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The white stone
Writer Capt. leon
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The white stone
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
16 Mins Read
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“FATHER, FATHER!" Mariko shouted, as she lunged at her father's badly wounded body.copyright protection2PENANAcYec9rviX6

There was plenty of blood flowing from the mans chest, his face was petrified with pain, and the old-fashioned glasses slid down to the tip of his nose.copyright protection2PENANADfZO0tmine

“Resist, father!” Dio said behind Mariko.copyright protection2PENANAcxbRoNNXaY

“I don't deserve to be called that, and I deserve much less from Mariko.”copyright protection2PENANA8mWmz5O4nL

“You covered your daughter saving her life," said Báku.copyright protection2PENANAb11aQ1Eck2

“I still don't deserve forgiveness... That girl I killed... Your mother...”copyright protection2PENANAqxABpYpdWz

“There may not be enough forgiveness in the universe for you, but you will always count with mine," Mariko interrupted with a serious, tear-stained face.”copyright protection2PENANAb4W7rvcfAA

“My daughter, I am sorry, but you must know the truth, only Dio is my son, you... your mother had already had you when I met her... it was a marriage of convenience, she wanted to keep an eye on me, she was ordered to steal the white stone in case I got it, so that the Vatican would not lay hands on it…”copyright protection2PENANA1LC3Ws5BEp

“No!" Mariko shouted as she hugged her father's body, "I want you to remain my father, that my mother remains my mother!”copyright protection2PENANAD5XeHmd6z9

“I'm sorry... I don't know when I convinced myself that what I was doing was right.”copyright protection2PENANAGKdCRF84VI

They heard a sound like dry branches breaking behind them.copyright protection2PENANAFWui0qL52p

It was Father Pietro, a thread of blood ran down the right side of his face, he came to the group limping and breathing with difficulty, he seemed very exhausted but his eyes were glowing with fury.copyright protection2PENANAuGvsUcO7jn

“Turn around carefully," he threatened the three friends with his pistol, who got up except for Mariko who was still leaning over her father's body.copyright protection2PENANAgZ8uB09K45

“Give me the white stone or I swear I will kill you.”copyright protection2PENANAsK1X22oN7q

“A man in a robe should not make such threats" said Báku to him, looking at him with a deep disgusted expression.copyright protection2PENANAdC7J41WS9f

“Yes," continued Father Pietro, as if he had not been interrupted, "the wall of his stomach or liver, his testicles...” He muttered to himself, as if deciding that it would bring more pain to his victim and more pleasure to him.copyright protection2PENANAgqfoUQo4At

"I have a doctorate in medicine, you know, I would like to have you on my beloved laboratory table, but I think this gun will do my sacred job very well, yes, it will do very well," he said with a demented smile that showed all his teeth.copyright protection2PENANA93eb0heo5l

“What are you going to do with the stone?”copyright protection2PENANAPjXW22YYU7

“I will take her to the Vatican and use her power to destroy the true enemies of the church.”copyright protection2PENANAebxtzskYxV

“Do you intend to continue your war against the Protestants of England?" said Báku.copyright protection2PENANAsHYGTZX7o2

“England?... The church is not interested in this small island, in fact, soon the number of Catholics will surpass the other Christian sects there.”copyright protection2PENANAselqaos9nn

“How will that happen?" asked Dío, "Catholics are only the minority of the population.”copyright protection2PENANAgByO58hp6O

“The British leaders are mostly Catholics even if they don't publicly acknowledge it, like former Prime Minister Tony Blair," said Father Pietro, "Why do you think he worked so hard to get the Good Friday Agreement signed, which led to peace with Northern Ireland, which has a Catholic majority?”copyright protection2PENANAlywjepjcwI

“But the Stormont Accord was largely the work of former U.S. Senator George Mitchell," said Dío "So the same plan to impose Catholicism surreptitiously in England is also being implemented in the United States?”copyright protection2PENANAfZXBq7ZShn

“Correctly, that's why neither England nor America is interested in the church.”copyright protection2PENANAfxYOm4WDt2

“So against whom will you use the destructive power of the white stone?”copyright protection2PENANArOBX8Qns2U

“The order has already been given that Brazil should be the one destined to serve as an example for all the pagans of the continent," said Father Pietro and a manic smile disfigured his face.copyright protection2PENANAbiU8TkgScx

“Brazil, you are crazy!" shouted Báku, "Brazil is the country with the largest number of Catholics in the world, and the rest of South America has Catholicism as their official religion, they would destroy all that too!”copyright protection2PENANAfs5ehrid4M

“No!” Father Pietro shouted to him. “They are not authentic Catholics, outwardly they call themselves Catholics, but they have a pagan idiosyncrasy. When Pope John Paul II visited Brazil, he realized that the population practiced African rites under the guise of Catholicism, the same could be observed in Cuba, where santeria was actually practiced, and the same situation occurred in Bolivia, where the population practiced pagan rites and heretical dances with figures of demons in their most important festivities.”copyright protection2PENANAgwBRuKISdL

“You're crazy!” Báku exploded with rage. “They confuse folklore with religion, especially in the case of Bolivia...”copyright protection2PENANAMo3GwW0NPd

“You'd better shut up! I will not allow you to question the church's decision," Pietro shouted.copyright protection2PENANAk4GpjXRCaW

“Who actually ordered that all the people of Brazil and South America should die?”copyright protection2PENANAprt0jYL1QY

“It was His Holiness Benedict XVI who ordered that all pagans should perish.”copyright protection2PENANAMCmQjTMkGB

“So the present pope is the "black pope"," said Báku.copyright protection2PENANAy0Geq0ciCn

“What do you mean?” asked Dío.copyright protection2PENANAe1OH27FN9w

“To an apocalyptic prophecy," answered Báku, "it is said that after a non-Roman pope is elected, a black pope will come and then it will be the end of the world.”copyright protection2PENANALW98Ms1yMH

“And what does the present Pope have to do with this prophecy?”copyright protection2PENANAalIQz9QMrt

“Because the former Pope John Paul II was not Roman, but Polish, something like this had not been seen in more than four hundred years, and the present Pope, Joseph Ratzinger, in his adolescence wore the uniform of the Nazi SS.”copyright protection2PENANA9GvXnx53lf

“What, Ratzinger was a Nazi!” Dio said amazed.copyright protection2PENANAz6bJfXbgwY

“No, it wasn't," Báku said. "In his later years, the Nazi government recruited several young men against his will, and although the SS uniform was exclusive to the Nazi elite, in the end they gave it to the young men to boost their morale.”copyright protection2PENANAYGjHxTQoFi

“The uniform of the SS was black..... a black Pope who would come after a non-Roman one...” muttered to himself Dio.copyright protection2PENANAROYmMmUSqf

Dío's murmurings stopped when he heard how Father Pietro cocked the gun ready to shoot them.copyright protection2PENANA70mjJBhUSN

“It is too late for you to understand," Pietro muttered, "now the Vatican will be able to fulfill the sacred mission of Catholicism, which is to convert everyone to the true Catholic faith and then to the rest of the pagan world.”copyright protection2PENANATRucy26pqL

“Liar.”copyright protection2PENANAHiAGFm2zfs

“What?” Pietro addressed Mariko, who had dared to speak.copyright protection2PENANAPmsbFcNW6F

“Liar," said the girl more clearly, as she placed her father's body on the floor that she had just embraced.copyright protection2PENANAK0wed5hjuH

"I said you're just a liar," said Mariko, who was now looking at the cruel priest.copyright protection2PENANA4cZFTF1Veg

"That is not the mission of Catholicism, that is not the true essence of Catholicism, my mother... My mother, she taught me the true meaning of faith. She had a sad look in her eyes, but she smiled every time for me, she always told me that the true faith was to accept other people, that we should not only tolerate them, for tolerance is the seed of intolerance that leads to extremism and bloodshed. Spain in the Middle Ages was the most tolerant country in Europe, but then the Inquisition came into being and from there the horror, the same with the former Yugoslavia, which was proud of the religious tolerance that existed in its territory, and you see the hell that became that place. Bolivia is going through a similar situation, in which the West and the East of the country simply tolerate each other.”copyright protection2PENANAo3DRfj32ga

"Accepting the message of love and forgiveness from anyone, regardless of their religious faith, that is the true Catholic message, not one of alignment and false piety that you try to impose from the beginning of Christianity and even earlier, your high hierarchy is false and hypocritical and therefore easy to overcome!”copyright protection2PENANAH0aefojwHO

Both Dío and Báku threw themselves forward to protect their friend with their bodies. The sound of gunfire resounded loudly at the scene, causing birds to escape quickly and adding to the confusion.copyright protection2PENANAeM0erTTtP7

The two friends were bleeding from several wounds on their arms and thighs. The surprise attack by the two men prevented Pietro from aiming at vital areas but again he reloaded the weapon and was preparing to assassinate Báku and Dío who were right in front of him.copyright protection2PENANAJebn6qG9sW

“NOOOO!” Mariko shouted as she lunged at Pietro holding his mother's cross. The two struggled and neither Dío nor Báku could do anything as the pain of their wounds gripped their muscles by nailing them to the place where they were.copyright protection2PENANAkaWvocTHIB

The sound of another shot resounded in a funereal manner, as the silhouettes of two bodies fell to the ground. Pietro rolled around like a wounded snake, holding his neck from which he had drawn Mariko's cross, trying to utter an audible cry, while the blood gushed out very quickly from the perforated jugular. Mariko, like Mariela, hit the ground with a thud in a horrible slow motion scene.copyright protection2PENANAvXnwbOq4hg

"I'm going to die," thought Mariko. "I'm going to die just like Mommy, I'm going to die like Mariela, like Daddy..."copyright protection2PENANAc1uooAO5Kh

Mariko had a large blood stain that covered her chest and spread more and more across her dress. Her friends crawled up to her and tried to cover their wounds as they shouted at her not to give up, but Mariko, despite her youth and energy, felt that fatigue was overcoming pain more and more, and soon all the sounds became blurred and her eyes stopped focusing on her friends' faces, losing her mind in the dark infinity...copyright protection2PENANA15rYBQbuxU

.copyright protection2PENANA63RtA2h07z

.copyright protection2PENANAhkALIZmx47

A few years later.....copyright protection2PENANAO6dg5O6gjE

The bus arrived at the village, had crossed a sharp bend and the stone wall was now replaced by a view worthy of a postcard, the village nestled in the middle of two majestic hills and on the edge of an immense turquoise lake, gave visitors an unparalleled beauty.copyright protection2PENANAapH1Ti4aib

The bus, after going down the steep bends leading to the village, reached the main square. A tall, thin tourist with grayish hair under the quiet bus was alone and formally dressed. An impeccable cream suit and trousers, a white shirt and morello cherry shoes so shiny that you could see yourself reflected in them. That appearance caught the attention of the children who were looking for tourists and taking them to cheap accommodation.copyright protection2PENANAKAvlmekILp

The man ignored the children, put on huge sunglasses that partly covered the two parallel scars that ran down the man's left eyelid and cheek and headed for the beach. He walked down the main avenue and down to the shore of the lake where there was a bust of Eduardo Abaroa, observed the place for a moment and then turned to the left taking a walk along the shore until he reached an area of the coast where there were some trees.copyright protection2PENANAQzw4QBSWRc

In that place was apparently a fisherman, he was a man of very muscular build, he wore a white t-shirt and some worn jeans, he wore some leather sandals that had a very thick plant, he wore a hat of broad-brimmed straw that covered his entire face at that time except for the thick but short beard that covered his square jaw. Apparently the man was squatting in a fishing net.copyright protection2PENANAA2Ci3vA8GT

“Problems with the network?” asked the tourist.copyright protection2PENANAkqtQMP47yP

“I was just cleaning it until a fish came, a poacher...." the fisherman replied with a sneer.copyright protection2PENANAwpp2tfEmcv

“Long time no see, Báku," said the tourist as he took off his sunglasses.copyright protection2PENANAzNyb5CHGKn

“Needless to say, we did not keep in touch in writing either," answered Báku.copyright protection2PENANAz4O3UASYHr

There was a brief silence in which the two men stared at each other, yet there was no resentment in their eyes.copyright protection2PENANAOeQehktVGG

“And how are you doing in this place?" asked Dío, breaking the silence.copyright protection2PENANArgtZrzB8fl

“Very well indeed," answered Báku, "this place is very beautiful and there is a tranquility that you cannot find in the city, now I am a fisherman and I also have a small stall on the beach where I serve food and drinks to the visitors, the truth is that I am happy to be here.”copyright protection2PENANAwPqkSkVLjC

“I am really glad that you are doing well Báku, I should have answered your messages but I...”copyright protection2PENANAd8R3m8nQ34

“Don't worry," said Báku smiling at him, which made Dío relax a face marked by the pain of always living against death, "the important thing is that you arrived on time, what do you say we go to the basilica now?”copyright protection2PENANAwvk0uMz6VP

“Yes, lets go.”copyright protection2PENANAsrESLxdHjx

The two friends made their way to the area where the boats were disembarking and climbed up the main avenue that was bustling with business at the time.copyright protection2PENANAkwFbA1jYSn

They arrived at the church, which glowed white in front of the sun, actually resembling a huge white stone in the middle of the village from afar. They climbed up the steps and went through the arch of the church gate, the atrium of the basilica was huge and the floor was shredded with countless multicolored pebbles that formed various designs. Next to one of the huge designs that drew an immense M letter, there were some small children who apparently received a pleasant talk from a nun who laughed with them. It was Mariko.copyright protection2PENANA2pSnpnaZu5

“And don't forget to pay attention to everything Sister Rosette tells you," Mariko told them.copyright protection2PENANAOWwtPi12Zl

As the children left, Báku and Dío approached.copyright protection2PENANAzjRfurhOq9

“Mariko?" said Dio quietly.copyright protection2PENANActy5QYs0YW

Mariko looked at him as she smiled and Dio blushed a bit, Mariko looked beautiful in her nun's habit and she held her friend's hands.copyright protection2PENANA5MTCgIUiKU

“I'm glad you came," said Mariko, who smiled very gently as if she were a gentle goddess.copyright protection2PENANADkduzIWRxn

"Now I can leave without any sorrow," Mariko continued, taking a short sigh.copyright protection2PENANA1JQAOHygHw

“Will you really leave and we won't see each other again?”copyright protection2PENANAdNj6qAOkSz

“Oh Dio, you knew this moment would come," said Mariko trying to comfort him.copyright protection2PENANAewTs1taYlH

"I see by your eyes that you've finally made peace, that's fine, friends should always be there for each other.”copyright protection2PENANAlmrbWfSuwA

“That is very true," said Báku, "I hope that now Dío will come to my post and try some of my lake speciality, the three of us could go and have the meeting together.”copyright protection2PENANA1JolQOVE9O

“That would be very nice, but they're coming for me," said Mariko as she looked at the church doorway with a bright face.copyright protection2PENANAeok7QmB1kW

Across the arch of the church, small individuals were walking towards them.copyright protection2PENANAJFiaQfqIKW

The group that approached them was composed of seven short individuals, dressed like Shinto priests from Japan, their faces and hands were terrible, completely mummified and their eye sockets were empty.copyright protection2PENANAiLGH7wv3bE

Dio drowned out a scream just like Báku. Only Mariko seemed calm in the face of that unrealistic vision.copyright protection2PENANASp2dxTz9VT

“May the gentle Bast smile and extend her hand to you, and the terrible Sekhmet keep you from your enemies," said Mariko, as she greeted them as they did in Japan with a slight bow of her torso.copyright protection2PENANA6EypPoEf7o

“May Tefnut always grant you the water source of all life and may the Titi always illuminate your path," replied the mummified monks, greeting in turn.copyright protection2PENANAcqaS7hoDlA

“Who are these people?” Báku whispered to Dío.copyright protection2PENANAhdZkqxeZH9

“I think they are the "Sokushinbutsu", mummified monks from Japan," said Dio, "monks who followed the "Shugendô", a discipline in which they led such a private life of comfort and with such Spartan training, that when they died they did not need any embalming process, since they mummified naturally during their lifetime.”copyright protection2PENANASNOrcEQQTX

“No, we are not the monks you are referring to," said a deep yet calm ultraterrestrial voice, "we are the priests who sheltered Arsinoe and helped her escape from Mark Antony and his treacherous sister Cleopatra. We are the extraordinary guardians of the white stone, who in times of great urgency relieve from their burden the guardians who can no longer fulfill their mission.”copyright protection2PENANAf5opYwHm92

“The holy guardians contacted me and agreed to let me accompany them to guard the white stone until a new generation of guardians is ready in the future," said Mariko with a soft voice smiling at her friends.copyright protection2PENANAXrfXMGu0Fb

“Let us leave now," said one of the monks.copyright protection2PENANAayZZZbDQ2w

The three friends made their way out of the church along with the strange group of monks.copyright protection2PENANANhCcHAIoXR

They went down the main avenue of the village and down the street to the beach. Both Dío and Báku were concerned about how the people would react when they saw the group of monks, but apparently, not only the monks, but also the three friends were invisible to the huge crowd that was walking along the avenue at the time.copyright protection2PENANAqUjGS5mm62

“Are we invisible?" asked Báku.copyright protection2PENANAyhBygBJTrL

“No," one of the monks replied, "we are not invisible, we did not disappear, we just came out of the frequency of mental perception of the rest of the people. That's why they can't interact with us, but we can interact with them.”copyright protection2PENANApf32rKDa8A

“Reality can be divided into multiple and varied frequencies of resonance," spoke another monk, "if you will, you can call it dimensions if it will help you to better understand the subject.”copyright protection2PENANA2zvlfnrCKx

“But we can assure you that we are not going through any dimension at this time," added another monk.copyright protection2PENANAFjOgR4RAYj

Dío and Báku were surprised at the mobility of their strange interlocutors, they moved slowly, but at the same time these movements were elegant and fast. They seemed oblivious to time, and a marvelous sense of stillness penetrated all of them, at least for that brief moment their lives were no longer chained to the unceasing martyrdom of the observance of time and the haste of performing worldly tasks in order to earn their daily living, they now knew what man's condition was before committing original sin, for while any honest work, however humble, dignifies the human being, work itself is not part of human nature, hence perverse people resort to corruption to avoid any work, and from this action all the evils of society arise.copyright protection2PENANAmnyqq0a3aj

They arrived at the beach and the two young friends drowned out a cry of amazement. They would have sworn that it was only a fifteen-minute walk from the church to the beach, but despite having left early, it was already dusk on the shores of the lake.copyright protection2PENANAEcS9y8xZLh

The three friends saw a long raft, which had a big feline head sculpted on one end, this raft lacked any oars or rudders, the wood of the boat was quite polished and highlighted the fact that it did not seem to move despite the swell of the lake.copyright protection2PENANAxqAmHsry3p

The monks came aboard carrying the white stone that Mariko had given them, which she said goodbye to her friends with a sweet, gentle smile. The three of them embraced each other without saying anything as all the existing words were unnecessary, they had reached a higher level of understanding, only bestowed by the deep friendship they had achieved.copyright protection2PENANARqNqQdq0gA

The boat had left without any intervention and was heading towards the horizon. Dío and Báku, tried to see the boat that was already a long way from them, but the brightness of the sun reflected on the surface of the lake hurt their eyes and denied them the sweet consolation of seeing their friend one last time.copyright protection2PENANAjUNc4lkBk6

Suddenly, a miracle happened that happened every sunset on that horizon since the beginning of time, the small hills that were on the horizon caught the sun for a few seconds, erasing the reflection of the sun on the surface of the lake and projecting this reflection to the clouds that lay like a dome of red, pink and golden colors of almost infinite shades.copyright protection2PENANASSwtedWFMZ

Now the clouds presented a mystical picture. Flying in large numbers, the small dark silhouettes of the seagulls were extremely clear. Both friends spotted the now very distant raft, the monks and Mariko seemed to be standing praying and the girl looked up to the sky with her arms outstretched in sublime prayer to the god and goddess.copyright protection2PENANA4DpR3f5ugm

Suddenly three white seagulls flew over the heads of Dío and Báku and headed for the sky.copyright protection2PENANA4AgRMlc7Wx

FINcopyright protection2PENANAdPpJjEXfjJ

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