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Writer Capt. leon
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World war
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
12 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!gpMlDbXvkfnSJD5sw4B9posted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection3PENANAMYH2d1hLFr

Capítulo 20: World warcopyright protection3PENANAMWRzhuLe05

Winter was hard and snow was falling incessantly on the ground, causing the people of the Middle Earth to work hard to survive the frosty season, while kings, princes, and other leaders struggled with the preparations necessary to meet Urd's army.copyright protection3PENANAtnYd13Gx8h

Aragorn was very surprised when he received Faramir's report as soon as he arrived in Minas Tirith. copyright protection3PENANAGUfnXtpee5

“Then the famnyas want to send us to these "indigenous reservations" and if we refuse, Urd will want to do the work that Sauron did not complete," said Aragorn, who was annoyed.copyright protection3PENANAG11xAi2lx2

“That's right my king," said Faramir, "at least that's what that general by the name of Chaika told me.2copyright protection3PENANAr1ppertUZB

“Do you think Faramir that woman was serious?” Arwen asked him.copyright protection3PENANAcGws4tVuI9

“With regard to the fact that they would exterminate every man, woman and child.... Yes, I believe it, Chaika spoke about it very naturally, as if cat girls were used to killing on that scale.”copyright protection3PENANAzpaAWLTZ7r

Arwen looked at her husband worried.copyright protection3PENANA1ysrYHSrCS

“I see that any negotiation we might have with Urd is out of the question after this," said Aragorn, "now the important thing is to call Prince Imrahil and inform him of the decision to appoint him Dictator and commander general of the Great Alliance.copyright protection3PENANA3OyzgC3b6L

“And by the way, where is Gandalf?" asked Arwen.copyright protection3PENANAlGbwh7ha6p

“Gandalf told me he wanted to visit the kingdom's repository of old scrolls," Aragorn replied, "something about investigating the origin of our new enemy.”copyright protection3PENANAC8X4zWLsoo

Indeed, Gandalf locked himself in the old repository and as the weeks went by gathered valuable information piece by piece from Minas Tirith as well as from the personal library of Elrond and the late King Celeborn.copyright protection3PENANAkrcT1tw4EC

“I have to go to the faraway dwarf kingdoms of the north, perhaps there is the missing piece of this whole puzzle. I just hope Radagast will do what I asked him to do.”copyright protection3PENANAQ0j1wA9OLg

.copyright protection3PENANAdnoarX7dqv

.copyright protection3PENANABLWOEYha2W

Radagst the brown, was inspecting the magic tower of Saruman, the traitor. A task that he performed not to his liking.copyright protection3PENANANTW7VsH4gs

“That Gandalf, asking me to go to the tower of Saruman, when he well knows that I don't like to go away from my beloved forests and my beloved creatures, but work is work and I have to find all that junk in which Saruman was immersed up to his beard. I don't know if Gandalf is right, but I hope that with this the humans will have valuable help.... I have already done my part with the high ladies of the mountains.”copyright protection3PENANAktPJEhHMv7

.copyright protection3PENANAh7SeVxccIf

.copyright protection3PENANA8w85D3xk8O

In the remaining dwarf kingdoms of the west, as well as in the Elven kingdoms of Rivendell and Lorien, the forges were active all day to meet the demand for arms and armor that the men of the Great Alliance would carry in their war against Urd, their work being constant in the weeks after Galdorin and Kilibin showed the first samples to Aragorn and Éomer.copyright protection3PENANAMtiCcXUTJp

“We elves have quite a lot of armor because our people left all their equipment in Middle-earth on their way to the white shores," said Legolas to Galdorin, as he watched the elves' constant work under the shelter of huge flowering trees because they were in early spring.copyright protection3PENANA10wTesrrF9

“That's right, too bad we now have more swords and armor than elves carrying them," Galdorin replied phlegmatically as he looked around at all the work the elves were doing at the time. “We have so many elf armor that with a little work we could donate it to the other human kingdoms in the west, even to the dwarf kingdoms.”copyright protection3PENANAGOGOTjSqD1

“I fear that this idea will not bear fruit, Galdorin, the dwarves are very stubborn in this respect, they would never wear armor or weapons that had not been forged by them," said Legolas, while his thoughts went to his best friend, who was a dwarf by irony of fate.copyright protection3PENANAeqvx3HuXBd

"Well Gimli, I wonder how things are with you."copyright protection3PENANAnCeTwtlXU0

In the dwarf forges of the West, Gimli supervised the work of the forges along with the smiling Kilibin.copyright protection3PENANA7AOOpI7i8L

“In the past, we dwarves of the west were the ones who made the swords used by the armies of the kings and senescals of Gondor," Kilibin proudly said. “Of course, this work was entrusted to the young beardless of the forges, since the dwarf axes and hammers were forged by authentic dwarf masters.”copyright protection3PENANAjncPUfwpd7

“However, Master Kilibin," said Gimli, "you seem very happy and proud with the new weapons and armor that the humans will carry.”copyright protection3PENANACAKRugkQee

“Of course, they are superior armor and weapons," Kilibin said as he patted like a little boy. “Too bad dwarf kings insist on not adapting Galdorin's designs and mine to our armor and weapons. They' re all fools!”copyright protection3PENANARmPGaeohxx

“I don't know, Master Kilibin, I don't think you should fix what isn't broken. Our armor and weapons have proven their effectiveness over the centuries to change everything overnight.”copyright protection3PENANA3RVfGQvcfJ

“I'm sure the elves don't have that problem.”copyright protection3PENANAkSk4JOl3Fz

“Maybe that's the case, but now that doesn't matter with the one-way trip the Elves make to the white shores," said Gimli, hoping that more brave Elves like his friend Legolas would stay in Middle Earth to face Urd.copyright protection3PENANAiwW7c6mBoT

.copyright protection3PENANA8rK3HqTdD8

.copyright protection3PENANAWX1h2K5nOK

In Edoras, the capital of Rohan, Éomer reviewed the maps and reports his men had given him regarding the construction of the castles that were being built in the east that would serve to hinder Urd's progress.copyright protection3PENANAX7hTeu0B5o

"Good thing I learned to read and write in such a short time," thought Éomer, proud of himself, while making sure everything was in order.copyright protection3PENANAudQehyFbLi

"Let's see... The castles will each have a basic and unique design, with the exception of those that must be modified to make the most of the terrain on which they will be built. A tower of homage surrounded by a defensive wall with battlements and a moat that surrounds the wall, the whole complex must have a strong and well-stocked garrison inside, both in arms and equipment and in water and food. The water will be the biggest problem, the lands of the east are without water, the only way to maintain the castles will be by means of caravans, I must not forget that all the castles will have riders who will travel the distance between them to have a good communication, the steppe riders will be very useful for this work.”copyright protection3PENANAkIflZi65FU

Éomer closed his eyes after his hard work and smiled satisfied with himself.copyright protection3PENANAQD27xgBxSG

"Éowyn, dear sister, you'd be proud and calm in the work I do every day. The things I thought were so difficult to do, are now getting easier and easier, I just hope you're safe with Faramir, as you're so close to the enemy."copyright protection3PENANAWmUNBclgn7

.copyright protection3PENANAyHQN3P59VL

.copyright protection3PENANA4Lp6TWnuuf

In the surroundings of Minas Ithil, the work was constant. With the enemy so close, the city was fortified and various defenses on the battlements had been implemented, such as cauldrons with lead or boiling oil. In addition, with the early arrival of summer, all the way from the blockade that cut off the way to the dark tower of Cirith Ungol, to Osgiliath in the east had been fortified with the construction of various fortresses and barricades. This time the enemy would not enter through Ithil Mines and Osgiliath to attack Gondor.copyright protection3PENANAbrC6ediztG

Faramir was proud of all these preparations, but an accidental discovery in the ancient fortress gave him the confidence to face Urd.copyright protection3PENANAH1oxPrnVBi

“Are you sure about this, my husband?” Eowyn asked him.copyright protection3PENANAHF46MX3asy

“Frodo told me how the Nazgul rode huge black horses that were raised in Mordor, those creatures did not have an evil nature.... maybe this.... We must take advantage of anything we can use against Urd," said Faramir, and together with his wife they came out of the cavern hidden deep in the mountain range, which connected with Ithil Mines, through a secret passage they had just discovered.copyright protection3PENANAqDZ2Jeg2NJ

.copyright protection3PENANAIvL62Aypw9

.copyright protection3PENANAIdPNkCKnNd

In the Iron Mountains, Gandalf had entered the ruins of the ancient dwarf kingdom. The skeletal remains of the dwarves were scattered everywhere.copyright protection3PENANAWdQWgAawDY

"I hadn't seen anything so horrible since the community of the ring and I went through Moriah, no, in fact this is much worse," Gandalf thought, as the cold wind announcing the arrival of autumn seeped through several crevices that had opened in the mountain, which had no one to cover them.copyright protection3PENANAglt1svB1V7

The magician's search was diligent and had good fortune because he was able to locate the dwarf king's personal library, which was well preserved and untouched by fire.copyright protection3PENANAbEl0rFDc3q

"And the beautiful cat people helped to cultivate the land," read Gandalf quietly as he compared the notes he brought from Gondor and the Elven kingdoms, "Happy with his simple existence..."... "The men of Numenor cut down the forests and killed... Dwarves and elves fought against the shadow… Cruel humans like orcs who attacked the ent women and the cat people"... "Migration to the east: the great moving"... "Partesia queen of the cat people: and after killing those who are different from them, they will kill each other for differences of creed or race. So I heard, his daughter Famnya..."copyright protection3PENANApZEfVVQ6rt

.copyright protection3PENANA4HPxJi3ljZ

.copyright protection3PENANAtuDOv4t9gx

On the plains of Nurn, next to the inland sea of Nurnen, the leaves of the trees were swept away by the cat girls, unaware of the interview that took place in Urd's command tent.copyright protection3PENANAAFwfVsaMzB

“You'd better think very carefully about what you're going to say Natsuki, that is if you you value your life," Urd threatened the cat girl minister.copyright protection3PENANAfDj5b2nenH

“The threats are worthless, Urd sama," Natsuki replied without flinching, after all, she was once the commander of the army that was now under Urd's orders. “If the second, and third army were idle we would have sent them immediately to this dark land.”copyright protection3PENANAdQcRFIV8Sc

“Then, in the name of Famnya and her mother Partesia, what the hell are they doing," Urd asked, growing his fangs.copyright protection3PENANAGsSdHOGRAf

“Urd sama, we did our best to send reinforcements to him but with the military campaign facing the armies," said Akira, the rabbit boy minister who trembled with fear.copyright protection3PENANAtQSMV3Pjid

Natsuki took a hard look at Akira and then looked deeply at Urd.copyright protection3PENANA1w3dnJWiSO

“Get out," Urd ordered, and all present, including her ever-present personal guard, left the tent, leaving their mistress in the company of Natsuki and Akira.copyright protection3PENANAvyhnLYcrQM

“We have the largest fleet in the world," Urd reminded her. “Why don't we sail east and attack Middle Earth through Eriador.”copyright protection3PENANAGkCz6yDWSV

“More than 2,000 kilometers to the east are such vast lands, which are larger in size than Eriador and Harad together," Natsuki said uncomfortably.copyright protection3PENANA9Trd7PW37O

“I thought Fu Shang's lands were just a myth," whispered Urd, squinting. “You're telling me that the second and third army are there? What the hell did they find in Fu Shang, to send katsuragi and Ayanami to that place?”copyright protection3PENANASDm9188dzZ

“Katsuragi and the third army are in the north and found a kind of confederation of tribal warriors, whose cities have nothing to envy our capital. Katsuragi calls them the Nahuas," Natsuki reported, "to the south, Ayanami and the second army found an empire as vast as any we had faced before, she calls them the Tahuantinsuyos.”copyright protection3PENANAZfjCPqbsm3

“I understand," said Urd, who hid his fangs. “And what news came to you from that place?”copyright protection3PENANAowWPJ3EG7M

“To the north, the third army has problems because of the difficult terrain and to the south, well, it is estimated that the area will be pacified in at least forty years.”copyright protection3PENANAv0qR9rZiEz

“It's hard for me to believe, the second army is the most powerful of all," said Urd, this time bowing to Natsuki. “But that doesn't explain why I haven't received reinforcements from the first army stationed in the empire. I know that only 700,000 soldiers are needed to cover the borders, do not tell me that the other races have rebelled and rejected the "cat peace" we have given them. Why don't you send me the other 300 thousand?”copyright protection3PENANAhEPAgE1s6n

Natsuki got nervous this time and approached Urd.copyright protection3PENANAvuTrkDvZjD

“Your cat has good hearing, doesn't he?" Natsuki whispered to her as a drop of sweat ran down her forehead.copyright protection3PENANAMODcGNDG6i

“Gigi, come here," Urd ordered and the black cat entered the shop politely, for he knew from the expression on the faces of those present that it was not the time for jokes.copyright protection3PENANAfnW4YdJZFP

“Gigi, I want you and the other cats to go and get something to eat," Urd said and Gigi nodded.copyright protection3PENANAnakhCEU8Ee

“Akira, accompany Gigi and take the guards and Sakurai with you," said Natsuki.copyright protection3PENANALq3pCJdgqj

Once the two cat girls were alone, Natsuki rose and whispered something to Urd.copyright protection3PENANAyFGuKFHtFn

Urd's pupil and iris contracted, as a look of surprise crossed his face.copyright protection3PENANAj2xDjaieiW

“All the more reason to realize in the capital that waging war on all fronts is crazy," Urd said after a while.copyright protection3PENANAs4nvu0fHgF

“I know, though.... Anyway, I didn't come empty-handed. I brought you some gifts from Fu Shang and also something to help you in this place, something that is better in your hands than in the hands of the generals of the first army.”copyright protection3PENANA0OlHj5n1z2

Natsuki and Urd left the command tent and went to a place where some animals were, each in their respective cages.copyright protection3PENANAoS5Vwp6PEo

“The one on the right is a jaguar and the one on the left is a cougar," Natsuki said, and Urd approached the cats and began to caress them.copyright protection3PENANAM6t9CX9SFp

The cats were fierce, but because of the nature of cat girls, they accepted Urd's gentle caresses.copyright protection3PENANAxFeTnxYKyy

“The other creatures are a llama, a guanaco, an alpaca and the little one there is a vicuña with her calf," said Natsuki. “We believe these creatures are somehow related to our camels. The tahuantinsuyos use them not as saddles, but as pack animals, as for the vicuña, it has a wool that can be processed and give us a very fine fabric.”copyright protection3PENANANWrTSYiZNW

“Wow, she's cute.... I don't like pretty things," Urd said with a sneer when referring to the vicuña and its young.copyright protection3PENANAnz3RIGOSyt

"Then get rid of that wakashu of yours," Natsuki thought, careful not to look funny.copyright protection3PENANAh69wZx3YhC

“Show me what you brought from the first army," said Urd suddenly.copyright protection3PENANAx5zYZsWhrJ

Natsuki led Urd to a slightly elevated hill and on the other side of it she could see how a lot of exotic creatures were being cared for by several logistics soldiers.copyright protection3PENANAePjiG1YuUx

“In case the old tactics don't work," said Natsuki. “Not only are they assault mounts, but I've also brought you attack beasts. In both cases, there are not many, so use them well.”copyright protection3PENANAYcE8IDFMCX

“All the beasts that are not saddles are felines, are they not?”copyright protection3PENANAo92Y81r4jS

“Of course, otherwise they could turn around as soon as we release them against the enemy," said Natsuki. “I also brought you artillery and war machines, now crossing the Udun will not be a problem, too bad we have so few.”copyright protection3PENANAOyH7Qo9PT4

“Did you discontinue production?" Urd asked.copyright protection3PENANAnRg1ZYFELh

“Yeah, you know... from what I told you alone in the store...”copyright protection3PENANABarE8zGzE0

“I know that with all this you will have many problems... If the bad gets even worse, I hope we can see each other again.”copyright protection3PENANAstyaBpyKes

CONTINUARÁ...7Please respect copyright.PENANAAAZ2f8BVIg
7Please respect copyright.PENANAVaJulkTT58
copyright protection3PENANAPCj5Dj4iYP

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