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When the Sun Rises in the West
Writer Jes
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When the Sun Rises in the West
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Chapter 3
By Jes
Aug 12, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!eVYZPsji0cmzu1j9k7Nlposted on PENANA

“He owns you a big apology. Not nice at all. What a disappointment! I’d never thought he’s such a coward.” Finishing her sentence, Molly sipped her cup of hot latte. Her fine brows arched elegantly even in her anger mood. “His way to say goodbye for the woman he declared love for seven years is for a coward.” And wrinkled her nose in disgust.copyright protection3PENANAPZZu3NADh3

I survived the night of flash shock thanks to Adrien. Billie’s decision thundered me instantly and I became deafly insane. I had never known my brother was a very good listener. We fought a lot but we cared for each other. This is how siblings are. He let me speak everything and that was better.copyright protection3PENANAfvYduOGO6G

“Does he really meet someone else?” Jayda still half believed which was not surprising at all because the Billie we had known could never do that. He was against cheating in any all kinds due to his father left him and his mother since childhood for the other woman.copyright protection3PENANA1tgvuzFOHs

I nodded in confirmation. It was on the third day of our break-up. I called him just to ask for a chance and he confessed that he wanted to give this chance to the other one. And that was enough for me. Actually, he should split it out earlier. The truth surely hurt me but at least I had the closure to move on instead of clumsily trying reaching him. I wasted three days calling him, for waiting for his answer, for thinking…nonsense, for being mad, blaming myself. Totally waste of my time.copyright protection3PENANAaws90vWA9e

“Asshole.” Jayda cursed. She was the one in our group that never had a relationship with anyone and would never. She was a kind of woman who had never dreamed of love. “It’s unbelievable. You know…I thought Billie was the right one…the most right one. And you were lucky to find this man.”copyright protection3PENANAEoJDBeri3x

“I know,” said I. “Like a dream.”copyright protection3PENANAY40fAvPfjw

Only Elise did not say anything. Might be because, previously, she spoke a lot. She was the first friend I called for advice and as she had encountered this kind of situation before, Elise pointed out that he must have another woman and it must be for a while. Of course, I defended Billie but when he insisted as though we had never loved to each other, I asked him. The answer was no different from Elise’s prediction; I was totally a fool.copyright protection3PENANAIu3aD4FAFO

Sometimes I blamed myself for the reason that I quitted my job. Because I had no bright future, because I continued to search for treasure on my dream, my world was in my house and Billie and I became a wretched girlfriend who he found no charms and far from his dream (Thought he used to say that he loved the way I was.) Meanwhile, Billie made new friends; he had a stable job, his world was bigger and he saw the new opportunity for his life, also a new woman. Perhaps it was not the main reason but still took major parts of it.copyright protection3PENANAPjdyWPNn7Q

“Do I look fat?”copyright protection3PENANAU6VVlvqaLK

This question silenced all of them. Molly stared at me in disbelief and then roared her laughter. “What?”copyright protection3PENANAHteKDSOitu

I shrugged. “Seriously.”copyright protection3PENANA7iNlRJaE7h

“Are you crazy?” It was Jayda who answered me. “Yeah, you’re fat if comparing to a skeleton. Don’t say that you think he left you because he thinks you’re less skinny.”copyright protection3PENANAv2oqXKWnVH

“No…I mean yes. I’m not that pretty, not prettier enough to stop him to look for someone else.”copyright protection3PENANA7CalnOeb7H

All my three friends rolled their eyes, “Please, even beautiful actresses got cheated. Time changes, people changes. There are many reasons, Loire. And don’t blame yourself.”copyright protection3PENANAFeZtzQdKvk

Elise nodded. “Molly’s right, Loire. When his love for you is not that strong, there are many excuses for him to go. Ask yourself. Have you tried your best?”copyright protection3PENANA21mqsjaoH6

I pondered for minutes. The old memories reminded me that my relationship with Billie was good but when I thought of how he cut the line with me, the pain consumed. I tried not to cry again. “I think I’m not that perfect girlfriend, you know. But I think I tried my best. I change many attitudes just to blend with him. I don’t deserve this shit.”copyright protection3PENANA6OIha65ohc

“Yes,” Molly snapped her fingers. “You don’t deserve it. It’s him but we can’t do anything. It’s you who can. It’s your heart. I know it takes time, right?” She turned to Elise. The dark-hair girl nodded in agreement. “But you’ll be stronger. We know you’ll be.”copyright protection3PENANA6Xr5r1WELs

I smiled at them. You know? Friend therapy is the best remedy for a broken heart. Sometimes you think the world ends when our love one left; friends slap your face and shakes silliness out of your head. True friends always are with you, hug you, embrace you, and heal you. You are loved than you can imagine.copyright protection3PENANAZNtldWFolm

My eyes observed my three friends. Jayda and Elise were my besties since nursery. We both went to the same school and parted when we enrolled in college. Jayda had short pixie hair and worked in as a graphic designer in an advertisement company. Elise was a doctoral student studying science. For Molly, we met at college. Now she was married to a good man from Canada and she opened her own restaurant there. Molly did not live here but she visited her home. And as Christmas was coming, she returned home to celebrate.copyright protection3PENANAurbdIljOKB

Then, Elise asked, “And what are you gonna do next?”copyright protection3PENANA0RzrX1sTFd

I shook my head, losing of thought. “Do the same. No, I will be more diligent.” I chuckled but no one with me. “What? Don’t do girls agree?”copyright protection3PENANAmE1Q0eMGD7

Molly tightened her brows, “You should find a job. I mean a stable job. You can.”copyright protection3PENANA28zemhzG6k

“But she loved what she’s doing.” Jayda protested. “Don’t end up like me. I hate every single minute in that office. But blame my passion, I am not strong enough to walk out.”copyright protection3PENANAh6bRy8S12y

“No.” Molly insisted. “I don’t mean she quits her dream but I want her to find a new environment. Meet new people….new man.” Then ducked one of her brows like don’t-you-see-my-point?copyright protection3PENANAfodgfdv1T9

Elise suggested, “How about travel?”copyright protection3PENANA9WhIaD0Kj6

She saved me from the others’ stare. “I’m not ready but I consider this option.” I smiled at them. Travel was in my blood. I longed for it every day and since Billie did not want to be with me, I had to travel alone again.copyright protection3PENANA5BdgtLpmNs

“Do you need more chocolate?” I turned to Molly and showed her my cup of hot chocolate. We were in a café in the center of the town.copyright protection3PENANAU2R8j6lO8f

“Eat more. You’ll feel better. Lupin said.”copyright protection3PENANAXhcf0mT07d

We all laughed.copyright protection3PENANA7cPkti6SET

“Do you feel better?” Elise asked for certainty.copyright protection3PENANAlzWcHfi34q

“Of course,” I insisted. “But I did not call you girls out just to listen to my problem.”copyright protection3PENANAj1IvhISaJZ

Their eyes sparkled when hearing this. It sounded fun. I knew. “I want to dye my hair and buy new stuff.”copyright protection3PENANAnQbcaFuhx9

“Cut your hair like me?” Jayda made a cool pose.copyright protection3PENANAbSJ75rnnvr

“I think it’s too short for me but yeah I need it shorter. This is nothing about Billie. Trust me. I want to do it all the time but because he seemed not to like short hair…I mean he loved the very long hair and natural blonde color. And thanks to him, I lost some weight and now I am single. I can wear and do what I want. Just focus on me and me.”copyright protection3PENANAOOswkJfcUY

Molly demanded, “No stripper.”copyright protection3PENANAchOotZ3YhB

“Of course not, I trust your sense of fashion, Molly.” I grabbed her knee. She smiled proudly. “And because I threw away a lot of old stuff.”copyright protection3PENANA8suSAzjXXP

He bought me a dress and some eye palette set and now they were in the junk. I also burned his cards, the flowers he gave, movie tickets, and anything I could think of. Oh, I also tore the cards before burning them.copyright protection3PENANAoLERiYBybv

“You should spoil yourself sometimes.” Jayda approved of my plan. “You know how to spend money and this is the right time to fulfill yourself.”copyright protection3PENANAwnMlMglPfC

“Yeah,” I reassured her. “No more budget for dating.” We looked at each other with the knowing smile on our faces. “So…shall we begin?”copyright protection3PENANArn5VgFvACs

“Let’s shopping!” All shouted.copyright protection3PENANAp1e3Sw2u5d

Ashley and Mathew slowly watched me from head to toes. On the top of my hair, it was platinum blonde and I dyed the trim of it pink. The length of it stopped at my shoulder. The hairdresser gave the compliment that I appeared younger and cooler (perhaps, punker). My friends helped me select dresses and tops. We did not forget new cosmetics. Do not get me and him wrong. I loved dress myself beautiful. I loved this stuff, beauty products, skin cares products, fashion clothes but due to the fact that I was a good financial planner, maybe too good, who focused on collecting money, I rarely spent the time to spoil myself because of the saving for our dates, travel, and life-saving. And Billie had never forced me to remain long hair. I just chose to please him. As a boyfriend without regarding the last encounter, he was good to me and treated me well. But because when my life changed, I wanted to change most of everything. Love colorized my boring life and when I lost it I needed to paint it myself.copyright protection3PENANAZBBMXn3idi

“You look great.” My mother told me but her tone declared the disapproval. “Adrien told us everything.”copyright protection3PENANAUFGZAWE6wh

I kept my mouth shut and gave them a shrug. “Don’t worry. I cried enough and no more.” Sometimes with my parents, I felt like a teenager.copyright protection3PENANAyViMZbj1Fo

Ashley smiled a comfort smiled. “We all know you’ll be alright. Our girl is a strong woman.” Her hand squeezed my hair. I hugged her and turned to father’s embrace too.copyright protection3PENANAeF0QrXeufr

“I know you two never approve of my decision to chase my dream. But I promise; I won’t let you down. I will show you my decision give me a happy life and not struggle too.”copyright protection3PENANANa6t9HpONW

They nodded. Anyway, the way their stare at me still demonstrated the hesitation. So I added, “Tomorrow, there will be a truck come to our house and they will carry half of my plants.”copyright protection3PENANA6mRp8QBsSg

Ashley widened her eyes and repeated my sentence, “Half of them?”copyright protection3PENANAR6WRXnPbS4

“Yes,” I stretched my mouth wider and wider. “Half of them. They come from an organization for kids. They arrange a small festival in their area…and they need colorful decorations. It’s Elise who told me and gave me the contact so I called them and offered a good discount. At first, they politely refused but I knew the theme of their festival is saving-the-world, so I recommended them to save the world—grow my plants after using it. They bought my ideas saying it was amazing.” copyright protection3PENANADFfK9orzdf

My father clapped. “Smart girl.”copyright protection3PENANAvkBmJKdkd5

Ashley hesitated, “they haven’t planned it before. You must offer a very shock discount.”copyright protection3PENANAB4cxW9VLkO

She worked in the financial division and her knowledge did not fail her. “Yes,” I admitted. “Still earn a slight profit. Not big but better than waiting.”copyright protection3PENANAQXu6HDu9cI

“Okay, I approve.”copyright protection3PENANApH204MLi6Y

“Mom! I don’t need it.!” I sighed and tried to calm down. “I should do this for a long time.” Looked out of the window to the plant nursery house as if I could communicate with them, everything was going to be fine. “I waited for them to come. I should know before that it’s me who must reach them.”copyright protection3PENANAoI3Ag0KbM5

Ashley resumed her position on the table. They were eating snacks and watched TV program but their attention was still with me. “This is what I didn’t see for such a long time. My girl, the Loire I know is the one in front of me. She is full of energy and ideas. You know? We did not see this side of yours since you quit the job.”copyright protection3PENANAZD2uJK7eUk

I swallowed my saliva. She was right again. I was using to stay in my comfort zone.copyright protection3PENANAWj2Zk7L6pS

“We respect your choice but what we always a concern is the fire in you.”copyright protection3PENANA4NB8oR882U

I looked back through time and hated to admit the fact. After working at home, I became a slow and inactive person. My work offered me a lot of free times for living leisurely and even I complained about money, I was still not alert. How much time did I lose for waiting? No more. And Billie might see me like this: mentally depending to him, to his encouragement.copyright protection3PENANAd2xgxg0FuV

My focus returned to my parents. To reassure them, I said, “Don’t worry. It’s already lit up.”copyright protection3PENANAZrf2rz9dFy

I looked at the sky again. The thick dark clouds remained there. The storm was coming. I kept my fingers crossed to have faith in myself.7Please respect copyright.PENANAV5DtmaKnPf
copyright protection3PENANA5KmHSKy1SB

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