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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 14 Deon
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!DVGyFmQvTNNPsDC1Jva8posted on PENANA

            It took Demeter a couple of tries, but eventually my hair was no longer grain. With that out of the way, we went back to the all important task of trying to get Demi cell service.copyright protection6PENANAG6OYNeOdMP

            “To be honest, at this rate it would just be faster to get a bus ticket to Greensburg.” I said.  copyright protection6PENANAFpLlYqIPWC

            “Demi how do you not have signal?” Adele asked.copyright protection6PENANACJs5m466zg

            “We’re in a cornfield.” Demi shouted. “And I am not riding on a bus. I am a goddess and will travel as such.copyright protection6PENANAegn2fah3o3

            “You take a school bus everyday.” I reminded her.copyright protection6PENANAT4tEqs59h1

            “How would you like watermelon for hair this time.” She threatened.copyright protection6PENANALULdZ7h5eR

            “Do it, and I swear I’ll replace your blood with wine.” I said stepping towards her.copyright protection6PENANAms7JvmUMpi

            “Hey now.” Adele said looking at me.copyright protection6PENANAQjnkYNM3W4

            “She started it.” I complained.copyright protection6PENANA5HYQUXYc3c

            “Yeah but you elevated it to straight up murder.” Adele said raising her eyebrow at me. “Start smaller. But back on target, cell signal.”copyright protection6PENANA3pFa9ax3XX

            “I don’t have any.” Demeter said holding her phone up.copyright protection6PENANAmOgJ8ewVis

            “Then why don’t we go somewhere where you do.” Adele suggested.copyright protection6PENANA0naYe4Wdh0

            “She can turn hair into wheat, but gods forbid if she were allowed to send a text.” I muttered. “How hard is it for three gods to send a text message?”copyright protection6PENANApkq5uzg2Cd

            “How hard is it for you two to get a phone?” Demi asked. This shouldn’t be a problem unique to me. Why don’t you have phones?”copyright protection6PENANAZY2fHbtd6M

            “Olympus doesn’t get cell service.” I said.copyright protection6PENANAG7aQ6pV3Cc

            “And we’re usually together.” Adele shrugged. “Why text when we can talk.”copyright protection6PENANA32wt712n3F

            “Yeah, talk.” Demi muttered. “I’m in middle school not stupid. I know what happens in college.”copyright protection6PENANAB2DDilOMzV

            “Lots of studying.” I muttered. Adele blushed.copyright protection6PENANAyf2I6871cK

            “Signal now.” My girlfriend ordered.copyright protection6PENANAdfMKJTMMhQ

            “Look Wise Girl.” Demi muttered. “You’re the wisdom goddess, why don’t you make us a magical Internet typewriter.”copyright protection6PENANArSS5vbrkX0

            “A laptop?” I suggested.copyright protection6PENANAfvgiemrmnD

            “Deonasaur it is getting really hard to not replace you face with a carrot. Goddess of the harvest style!” Demeter shouted.copyright protection6PENANA6BSTlCM8o4

            “I’m smart.” Adele said. “Not a miracle worker.”copyright protection6PENANAYQWQWs1nMZ

            “Well then you’re no help to me Rolling in the Deep.”copyright protection6PENANAo1uEjJ0K5o

            “That reference is kind of dated.” Adele muttered.copyright protection6PENANAncZg5lSSth

            “But you still got it.” Demi said popping her gum.copyright protection6PENANAWr8Ti4lks7

            “Do we have time for this?” I asked a little annoyed. Just then Demi’s phone started ringing.copyright protection6PENANAjQ9OvtxveD

            “I thought you didn’t have…” Adele started. Demeter held up a finger.copyright protection6PENANATCQTSVeLOH

            “I have to take this. Hello? Hey Khione…not much. Squishy won? Are you serious? He’s half puffin! Why would you let him in the Penguin Grand Prix. Discrimination? Penguins don’t have lawyers! Freaking Squishy. Oh, well anyways girl, I was actually wondering if you still had Iris’ number? Yeah I need to walk the rainbow if you know what I mean.” Demi frowned and turned away and whispered. “No, I’m not on drugs…I know…I was trying to sound cool.” Her voice picked up again. “Yeah that’d be great if you could send her my way. I don’t know, a cornfield somewhere. Uhhh, there’s a highway nearby. Oh really, she knows the place? Great.” Demeter hung up the phone.copyright protection6PENANA3K9bDrfZLI

            “I thought you didn’t have signal?” Adele said once again.copyright protection6PENANA65ygT3JrzX

            “It’s the twenty first century, the moon had signal.” Demi said like we should have realized.copyright protection6PENANA5tzVmsRBeF

            “You were leading us on?” I asked.copyright protection6PENANAihqrt4TI3E

            “Well I actually didn’t have signal on Olympus, but the longer we kept searching for signal the funnier it got.” Demi smiled. “You guys would have followed me until we all died looking for signal.”copyright protection6PENANAqaKZqD394C

            “You mean until Hestia dies.” I said glaring at her.copyright protection6PENANA795H5s9W3o

            Adele turned to me wide eyed. “Gods, seriously. Don’t always go straight to death.” She turned to Demi. “But he’s right. We, and Hestia, don’t have time for this! Demi I am so mad at you.”copyright protection6PENANABmG1O96HS9

            “Deli sandwich no!” Demeter said. “I wasn’t trying to prank you. You just got caught up in it.”copyright protection6PENANAmjj6iKJlTO

            “Demeter this isn’t funny. This is very serious.” Adele said.copyright protection6PENANAY1Y3I3wSZz

            “I hate you.” I mouthed at the little girl. A rainbow descending into the middle of us and Iris casually walked down it.copyright protection6PENANAgBVXDK6JrY

            “Hey.” She said. “What’s up Olympians?”copyright protection6PENANASOhcUAWEWQ

            “Greenville.” I told her. “Stat, chop chop.”copyright protection6PENANAtURrYzvusv

            Iris looked at me. She wasn’t very colorful for the rainbow goddess. “Right this way your majesty.” Another rainbow appeared. In three steps were we in Greenville.copyright protection6PENANA3J6ZGKJMta

            “Thank you.” Adele said. She had held me the whole way, her eyes shut tight. I didn’t really get why. One step it was cloudy, the next step it was clear, the third one got me here. Nothing to be scared of. “Let’s go.”copyright protection6PENANALmY3zTDvxA

            “What no tip?” Iris shouted. “I sold my ticket to a seal for this!”copyright protection6PENANAm0uessOYWg

            “Did you get a good deal?” Demeter shouted back.copyright protection6PENANAtZZAZFkIrN

            “That’s not the point!” Iris said. “I’m not a taxi.”copyright protection6PENANATd9SgILUej

            “Say hi to Khione for me!” Demi called.copyright protection6PENANAuBkYPNqDLn

            “What was her problem?” I asked.copyright protection6PENANATenTOmy950

            “She uses all her rainbows to travel, leaving none for her personality.” Demi said laughing.copyright protection6PENANAWYd6QuPCo4

            “Don’t talk.” Adele muttered. “I’m mad at you.”copyright protection6PENANAVSFgQu3h8O

            “Adele, I’m sorry.” Demeter said.copyright protection6PENANAF232VSpt1u

            “Sorry no signal your words can’t get through.” I told her.copyright protection6PENANAuXsI4jcTWA

            “Shut up Deon.”copyright protection6PENANAYSsD8j8bAg

            “Enough.” Adele said sternly. “Let’s go try to find Hestia. Clearly none of us are thinking straight, this has us all on edge.copyright protection6PENANA0fi3idVHHX

            “Good idea.” I said.copyright protection6PENANAbbUEUZY6TU

            “Fine.” Demeter muttered popping her gum.copyright protection6PENANAGRM8uVrD62

            “Do you like, not want to find Hestia?” I asked her. I didn’t like her attitude.copyright protection6PENANAT7icaBq6i7

            “Of course I do.” Demi glared at me.copyright protection6PENANA3ujY9dX7jQ

            “Didn’t I say enough?” Adele reminded us. “We don’t need this. Ok? Not now.” She looked at each of us. “Good, this way.”copyright protection6PENANA2ZIP8cKAPR

            Adele led us through the city towards the main drag. Once we were there, she glanced about getting her bearings. Adele looked around before pointing towards the left. We headed that way.copyright protection6PENANADJYWV9xlfP

            “Before the movie theater.” She muttered to herself. We turned down a side street. “After the parking lot.” We turned again. “Through the hobo park.” We probably should have turned. “And under the overpass.” We passed under the highway and found a large apartment building on the other side.copyright protection6PENANAtjkNht0fBk

            “This is it?” I asked. I was kind of disappointed. I had been expecting a mansion, or at least a castle. But this looked like just a regular old apartment building.copyright protection6PENANA6EkOts1e3R

            “Hestia didn’t want much.” Adele told me. “She lived here to get away from the godly stuff. So it would only make sense that she didn’t want to live godly while here.”copyright protection6PENANA5GA4Cwd9St

            “That’s dumb.” Demeter muttered.copyright protection6PENANAZmMk94O9kp

            “Let’s get inside.” Adele said heading towards the building.copyright protection6PENANAuq3OexhfLk

            “Which apartment is hers?” I asked. We were in the lobby.copyright protection6PENANA6Q1HVDd8N6

            “We could just ask the front desk.” Demeter suggested.copyright protection6PENANACNsp7BuWLO

            “She probably used a fake name.” Adele shook her head. “She couldn’t exactly rent a room under her real name.”copyright protection6PENANAlfep3tWkJH

            “Yeah, uhh, hello which room does the Greek goddess Hestia live in?” I asked an imaginary front desk worker.copyright protection6PENANAFQyGxtkLC8

            “Shut up.” Demeter glared at me.copyright protection6PENANASeVkE3W80H

            “I’m trying to remember.” Adele muttered to herself. “We went in the elevator but I can’t remember which button she pressed.”copyright protection6PENANAWlWbK0FHko

            “Well if you used the elevator we know she doesn’t live on the first floor.” I said. “One step closer.”copyright protection6PENANApZeXGMr0y4

            “It also probably means she isn’t on the second floor. Using an elevator for just one floor is kind of tacky.” Demeter said. “Stairs are a good workout, but only in moderation.”copyright protection6PENANA8qi4LX8H58

            “I can’t remember which room.” Adele finally gave up.copyright protection6PENANAo2uleflTWG

            “Should we start knocking on doors?” I asked.copyright protection6PENANAimGxkmkLnS

            “If she really is missing, then she probably won’t be able to answer her door.” Demeter pointed out.copyright protection6PENANAPvi8A35JLb

            “Well we could at least find out which rooms aren’t hers.” I said, getting annoyed. “If someone else answers then we know Hestia doesn’t live there.”copyright protection6PENANAS9dmvsCQlz

            “This is pointless.” Adele muttered.copyright protection6PENANAwEVdbfzv1W

            “Your willing to go through every room hoping Hestia room will be the only one that no one answers?” Demeter scolded. “All it takes is one other person to not answer their door and we would still be stuck. And even if there is only one room that goes unanswered, are you just going to break in?”copyright protection6PENANAnQsGZ3K4Mv

            “Yeah maybe I will.” I said.copyright protection6PENANAgFFu2aWE1h

            “Stop it.” Adele ordered stepping between us. “Go!” She pointed to a couch in the corner of the lobby. We were ushered to it and sat down. “Stay here. I’ll try to find it by myself. Don’t kill each other.” With that she disappeared.copyright protection6PENANAexVaK7pkCq

            “Whoa, your girlfriend is a little cranky.” Demeter said rolling her eyes.copyright protection6PENANAh0hJGhMrmz

            “Stop talking.” I told her curtly. “I’d hate to have Adele come back to find you choked out by a grapevine.”          copyright protection6PENANAXCfC6hN2WO

            “I’d turn your fingers into corn and you legs into pumpkins. You’d never get the chance to get me.” Demi warned.copyright protection6PENANAkbmfl7nKrZ

            I ignored her. This Hestia business was driving us crazy. I hoped we found her soon. I was slightly concerned about the vicious thoughts I was having towards Demi right now.copyright protection6PENANAbIZtsGKf86

            “Come on.” Adele returned after a while.copyright protection6PENANAO5J4IPmvRi

            “You found her?” I asked standing up.copyright protection6PENANAjctFrPMPAe

            “I’m not sure yet.” Adele admitted. “But hopefully. I bribed a maid to tell me which rooms were least used. Since Hestia rarely visited here I figured it was pretty good way to narrow down the search.”copyright protection6PENANAOLXOfpv0ED

            “She told you where?” I was getting excited was this it?”copyright protection6PENANA7tJQxrGTXy

            “There is a room that she’s not supposed to clean. The owner calls a few days in advance and then she can go in and dust everything off but otherwise she is to leave it alone.” Adele explained. “Sounds like a pretty good lead right?”copyright protection6PENANAcgKGWcvJ15

            “I think you found it babe.” I smiled at her and gave her a quick hug.copyright protection6PENANAYPRVE7k97Z

            “I hope so.” Adele muttered into my chest. “I just want to find her.”copyright protection6PENANANfsx50YLUW

            “What are you two doves waiting for?” Demeter hurried off towards the elevator.copyright protection6PENANAj7c3O9gjTh

            “Doves?” I asked following the little girl.copyright protection6PENANApR6hMLo7Uw

            “Yeah doves, like the bird.” Demi repeated.copyright protection6PENANA7ILAfRAeDv

            “Doves are the symbol of Aphrodite, as in love.” Adele explained. “I’m assuming that’s why you called us it. Love birds?”copyright protection6PENANAaWCn0qxgKq

            “Correctamundo.” Demi popped her gum.copyright protection6PENANAxahEs4qRck

            “What do we call you? Vulture.” I suggested.copyright protection6PENANAnj39Tj0uyD

            “Eww those are ugly birds, and so gross.”copyright protection6PENANAZIAC6B3ESO

            “Exactly.”copyright protection6PENANA4qYm4rruiD

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