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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 14 Deon
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!X8DqQYKMj3JCaADirovPposted on PENANA

            I guess I took for granted a lot of modern amenities and technology. You don’t realize what you have until you’re missing it.copyright protection23PENANAsJQU3yGUwG

            “How much farther?” Demi whined behind me.copyright protection23PENANAqtP4UF2Erl

            “You’re supposed to tell us that.” I shouted.copyright protection23PENANAIaYSKCbb0G

            “Demi we can stop when you get signal.” Adele reminded the youngest goddess why the three of us were crammed onto the back of a pegasi flying towards the horizon. “The farther from Olympus we get, the closer to modern civilization we should be. Somewhere near here should have signal. Check again.” We had been flying for nearly thirty minutes, my crotch had started complaining after five. Saddles, it seems were made for one person…not three.copyright protection23PENANA0tqRntp4oV

            “Still nothing.” She informed us. “You know civilization usually has a lot less trees.” She was right, we may have left Olympus, but forests still completely covered the ground below us, not even a road broke up the rolling foliage.copyright protection23PENANAKOpzSkeVZF

            “To be honest, at this rate it would just be faster to get a bus ticket to Greece.” I said.          copyright protection23PENANAhHQfzASLMT

            “Guys we just have to be patient. We’ll find something soon.” Adele asked.copyright protection23PENANAsNmSEJl3OK

            “We’re in the middle of Narnia!” Demi shouted. “And I am not riding on a bus. I am a goddess and will travel as such.copyright protection23PENANAZyyp8rJmnJ

            “You take a school bus everyday.” I reminded her.copyright protection23PENANA2EqSU0tMLg

            “How would you like to try and breathe out of a watermelon?” She threatened.copyright protection23PENANAFd315ILrMA

            “Do it, and I swear I’ll replace your blood with wine.” I said turning towards her.copyright protection23PENANAbM9KbhcVEz

            “Hey now.” Adele said looking at me.copyright protection23PENANAEHe5A854VQ

            “She started it.” I complained.copyright protection23PENANAkA4oC96oBT

            “Yeah but you elevated it to straight up murder.” Adele said raising her eyebrow at me. “Start smaller. But back on target, cell signal.”copyright protection23PENANAYNF8yRpKM4

            “I still don’t have any.” Demeter said holding her phone up.copyright protection23PENANAkrLywlHCpC

            “Well just keep an eye on it. Less threatening and fighting please.” Adele suggested.copyright protection23PENANAtKdx8QHfej

            I muttered to myself, “How hard is it for three gods to send a text message?”copyright protection23PENANA8d6NlEELpr

            “How hard is it for you two to get a phone?” Demi asked. This shouldn’t be a problem unique to me. Why don’t you have phones?”copyright protection23PENANAPJSBipWZ2m

            “Olympus doesn’t get cell service.” I said.copyright protection23PENANACv6P2eFKtU

            “And we’re usually together.” Adele shrugged. “Why text when we can talk.”copyright protection23PENANA3B79ptO3fd

            “Yeah, talk.” Demi muttered. “I’m in middle school not stupid. I know what happens in college.”copyright protection23PENANAv4XnFfNCfP

            “Lots of studying.” I muttered. Adele blushed.copyright protection23PENANAYRk5Gnkm8N

            “Signal now.” My girlfriend ordered, changing the subject.copyright protection23PENANAgbpolOS9S7

            “Look Wise Girl.” Demi muttered. “You’re the wisdom goddess, why don’t you make us a magical Internet typewriter.”copyright protection23PENANAnnckLSAzuQ

            “I believe you mean a laptop?” I suggested.copyright protection23PENANAotHJyo7SKf

            “Deonasaur it is getting really hard to focus right now, stop coming after me or I’ll come after you. Goddess of the harvest style!” Demeter shouted.copyright protection23PENANAG1q6pLViVN

            “I’m smart.” Adele said. “Not a miracle worker.”copyright protection23PENANApjbBEXtewY

            “Well then you’re no help to me Rolling in the Deep.”copyright protection23PENANA5VsME0bLTW

            “That reference is kind of dated.” Adele muttered.copyright protection23PENANA1AXsGneBF9

            “But you still got it.” Demi said popping her gum.copyright protection23PENANAp4sBG6yal5

            “Do we have time for this?” I asked a little annoyed.copyright protection23PENANA9q0BdECoqw

            “You got somewhere else to be?” Demi asked.copyright protection23PENANAks6hUNE8pk

            “Yeah, actually. I’m supposed to be out there looking for my missing friend. Instead I’m gallivanting through clouds for you. Adele, I respect your plan, but it just seems like it’s taking us far too long.”copyright protection23PENANAiPoKq5RZfc

Just then Demi’s phone started ringing.copyright protection23PENANA4oD4ZQJCfa

            “I GOT SIGNAL!” Demi informed us excitedly. She answered the phone, holding up a finger. “Hello? Hey Khione…not much. Squishy won? Are you serious? He’s half puffin! Why would you let him in the Penguin Grand Prix. Discrimination? Penguins don’t have lawyers! Freaking Squishy. Oh, well anyways girl, I was actually just about to call you. Yeah I know right, weird. Anyways I was just wondering if you still had Iris’ number? Yeah I need to walk the rainbow if you know what I mean.” Demi frowned and turned away and whispered. “No, I’m not on drugs…I know…I was trying to sound cool.” Her voice picked up again. “Yeah that’d be great if you could send her my way. I don’t know, where are we?”copyright protection23PENANA8ADeRx1wFr

            “Rural Montana.” I told her.copyright protection23PENANAQYgfIGkAGA

“Uhhh, there’s a highway over there it looks like.” Adele pointed. “Take us that way.” I steered our ride towards the line in the trees. “Eastbound, mile marker 76.” She read as we landed.copyright protection23PENANANKZqPZhzBx

“Ok, did you here that? Great. Yeah we’ll be here. Thanks again babe, ice love you.” Demeter hung up the phone.copyright protection23PENANAKJ7nYYUZvA

“Ice love you?” I asked.copyright protection23PENANArmyHChoXR4

“She’s the goddess of ice.” Demeter reminded me. “And I’m into puns, get off me Wine-o.”copyright protection23PENANAxEOx5Ewnd7

“So, how long are we gonna be waiting?” I asked.copyright protection23PENANAUXQ1lO0fOw

“Not long.” Demi told me.copyright protection23PENANAQgSoXvGlsx

“Great.” I nodded. I turned to Adele. “Same question.”copyright protection23PENANAp0cexiS4F6

“Rainbows are really fast.” She assured me.copyright protection23PENANAbA42BpRBFG

“I stand by that shadows would have been easier.” I petted our pegasi. “Looks like you can go home now buddy. You remember the way?” The winged horse reared up and took off with a mighty thrust from his wings. “Tell them I said thank you.” I shouted.copyright protection23PENANA8vW1UTwAfZ

“Keep an eye out for Hestia.” Adele shouted. “Another set of eyes can’t hurt.”copyright protection23PENANA7EZkTxCMBi

I smiled at her as a rainbow descended down into the middle of the three of us and a goddess casually walked down it.copyright protection23PENANASNSXPunH62

            “Hey.” Iris said. “What’s up Olympians?”copyright protection23PENANAneykfseM2t

            “Greece.” I told her. “Specifically the Oracle, thank you.”copyright protection23PENANALa8Lv1i8NU

            Iris looked at me. She wasn’t very colorful for the rainbow goddess. “Right this way your majesty.” Another rainbow appeared.copyright protection23PENANArGHkExO1eU

            “Thank you.” Adele said.copyright protection23PENANA4C9CWp5ab8

            “Sorry to bother you.” Demi waved to her friend. “And doubly sorry to trouble you with these two, urgh.”copyright protection23PENANADWjLHPN0XA

            “Yeah, thanks.” Iris rolled her eyes. “Did you see that? Not even a hello, just straight to ordering my around. Olympians never change, think they rule the world.”copyright protection23PENANAUohBIV8xWn

            “We do.” I reminded her.copyright protection23PENANAs0ZBDV1J5c

            “Deon, you better get over the rainbow before the leprechauns get you.” Demi scolded me.copyright protection23PENANARJ9bvR0iRX

            I shook my head and turned to enter the rainbow. Adele was standing next to it, holding out her hand for me to grab. I locked my fingers between hers and together we climbed up onto the rainbow.copyright protection23PENANATMman55wD2

            I’ll admit, things got a lot higher a lot faster than I was ready for. We were at cruising altitude almost immediately. “Gods!” I muttered looking down.copyright protection23PENANAT53SHGOIqU

            “What’s wrong?” Adele asked. I turned to look at her and saw that her eyes were closed. I couldn’t help but smile. She really was scared of heights.copyright protection23PENANAUhD4t9VtsN

            “The rainbow is fading!” I screamed. “We’re going to fall!”copyright protection23PENANArmzOwXTCtw

            “I’m breaking up with you as soon as I’m on ground again.” Adele swore. “Don’t mess with me right now.”copyright protection23PENANAEnCHfjo41O

            I hugged her gently, careful not to rock or shake her body. “I just was surprised by how high we are.” I said. “You were right, it is kinda freaky.”copyright protection23PENANAYW6C1zLW3e

            “You can tell me when this is over.” Adele told me. “Let’s just walk.” I smiled and took a step forwards. The world completely shifted underneath me.copyright protection23PENANAJuAji6gcJK

            “Whoa.” I muttered looking down.copyright protection23PENANAJo7l5nFurG

            “I’m not falling for it this time Deon.”copyright protection23PENANAipDp1EZNB2

            “Sorry…no.” I quickly told her. “Its not that, we’re on the Eastern seaboard…in one step.”copyright protection23PENANA1lxBEPIV2s

            “Rainbows right?” Iris smiled as she and Demi brushed past us. “Remember this next time there are openings on Olympus. I’m willing to take a pay cut.” She whispered.copyright protection23PENANAFLQM7WaMqC

            “Are you getting paid to be a goddess?” I asked. Was I missing out?copyright protection23PENANAtJ1683L8Rn

            “Walk Deon.” Adele was standing rigidly. “Wind…lots of wind in my hair.” She was right we were being blown about. Her hair did look like it was in a wind tunnel.copyright protection23PENANAaTIHvnxeiz

            “Right, come on this way.” She held me the whole way, her eyes shut tight the entire time. I could see how this would be terrifying, but I was too intrigued to not look down. We crossed the Atlantic Ocean in several steps. I hopped from Spain to Italy, and then was on the ground in Greece before I even got a chance to really look around. “Welcome back to solid ground.” I told Adele, who carefully opened her eyes. You’re not blind, by the way. Its just nighttime here.”copyright protection23PENANAGXlwKssVeT

            “I know how time zones work.” Adele reminded me. “Thank you, Iris.”copyright protection23PENANAxHCzOLDATu

            “What no tip?” Iris shouted. “I sold my ticket to a seal for this!”copyright protection23PENANAX3oFLT3i7l

            “Did you get a good deal?” Demeter shouted back.copyright protection23PENANASOjdk3GNZV

            “That’s not the point!” Iris said. “I’m not a taxi.”copyright protection23PENANAHwCj6r5J1Y

            “Say hi to Khione for me!” Demi waved as the three of us walked away.copyright protection23PENANAeZ2CFNvI6D

            “What was her problem?” I asked.copyright protection23PENANA3ZrmdMqTAp

            “She uses all her rainbows to travel, leaving none for her personality.” Demi said laughing.copyright protection23PENANAOhWrB2TGLV

            “Ok, Oracle.” Adele centered our focus.copyright protection23PENANAF0UHCzv7hC

            “Right, where is she?” I said.copyright protection23PENANALkBcHPY8Iz

            “More importantly, where are we?” Adele was looking around. “Is this Delphi? Anybody see any landmarks or signs.”copyright protection23PENANAxxQuZswS8i

            “I can’t read these.” Demi pointed out.copyright protection23PENANAONiIvVh03z

            “Hey, don’t let that get you down. I believe you’ll eventually understand those darn letters.”copyright protection23PENANACOUe0B3ZJM

            She glared at me. “I can read.” She said. “I just don’t read Greek.” She pointed to a nearby sign.copyright protection23PENANAyhjpLjRicZ

            “I knew that.” I said. “I was just trying to make fun of you.” Demi rolled her eyes.copyright protection23PENANAB0NUIiP0jS

            “Do you have a translator app on your phone?” Adele asked.copyright protection23PENANAzVGt9H5dHP

            “Do you mean to tell me the human dictionary also can’t read Greek?” Demi was astonished.copyright protection23PENANAZf6jFSCwbO

            Adele bit her lip. “I know you’re trying to be funny, but it’s going to bother me if I don’t correct you. I do read Greek, I just read ancient Greek not necessarily modern Greek.”copyright protection23PENANAwMPkHyCwzV

            “Course.” Demi muttered. “Deli you’re too smart.”copyright protection23PENANAp9R6D1NIeu

            “There’s a lot of similarities, but naturally modern words and speaking customs as still vastly different from what I’m familiar with.”copyright protection23PENANAxdKEwpx9WI

            I put my hand on her shoulder. “Don’t feel like you have to defend yourself. The only Greek either of us knows is gyro. And that’s only because you took me to that Greek place across campus, remember.”copyright protection23PENANAYtvNNcmqJV

            “I can try to translate it on my phone.” Demi declared. “I think.”copyright protection23PENANAl84deHe2qs

            “Not to be too, I-am-very-smart, on you…but do you want me to do it?” Adele offered holding out her hand.copyright protection23PENANAxYGhCdHamE

            “Good idea.” I said.copyright protection23PENANASl7o9UAvkk

            “Fine.” Demeter muttered popping her gum as she handed the phone over.copyright protection23PENANAqGtvUHd8KD

            “Do you like, not want to find Hestia?” I asked her. I didn’t like her attitude.copyright protection23PENANABhCizfvhpS

            “Of course I do.” Demi glared at me.copyright protection23PENANAVid3GmYgSj

            “Didn’t I say enough?” Adele reminded us. “We don’t need this. Ok? Not now.” She looked at each of us. “Best behavior, I’ll referee your death match after we find Hestia.” Adele went back to transcribing the sign into Demi’s phone. “Ok this isn’t Delphi.”copyright protection23PENANABiZ4OTM12w

            “What?” I was annoyed. Had Iris intentionally dropped us far away to spite us?copyright protection23PENANAFDNiWmxrDW

            “Well it is Delphi, modern Delphi.” Adele clarified. “Ancient Delphi, where the Oracle still lives is a little ways away.”copyright protection23PENANAkzfyCVVAcN

            “Well then let’s go.” I said.copyright protection23PENANATN6TRUNDWP

            “Oh thanks Deon, we would have never thought to do that on our own.” Demi spouted.copyright protection23PENANA9CtXUpkrRY

            “This way.” Adele let us down the road. “Here’s your phone back by the way.”copyright protection23PENANAocxDK9zFKL

            “I just hope the Oracle knows where Hestia is.” I said.copyright protection23PENANAsDyyxqtk4p

            “She will.” Demi said. “She’s the Oracle, she probably knows more than Adele does…I bet she speaks modern Greek as well as ancient Greek.”copyright protection23PENANAae1EbW3vnV

            “You’re probably right.” Adele nodded humbly.copyright protection23PENANAtM71qSbZxV

            I think Adele was being misleading when she said the old Delphi was only a little ways away. It felt a lot farther…at least a long ways away if I had to be scientific about it. But finally we stopped, or rather Adele did.copyright protection23PENANAL0zjy7K2rO

            “Here,” Adele pointed, “These ruins are what we’re here for.”copyright protection23PENANArC2tgdpkJN

            “Well we should probably put some money in her tip jar.” I said. “She really should renovate this place.”copyright protection23PENANAgdAoe1gq1N

            “Yeah.” Demi nodded. “it physically hurts me to agree with him…but yeah.”copyright protection23PENANAlMOV5n2Ppu

            “This is what remains of the ancient temple.” Adele explained. “Did you know that people used to think Delphi, this very spot, was the literal center of the world.”copyright protection23PENANAER7GknTKID

            “I did not know that.” I admitted.copyright protection23PENANAyYR9m5aCwb

            “Those words feel very familiar coming from you.” Demi muttered. “Look Deli Bells, I love sightseeing and vacations too, but I don’t really care about old rocks. Where’s the Oracle, I need to get my fortune told.”copyright protection23PENANAqSXeN3CQT1

            “Umm, no.” Adele said. “That’s not what we’re here for. Guys seriously…the Oracle can be very dangerous. We have to be careful what we ask her.”copyright protection23PENANAlxSsedQ8Yy

            “I’m not an idiot.” Demi muttered.copyright protection23PENANALxwCGTIRve

            “Yeah…maybe just you should be asking the questions.” I told Adele. Demi rolled her eyes.copyright protection23PENANA2W60bU4NLY

            “I think so too.”copyright protection23PENANAO6wHyKVpST

            “Fine! Let’s get this over with.” Demi stamped her foot. “Where is she then?”copyright protection23PENANAXDrug7nYYT

            “Albany told me that some bushes were covering the entrance.” Adele told us.copyright protection23PENANAd1Pk20e6OZ

            “Those bushes?”copyright protection23PENANA5C6BkFlf4d

            “Go find out for us.” I nodded.copyright protection23PENANA91QAv7IT5G

            “What are you two doves waiting for?” Demeter hurried off towards the entrance.copyright protection23PENANAMjIBDKCRRq

            “Doves?” I asked following the little girl.copyright protection23PENANARX3XynCTDH

            “Yeah doves, like the bird.” Demi repeated.copyright protection23PENANA6NIXne467a

            “Doves are the symbol of Aphrodite, as in love.” Adele explained. “I’m assuming that’s why you called us it. Love birds?”copyright protection23PENANANUtvv7g8Y8

            “Correctamundo.” Demi popped her gum.copyright protection23PENANAyQ5COD0rxE

            “What do we call you? Vulture.” I suggested.copyright protection23PENANA8DrRBP6GVd

            “Eww those are ugly birds, and so gross.”copyright protection23PENANARI7leDsvLr

            “Exactly.”copyright protection23PENANADkhJX6nXxU

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