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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 15 Kara
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!bGVtN5aAwBGzPisBIaNRposted on PENANA

            “When Eric and Sid get back from Tartarus I want them to go back out looking for Aeolus.” Herman and I were walking and talking. “I can’t have another god disappear. He needs to be found.”copyright protection4PENANASIdOVSdpJc

            “Yes sir.” Herman saluted and then hurried in the opposite direction. I stopped to watch him go. Herman darted down a side street and I was alone. I leaned back against a wall and let out a sigh.copyright protection4PENANAhUTdnHiyhP

            I had three gods in the hospital, one locked in Hell, Hestia was still missing and now so was Aeolus. Things were deteriorating quickly. Paul wasn’t making things easier. While he respected my orders to not go after the hounds or their mysterious master, I could tell he was barely resisting. The fact that Artemisia had been attacked on our doorstep worried me, but I didn’t have the resources to deal with some dogs. Besides, a lot of men had died out there. Whatever was out there, it was dangerous. But it was leaving us alone, Artie had simply ventured a little too far that was all. I hoped.copyright protection4PENANAaYoZgRBZ1p

            After several more calming breaths I resumed my walk. The city was a shell of its former self, it seemed as if no one lived here anymore. Mount Olympus was terrified. I needed a victory soon, any form of good news. I don’t think we could would take another blow. It would put us over the edge, the status quo was already almost there.copyright protection4PENANAQT74I2WWsG

            “My Lady Hera.” Hygeia the goddess of health bowed to me.copyright protection4PENANA9JA2XYKgw1

            “How are they?” I asked stepping into her hospital.copyright protection4PENANA5H0uGhmigo

            “Blade is still unconscious, Albany sleeps and then scares herself awake, and Artemisia is sulking because I won’t let her leave. I’ve had a bad day.”copyright protection4PENANAH7iOb0R8Xj

            “Haven’t we all.” I put my hand on her shoulder. “May I see them?”copyright protection4PENANAO63p91nThU

            “Of course.” Hygeia showed me the way before leaving me with my fellows.copyright protection4PENANAVnBVRiddAt

            “Why are you here, it there more bad news?” Artemisia asked, she was sitting on the foot of Albany’s bed. The love goddess looked worse than I had ever seen her. I could tell she was having problems, but none of us knew what was ailing her. Her only symptom was nightmares, not exactly the Black Death. I shook my head and turned to Artie.copyright protection4PENANABhAU6LVXUS

            “No bad news.” I smiled. “I just had a free moment so I thought I’d check on you.”copyright protection4PENANAhIZl78mv2E

            “Have a seat.” Albany offered me the side of her bed opposite Artemisia. Her voice sounded strained and hoarse. “Welcome to my new home.”copyright protection4PENANAqY12USk76U

            “How are you two feeling?” I asked taking my place.copyright protection4PENANAAIcbCiXxgR

            “I feel good enough to leave.” Artemisia said loudly, glancing at the door. “I might just sneak out.” She muttered.copyright protection4PENANAqyApTIygdA

            “Don’t you dare.” Hygeia called through the door.copyright protection4PENANAVEzWGtP0BW

            I smiled. “You could try climbing out the window.” I suggested. “What about you Albany.”copyright protection4PENANAVcE8nhrkOH

            “I’m good.” She said quickly. “I feel better.” She paused and her lip twitched. “All this sleep is doing wonders for me.” Her eyes flitted between the two of us, unwilling to linger too long. “I’m great.”copyright protection4PENANAcegMEaucqI

            “That’s good to hear.” I told her again smiling. Her lip twitched again and I noticed she flinched. “Do either of you know if Blade is doing any better?”copyright protection4PENANANmmmi3Q83r

            “Nah.” Artemisia swatted the air. “He hasn’t moved, neither has his girlfriend. She’s hard to talk to, spends the whole time in there watching his face waiting for him to wake up.”copyright protection4PENANA4ZDI81ZzlO

            “Really?” I asked. I was surprised Calypso was still here. “Hopefully he wakes up soon.”copyright protection4PENANAhx3xkHHPU8

            “Hopefully we all wake up from this huge mess soon.” Artemisia muttered.copyright protection4PENANAxHuU3MXUU1

            “Hopefully we can all stay awake.” Albany whispered to herself.copyright protection4PENANAlY1ZH90HIm

            I stood up. “I’ll let you get back to resting then.” I said.copyright protection4PENANAw0Tzxehe3b

            “I should probably get back to my room, Paul’s coming for lunch.” Artemisia stood up and exited with me. “Did you see it?” she asked once the door was closed.copyright protection4PENANAmASQvWDtQx

            “See what?” I asked.copyright protection4PENANAucwwceGcVo

            Artemisia started wiggling her lip and blinked her eyes rapidly. “Albany. Something’s wrong.”copyright protection4PENANAyros1WGjaK

            “She did seem off.” I said thinking about it.copyright protection4PENANAuxlnnQk0jb

            “I was talking to Hector when he was here, and he said she was talking to herself and saying all kinds of weird things when he brought her here.” Artemisia explained looking back towards Albany’s door. “Maybe this isn’t just a case of nightmares.”copyright protection4PENANAyOo5lAj1Mf

            I thought it over. I remembered the first time I had talked to Albany when she got back. We had been sitting on the roof of her shrine, looking at stars. Then all of a sudden she ran away crying. Something was wrong with her I could tell. Add that to my list of problems. “You’re right.” I said. “Is there any way we can help you think?”copyright protection4PENANAqlHPOJLv2V

            Artemisia shrugged. “I’m an archer not a doctor. But we shouldn’t just let her lie like that for much longer. She might completely lose her mind.” With that the goddess headed down the hallway leaving me to contemplate her words.copyright protection4PENANAfxsAVQrfRK

            I looked at the door to Albany’s room. Perhaps Artemisia was right, Albany was hurting, and as her friend I couldn’t leave her like this. I opened the door and went back inside. “Albany?”copyright protection4PENANArqzPvUpPWc

            There was no response, so I walked closer to her bed. She was on her side with her eyes closed, sleeping peacefully. I sat down and looked at her. Albany was one of the strongest of us, one of the best, one of the leaders. Without her, we may never have survived Kronos. It bothered me to see her like this. Maybe if she were at full strength, she would be able to help me fix this mess.copyright protection4PENANA5myMbmvWSx

            I instantly felt guilty. I realized I wanted Albany to feel better more for my own betterment than for the sake of herself. Albany was more than just an asset. She was a person, a goddess…and my friend.  “I’m sorry Albany.” I reached out and gently rested my hand on her shoulder. “I’m going to help you. I’m going to help you get better.”copyright protection4PENANAS75lI0c9f3

            Albany’s eyes flicked open and locked on me. “She’s mine now God Queen!” Albany shouted. Surprised I took a step back. Albany quickly got out of bed and pushed me up against the wall, her forearm pushing into my neck. I couldn’t breathe.copyright protection4PENANAUHuuw0pWPl

            “Albany.” I managed to force out. The love goddess punched me in the nose.copyright protection4PENANA8VHGHT3dQV

            “Guess again.” She grinned wickedly. I couldn’t respond, there was no air left in my body. Albany pushed harder and farther into my neck, making my eyeballs feel like they were going to pop out. Desperate, I started clawing at Albany with my hands and kicking at her with my feet. I was terrified, I didn’t want to die. I was getting dizzy and lightheaded. The pain was beginning to feel more detached, like it had happened yesterday…was I dying?copyright protection4PENANALJ3Q4LQhU6

            “Not yet.” Albany suddenly released me and took a step back. I fell to the ground choking and coughing. I spit out blood.copyright protection4PENANAlPNPjkPIgF

            “You’re lucky.” I looked up and saw Albany looming over me. “I can’t kill you, but perhaps I can take away Albany.” I rubbed my neck, and she turned for the door. “But one more thing before I go.” She forced me up and pinned me against the wall again, but not by the neck this time. “A kiss for good luck?” before I had time to react Albany leaned in and forced herself upon me. She kissed me passionately, and then broke away. “That was hot.” She purred again grinning wickedly. Albany slapped me as hard as she could, sending me to the floor. My head hit the tile hard, dazing me. “See you later alligator.” She disappeared into the hallway, and I blacked out.copyright protection4PENANA3oAL5iE9vv

            “What happened?” I sat up and looked around. Hygeia was in the room with me.copyright protection4PENANA4he87iTYAO

            “I should ask you that.” She said with pursed lips. “Lady Aphrodite disappeared and I found you passed out on the ground.”copyright protection4PENANA5VETKXdzGt

            “Passed out?” I said. That would explain my headache.copyright protection4PENANAfJSPvX7a6D

            “Yes my Lady Hera.” Hygeia said. “You do not have a concussion, you should be fine with some rest and sleep.”copyright protection4PENANAFbUTk2ce0M

            “Albany’s gone.” I said. Her words clicked and my memories returned.copyright protection4PENANA25IGZsEc2k

            “I know she has disappeared, Gaia and Lord Hephaestus are searching the city for her.” Hygeia explained.copyright protection4PENANAFh4x7zveKC

            “No.” I tried to get out of the bed, but Hygeia pushed me gently back into a prone position. I hadn’t meant Albany was gone as in disappeared, I meant gone as in that wasn’t Albany. I couldn’t tell Hygeia this, people were already scared enough, too much had happened. But I was sure that Albany…wasn’t Albany. They way she had talked, the way she had kissed me, the way she left. Albany wouldn’t have done any of those things. I realized my hand had gone to my lips thinking about it. Albany wouldn’t have done that. Something was very wrong.copyright protection4PENANASqNMj8OwmP

            “The best thing for you is to stay here.” Hygeia told me. “Just rest, and do not stress.”copyright protection4PENANAjoV15UtK6w

            “The best thing for you is to obey my orders.” I shouted. “And I order you to let me leave.”copyright protection4PENANA4MN8jUIO9t

            Hygeia didn’t look happy about it, but she did not stop me as I left the room. I didn’t like abusing my power as queen like that, but I had made a promise. I had promised to help my friend. I had promised to help Albany.copyright protection4PENANAr1TfOdnDJJ

            I hurried from the hospital and towards the throne room. Half running, a plan was forming in my head, and I didn’t have time to waste.copyright protection4PENANAt38o4ejyYq

            “Herman.” The messenger god was lounging in his throne, the only one in the building besides me.copyright protection4PENANA42cSbwNUlX

            “Deon, Demi, and Adele have reached Greenville, shortly they will determine if Hestia is home or not. Zack has been locked away, and Eric and Sid are now attempting to find Aeolus.”copyright protection4PENANAnMZh1Nuore

            “Find Hector.” I told him.copyright protection4PENANA8UhgjlvDUt

            “Ok?” Herman stood up. “Why?”copyright protection4PENANA3ZwgSINFC9

            “And Gaia.” I added. “Bring them to me.” I sat in my seat and saw that Herman was still here, waiting for an explanation. Raising my hand I motioned that he get to it. I sat in my throne, going over the details in my head. People wouldn’t like it, but it was my choice. They would at least respect that…I hoped.copyright protection4PENANAC0VBiXpMmR

            “My Lady.” Herman reappeared with the two I had asked for.copyright protection4PENANA0vLiL5DhJy

            “Thank you Herman.” I told him. “Go and summon as many gods as you can. I want New Olympus well defended while I’m gone.”copyright protection4PENANAKNxg3pYR5B

            “Where are you going?” he asked, the three of them looked confused.copyright protection4PENANA0ICWkUTJHg

            “Do it.” I repeated myself. “Protect this mountain, try to keep it quiet that I have left.copyright protection4PENANAAILm0xsEOb

            “Something bad is happening.” Herman muttered shaking his head, but he hurried from the room to do as I instructed.copyright protection4PENANAczYKP29OTf

            “He’s right, something bad is happening…isn’t it?” Hector asked stepping closer.copyright protection4PENANAqUX3QhXK1F

            “Albany is gone.” I told them.copyright protection4PENANA1BnMYnkr29

            “We know, we were looking for her. “Gaia said eyeing me.copyright protection4PENANADeIBYxE8my

            “Her body disappeared, and so did her mind.” I said.copyright protection4PENANAnNslQjCO4D

            “She’s not crazy.” Hector muttered defensively. “I don’t know why she left, but its not because she’s insane.”copyright protection4PENANAt5fRSefcFh

            “That’s not what I was implying.” I added quickly. “I do not believe that Albany is Albany anymore. Hector you said she was hearing voices and having nightmares?”copyright protection4PENANAljv3UuBzDY

            “Yes?”copyright protection4PENANA71LAmBTZqX

            “I think those were attempts to break into her mind. I think they succeeded. Albany attacked me before she left. She would never have done that unless she wasn’t in control.”copyright protection4PENANACU3SLV607M

            “Mind control?” Gaia asked. “Really?”copyright protection4PENANAit5Ox0i8zW

            “In the myths the gods were always manipulating and pulling strings from the shadows.” I reminded her. “It is not that strange to think it could be happening again, especially with everything else that has happened.”copyright protection4PENANA6HXShkubjU

            “That’s a good point.”  Gaia nodded. “But which god would dare try that on an Olympian, and how did you think of it?”copyright protection4PENANA9VOcOA7UBf

            “I don’t know who could be doing this. Perhaps the same person who called that hellhound away from Artemisia But Albany said and did things that were uncharacteristic of her.” I explained.copyright protection4PENANAHTINIfN1on

            “Things that made you think she was being mind controlled?” Gaia raised an eyebrow.copyright protection4PENANAXv4VnmfSyy

            “She kissed me.” I said.copyright protection4PENANAMHuBTjc0dO

            “Oh?” Hector didn’t look as scared anymore.copyright protection4PENANAfVIYIqewrC

            Gaia laughed. “She’s the goddess of love…although, Albany never really exhibited the traits that one would call cliché love goddess. That is weird.”copyright protection4PENANATp7YkvlznT

            “She said it was hot and then she slapped me.” I said.copyright protection4PENANA8aBDMuWYva

            “I bet it was hot.” Hector muttered.copyright protection4PENANAML5vJOVXkn

            “She just wasn’t acting like herself.” I said. “We need to go after her. We need to find her.”copyright protection4PENANAzeMHd6cyGA

            “We?” Gaia asked.copyright protection4PENANAsPK3swxpv3

            “I’m going to go with you two.”  I said. “Albany is in trouble, we need to help our friend. Besides, someone masquerading as an Olympian could prove disastrous.”copyright protection4PENANAziOFNxtIvO

            “That’s a good point.” Gaia muttered.copyright protection4PENANA552SMfYZOF

            “Its settled then.” I stood up. “We’ll leave tomorrow.”copyright protection4PENANAAgukkXRSmn

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