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Short Story
The Bet
Writer HairyMclarey13
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The Bet
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Aug 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!gqpv5ibSeoAZi1epOZT9posted on PENANA

My heart thumped against my chest as my sweaty hands held the cold locker door closed. Sweat filled my nose and I tired to keep quiet but I could feel the disgust in my throat. Come on Sophie you can do this. I heard cheering and seven boys filed into the locker room.copyright protection5PENANA39XC0ZfqKg

"You guys ready for this year?"copyright protection5PENANAB1H0wMjHFx

"Can't we miss this year. I just want to relax in my last year"copyright protection5PENANA6fxogLO5LH

"But my dear Sean, since it is our last year in this pathetic town, I have changed the game"copyright protection5PENANAePRcrRbGiV

I had waited half an hour to hear this and I sucked in a little bit of air. This was it. This year I would be one step in front of these stupid hormonal boys. This year I was going to get my revenge. Well most importantly I was going to get Blake back into my life.copyright protection5PENANAWTWDUsqda5

"So what's the plan?"copyright protection5PENANALgkiFB4tHP

"Well instead of the seven of us going after one girl. We all get a girl each"copyright protection5PENANAbWE286TjMc

"How are we going to do that? Pull names out of a hat"copyright protection5PENANAfI5bm0ENdP

I watched Billy smirk before pulling out his phone.copyright protection5PENANASY6dhLPlfx

"I had Dax chose us our girls this year"copyright protection5PENANAaqtPsBVmVI

"That's a good idea. Have an outsider chose. Who do we get?"copyright protection5PENANAyarEmNE1AS

"Sean you get Hailey. Dean gets Holly. Slade gets Jane. Ryan gets Simone. Blake gets Kylie. Dylan gets Jamie. And I get Sophie"copyright protection5PENANAQtRWH8IxtX

The guys laughed and I took a sharp intake of breath. This was a stupid idea but it was a brilliant stupid idea. I was kind of hoping they would stick me with Blake but it looks like I am stuck with bad boy Billy. Maybe this was a stupid idea. I will need to talk to my mother and get the makeover she always wanted to give me. I heard the boys leave the locker room and I sighed. It was time to get the girls together. I pressed my head against the cool metal before pushing it open. I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard another voice. Shit.copyright protection5PENANA4EoxuQ8pd3

My name is Sophie Turnar. That's right the daughter of Elinour Turnar the famous interior designer. I'm eighteen and a senior at Callgoony High and I'm also a social outcast. I have bright purple hair, two nose piercings and a tongue ring. My mother calls me Goth and she likes to think of all of my nonsense as a phrase. I spend my free time smoking at the back of the school with my two friends, Fuzzy and Geo. Fuzzy's real name is Olive Fountain, her family owns everything in Callgoony and her mother has been our major for almost ten years.copyright protection5PENANA7MeyrAm6BX

My mum being an interior designer, we live in a fancy house next to the Fountains, so Fuzzy and I grew up together. We met Geo in grade eight when he moved here from a small village in South Africa. He has a thing for rocks. I've seen his collection and it's pretty cool. We don't know his real name, he said it was too hard to pronounce hence the name Geo.copyright protection5PENANAYsrPo8X7Gr

But I wasn't always a social outcast. I was popular, known as Crazy Sophie, the ultimate party girl. I could out drink everyone. My parents broke up when I was nine and dad got full custody of me. We traveled the world. I spent a year in France, Spain and Japan. I am fluent in six different languages but I couldn't paint like my father could. He said he painted to teach people how to smile. I was thirteen when he died. That's when my depression kicked in. I went from  party geek to outcast in a little over a month. Mum tried everything to cheer me up but gave up after a year or so. The only person that would cheer me up a little was Blake but I won't go into that story right now. Not even Fuzzy knows about him.copyright protection5PENANA5K5thzjqZx

Right now I was standing in a empty locker in the boys locker room, trying not to get busted by Coach Rylie. I had just heard the plan for this year social outcast screw. Seven boys from our soccer team chose a outcast to mess with find out who can sleep with her first. The winner gets six hundred bucks. I know stupid right. I wasn't expecting this year's bet to involved us all. This game was stupid though. I'm not just saying that because I'm a candidate. They never get laid not any of them through the game. We may be social outcasts but we not stupid little girls. There was only one year and again details I'm not getting into at the moment.copyright protection5PENANAu7jIGKj3QV

Another boy on the soccer team went past the locker I was in. He was muttering to himself. I think his name was Wyatt. I only know the Chasers on the team, everyone else didn't really seem that important. When I finally heard him leave the locker room, I quickly and quietly snuck out. Running as fast as I could, looking for the group of victims for this year.copyright protection5PENANA0OnsEMBCTh

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