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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 16 Artemisia
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!N6FlNpEOn1RxDKa9cadoposted on PENANA

            I was having such a good dream. I couldn’t remember it, but it made me happy. Then I came back to the place that wasn’t happy…reality.copyright protection19PENANAPescklFtV6

            “Wake up.” There was a thump and suddenly weight was on my chest.copyright protection19PENANA9JcP40eJOC

            “Oww…jeez Paul.” I sat up and realized a duffel bag was what he had thrown at me.copyright protection19PENANAKFaoqkyCvL

            “Come on, we have to hurry.” He whispered. I glanced at him confused and then opened up the bag. Inside was a set of black clothes, and underneath those was a quiver full of arrows and my bow.copyright protection19PENANA0lZsxkNdNJ

            “What’s all this for?” I asked picking up my bow.copyright protection19PENANAjXtwMxw1gk

            “Kara’s fast asleep.” Paul said looking at me from the foot of my hospital bed.copyright protection19PENANAE10Opq9X2F

            “Ok.” I told him. “So what?”copyright protection19PENANAJ30Ivy3jMQ

            “So there’s no one to tell me that I can’t go after the person that hurt my sister anymore.” Paul grinned. “Come on.”copyright protection19PENANA35NwBA37Bk

            “You want to go back into the woods?” I asked. “To look for who did this to me?” I indicated the bandages covering my back.copyright protection19PENANAsgms5LSeJV

            “Well, I had some other things in mind besides just looking.” Paul admitted. “I was probably going to teach them what arrows feel like.”copyright protection19PENANAUsYVbuteOg

            “Kara said we shouldn’t.” I put the bow back in the bag.copyright protection19PENANA5RlSnXtr55

            “Kara isn’t here right now.” Paul insisted.copyright protection19PENANAMxl8ZqTSFD

            “That doesn’t mean she’s not still Hera, that doesn’t mean she’s not still the queen.” I reminded him.copyright protection19PENANAOA5NvghZv5

            Paul looked at me. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking. Maybe anger, or annoyance. “Look sis, you know what I’m going to do tonight. I can’t make you go, but I am going.”copyright protection19PENANAfAXBskyWMD

            “You’ll end up in this bed instead of me.” I warned him.copyright protection19PENANA1ybnHaOA3u

            “I’m a better archer.” He boasted. “They won’t even touch me.”copyright protection19PENANAeS4jFAAXz5

            My twin made his way for the door. “The only reason they won’t touch you, is because I’ll be there to kill them before they get the chance.” I picked the bow back up and stood up. “Besides, I know just where it happened.”copyright protection19PENANA3PF0q8lY47

            Paul grinned wickedly and placed his hand on my shoulder. “Lead the way dear sister.” Sneaking out of the city is easy when it’s been practically abandoned. But it’s hard to climb down a mountain sneakily.copyright protection19PENANAC6GNunYiY1

            “Should we knock him out?” Paul and I were hiding behind a building looking out at Hercules who was guarding the exit.copyright protection19PENANAMcTRwzr6w1

            “Have you ever seen him? He’s huge! How would we knock Hercules out?” Paul whispered.copyright protection19PENANAbzQRAgZVf4

            “Two gods versus one really strong super old hero.” I said. “I like those odds.”copyright protection19PENANA3RbKFF8DX6

            “Yeah, odds of getting us caught.” Paul pulled me back behind the building. “Look, I’d rather no one catch us ok? Maybe we should try some other way to get to the valley.”copyright protection19PENANAFKjzCP84WF

            “Like what?” I asked. “We’ve only ever used Hercules’ Landing.” I said. “To be honest, is there even another way out?”23Please respect copyright.PENANAikMOrP5oR4
            “There’s always a backdoor.” Paul grinned. “We just have to find it.” The two of us quietly backtracked away from Hercules and back into the city.copyright protection19PENANA58fWZPdZLs

            “Do you have a plan?” I asked.copyright protection19PENANA4PkfAZVICT

            “Course.” Paul said.copyright protection19PENANAOhD8QgXZkU

            “What is it?”copyright protection19PENANAEq2Tm1Jz1u

            “I don’t know yet.” He admitted.copyright protection19PENANA25kmlUlgCY

            “Then you don’t have plan.” I corrected him.copyright protection19PENANAargNz74x6o

            “Shhh, Artie.” Paul stopped suddenly. “There’s my plan, little sister.” He was pointing towards the Olympian stables, where Bellerophon’s pegasi were housed.copyright protection19PENANArKOtEbvnKx

            “Because stealing horses is more subtle than knocking out Hercules.”copyright protection19PENANASNCc9Y6vfI

            “I didn’t stay more subtle, just so much easier.” Paul grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the stables. The pegasi were woken by our footsteps. Neighing and flapping of wings soon echoed throughout the night. Paul approached one and reached out a hand to touch its nose. “Hey there little guy.” He whispered quietly. “Can you give us a lift?” Paul opened the gate and carefully led the pegasi out of its stable. It was about the size of a horse, which a rich white and black spotted coat, and its wings…they were powerful and larger than I would have imagined. The animal spread them and stretched, as it seemed to know it was about to be asked to fly.copyright protection19PENANAtp9KdJRhgX

            “Will it be able to carry both of us?” I asked.copyright protection19PENANAGIIucmGHKq

            “It has a name.” Paul informed me. He leaned over and read the plaque nailed to its gate. “Dairy.”copyright protection19PENANAeCeROnQUT6

            “Dairy? That’s a horrible name.” I muttered. The pegasus stomped its foot and snorted loudly.copyright protection19PENANACmwM6JwX1N

            “He says Artemisia is too.” Paul told me grinning.copyright protection19PENANAVHvDcH0SpK

            “Shut up.”copyright protection19PENANAjEmxwaVn5O

            “Come on, let’s fly.” Paul clambered up onto the pegasus’ back. He extended his hand towards me. I grabbed it and jumped into place.copyright protection19PENANAtIb0uiK1gL

            “Looks like he can carry us.” I said.copyright protection19PENANAObtjPG1Pzr

            “I know I’ve put on a lot of muscle recently, but please…enough with the weight jokes.” Paul turned to look at me.copyright protection19PENANAzT6WrC7m0c

            “The only thing you’ve put on is your clothes.” I said. I pinched his bicep. “How do you even draw your bow with this arm?”copyright protection19PENANAbuUmupEeqU

            Paul frowned at me and then turned forwards again. “Ignore her Dairy. Now…let’s fly!”copyright protection19PENANAZe6tyVazLJ

            I couldn’t help but laugh. Dairy didn’t move. Paul had spoke with such enthusiasm and gusto that Dairy’s nonresponse only made me laugh harder. “Let’s fly?” I asked. “I think you meant, up up and away.”copyright protection19PENANA1kC7h3JoqK

            “Shut up.” Paul muttered. “Come on bird horse, let’s go!”copyright protection19PENANAABeuYIUCWl

            “This is definitely easier than fighting Hercules.” I informed my brother. “Look, we don’t even have to move.”copyright protection19PENANAxWzEq8zAHk

            “You’re not helping.” He told me.copyright protection19PENANAjJFWQW0Alq

            “And this isn’t working.” I countered. “I think flying a horse isn’t something you just are born knowing how to do. Probably takes at least an hour of reading the manual.”copyright protection19PENANAkV2yq0gkCd

            “Would you like to try?” Paul asked.copyright protection19PENANAFa9fOzno95

            “No, not really.” I said. “I’m good here on the ground.” With that Dairy surged into the sky. I was forced to cling to Paul as Dairy galloped higher into the clouds.copyright protection19PENANAJtOppEmpeH

            “Gods!” Paul screamed. “This is awesome!” He put his hands in the air like he was on a roller-coaster and waved them back and forth.copyright protection19PENANAQzCS73Sonv

            “Paul hold on!” I shouted at him. “Make him land.” Dairy only climbed higher.copyright protection19PENANAB3GLjulGTu

            “Wow, we are really far up.” Paul was looking over his shoulder. “I’m starting to think Dairy is taking us where she wants.”copyright protection19PENANAMCYA2nfoNu

            “Well we need to get her to take us where we want.” I said. “So fix it.”copyright protection19PENANA5E3IwbLpz9

            “Say something.” Paul shouted over the wind as Dairy briefly picked up speed by dropping into a dive.copyright protection19PENANAVbcBWw6hcZ

            “Paul the horse can’t talk to you.” I informed him.copyright protection19PENANAMYCKzE8P3W

            “NO SHIT.” My brother turned to face me. “I was talking to you, try to tell Dairy what to do.”copyright protection19PENANAj8AnR7yCw8

            “Why?” I questioned him.copyright protection19PENANAMrjZ2fv9xH

            “I’m troubleshooting our no control problem.” He said.copyright protection19PENANA8jGK4gpc5s

            “Ok.” I said. I trusted my brother, even if I didn’t understand his motives. Like with finding the pegasi, even when Paul doesn’t have a plan, there’s a reason to his madness. “Dairy, take us back to the stable.” There was no response, and no change in course.copyright protection19PENANA9pBJMsRl5o

            “Now tell her to keep flying.” Paul ordered.copyright protection19PENANAtSPMRS2m1A

            “Why can’t you do it?”copyright protection19PENANA4aTLVY1kb6

            “I’m testing a hypothesis ok? Just listen to me.” Paul said.copyright protection19PENANANkvo4iRVDX

            Shaking my head I complied. “Dairy, keep flying.” We plummeted. Dairy seemed to be trying to land as fast as possible.copyright protection19PENANAj6P9TH2V34

            “Dairy don’t safely land in the valley by the woods across from Mount Olympus!” Paul shouted. Dairy ignored him. Paul nudged me.copyright protection19PENANAv8fpTanUuy

            “Dairy don’t land in the valley over there.” I repeated.copyright protection19PENANA1iTxHXPyTs

            “Safely!”copyright protection19PENANAwdymnr3pn7

            “Safely!”copyright protection19PENANAuTfJj9TG3o

            “No not safely.” Paul shouted.copyright protection19PENANAf5H8Co6rX0

            “Dairy do not land safely.” I shouted. I was started to understand what Paul’s hypothesis was. Dairy instantly spread her wings and hurried to disobey my order. The valley approached and we were gently set down upon it.copyright protection19PENANATtdsQAUU0h

            “Thank the gods.” I muttered jumping off. “I thought I was going to die.”copyright protection19PENANA1vbhfuq9bu

            Paul was petting Dairy from still on her back. “I think she doesn’t like you.”copyright protection19PENANAxqzfzbDGCA

            “Well its mutual you demon winged horse.” I said.copyright protection19PENANAGw4UYUuSOv

            “Think about it.” Paul said smiling as he slid off the pegasus’ back. “Dairy did the exact opposite of whatever you said. I think you really made her mad when you insulted her name.”copyright protection19PENANAaQ1m8gQyp2

            “Next time, we’re just going to fight Hercules.”copyright protection19PENANA3XsCc2OQIr

            “Thank you Dairy.” Paul said shrugging his quiver over his shoulder. “Tell her to leave, we’ll need her for the ride back.” He whispered to me.copyright protection19PENANAqpXujWpOPe

            “Dairy, I want you to leave. Don’t wait for us, we won’t need a ride back.” The horse stood firm, staring me down. With one last glare at my newfound enemy I turned to follow Paul into the woods.copyright protection19PENANAj04lmdCdM1

            “Do you remember where about the hellhounds attacked you?” Paul asked. “Maybe we can find some tracks and follow them to whoever was blowing that horn. And then I can show them why my sister isn’t dog food.”copyright protection19PENANAfPZIscKg2t

            “Yes, I could probably find it again.” I told him. “I think if we just go this way, we should run right into the spot.” I said.copyright protection19PENANAHsSFXbCmZr

            “Then let’s go.” Paul started trekking through the woods. It didn’t take long to get back to where the bodies had been. The bodies had been recovered earlier, but the smell of blood and death still hung in the air. Paul stood in the middle of the small clearing and drew an arrow.copyright protection19PENANAAjrFEOSh1E

            “The hellhound ran off that way.” I said pointing in the direction where the horn had sounded.copyright protection19PENANAiguiYWuJdx

            Paul nodded. “Then that’s the way we go.” The forest was louder at night for some reason. Bugs and rodents scurried through the undergrowth, running from our footfalls. Paul and I didn’t talk, we stalked forwards, following the broken branches and muddy footprints the hound left behind. I knelt and loaded an arrow into my bow as well. I had a feeling I’d need it soon. We kept following the trail left for us, until a new sound joined the nightly ruckus.copyright protection19PENANAcVZ4BXgdkf

            “That sounds like a fire.” I whispered. Sure enough, now I noticed the glow. Obscured behind trees and hidden through bushes, a weak light was flickering.copyright protection19PENANAEUz6AeUtvV

            “A campfire?” Paul suggested.copyright protection19PENANA8ObC6azBTM

            “Whoever blew that horn must have made a fire.” I craned my neck to try and see. “I can’t see anyone though.”copyright protection19PENANA86I8aj5rwp

            “Spread out.” Paul whispered. “Maybe they’re asleep. Watch for those dogs.” He warned. I nodded and watched as Paul veered off to the left, circling around and away from the light. I made my way right, careful to listen for any sound or sign.copyright protection19PENANAGakghVuboZ

            There was nothing. I found myself just outside the ring of flickering firelight without occurrence. The fire was unattended. I didn’t like this. I was starting to think this was a trap.copyright protection19PENANA6wNi9UtIwm

            Before I could act on my misgivings, a figure stepped out of the tree line and approached the fire. The figure was slender and graceful, moving without the slightest hint of a sound that would have given them away. I couldn’t see any features under a large green cloak, and despite sitting down before the fire, the hood pulled over their face still shaded their face from view.copyright protection19PENANAvFseNDxT43

            I raised my bow and took aim. I did not know this person, but I could not imagine an innocent person would be camping this close to Mount Olympus on accident. I had a gut feeling this was the horn blower. The hood angled up, as the face underneath gazed at the stars. The movement caused the cloak around their body to slip slightly, revealing a hunting horn tied to their belt.copyright protection19PENANAjLeE1vzwHY

            TWANG! An arrow rocketed from the outside of the clearing. Paul must have fired his bow. Faster than I could track with my eyes the figure jumped out of the way, having not been in any real danger of being pierced by Paul’s arrow.copyright protection19PENANAvNvj6EeznK

            “HYYYYH.” The hooded figured barked.  I felt the hot breath of a hellhound on my skin as three massive dogs emerged from the bush encircling me. “Come, sit with me at my fire.” The figure spoke, once more sitting by the fire. I realized the voice was feminine.copyright protection19PENANAWTpp7d3E68

            Which some encouragement from the dogs, I took a seat near the fire. Paul was likewise deposited next to me. The hounds retreated back to the tree line, ominously they began circling, mere shadows waiting to bring us back to hell with them.copyright protection19PENANAIqTX4VtDra

            “The twin Olympians.” The figure spoke. “Lord Apollo…and Lady Artemis.”copyright protection19PENANACXY7g4LvD9

            “Who are you?” Paul shouted.copyright protection19PENANAfA2FZaT2OZ

            “I?” the head tilted towards my brother. “I am simply the Huntress.”copyright protection19PENANAaxq4vuZY8q

            “Well then Huntress, what are you doing here? And why did you attack my sister?” Paul demanded.copyright protection19PENANA8Ko6REbD9P

            “I am here on my fathers orders.” She said calmly. “And as to the attack, it was not my intention. My hunting hounds were merely caught by surprise. I had only intended for them to observe you, I apologize that you were wounded Lady Artemis.”copyright protection19PENANANppP5oZYrO

            I was taken aback that she apologized to me. “Who are you?” I said.copyright protection19PENANAYCmoGRTGQ1

            “The Huntress. Who are you?”copyright protection19PENANA7ZMv6E9hij

            “You know my name.” I told her. “You just said it.” There was no reply.copyright protection19PENANA65JvVPUVOl

            “What are you doing here?” Paul asked. “You said your father sent you, who is he? Why did he send you?”copyright protection19PENANAJMX6bEX4kO

            “That would give away the game now wouldn’t it?” the Huntress said.copyright protection19PENANA6rNSWTx6aP

            “What happened to Hestia?” I said. I had a feeling this mysterious woman was somehow related to Hestia’s disappearence.copyright protection19PENANAqgV9MQZGLN

            “She is in good hands.”copyright protection19PENANA2vz0CLEzPY

            “Did you kidnap her?” Paul demanded.copyright protection19PENANAnWqaOm4mse

            “The Theomachy has begun.”copyright protection19PENANAcSv72hX2YJ

            “Theomachy?” I asked. “What the hell is that?” out of the darkness emerged a large lumbering bear and a wild and wicked looking boar.copyright protection19PENANAP1fp1RaFr0

            “My attendants the bear and the boar will return you to your Dairy. Sleep well young Olympians. My hounds are hungry. Tomorrow I think I will let them run.”copyright protection19PENANAEPW40Lr48T

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