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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 27 Artemisia
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!TqYW4Nbyb8FDCEWfziDnposted on PENANA

            “Aletheia take me.”  Blade spoke the words. Now he was bound to his word. Now he had to help me find Paul. I climbed down the building. The pile of bodies meant I only had to climb half as far as when I went up. I had killed so many, but I knew even that considerable amount was nothing compared to the hordes the Huntress had unleashed. The city was overrun. We were alone now, but that wouldn’t last long. “Hurry.”copyright protection12PENANA9wR96s8Qr7

            I pointed the arrow at his neck. “Don’t you dare lie to me. We’re going to find Paul.”copyright protection12PENANAekycgC0sbb

            “I swore on Aletheia.” He said. “I don’t even think I can lie if I wanted to. Now shut your mouth.” Now I was actually covered in darkness, but I had felt like I had been since watching Paul fall.copyright protection12PENANABRPdvLs546

            “Paul!” I shouted looking around. We were in the valley below Olympus, Blade had kept his word. The field was littered with bodies of friends and fiends. My eyes darted, moving quicker than any arrow ever could.copyright protection12PENANAseCknIMwze

            “Lady Artemis. Lord Hades.” A voice called out. “Have you come for Lord Apollo?” My eyes found the source. It was the Huntress, but she wasn’t alone. In addition to the several hellhounds a cloak figure stood next to her. The Huntress was standing tall over them all. Her height advantage was due to her standing atop the wreckage of a chariot. A chariot which had a body lifelessly draped over it.copyright protection12PENANAEOzc1QP1i0

            “That’s Selene.” I pointed it out. The pale hair shone with much less vigor in death. It also was no long pure white. Red was straining the moon goddess. “Paul and Pan were in the chariot. They could be there.”copyright protection12PENANAdTR37mPArT

            “This is clearly a trap.” Blade muttered. “Besides we’re outnumbered.”copyright protection12PENANAHU7jev211C

            “You swore to look for my brother with me.”copyright protection12PENANAgGqPSrFHtY

            “We found him.” Blade pointed at Selene’s body and her chariot. “They put her body there. They want you to think that. Paul is dead. They killed him too. We have to leave now.”copyright protection12PENANAIGRzKYWzzn

            The Huntress was plucking at the string of her bow. “Come, rescue your fellow new Olympian. Come save your brother, girl.” I wished I hadn’t broken my bow. I wished I could fight her. I wished I could kill her. I looked down at the last arrow in my hand, my only weapon. It wouldn’t be enough. “Shall the hounds feast on him?”copyright protection12PENANAsgizzx4Cy6

            “Artemisia.” Blade put his hand on my shoulder. “We need to leave. There is nothing more we can do.”copyright protection12PENANAeOMFEE7jmA

            “Not until I see the body.” I muttered coldly. “Not until I know for a fact…one way or another.” Blade bit his lip.copyright protection12PENANAh4h9E18AAH

            “Calypso is going to kill me.” he mumbled drawing his flaming sword. “You need a weapon.”copyright protection12PENANAY2XgCxNGal

            “I need to find Paul.” I countered. The hellhounds had started to encircle us. Slowly moving behind us, tried to trap us. The Huntress was still playing her bow like a lyre. Meanwhile the hooded friend hadn’t moved. Could that be Paul? Maybe she had bound him and stood him up for me to see?copyright protection12PENANAMpay4Odb8A

            “If you’re going to do this, sooner would be better.” Blade was turning with the Hellhounds, eyeing them nervously. I griped the shaft of the arrow between my two hands and broke it off near the arrowhead, now I had a dagger…at least a small semblance of one.copyright protection12PENANAMqE3Ai4ISF

            “Can you take the dogs?” I asked.copyright protection12PENANAqRIn7kVU05

            “I should have brought Cerberus.” Blade complained. “Maybe he could have talked sense into them…while I talked sense into you.”copyright protection12PENANAgNvrlzgzLp

            “Can you take…”copyright protection12PENANA9xPOBq6F9Z

            “Yes.” He shouted charging. He took the first beast down in one strike. The others howled and leapt into action. Racing around us biting as they passed.copyright protection12PENANAlzQ3XYnSSn

            “Keep them busy!” I shouted. “I’m going for the bitch.” I sprinted towards the Huntress. Her sonic boom bow would rip right through me. I couldn’t let it hit me. I didn’t have any shield or any other form of cover. I readied myself to dive sideways, I was confident that her first arrow would miss. The problem was…I had to make sure I was back on my feet before the second found me. Behind me I heard another howl and sizzle as Blade must have killed another. I couldn’t look though. My eyes had to watch for when the Huntress drew her bow. I would have less than a second to dodge, I needed the earliest possible warning.copyright protection12PENANAY9auAw4Q6P

            But she didn’t draw her bow. Under her hood she smiled, and then turned to the figure next to her. “Uncle…would you?” Two black hands slowly rose up, and out of the loose sleeves of the robes a thick mist poured out. It swirled around the figure and the Huntress. Obscuring them before slowly spreading outwards. I stopped and quickly dove to the side. Damn, now I wouldn’t know when her arrow was coming. I turned over my shoulder. Blade was busy with the hounds still. He was too far away to be of any help, besides he seemed to busy to even notice what was going on. He was an easy target. Oblivious and in the open. If she wouldn’t fire at me, surely she would target him.copyright protection12PENANAffn53YvaEE

            “Artemisia don’t!” Blade shouted behind me. When would he stop? I had to find Paul. I leapt forward. The cover of the mist would be to my advantage. The Huntress wouldn’t be able to see me until I was close, close enough to stab her with my makeshift dagger. “I know that mist.” Blade shouted behind me, he was now running towards me, the hound on his tail. “It’s from the Underworld.”copyright protection12PENANAaZe12bZp4S

             BOOM. An arrow rocketed out of the mist, burying itself where I had been before the mist had appeared. She was blind in there I grinned, surging forth even fastest.copyright protection12PENANAN31YxBvBrB

            “No!” Blade shouted once more. He didn’t know that I still had the arrowhead. He must think I was unarmed. Or maybe he thought I wasn’t completely focused with Paul’s fate up in the air. No, I was focused. Focused on killing the Huntress. “Artie! The mist is…” his voice cut off. I was in the mist now. I worried about Blade, had the hellhounds gotten to him? Why had his words been cut short. I hadn’t heard another arrow, surely he hadn’t been shot.copyright protection12PENANArHQOMUNi4r

            I retreated out of the mist, going to look for him. It was my fault he was here after all. I ran back towards where he had been. The mist had spread far in the short time I had taken to turn around. I couldn’t escape it.copyright protection12PENANAXfqbgtmfTq

            “Blade!” I called out. “Blade where are you.”copyright protection12PENANA7Gu8F1KaDc

            “He can’t hear you here.” I turned around, but I couldn’t see the Huntress. “Thank you for ignoring him. You have just made yourself a caged animal.”copyright protection12PENANAL4TCTFwGYB

            I looked around, Blade had to be here somewhere. Slowly I realized I didn’t recognize where I was. There were no longer bodies around me. There was no longer grass underneath me. Empty expanses of space spread out around me, all of it shrouded with this mist.copyright protection12PENANA8VQz672smV

            “Usually I don’t hunt trapped animals.” The Huntress’ voice rang out. “There is no sport in it, no challenge.”copyright protection12PENANATuCnDipns2

            “I’m always a challenge.” I started running as soon as I spoke. I couldn’t let her pinpoint me.copyright protection12PENANAze7sR18oH6

            The Huntress laughed. “Girl you don’t understand what you have done. You’ve sent yourself to Hell.”copyright protection12PENANAZQ2Qp8XrBk

            “I’m not there yet.” I shouted.copyright protection12PENANAnuO0SriiPK

            “Yes, you are.” This was a different voice now, different from the Huntress. It had to be her friend, the newcomer. The mist maker. “You are in Hell. You are in the Underworld. You are in my realm NOW!” suddenly the figure burst forth from the mist. Lunging at me with a flaming sword.copyright protection12PENANAloZsRQuZec

            “Gods!” I feel down, my arrowhead held up overhead. The figure was tackled to the ground.copyright protection12PENANA6e285rh3TS

            “I’m here for you Artie.”copyright protection12PENANAngncggEzyt

            “Pan!” I shouted. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The satyr was alive and well, in all his cloven glory. “You’re alive?” the flaming swordman laughed at my words before retreating into the mist.copyright protection12PENANAkTRjmIaQIp

            “I’m surprised too kid.” He helped me up. We turned to look for anymore threats. Surely the two were hunting us even now. I risked a hug.copyright protection12PENANA2PD5XJweMp

            “Paul?”copyright protection12PENANA79GumXK0wi

            Pan shook his head. “The last thing I remember was falling. I don’t know what happened to him.”copyright protection12PENANAtQckay3kpM

            “But if you survived…”copyright protection12PENANAJsBnyz64NS

            “Let’s focus on staying that way.” We ran in the opposite direction from the flaming sword.copyright protection12PENANAuV2bpo8aoF

            “Hmmm, now the hunt’s getting interesting.” Her voice rang out over the barren landscape.copyright protection12PENANAsRwFcGeg0D

            “Hunt…Huntress.” Pan fell to his knees. “Something…something important.” He was clutching his head.copyright protection12PENANA2K6E7EdeJ1

            “What’s wrong?” I knelt next to him. We couldn’t stay in one place for long. Surely we were being closed in on.copyright protection12PENANA7eW9plyywW

            “I…I don’t remember.” Pan whispered frantically. “Something about the Huntress.”copyright protection12PENANAeYOKE1qSir

            I remembered the last time I had seen Pan. When he and Selene had gone back down to get Paul. “You seemed to know who she was. I think. You acted like you knew her.”copyright protection12PENANAwkcCYkhby0

            “I did?”copyright protection12PENANAdFf9OEvnd1

            “You don’t remember?” I asked.copyright protection12PENANAjr08cEaCws

            “I…I…”copyright protection12PENANA42MhFLBWX9

            “My realm is claiming you.” The second voice spoke out. “You are fading goat god.”copyright protection12PENANAXaOcjDRP05

            “Come on.” I grabbed his hand, it nearly slipped out of my grip. “You fell off a mountain, its to be expected your head doesn’t work right away. We’ll get out and then you can think about it. Besides, I don’t need to know her name to kill her.”copyright protection12PENANAQkwQtIuDl1

            “But you do need to find me.” BOOM an arrow rocketed so close to Pan I could have sworn it touched him.copyright protection12PENANA5q4SHJEiGC

            “Hurry!” I let go of Pan to sprint to the left. We had to shake the Huntress.copyright protection12PENANArEMgR6TJVU

            Pan was wheezing, barely able to keep up. “Artie, where are we?” he coughed out.copyright protection12PENANAOMekCH37lp

            “I don’t know.” I said. We were in the valley by Olympus, but this mist…I think it took us somewhere.”copyright protection12PENANA8rPdjwXYPD

            “Artie…I…I can’t remember.”copyright protection12PENANAAhimx9trSp

            “Come on Pan.” I shouted. “You’re concussion is a problem for after these two’s funeral.copyright protection12PENANAlHbA1Oi5WD

            “You are amusing to me new god.” The second voice purred in the mist. “Your ignorance…surely niece you wish to kill her now. She is an insult to you.”copyright protection12PENANAu54kioQfmG

            “I appreciate this mist you made.” I shouted. “It’s wonderful not to have to look at you two, but next time make sure I won’t have to listen to you either. Kind of a design flaw to have to hear your babble.”copyright protection12PENANATWXbjulNWe

            BOOM! Another arrow rocketed into the ground to my right.copyright protection12PENANAchVoSXca28

            “The Lady Artemis finds fault in her new home.” The second voice scoffed. “Fear not new god. Soon enough my mist will make sure you never experience anything ever again. Your friend knows of what I speak.copyright protection12PENANAOxdTRvhIKE

            “Artie.” I turned to look at Pan. He looked pale, ghostly pale. “I…I…help.”copyright protection12PENANAoDAlPUQaHM

            “Pan come on.” I kept running. I had to get him away from these monsters and this mist.copyright protection12PENANAoT4jhWhu7j

            The Huntress laughed. “ARTIIIIIEEE” Boom. Pan stopped speaking. I screamed and charged backwards. Pan was my mentor. He had picked me to be a god, I wasn’t going to leave him here.copyright protection12PENANACVQQOHm6p7

            “Looking for someone?” the second voice asked. I stopped running. I looked around. There should have been some sign of him by now? A body, a bloodstain. It had sounded like the Huntress had killed Pan, but there was no evidence that he had ever even been here. “Can’t you hear him in the mist? Can’t you hear his babble? No…I don’t think you will ever hear from him again.”copyright protection12PENANAKOLlaAg0KX

            Suddenly over the sound of this second voice I heard crying, a woman crying. The Huntress? No it couldn’t be…who was it then. Cautiously, my head on a swivel I gazed around, wary for any sign of it. The crying was getting louder. I stopped moving, and crouched. Out of the mist a woman walked towards me. A pale woman with even paler white hair.copyright protection12PENANAN9RSt9OKEW

            “Selene?” I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had seen her body, watched her die. How was she here now, much less without a sign of any of her mortal wounds or blood? She didn’t see or speak to me. She merely walked closer, crying the whole while. As I watched her grew paler and paler…no not paler, more transparent. She was fading away into nothingness. Soon she was gone entirely.copyright protection12PENANA4hRU7GCtN2

            “It seems she remembered a little bit more than your satyr.” The second voice spoke. “She realized what this place was, and what it meant for her.”copyright protection12PENANAAyQlU0Wa1H

            “She was brave in life. Going back for Lord Apollo.” The Huntress spoke. “See what becomes of your martyrs?”copyright protection12PENANA8OQ0Gk9v4O

            I shook my head. This was a trick. Somehow this mist was poisoning me, clouding my mind. Making me see things that weren’t real. Blade had warned me after all. He had recognized the mist. He said it was from the Underworld. I got to my feet and surged forwards. I couldn’t let them find me. I had to keep moving. I ran in the direction Selene had come from. And that is what led me to see it.copyright protection12PENANAr85j3c0GGN

            The chariot was lying exactly as it was when I had last seen it. Complete with Selene’s corpse. I looked around. I must be getting out of the mist. Maybe realizing it broke the spell. Carefully I approached the chariot. I was wary of a trap.copyright protection12PENANAIglzCfAyqB

            “Pan.” The satyr’s body was lying facedown on the ground near the chariot. His legs were clearly broken, and his body was battered. It looked like he had died on impact. But then how…the mist. This mist was clouding my mind.copyright protection12PENANAfyq6y7qIDu

            “Artie.” I looked up and saw my brother. Paul was standing on the other side of the chariot.copyright protection12PENANAw5DBoHOpnu

            “Paul.” I nearly cried. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I went to rush towards him. Yearning to hug him. Yearning to hold him.copyright protection12PENANAc6LyFnOfWf

            “No!” he held out his hands stopping me. He glanced down at his feet. “Don’t come over here. Whatever you do Artie, don’t come to this side of the chariot.”copyright protection12PENANARcNiimpI52

            “Paul?”copyright protection12PENANAdC7Rdwy2VW

            “Don’t talk.” He ordered. “My memory is cloudy and getting worse. I have to tell you something. But I need you to promise. Promise you will leave, get out of this mist. Find the others. Tell them what I say. But please above all else…don’t come to this side of the chariot.”copyright protection12PENANAx82iHIGwYD

            “Paul I don’t…”copyright protection12PENANALQPy87VxP0

            “Artie stop. The Huntress, she’s Artemis. The OLD Artemis. The orginal, the one before you. Pan recognized her. He figured it out. We were going to tell you, we tried, but…we didn’t make it.” Paul was looking very pale. “The old Olympians are back. They want to retake their place ruling the world. This experiment…humans becoming gods, they’re ending it.” Paul was a ghost. He was nearly transparentcopyright protection12PENANAA3CIUQftTa

            “Paul…” My mind was realizing what was happening, but I didn’t want to believe it.copyright protection12PENANAqqjtI1bpxa

            “Artie, tell the others. Warn them. Theomachy, Pan translated it. It means war of the gods. The old ones, they’re coming back. You have to stop them.” Paul’s very essence was melting away as I watched. “Artie, I love you. I’m sorry…I’m sorry you have to know what it’s like to lose a twin. Please, don’t come to this side of the chariot.” My brother faded into nothingness. He disappeared into the mist, his soul lost to its hidden depths.copyright protection12PENANA2i0RR9ZNHP

            “PAULLLLLLLLL!” I screamed.copyright protection12PENANANhSq0Nhfha

            “The game is up.” The Huntress walked out from behind the chariot. “The cat is out of the bag. Hello Artemis, I want my life back.” BOOM! And arrow burst forwards, I had already moved. As soon as I saw her I pounced. Now I knew for sure, knew that this woman killed Selene and Pan and so many others. But now I knew she killed Paul too. I buried the arrowhead into her upper chest, as close to her neck as I could get. We toppled to the ground.copyright protection12PENANAqHAJajLmIi

            The Huntress, Artemis…whatever. She yelled in pain. She then began to batter me with her fists. I was knocked off of her and she staggered to her feet, blood starting to cover her cloak.copyright protection12PENANAxLByCsHBfo

            The second figure stepped out of the mist and loomed over me. “This one is tough. At least she has your fighting spirit.” He told the other Artemis.copyright protection12PENANAq3FjuF6LUo

            “Being in your realm was supposed to weaken her.” The bleeding goddess complained.copyright protection12PENANAVk5v4gPPCx

            “It seems the other Hades still has some sway.” He muttered. “It doesn’t matter, the girl will still die here. By my flames or your arrows.” I was crawling away from him. Backtracking  to what I hoped was safety. Slowly rounding the chariot. Only then did I remember Paul’s last words. Only then did I see what was on the other side of the chariot. Paul lay there, his body showing all the signs of the fall much like Pan, however he also showed other signs. Arrows embedded into his body so deep only the tuft of the fletching was exposed. Burns were interspersed between the arrows, places where a flaming sword had seared into him.copyright protection12PENANA89iJHVcpxs

            “Being the god of the Underworld has some perks.” The second figure knelt next to me. I made sure his soul wasn’t let into Tartarus right away. I made sure he was still breathing when we did that.”copyright protection12PENANANXvthZ9nL4

            “It’s your fault really.” Artemis smiled through the pain. “We couldn’t get to the gods up in your city, so we played with him.”copyright protection12PENANALGpRct71jK

            “We showed him the true power of an Olympian god.” Hades roared. “We proved that mortals are not fit to be gods. We proved our claim to the throne of Olympus and the seat of power in this world. And we will have it back, especially if that means doing to the rest of you what we did to him.”copyright protection12PENANAzsURbCNo1k

            “Hoping that’s the case.” Artemis whispered.copyright protection12PENANAQOimizmrW7

            “Take solace in the fact your loved ones will not have to see you disfigured like your brother. The others will all be dead long before.”copyright protection12PENANAvINUA0oH1H

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