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Gaylin and the fox
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Writer Barbara
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Gaylin and the fox
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Jun 13, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!MLp3WJYk1hUd15Z0W9dVposted on PENANA

(Note to the reader because of the limited word count I was not able to explain Josh only adopted Gaylin for two months whilst the family searched China for his dad Yè fēng. He mainly calls Josh dad out of respect for looking after him whilst he stayed with the family for a year.)copyright protection14PENANAsAaSmFzIM5

The snow begins to fall like cottonwool, the wind has that icy nip to it which makes everyone want to stay in front of a roaring fire, all snug and warm. This is what most people do in winter, but not Gaylin Spear. He hates staying indoors, he likes to be out exploring the land and what he enjoys the most is walking up to his knees in snow.copyright protection14PENANAJzR8DORB9T

One day whilst out exploring the high hills near his home he begins to hear the weeping of a dog in distress. He quickly follows the sound to find it is coming from a young white fox: its back paw is trapped in a snare.copyright protection14PENANAS36T85U5e7

Gaylin quickly gets out his knife to cut the animal free, but with the injury to its leg prevents it from running away and he cannot leave it to die; so he gently picks it up and carries it home. Normally the animal would go for the person helping it and would have be put to sleep before the vet is able to take it anywhere. This is not the case for Gaylin with him being a Dream Deity, common name Dreamer, with them being able to take away nightmares; they are also empathic which gives them the ability to channel calming thoughts into a person or animal without their knowledge.copyright protection14PENANA0HIbA4R9MD

Gaylin places the fox inside his thick coat to keep it warm as he makes his way home through the deep snow. It is beginning to get dark by the time he reaches the outskirts of his village, he gently strokes the top of the fox’s head and whispers, “Nearly home”.copyright protection14PENANAfwd6EQVwr4

Josh, Gaylin’s adopted father is beginning to worry as his son is always home before it grows dark. He puts on his coat and heads out to look for him.copyright protection14PENANApk7wdgB7lQ

Josh became Gaylin’s dad in 1200AD after his entire family were killed by the Day Walkers, which were a terrible army of women, half Vampire and half mortal, that swept across the world like a black cloud, killing everything in their path. Josh himself lost his wife and daughter to them. He is another form of god which the mortals call Annihilation Deity because they can produce fire in the palms of their hands.copyright protection14PENANAflyYw82niP

Gaylin is making his way through the marketplace.copyright protection14PENANA1xleDZ4ywv

All of its little stores are covered in snow and long icicles hang from the roofs, Gaylin can see a ball of fire coming towards him through the blizzard and he begins to wonder who could be out on a night like this?copyright protection14PENANADVPKr313bm

   “My dear boy, there you are,” says Josh, running over to him, as he makes his hand into a fist to extinguish the fireball.copyright protection14PENANAUrIspeBsCT

   “Dad, you didn’t need to come looking for me.”copyright protection14PENANAhDqDS4CWD9

   “Oh? I’m not allowed to worry, when my son is not home after dark?” Josh asks, leaning down to look into his son’s eyes.copyright protection14PENANAsg4i1vm2zx

Gaylin giggles and replies, “It is a parent’s duty to worry, but as you can see I’m fine.”copyright protection14PENANAotZ7WplxRY

Josh nods and says, “Which I am pleased to see. Come.”copyright protection14PENANAr9CSMuXprA

They both head home and once they are inside the warm kitchen, Gaylin places a towel on the table before he removes the fox from his coat.copyright protection14PENANAyTRDcT8yVH

   “The poor girl, where did you find her?” Josh asks, giving the animal a stroke.copyright protection14PENANA6kb5r7vNFn

Gaylin goes on to tell him whilst he takes a closer look at the paw and continues, “I don’t think it is broken, can you confirm?”copyright protection14PENANAM6woZjSWJj

Josh nods, he gently feels it and replies, “No, it is just badly strained. Let’s take care of that cut.”copyright protection14PENANAxidoVph4Xd

Gaylin fills a bowl with warm water, he grabs a cloth and carefully cleans the area where the snare has torn into the flesh whilst his father keeps the fox distracted with some pieces of cooked duck.copyright protection14PENANAL4yXaZ4FNK

Once the paw is clean Josh helps him to place a dressing around it that contains healing herbs and they both make her a nice bed near the fire to rest.copyright protection14PENANA2zQzYQSQMC

The following morning the gods call a village meeting to inform the people what has happened on the outskirts. The mortals are shocked that an innocent animal, who is happily lying in Gaylin’s arms, has been hurt by the very thing which is banned. They are all relieved to hear all the fox has suffered is a sprained paw and she is on the mend. A group of hunters decide to head out to check no more have been set.copyright protection14PENANAajUoIPN0TL

A little girl walks up to the Dreamer, she goes to stroke the fox but her mother quickly pulls her hand away, making Gaylin say, “It’s all right, she can stroke her.”copyright protection14PENANAdFPLCZLHFz

The mother performs a slight bow and releases her daughter’s hand.copyright protection14PENANArH9ig789YU

The little girl runs her hand down the side of the fox’s body and says, “So soft... How do you know it’s a girl?”copyright protection14PENANAL8eGwWvkWo

   “My dad knew the moment he saw her.”copyright protection14PENANA6a4WWGVIoB

  “How?” the girl asks, looking up at the huge Annihilation Deity.copyright protection14PENANAhPjr8AyhJx

Josh crouches down, he taps the left side of his nose and replies, “Her sent is not as strong as a boy’s and her markings are also different.”copyright protection14PENANAbvFqbcmHxj

   “Oh, so boys stink?”copyright protection14PENANA5Dt9zpQv7e

Josh nods and replies with a slight laugh, “That’s one way to put it. However, most humans cannot smell the difference.”copyright protection14PENANA6p4qRd0puJ

   “I guess we have to be the same as you,” says the little girl, pointing a hand towards him.copyright protection14PENANAWGfC6rPs8n

The Annihilation Deity gives her smile and replies, “Yes, I’m afraid so, my dear.”copyright protection14PENANALe1fnAEe6M

The mother pats her daughter’s shoulder and says, “They need to get the fox home.”copyright protection14PENANAtdcyD3LDtf

“She’s fine, but you’re right she needs to rest,” says Gaylin, winking his left eye.copyright protection14PENANAnqWD324Tvd

The little girl gives the fox one last stroke before the gods head out of the meeting hall.copyright protection14PENANAhhriwPTb3Z

It is late afternoon when the hunters arrive back, they all head over to Gaylin’s home to offer him and Josh some large salmon.copyright protection14PENANAYxdb5RfRvI

   “Here, this one is for the fox,” says one of them, holding out a medium size fish.copyright protection14PENANA6S93wd5B7B

   “Thank you, Gust, she is going to love that,” replies Gaylin, as he takes it.copyright protection14PENANAOoSfGp4AA8

  “Spear.”copyright protection14PENANAAzFNKLEZC9

  “Yes, Raven?”copyright protection14PENANAIJ2SMy5S9d

   “Could she be a Fox God? As we have not come across any more traps. We know from experience no hunter lays just one.”copyright protection14PENANAtYBmdiLiSl

  “Raven is right this is a test, a test to see if we can take care of god, right Spear?”copyright protection14PENANArsV7gFSVFv

Gaylin nods and replies, “I think you’re both right, Windfall, as I also believe there is more to our little guest than just being a wild fox. Even though my bracelet is not glowing nor my guardian has come forward, it does not mean we’re not dealing with one as they can be very cunning, so we must take very good care of her.”copyright protection14PENANA4oe7g1GmUQ

All the hunters nod in agreement and go on to inform the gods the people have also begun to lay offering at the statue of the god which makes them very happy.copyright protection14PENANAznObJ1tukm

The hunters all perform deep bows to the gods and the fox before they leave the house to return to their families.copyright protection14PENANAQLOMS5rK07

Over the following weeks the fox’s paw continues to get better and Gaylin is pleased when he sees her hunting for a vole under the snow, she jumps into the air to dive head first in the deep snow up to her back hips and comes out with the rodent in her mouth.copyright protection14PENANAf4vucLwS7q

   “Well done,” he says, giving her a stroke.copyright protection14PENANAIHOwSxyl2S

The fox trots proudly back to the warmth of the kitchen to eat her prize.copyright protection14PENANAITDwFwB7gB

The following day Gaylin decides to lead the fox back to where he found her, in the hope she will return to the wild, but she just follows him back which tells him she may not be well enough to head home, so he allows her to stay another week then tries again.copyright protection14PENANAewGK1TvxLD

This time the little fox runs to the top of a high hill, she looks back and barks.copyright protection14PENANAYukM1dkzzm

   “All right, I’ll follow you,” replies Gaylin, running over to her.copyright protection14PENANAshg6OWCq3T

The fox waits until he has caught up with her before she continues to walk along the top of the hill for another three miles, then sits down staring out across the landscape.copyright protection14PENANA2iqI2rCyZn

Gaylin is expecting the fox’s family to appear, but all he can see is nothing other than endless snow going on for miles in all directions.copyright protection14PENANAbXSwJTK3tj

Suddenly, a strong wind comes out of nowhere whipping the light dusting into a huge column and out of it comes a massive paw, slowly followed by a head then the rest of the body.copyright protection14PENANAqWAG3pCFPG

Gaylin watches the column of snow form in to nine long bushy tails and he whispers, “A nine tailed Fox.”copyright protection14PENANAzRZZA2qcAp

   “My son, he would like to thank you for taking care of his daughter,” comes a deep man’s voice with his mind.copyright protection14PENANAAMnti6n3aQ

Gaylin is pleased to see his guardian has appeared beside him, who is a twelve foot creature from the other realm who could be mistaken for the grim reaper with him wearing a long black hooded robe and has blueish purple orbs for eyes, he looks up at him and says, “Nightfall, I was right this was a test to see how we would take care of a god.”copyright protection14PENANAmANXhQmUwb

The guardian nods and replies, “He is pleased to see his dear daughter has recovered very well.”copyright protection14PENANAA53A4DCvQd

The Dreamer looks to the Fox God and asks, “Why? Why did you feel the need to test us?”copyright protection14PENANAVrZiUiohly

   “He wanted to be sure the mortals still honoured us gods. But he never thought it would be a fellow god who would have stumbled across his dear daughter and helped her. He cannot thank you enough.”copyright protection14PENANA8H9VFqM1ki

Gaylin performs a slight bow and replies, “You’re welcome. I’m just pleased I was able to help her.”copyright protection14PENANAdVohvsV8YL

The Fox God bows his head, then he vanishes in to a column of snow and the little fox also bows before she disappears into a small cloud.copyright protection14PENANAlTckb7DAoY

Gaylin turns to his guardian and says, “Thanks for your help.”copyright protection14PENANA9wGislIen2

Nightfall gently pats the Dreamer’s shoulder and replies, “Any time my son and see you again.”copyright protection14PENANAxBYVStoNBm

Gaylin waits for his guardian to disappear back in to the other realm then he makes his way home and goes on to tell his dad what happened.copyright protection14PENANAzXfMiqTV1h

Josh is a little confused, but at the same time he is pleased to hear the young fox is now reunited with her father.copyright protection14PENANATaOAsgWbvj

The following morning the hunters notice all the offerings around the Fox God’s statue are gone and in their place are beautiful crystal flowers all over the shrine. Gust quickly goes to inform the gods.copyright protection14PENANAe2VcXNGlBi

Josh and Gaylin are both shocked, they watch them sparkle in the morning sun.copyright protection14PENANAHafXXxnQsp

Nightfall informs the Dreamer they are a gift from the mother Fox God and they will continue to glow as long as people remember them.copyright protection14PENANA7mzVX2cTdH

Gaylin knows as long as he worships the Fox God the people will do too and he was right, even to this day people still place offerings at the shrine and stay to watch the crystal flowers sparkle.18Please respect copyright.PENANAuEf3Ac6M6k
copyright protection14PENANAdsJ8EHWl2y

The end.copyright protection14PENANADKJSHGq5wS

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