “My name’s Zack… And my mom and dad are my business.”copyright protection16PENANAqW3nHWPah6

            Me and Herman shared a look. “Ok. Sorry I brought it up.” Herman whispered.copyright protection16PENANA4ycqAd9pEn

            “I don’t have a mother or a father.” Nyx said without really being asked. “At least not in the way you view those terms.”copyright protection16PENANAi9OzmzjK9V

            “What does that mean?” I asked.copyright protection16PENANAazSeWzaMKs

            “I’m the goddess of night, fashioned from the darkness itself.” Nyx replied. “I wasn’t born in the traditional way.”copyright protection16PENANATO05eBio1X

            “Fashioned from the darkness itself.” I muttered. “That explains the skin tone.”copyright protection16PENANALk6ATs9cdj

            “I didn’t know there was a traditional way.” Herman said. “I was of the understanding that everyone had to be born that way.”copyright protection16PENANA8oT0DQAOCk

            “Oh no!” Nyx said. “You just assume it’s normal because that’s how you were born. But as gods and goddess, you three will find that you deal with the untraditional ways more often than not.”copyright protection16PENANAgv9gBoSUMT

            “Exactly how many untraditional ways are there?” I asked.copyright protection16PENANARyeX87qijE

            Nyx thought it over. “Many.” She replied. “If you’re going to go to the trouble of being born in a different way, why not go the whole ten yards and make it totally unique. At least that was Aphrodite thought. She was born from sea foam.”copyright protection16PENANABr3usGk3uX

            “I thought she was created when Uranus’…man parts…were flung into the ocean after…he lost them.” I said.copyright protection16PENANAoKtx14VTZH

            “Whoa!” Herman shouted. “Losing man parts? That’s not mandatory is it?”copyright protection16PENANANQg1Oo9fHt

            Nyx looked as though she was rather uncomfortable. “Different example maybe? Ah! Athena was born from Zeus head!”copyright protection16PENANATiVWNoD8r7

            Herman frowned. “That probably wasn’t a pleasant surgery. Could you imagine what his x-rays would have looked like?”copyright protection16PENANA5PSznTDjND

            “We didn’t have x-rays back then.” Nyx said. “But I remember, before she came out, Athena was just a huge tumor on Zeus’s temple.” The goddess smiled. “Oh, he was so self-conscience about it.”copyright protection16PENANA1BuhDiFMym

            “That’s definitely not a traditional birth.” I muttered. “In fact those are really disturbing.”copyright protection16PENANAgsFbptz2B1

            Herman laughed. “He had a literal brain child.” He burst out laughing. “Has anyone had a food baby? Please tell me that’s where the term comes from!”copyright protection16PENANAaHQ2geWUxK

            “No.” Nyx muttered. “Are you mocking me?”copyright protection16PENANAxyl1PZkvMT

            Herman stopped laughing and faked a small smile. “I’m laughing with you.” He muttered.copyright protection16PENANAS2lyeK1NND

Nyx had already shown us that it would be in our best interest not to piss her off. About an hour back she had been cut off by some jerk that was speeding down the highway. Instead of honking and flipping him off like most drivers would have done, Nyx killed him… well I’m not sure if he’s dead or not. Nyx used her goddess-ness to envelop the driver and his car in a thick veil of black shadows. When the sunlight broke through the blackness there was no trace of life.copyright protection16PENANAOXkFZATVvr

“Good.” Nyx purred. She smiled. “You guys hungry?”copyright protection16PENANAF2Z14P0plM

“I could eat.” Zack shrugged. “But you don’t have to stop if the others aren’t.”copyright protection16PENANAidPDL3oNRb

“I’m hungry!” I shouted. All I knew was that I was with Zack right now. I was going to drag this out for as long as I could. “We should stop.”copyright protection16PENANAqF8Kl8le3Q

“As you wish.” Nyx muttered switching lanes. “I need to stretch my legs anyways.”copyright protection16PENANAGJTGKXvLnR

Herman cleared his throat. “I didn’t know shadows had legs.” He said.copyright protection16PENANAyF4njQrIDi

“And I didn’t know gods could be so young.” Nyx replied. “There is much you do not know. And even more which you will never know.”copyright protection16PENANAT3X2Nia8xe

“Thank you?” Herman said after a brief silence. Nyx was rather hard to talk to.copyright protection16PENANAZdXSUIQqtd

We got off the highway and made our way into one of those tiny towns with five gas stations and fast food places with nothing else. We pulled into the least crowded parking lot and all clambered out.copyright protection16PENANAh1SlpcbQUP

“You guys meet me back out here when you’re done.” Nyx muttered walking in the opposite direction.copyright protection16PENANA8OS6QGo0PW

“You’re not coming with us?” I asked.copyright protection16PENANAfOacH4Uxun

“I’d draw too much attention. Plus, I told you I need to stretch my legs.” Nyx replied. With that she walked away.copyright protection16PENANAKMpD7OPjEK

“Bye.” Herman shouted after her. “Come on guys let’s go.” We entered the building and ordered our food. Thankfully I got a seat next to Zack.copyright protection16PENANA8Ny1ToHipw

“How much longer do you guys think we’ll be in the car?” Zack asked opening his meal. “We’ve been in that truck forever.” He complained.copyright protection16PENANAeEkpR1uLzZ

“I know, it’s been a long time.” Herman said. He always had to add his voice to the conversation I had noticed.copyright protection16PENANA9jLzXTnMc2

“I just want this car ride to end. “Zack continued. I was crushed, he didn’t enjoy sitting in a hot, uncomfortable car with me.copyright protection16PENANAwlP5mIt41T

“I know.” Herman said. “Once we get there, we become gods…and goddess.” He added smiling at me.copyright protection16PENANAAfyVFpX9bw

“That’s what I’m waiting for.” Zack muttered tearing into his fries. “I better be a strong god.” He said. “Otherwise what’s the point?”copyright protection16PENANA8lQTUNMhAZ

“Yeah.” I muttered. “I can see you as an all-powerful god.” I said, I also saw him in my dreams, but I didn’t say that.copyright protection16PENANAk7k9cHSGMU

Zack looked at me. “Yeah.” He said. “Thanks, I guess.”copyright protection16PENANAzm97iPxgYJ

“What about me?” Herman asked. “What kind of god do you see me as?” he insisted on being included.copyright protection16PENANAM64D0YqMg1

“An annoying one.” I muttered to myself. “I don’t see you as a god.” I told him.copyright protection16PENANALA86KkOD0A

“Ouch.” Zack muttered smiling. He smiled at what I said!copyright protection16PENANAxAXHIgwfwv

“I get it!” Herman shouted. “You didn’t see me because I’m the god of invisibility!” Herman said excitedly.copyright protection16PENANAYjB2WB1noh

I was taken aback. I had meant to insult him. “Not what I was getting at.” I told him. Herman just ignored me and continued reveling in his imaginary invisible god powers.copyright protection16PENANAoaSwhCR5gR

“Come on.” Zack said standing up. “We are not going to become gods by sitting here.” He muttered.copyright protection16PENANAGNrDv9U2pq

“You’re so right.” I said following him. We ventured back to the Chevy and found Nyx waiting inside. She gazed silently at us as we approached.copyright protection16PENANAxoJ9qGLs39

“We were wondering if you could speed this up.” Zack said.copyright protection16PENANAJrkCYBePGv

“Speed this up?” Nyx asked. “What do you mean?”copyright protection16PENANAHnj80OiVRI

“I don’t know, do whatever you do to get us there faster?” I suggested. I was torn between backing up Zack and spending more time with Zack.copyright protection16PENANAlo65xxLjZO

“Ok,” Nyx muttered, “get in the car.” We obeyed. “Close your mouths.” Again we obeyed. “Keep them closed.” Nyx warned. “Eating shadows is not pleasant.” Nyx closed her eyes and lifted her hands. She let out a few sharp quick breaths. My mouth was closed but my eyes were not. I watched as Nyx breathed out shadows from her mouth and nose. The shadows then surrounded the truck with us inside. They proceeded to close in on us until I couldn’t see anything anymore. I desperately resisted the urge to scream.copyright protection16PENANAtJgNleoA45

Then the sun was shining again, and the shadows disappeared. I gasped for breath. “You breathed darkness!” I shouted.copyright protection16PENANA6LspUsedo5

“Yeah.” Nyx said. “I do that.”copyright protection16PENANAVJu1O2zzlz

“Cool.” Herman muttered.copyright protection16PENANAoOiFBEUZeY

“If it wasn’t noon I would have summoned shadows to transport us, but alas…curse you 12:00 p.m.”copyright protection16PENANA4kKwKEZYSn

“Wait, did you say transport us?” Zack asked. Looking around I saw we had indeed been transported. Transported right into a dump.copyright protection16PENANA4N7yPWApwW

“Phew! It stinks.” Herman muttered.copyright protection16PENANAYUKgzmVtma

“Yeah, well it’s a landfill…” I muttered.copyright protection16PENANAsrucXfRXeJ

“Nyx?” a voice called out. “About time.”copyright protection16PENANAlixtQnprMV

Nyx looked at us. “Get out of the truck.” We obeyed.copyright protection16PENANAnKQ81quWUQ

“Nyx. I’m surprised. You’re the first one here.” I saw the voice belonged to an old woman. The woman was walking towards us with three children following closely behind, two girls and a boy.copyright protection16PENANA6nhBzfQrd4

“I cheated.” Nyx admitted. “I took the shortcut.” Nyx led us to the elderly woman. “Hestia, you would have us meet in a landfill.”copyright protection16PENANAbznJ2d6sFS

The old woman, I guess her name was Hestia smiled. “We’re gathering twelve of the most powerful gods and goddesses in existence. I don’t want anybody interrupting us.”copyright protection16PENANAo2DeaEEEAz

Nyx eyed the younger of the two girls that was following Hestia. “Oh my, I thought mine were young.”copyright protection16PENANAvHWMiw19Xf

Hestia gazed at the child. “Her heart is mature enough for the task, even if her body isn’t.”copyright protection16PENANAe9OBSRPYju

Nyx shook her head. “Hestia, this is Herman, Zack, and Kara.” She said pointing us out. “I think they will perform decently.” Just decently? That was one good vote of confidence.copyright protection16PENANARHwuVH8AmJ

Hestia eyed us. “So young, all of you.” She gazed at the children with her. “Demi, Deon, and Adele go mingle with your new coworkers.”copyright protection16PENANAaRr6EKCFTA

The three kids drew near us. We all stood quietly, none of us knowing what to say. Except Herman of course.copyright protection16PENANAV8KJJCAyBU

            “You guys ready to be GODS!” He shouted loudly.copyright protection16PENANA3sBAWxh58D

            The girl named Adele smiled. “I think it will be an honor to be gods by your sides.”copyright protection16PENANAPivgp912PU

            “Yeah, likewise.” I said smiling. These people seemed nice enough.copyright protection16PENANADK3nuMZ4lA

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