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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 20 Heidi
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!gDdo5G1dq8Vdt982jU4Mposted on PENANA

            I held the match to the candle. I had to keep them lit at all times. He didn’t like when the candles went out. He told me he liked candlelight. That it helped him think and kept him calm. I think he liked scented candles because it covered the smell of alcohol, which was always lingering on his breath.copyright protection13PENANAnTPuJ0xybr

            He said he drank because my mother died. He said it helped him to forget her. But I seemed to remember him being drunk even when she was still alive. In fact, I’m pretty sure my mother met him at a bar when she was trying to drink to forget my real father. I was sure of it. He had always been a drunk. He had just been a happy drunk when she had been alive. Now he was mean, and drunk, and a waste of space. I hated that he was my only family. I hated that I was stuck living with him until I turned 18.copyright protection13PENANAls4zQafSoG

            “Two more months, Heidi.” I muttered quietly to myself.copyright protection13PENANA0jUtt2wMWA

            “What you say?” he slurred from the other room. I had just gotten home from school, but already he had polished off the bottle from yesterday. Long ago I’d realized he’d drink away my college fund. I knew eventually he’d drink himself into debt, but I stopped caring. I just needed him to not drink through the utility bill money for another two months, it would be a photo finish at this rate.copyright protection13PENANAzkupOdplMB

            “I said I have two more days until my psychology test.” I shouted.copyright protection13PENANAN83SHT2XLq

            “Psych-hic-cology?” he stumbled into the room, sure enough an empty bottle was in his hand. “Ain’t that brain stuff?”copyright protection13PENANAEMKyfdALZx

            “Yes.” I nodded shaking the match to put it out. The candles were now once against at full force, fighting his stench.copyright protection13PENANAmzSQYG4n2Q

            He grinned. “I took some psych in college.” He leaned against the doorframe. “Do wanna study together?”copyright protection13PENANAZQY2IGWKEI

            “It shouldn’t be too hard.” I shook my head. “I think I’m almost done actually.”copyright protection13PENANAbiuVRK8sw8

            “Shame.” He shook his head. “I’m real good at it.” He pointed at his head. “I got Freud stuck up here. Kill your father, love your mother. You got any kind of interest in that?”copyright protection13PENANAZSISIGyN4B

            We had studied Freud last week. I was all too familiar with the Oedipus complex, which I think is what he was referring too. “In psychology or Freud?” I asked.copyright protection13PENANAD3sC6ai3VX

            He laughed. “No, the other part.” He took several staggering steps forwards. “The loving your parent part. All I remember from psych is that…” he paused to let out a burp. “Most people want to be with their parents unconsciously.” He was too close to me for comfort. “Do you have any interest in that?”copyright protection13PENANAL6gg170azw

            “I’d like to try the kill your father part.” I admitted, glaring at him.copyright protection13PENANAjzp1r8I0VM

            He laughed. “You’re funny.” He tried to take a drink from his bottle. He couldn’t realize it was empty. “You’ve grown up Heidi.” He muttered. “I’ve noticed.” He reached out quicker than his inebriated state should have permitted. He ran his fingers down my cheek. “You look just like your mother.”copyright protection13PENANACyQ4bXeu09

            “I think it’s time for you to go to bed.” I tried to gently push him away. “At three thirty in the afternoon…”copyright protection13PENANArLgH2iO2to

            “Can I get a goodnight kiss?” he asked. His fingers were getting dangerously close to my chest. I wanted to hit him. Slap his drunk face so hard he’d think it was the worst hangover of his life. I yearned to grab the bottle and break it over the side of his head. But I couldn’t. He was my family, the only piece I had left. At least he was for two more months. I turned away from him and retreated to my room. I locked the door.copyright protection13PENANAzMXZOp7xq2

            His unwanted advances were not entirely new. Thankfully he wasn’t very persistent. “Two more months.” I told myself again. I lied down on my bed, looking up at the ceiling. Something was moving around under my covers. I got up and threw my comforter off the bed.copyright protection13PENANAj2Ba7M7mg7

            “OINK!” a tiny pig was staring at me indignantly.copyright protection13PENANAvHTMpV4dYx

            “Vestido.” I picked up my pet teacup pig. “Baby you can’t be mad at me.” I cradled him like a baby. “It’s my bed not yours.” Vestido nudged my arm with his snout, letting me know he wanted to be let down. I set the pig down and it ran under my bed. “The silent treatment?” I said pretending to sound offended. “Really, This is how you treat me? I could eat you.” I dropped to my knees and peered under my bed to see the pig curling up on a few old t-shirts I had thrown under there rather than wash. “Oink.” I muttered poking my pig. “Gobble gobble, yum yum you taste like bacon.” I patted the pig before deciding to leave him alone. I sat at my desk and started studying. I actually did have a psychology test coming up. I found it too difficult to study Freud however, I kept thinking of what my stepfather had said earlier. I closed my book in frustration.copyright protection13PENANABykzx9ZEGp

            “Oink.” Vestido was looking up at me from under my bed.copyright protection13PENANAHZsiaz5iVm

            “Two more months.” I told him. “Then we can go live our lives.” Just then our doorbell rang. I knew my stepfather was probably passed out by now. I unlocked the door and left my room and started walking towards the front entrance. I peeked through the peephole. I saw a bun of dark gray hair pulled back tightly. Whoever was at the door was clearly a woman. She was probably a salesperson, or someone trying to convert me to her faith. Either way I wasn’t thrilled to open the door. I would have left them outside, but people tend ring the doorbell multiple times, and that tends to wake drunken stepfathers. I took the lesser of two evils and opened my front door.copyright protection13PENANApr3jdtfhGd

            “Can I help you?” I asked. The woman was facing away from me. She turned and I saw a smiling wrinkled face looking down at me. I couldn’t help but notice that the woman was wearing a long flowing white dress. It really was a very beautiful dress.copyright protection13PENANAPiM9SkiRYY

            “Hello.” The woman told me. “May I come in?”copyright protection13PENANAhGYJZ9i5re

            “Who are you?” I asked. I didn’t bother trying to be polite. No one came to our house unless they were one of my stepfather’s friends, or a person he wronged or owed money to. None of the above we were welcome. They typically made my life worse.copyright protection13PENANArRFvaTYpbE

            “My name is Ms. Hearth.” The old woman smiled at me. “I expect you are Heidi?”copyright protection13PENANAD0XpaQJtII

            This was a first. Someone asking for me. “Yes.” I muttered. “Why are you here, what do you want, and why do you know me?”copyright protection13PENANAsZprIoA1t1

            The lady let out a slight chuckle. “I am here with a job offer.”copyright protection13PENANAgVSWq3Qos1

            “My school send you?” I asked. The school had made us declare what our intentions were for after school. I had written run away from my life. I figured they’d send a counselor or something, but a job offer?copyright protection13PENANA3620wdRfGz

            “No.” Ms. Hearth shook her head. “Do you mind if I come in, Heidi, there is much I’d like to discuss with you.”copyright protection13PENANAY9yoAhMbjg

            I thought it over. My stepfather was still sleeping it off somewhere. Waking him was not advisable. “Come around back.” I stepped onto the porch and closed the door behind me. “So job offer?” I asked leading the way.copyright protection13PENANAdzb5wC9m0C

            “Yes.” The woman nodded. “You could consider this an interview of sorts.” She smiled.copyright protection13PENANAn3Iq4eDVuk

            “Well what’s the job about?” I asked. “What is it?”copyright protection13PENANAusu2Q4kDgD

            “I know it’s incredibly rude of me, but I’m not allowed to give out any details. My purpose here is to simply vet you before I send you to the next step.”copyright protection13PENANAUtd6zJII5I

            “Oh.” I muttered leading Ms. Hearth to our back patio. “Ok then.”copyright protection13PENANAktM2UQhxLL

            “I know it is must peculiar but it will all make sense soon.”copyright protection13PENANASgemi5rDJH

            “Right.” I nodded. I still wasn’t convinced that this lady was being honest. Maybe she was a school counselor or something and had to talk in code or something. Maybe they thought my dad would get violent or something if people came snooping around. I shouldn’t have written that. I should have just put college or job like everyone else. But no, I had to be melodramatic. “Do you want anything to drink?” I offered. It was a habit, the only company we had ever had we drunks and dregs that could match my stepfather’s thirst.copyright protection13PENANAgDbtKKdtsj

            “None for me. But thank you.” The both of us sat in lawn chairs and gazed about the afternoon sunshine.copyright protection13PENANAcNNYPHP7fA

            “So I guess we should start the interview then.” I said.copyright protection13PENANAS8Q6u9cWMV

            “We already have Heidi.” Ms. Hearth informed me. “Forgive me, I should explain. This interview isn’t entirely questions, I will be monitoring your overall demeanor attitude, and outlook as well.”copyright protection13PENANAE3yPxjzLM2

            “Oh.” I sunk in my seat. Well if this was a real interview, I had no shot now. I could fake it through a normal job interview. But I couldn’t fake my outlook on life. This had to be someone from the school. They had read my letter.copyright protection13PENANA4YPRXFzMMP

            “I want to start off by saying I hope none of this is too invasive or personal. You are free to end the interview or ignore any questions you wish. There will be no punishment or penalty.”copyright protection13PENANAmEXdLrnXoa

            “Right.” I nodded, even more worried now. Did job interviews usually have punishments?copyright protection13PENANAS2drRLKqwx

            “What is family to you?”copyright protection13PENANAsBvitsX2eJ

            “Oh…I mean like parents, siblings, cousins.”copyright protection13PENANARBoOP9gd6F

            “Do you have any of those?”copyright protection13PENANAnZHBrynbZT

My stepfather’s face appeared in my mind’s eye. I yearned to say no, to reject him and move on with my life. “Yes.” My tongue betrayed me. “I have a stepfather. We don’t get along the best…but he’s still family.”copyright protection13PENANAJsueKXHH0W

“I understand.” She smiled.copyright protection13PENANArRyPGnYXA5

I couldn’t tell if that was the right answer or not. I couldn’t tell what she wanted to her, but part of me said that I had to keep talking. “I guess friends count too. Friends are family too. I also think coworkers and teammates are family…to a lesser extent maybe, but still. I guess what I’m saying is anyone that you spend enough time with can become your family.” She smiled at that. Good I thought, that meant I could stop talking.copyright protection13PENANACY5jAwSXIS

“What does family mean to you? Not…who is family, but what does it mean?”copyright protection13PENANAQrklF5inNi

I was quiet. “In perfect world, I think family would be people who always are there for you. People you know and care about, and who care about you. I think family is who you can talk to, and who you are willing to listen to. Yeah in a perfect world family would be people that make your day better, and people who you are willing to spend you day to make theirs better. Family is any relationship that goes both ways, not for selfish or even extraordinary reasons. But because they would do the same for you…no questions asked.” I leaned back. “But that’s in a perfect world. I think family actually is just people you have too, or choose to spend time with.”copyright protection13PENANAjeaR3Rf2OQ

“Interesting.” Ms. Hearth nodded appreciatively. “Why don’t you make your world a perfect world? Why can’t you make your family as one from this perfect world you speak of?”copyright protection13PENANA8rOdKoJDmr

I thought it over. This was the weirdest job interview I’d ever done. What kind of job was this? Did I even want it? “I’ve never tried.”copyright protection13PENANAwcSRxyWQWJ

“Why?”copyright protection13PENANA9fYj71am4Z

I thought it over. Once more I thought of my stepfather. “I have a family.” I finally said. “But maybe the people that would make up my perfect world family aren’t a part of my real family…maybe I’m still looking for the people I want to be in my family.”copyright protection13PENANAccq1pbq9PM

“Well I’m sold.” The woman stood up.copyright protection13PENANABlYucw38nZ

“Wait…that’s it?”copyright protection13PENANASwfQQmS1JW

“Not too painful I hope?”copyright protection13PENANA0V9rWzCnIr

“We’re done?” I asked, I noticed she hadn’t told me about the job. That meant I didn’t get it. “Thanks for stopping by.” I tried to rationalize it in my head. She hadn’t told me anything about the job, I don’t even know if there was a job. She might actually be one of my dad’s friends. Playing some prank on me.copyright protection13PENANA9kN8OZER82

“So, do you think you’d like the job?” Ms. Hearth asked.copyright protection13PENANAR1z6SptKrc

“Excuse me?” I got it? How did I get it? What even was it?copyright protection13PENANAHs7QT4qwr8

“You could fit the position I think.” Ms. Hearth told me. “Can you commit to the cause?”copyright protection13PENANAYBsLJhLo9U

            “What’s the job?”copyright protection13PENANAq0VZ7NpAyR

            “I can’t tell you anything except to meet an associate of mine at this location.” Ms. Hearth handed me a piece of paper with an address on it. “She will give you more information there.”copyright protection13PENANAMgjU6dZwJr

            “Oh.”copyright protection13PENANAFH28tMqeaz

            Ms. Hearth nodded at me one more time. “You’ll make a fine me.”copyright protection13PENANA9BA4AIR0iq

            “Sorry?”copyright protection13PENANAR5Gb0NoZk7

            “You’ll do great.” She nodded at me. “I just know it Heidi.” With that she walked away. Confused. I returned to the house, looking at the paper.copyright protection13PENANArZPu8jgyyq

            “OINK!” Vestido squealed at me when I returned.copyright protection13PENANA8H1JLCrDDJ

            “Some old lady.” I answered the pig. “She…I think she gave me a job.” I said.copyright protection13PENANA3vPKGPx4OR

            “Oink.”copyright protection13PENANAbgR1K0k1yT

            “Am I crazy to go? This could be a kidnapping.”copyright protection13PENANAsHAtql6RZK

            “Oink.”copyright protection13PENANAB3fqNVfkZ4

            “Course not. He would be too drunk to comprehend it anyway.”copyright protection13PENANAcbk3d53x6C

            “Oink.”copyright protection13PENANAqyj12Kn9Bm

            “Oh…you aren’t talking to me.” I noticed. “You’re food bowl is empty.”copyright protection13PENANATdp8Dd3Sy2

A/N: Hey readers! This chapter is obviously a new POV character. Tell me what you think of Heidi. She'll be sticking around in the future. Any guesses as to what her role will be? Anybody just like teacup pigs?copyright protection13PENANAXKehOrnSZu

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