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On Break
Midnight and High Noon
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Writer berserker823
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Midnight and High Noon
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Chapter 4: Call Me Your Favorite, Call Me the Worst
Jun 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!QxjC2VjGYDcTy9V60xaTposted on PENANA

Professor Kukui held Litten in his arms, the feline Pokémon’s hind legs dangling listlessly. The Fire-type seemed to care less about being held like this. I leaned against the wall by the window that Litten had just been on the other side of before Professor Kukui had arrived.copyright protection17PENANAreCvCOUlRG

“Thank you very much for helping Litten,” he told me, “I am very sorry that you were injured while doing so.”copyright protection17PENANAZHdjkfeDVd

“I’m just gonna chalk it up as paying the little guy back for helping me,” I responded.copyright protection17PENANAh87Qh2WiA7

            Professor Kukui nodded and Violet clung to my arm. I coughed away from her into my opposite arm and cleared my throat.copyright protection17PENANAb1lOxXCriu

“Poison Gas is a bitch,” I muttered.copyright protection17PENANA7iblCwBQax

            Professor Kukui laughed heartily and a smirk formed across my face.copyright protection17PENANA3rFahXdefN

“When are you two returning to Kanto?” the Pokémon Professor questioned.copyright protection17PENANAlrPHfmESOX

            I opened my mouth and then looked to Violet to see her response.copyright protection17PENANAmWgyhS4SJe

“Our return ticket has a three month leniency period, so we have that long to stay,” Violet revealed much to my surprise.copyright protection17PENANApMG5XX2bci

“How much did that cost?” I asked.copyright protection17PENANAYxKOfZbTRZ

            She whispered the answer into my ear and my eyes widened. My wallet also cried out in pain.copyright protection17PENANARdV7Ld0Q5J

“I was hoping to use this time to convince you to take a vacation,” Violet told me.copyright protection17PENANA4vwLBuIEFV

“What part of dead mom makes it seem like I wanna take a vacation?” I asked.copyright protection17PENANAWEtGsIGDCy

“Honestly. Half of it,” Violet countered, “You’re stressed. You were stressed before… all of this. I just wanted to help.”copyright protection17PENANADtMzByMBoS

            She pouted and I felt like crap immediately. I put my arms around her waist and held her close.copyright protection17PENANAktnReZlXD0

“Thank you for thinking of me, Vi,” I told her.copyright protection17PENANASAFlh73XLF

            Professor Kukui cleared his throat and we pulled apart. I rubbed the back of my neck sheepishly.copyright protection17PENANAvp9iYKQKle

“We can stay for a few more days,” I told him.copyright protection17PENANADGH0yW0TTD

“Great to hear! Tonight in Iki Town; a village up the hill from Hau’oli City, there will be a festival honoring the guardian of Melemele Island, Tapu Koko,” Professor Kukui revealed, “You two should come by.”copyright protection17PENANAULdz6uH9ss

“Would that be okay with the locals? We don’t want to intrude on tradition,” Violet responded.copyright protection17PENANAPYSYgQI6B4

“I see nothing wrong with sharing our traditions with tourists. It definitely beats the Kalosian Film Industry’s portrayal of Alolans,” Professor Kukui responded.copyright protection17PENANAkeL2fjYfcR

“We’ll be there,” I told the Pokémon Professor.copyright protection17PENANAS7D6GJAnT2

            That night, I sat on the end of the bed in the hotel room Violet and I were staying at, waiting for her to finish getting ready for the festival over in Iki Town.copyright protection17PENANAQJ0IHhyqna

“Could you hurry up?” I questioned, “We still have to walk all the way over to Iki Town.”copyright protection17PENANAvIogKDAJSN

“Bite me,” Violet responded from the bathroom.copyright protection17PENANABLUeRAYsYS

            She finally came out wearing a white v-neck top, black denim shorts with brown suspenders clinging to her shoulders from them, and black thigh-high boots.copyright protection17PENANAvOCwwkN5Ka

“I’ll bite you later tonight when I get you out of those clothes,” I told her, “Let’s get going, sexy butt.”copyright protection17PENANAffSDwDh7na

            I shot to my feet, swatting Violet on the rear as I moved past her, and out the door we went.copyright protection17PENANAUYWPdNqcgo

            Outside of Hau’oli City, Violet and I turned up a corner leading to Iki Town as Professor Kukui had told us to do earlier in the day. The moon illuminated our path as best she could.copyright protection17PENANA5LcHhJ14OM

“You seem to be in a better mood,” Violet pointed out.copyright protection17PENANAf428IzLZG8

“Yeah? Guess all it took was getting poisoned by some thugs,” I responded.copyright protection17PENANAaB76qlTQya

            Violet punched my arm rather hard in response to that. I smirked, rubbing my stricken limb.copyright protection17PENANAfEVsmdboi0

“And a nice helping of physical abuse from the love of my life,” I added.copyright protection17PENANAax4dFMMrMs

“Are you gonna… have a funeral for her?” Violet asked.copyright protection17PENANAAW4I2u4WlC

“Maybe… I don’t know. Who’s actually going to come? I responded, “You, my Dad, and I? Funerals are honestly so expensive; would it even be worth it?”copyright protection17PENANA6Bg23Dge1y

“For you both to say goodbye? Maybe,” Violet countered.copyright protection17PENANAeb6joL6bdS

“I’ll think about,” I told her, sighing, “I’ll think about it.”copyright protection17PENANAENOIwRdANz

            The warm glow of some flame-lit torches gave us some light and a path to the wooden arch separating the wilds of Melemele Island from the small village of Iki Town. Several wooden buildings were littered throughout including a considerably larger one up the hill. Finally, a stage sat centered in the town. Despite the village’s small size, there were plenty of people there to partake in the festival. The smell of friend dough filled my nostrils and children laughed and played as they ran throughout.copyright protection17PENANAcUatXd6ds7

“Ah ha! You made it!” Professor Kukui exclaimed, approaching us with his hands in his pockets, “Follow me. I want to introduce you both to someone.”copyright protection17PENANALHjR0ID7TQ

            Professor Kukui led us both toward the upper portion of Iki Town where the largest building and the wooden stage stood.copyright protection17PENANAZyEOgaFtKt

“Hala! These were the two I had told you about,” Professor Kukui spoke, gaining the attention of a stocky old man.copyright protection17PENANA2XndrlryyT

            He had white hair tied into a ponytail, tanned skin, thick eyebrows, a mustache, and brown eyes. He was wearing a blue shirt under a yellow floral jacket, white shorts, and blue sandals. Hala observed Violet and I for a moment.copyright protection17PENANAFjAZbBHOIB

“Alola,” he told us.copyright protection17PENANAFI9kwqucTf

            I was honestly confused. Why did he say Alola?copyright protection17PENANAFWd3aEoBcX

“Y-Yeah. This is the Alola Region,” I responded like an idiot.copyright protection17PENANAuSg5SrHAgq

“Sweetie,” Violet whispered into my ear, “Alola means hello in the Alola Region.”copyright protection17PENANAbW8lgFLKRF

“Also goodbye,” Hala added.copyright protection17PENANA0xCeBNT0o6

            I was about to slap the living crap out of myself for being a complete idiot.copyright protection17PENANAXTZdZRFGrW

“Well I’m gonna go walk into the ocean with my pockets full of rocks now,” I responded.copyright protection17PENANA7CSfY8UKTM

            Professor Kukui and Hala laughed heartily and then I felt something warm and furry rub against my leg. I looked down and saw Litten purring at my feet.copyright protection17PENANAqUj28VP1Ve

“Hey Litten. What’s up?” I asked the little Fire-type Pokémon.copyright protection17PENANA8S7767YLNp

            He meowed and continued rubbing up against my leg.copyright protection17PENANAIU2Aa1I5LC

“He seems to have taken a liking to you,” Professor Kukui told me.copyright protection17PENANARbwbeF64H1

“Very interesting indeed. That Litten never acted friendly toward anyone before,” Hala added.copyright protection17PENANAiPUqW0xUMl

“Well that’s Damon for you,” Violet spoke up, “Damon is my Arcanine’s best friend.”copyright protection17PENANAkugm5qnOw9

“Your Arcanine is the bane of my existence,” I countered.copyright protection17PENANAqnkXzzCGDj

            Professor Kukui snickered at our exchange and crossed his arms over his chest.copyright protection17PENANAHW8Cm5CU0o

“Kukui told me you are a talented Pokémon Trainer, Ms. Cassidy,” Hala remarked.copyright protection17PENANAfkTvHYW5Mt

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” she responded, blushing as she waved Hala’s comment away.copyright protection17PENANAfdRzaq9N6M

“She reached top eight as a rookie Trainer,” I commented.copyright protection17PENANA6OIfq5l2Zl

“Impressive,” Hala responded, stroking his chin, “A part of our festival is a Pokémon battle to honor Tapu Koko. Would you mind battling me, Ms. Cassidy?”copyright protection17PENANAreGlKojHt6

“Would that upset Tapu Koko? I’m still not a native,” Violet replied hesitantly.copyright protection17PENANAaIk1ivssiy

“We are all children of the Sun and the Moon in His eyes,” Hala explained.copyright protection17PENANAepnXFN20Q1

“Then I accept your challenge,” Violet responded, grinning.copyright protection17PENANAmhg2D1qXIU

“Good. Meet me on the stage in five minutes,” Hala told her.copyright protection17PENANA3TDoVWTnob

“I’ll be there. You better be a challenge, Gramps,” Violet countered.copyright protection17PENANAWDBjAg6DgX

            She always got competitive during a battle and a part of that competitiveness was the occasional trash talk. Hala smirked and left for the largest building in the entire town.copyright protection17PENANAEDeVFSW6PF

“Okay, so is Hala a good Trainer?” I asked Professor Kukui.copyright protection17PENANA1TyEhtBbRZ

“Hala is the Kahuna of Melemele Island,” the Pokémon Professor revealed.copyright protection17PENANAnNCY7dedQv

“Meaning…?” I asked, needing further explanation.copyright protection17PENANAav8pqOinV7

“An Island Kahuna could best be compared to one of the Gym Leaders you two have back in the Kanto Region,” Professor Kukui explained.copyright protection17PENANA2W0ABi4ctW

“Ah, so he’s tough,” I remarked.copyright protection17PENANAbQJOPR244T

“Very,” Professor Kukui added.copyright protection17PENANAzfoIFPxXcs

            Hala returned with a Pokéball in hand and he stepped onto the stage in the center of Iki Town.copyright protection17PENANA5ep5P0oUdR

“The battle in honor of Tapu Koko will now commence. I have personally challenged an outsider of our beautiful region; a young lady from the Kanto Region!” Hala announced.copyright protection17PENANAQpIAdxrgBw

            Murmurs surged through the crowd as they gathered around the stage.copyright protection17PENANA9bMyUrnspA

“She placed in the top eight of Pokémon League in the Kanto Region, so do not expect me to hold back!” Hala added.copyright protection17PENANAVuOkAElZyy

            Those murmurs became more excited and Violet cracked her knuckles beside me.copyright protection17PENANAQoXzYb7prI

“Please give an Alolan applause to my challenger! Violet Cassidy!” Hala announced.copyright protection17PENANAVBUH9O9xgz

            I swear to Arceus that the trees surrounding Iki Town rocked from the thunderous applause my girlfriend received from the festival attendees. She stepped forward, a confident smirk adorning that beautiful face of hers. A whistle was hurled at Violet and I searched for the source in the crowd to shoot a death glare at, but was unable to locate it.copyright protection17PENANA7b4WwFARE9

“Please send out your Pokémon first, Ms. Cassidy,” Hala told her.copyright protection17PENANAqvxn4wzbV0

“Well since I heard how tough a Trainer you are; I ain’t gonna hold back,” Violet announced, readying a Pokéball, “Go Blastoise!”copyright protection17PENANAURCPzLEJjV

            Her ace Pokémon appeared with a massive thud and roared mightily, spraying twin jets of water from both cannons into the air. This showered us all and some were made even more excited while others were a bit upset over being caught in the splash zone.copyright protection17PENANAiq7nmD2XvG

“Your Blastoise looks strong. You must be a great Trainer,” Hala complimented, “Crabominable, I need your assistance!”copyright protection17PENANA6VbEjgaSs6

            Hala sent out an equally massive Pokémon who landed with a thud. The four-legged Pokémon had white fur and a blue face. Two massive claws pounded against a wide chest. Crabominable roared at his opponent.copyright protection17PENANATmYvcxhQhA

“Begin!” Professor Kukui announced suddenly as he took the role of referee.copyright protection17PENANALA1SXowZl1

“Aqua Tail!” Violet called out.copyright protection17PENANAFsXR6g7h9z

            Water swirled around Blastoise’s stubby tail and he leapt into the air, did a front flip, and prepared to bring down the hurt onto Crabominable.copyright protection17PENANAn3Wlz8TQYa

“Iron Defense!” Hala countered.copyright protection17PENANAqJLrCIP8Hb

            Crabominable brought both claws in front of himself as a steel-like gleam appeared over his body. The Aqua Tail slammed into him and pushed Crabominable back, but the Ice/Fighting-type pushed Blastoise off of himself. Blastoise landed and smirked, obviously enjoying the prospect of a tough opponent.copyright protection17PENANAanE7fKom1y

            I do not know what came over me, but my attention suddenly diverted from the battle in front of me towards someone across the stage from where I stood. The ethereal white of this girl’s outfit stuck out like a sore thumb. She had long, blonde hair and green eyes. She hurried away from the crowd of people watching the battle.copyright protection17PENANAWpBSKa1D1Z

“Hydro Pump!” Violet ordered.copyright protection17PENANAOrJzTmiJu0

            Blastoise fired twin jets of water from his cannons at Crabominable.copyright protection17PENANAVEnzMDka0m

“Block it with Dynamic Punch!” Hala ordered.copyright protection17PENANAJWLkPvvQ9w

            Crabominable sent a powered up punch that caused an explosion once it contacted the Hydro Pump. Steam filled the upper part of Iki Town and I nearly lost sight of the young woman who had commanded my attention. I spotted her through the steam and saw her go up a dark path leading away from Iki Town.copyright protection17PENANAQYYAySXQCr

“Where’s she going?” I muttered under my breath.copyright protection17PENANAQx6e7TRr4R

“Blastoise, use Rapid Spin!” Violet ordered.copyright protection17PENANAONOz8D5Duf

            Blastoise leapt up and tucked his head and limbs inside his shell. He spun around and around before launching off toward Crabominable, hitting the Ice/Fighting-type in the gut. I made my way past the crowd of people and followed the strange young woman away from Iki Town. The sound of Violet and Hala’s battle became fainter and fainter and soon enough it disappeared completely as I ascended up a hill toward an ominous-looking mountain that loomed over Iki Town.copyright protection17PENANA9ld7WL0TBC

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