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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!KsIaCOk56SmZ0mq5pugKposted on PENANA

This is a non-profit fanfic that does not intend to infringe the rights of those who own the Zootopia and Dominon Tank Police franchises. This fanfic is a tribute to Masamune Shirow (Dominion Tank Police, Black Magic M-66, Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, etc.).copyright protection2PENANAPC34e5Zu5m

ZOOTOPIA TANK POLICEcopyright protection2PENANAxQPf0r4lwa

Prologuecopyright protection2PENANAdTadgBjG5z

“Crime in Zootopia is out of control," said Mayor Leodoro Leonzález. “You have to deal with this problem like a surgeon, with a scalpel and not with an electric saw like you police do.”copyright protection2PENANArVcv0rBZVG

“Wait a minute, you politicians gave us the chainsaws! Well, now these are as effective as water pistols," interrupted Chief José Rosano, an old Bobtail dog.copyright protection2PENANAmtxbIxDMSa

“You think of these horrendous tanks as water pistols, so what do you think is a good piece of equipment for the police?”copyright protection2PENANAX648jkJD1P

“Well, I wish I had atomic bombs.”copyright protection2PENANActKpYLQzKM

“Chief of police, you're insane!”copyright protection2PENANAg7fNjXkXKd

“The atomic bombs ended the wars, then give us atomic bombs and we will destroy the crime.... Don't you understand, Mayor, we're fighting a war!”copyright protection2PENANA7IjcQDxAhy

.copyright protection2PENANApu1aTZVJzG

.6Please respect copyright.PENANA2ZDZx4CKno
copyright protection2PENANAvPOKC7IW4t

Capítulo 1: Dominioncopyright protection2PENANAacbuo28VDp

The road in the burrowing area was then used by bikers disguised as clowns. These criminals from Mad Max's or Akira's film, headed towards a small car driven by a pair of sheep.copyright protection2PENANAu3TvdMv9w4

The bikers were hitting the family car with baseball bats and steel bars and blowing up the windshield and other windows, hurting the poor occupants.copyright protection2PENANAP2TDNvLwsP

Suddenly, a police motorcycle came from behind and suicidally charged the criminals. Several fell off their bikes and saw the policeman braking in front of the bikers and already shooting at them.copyright protection2PENANAZD2b8qegmR

The motorcycles exploded with their occupants still on them. One of the inertia bikers rolled on the ground and crashed right into the front wheel of the police bike.copyright protection2PENANAGQUzm8mShT

“Oh, my ribs are broken.... Who the hell are you?”copyright protection2PENANAW7WQKJmvfP

“Officer Judy Hoops, teenage scum," said a young rabbit as she fired a blank in the villain's face, a square bullet, which hurt much more.copyright protection2PENANAlfsnqBOFRa

.copyright protection2PENANAxy0s8nAvfS

.copyright protection2PENANAobZk2K4ogk

At the central police station in the city of New Port, Judy Hoops was being confronted by the chief of police, a very big-mouthed black bear.copyright protection2PENANAeBzHZ0iNF9

“I'm sick of you Hoops!” Complaint after complaint of police violence from you!copyright protection2PENANAXdIYFQlglA

“But boss, just to do my job, you can't...”copyright protection2PENANA8JM84OS9d9

“Bullshit, but I already have the perfect punishment for you! You'll be transferred to Zootopia! That hole is perfect for a brute like you! You're going straight to the tanker police!”copyright protection2PENANAtrL38K4qxK

Judy read the transfer order thrown at her by her boss with her eyes wide open, she couldn't believe it, and she could feel her nose moving nervously.copyright protection2PENANAAvXitC9OSu

“Now don't come crying, Hoops, you asked for it and...”copyright protection2PENANAo1ea9jZ2sc

“Boss, thank you very much, this is like a dream come true!”copyright protection2PENANAbWEW0NH4ee

The rabbit opened the door of the office and told all her colleagues that she was going to Zootopia.copyright protection2PENANAOPJL8coh1g

“And don't you ever come back rage addicted!” The other policemen, relieved to get rid of the rabbit, said happily, but Judy did not take notice and believed that the cheers were to wish her luck.copyright protection2PENANALph0ArjzuM

Judy turned around and smiled at her boss, then turned back to her comrades and bowed an exaggerated bow to show her boss her ass disrespectfully.copyright protection2PENANAMGJrDJekNt

"This was supposed to be punishment," thought the chief of police. "Anyway, it's no longer my problem, God have mercy on the souls of those poor bastards in Zootopia."copyright protection2PENANAzBijnrwLIx

.copyright protection2PENANA1uXjuxLO7f

.copyright protection2PENANAAUVjlz2ATQ

After an emotional farewell from her parents, Judy entered the train that would take her to Zootopia. At the viewpoint of the train, she turned on her portable radio and Gazelle's song: Try Everything, began to play.copyright protection2PENANA3srmMONizv

“Ewwww this sucks” she mumbled to herself the adorable bunny and put her USB stick on the portable radio.copyright protection2PENANAPB0MVvkGjr

The rock theme of Bubble Gum Crisis: You know, was immediately played.copyright protection2PENANAWUmSeHrhhk

“Try everything? Better Try Anime music," said Judy with a sneer and began to dance wildly as she approached her destination.copyright protection2PENANA7kNzHzouRY

Zootopia was an environmental hell, the most polluted city in the entire polluted northern hemisphere. The entire population was forced to walk the streets wearing biological protection masks or risk death in the hospital.copyright protection2PENANA0Hz0uvwObP

There were not many open spaces in Zootopia, as there were no green areas, these were occupied by several buildings of several floors high. The urban architecture in the city was of a curious biological aesthetic, not naturist or relaxing, but oppressive and dystopian.copyright protection2PENANAg8JC0XjreB

Judy put on her mask and went first to the dunghill she had in her apartment.copyright protection2PENANAMmWzVD9j81

"Hell, how much I hate waking up at 5:30 in the morning. But I came here to make a better world," Judy thought, after setting her alarm clock and before going to bed, she decided to go to the bathroom to brush her teeth and do other physiological activities.copyright protection2PENANAh8IR9cmF1y

.copyright protection2PENANAvhGeUGce8r

.copyright protection2PENANAPUOMuJpD3y

The next morning, the bunny would drop her komodo dragon cuddly toy and take off her My Little Pony pajamas.copyright protection2PENANAEkGncQzywA

“God, it's still dark," cursed the rabbit and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and after a quick breakfast of semi-hard bread and coffee, went to put on his police suit.copyright protection2PENANA61SNgNus1D

“What the hell...? JA, JA, JA” the bunny laughed without wanting to. “Very mature my brothers, I'm going to kick your asses when I get home.”copyright protection2PENANAURxID2s3Gv

The police suit was comfortable but scratched on the fan service as the "armoured vest" was not so and by the way, it did not cover his entire torso, only the two "pancakes". It was clear that Judy would have preferred the regular uniform, but her older brothers' jokers changed her outfit without her noticing.copyright protection2PENANABlQiI29iAF

I hope the other cops don't make fun of my uniform.copyright protection2PENANATHGLvWzZpA

The young officer's hopes were dashed when Benjamin Garraza, the fat cheetah at the reception, told her she was "cute.copyright protection2PENANACksa35dv9T

Judy swallowed a couple of things she wanted to say about being "cute", but she preferred to be polite, after all, it was her first day and she didn't want to get into bad blood so early in the morning. But she couldn't help but notice with disgust that Garraza had a doughnut hidden in one of the folds of his chin.copyright protection2PENANA1LeR4WUdfu

After he swallowed the doughnut, Garraza told Judy where to report. It turns out that Chief Bogo, who was a buffalo, was in the tank hangars with the other tanker policemen.copyright protection2PENANAS8czUIvtHV

The first thing Judy heard as she approached was the thunderous laughter of the other huge animals, who enjoyed themselves as her boss Bogo, was "interrogating" a suspect.copyright protection2PENANA4kfwviCINM

“Duke Roedriguez," said Chief Bogo, as he pointed his magnun 44 at the weasel. “A small-time crook who went from selling pirate videos to smuggling anti-shielding ammunition overnight. Either you sing as a chorus girl or you say goodbye to your tender existence.”copyright protection2PENANABPxQGCNAQ2

The poor weasel was tied hands behind his back and tiptoed over a precarious stool. He could not move because he was being semi-hooked by a steel cable that ran from a beam on the roof to his neck that was getting more and more swollen.copyright protection2PENANA5Jaii50OyI

The poor Roedriguez, had a war grenade in his snout and the safety of the explosive was attached to a thin wire that was very tight and went from the mouth of the weasel to a bucket full of water, which was on a metal stool with four thin legs.copyright protection2PENANAJC3Y9ygMh4

“So playing hard to get, huh?” said Boss Bogo, and then the buffalo shot one of the legs of the bucket stool.copyright protection2PENANAyST6JzIway

The bullet grazed the very thin metal leg and it bent, causing the bucket to bend more and with this the bucket pulled the cable that was attached to the grenade lock further. Roedriguez was pissing himself and all the other policemen were celebrating the hilarious situation (hilarious to them it is understood).copyright protection2PENANAyghJyAOzom

“Good morning Chief Bogo, I'm Officer Judy Hoops and I've been transferred to your police tanker unit.”copyright protection2PENANAh7Zl59TmVa

All the huge, rough and rude animals saw the bunny with eyes like plates, but the most surprised was undoubtedly Chief Bogo, who accidentally pulled the trigger and the bullet hit the leg of the stool.copyright protection2PENANAqt3kAMUij4

The bucket of water fell to the ground and the grenade lock went off.copyright protection2PENANARRk9ATJps7

The terrified weasel opened his mouth as wide as he could and spat the grenade out.copyright protection2PENANALKfL5lVZHQ

“Take cover, everyone!” shouted someone and the grenade exploded, making a big bang all over the police station, breaking glass and a column of smoke came out of one of the windows of the huge police compound.copyright protection2PENANAa8kesU1mdk

Judy was coughing because of the smoke, but when she recovered she saw that Chief Bogo was in front of her with an expression of intense hatred.copyright protection2PENANAq4bLdMFXb8

“You can tell what you're doing here.”copyright protection2PENANA4XTkJYFEYm

“Hey, Chief Bogo, I'm Officer Judy...”copyright protection2PENANAv8vQnXKojY

“Don't even think that I'm going to let a cute little bunny like you into my macho male unit!”copyright protection2PENANAIK3UwhGceR

“Boss Bogo, here I give you my transfer...”copyright protection2PENANAkjPdDycida

The buffalo took away Judy's papers and proceeded to read them, and more and more the veins on his neck and forehead swelled with fury.copyright protection2PENANAFIjayG8j5r

“As you see Chief Bogo, the transfer is valid and my record indicates that I graduated top of my class and then played a good role in the road police with my motorcycle. Boss, I was dealing with violent bikers, I can assure you that I will not be a dead weight in your unit so you can dismiss any inconvenience that may bring you my person.”copyright protection2PENANAiNclHJCoVQ

“Let's see where I can start," said Bogo, who tried to put on a fatherly voice, but his eyes, injected in blood with rage, betrayed him.copyright protection2PENANAfga5tNDG6Q

"First of all, I don't give a damn about you graduating with honors. This isn't a detective unit, it's the fucking tanker police; second, cute bunny, the downside would be that I'd have to change the whole routine in this place for my officers to get used to the presence of a girl.”copyright protection2PENANARLzbW8R4sX

“Sir, I'm not asking for preferential treatment, I want to be treated like any other member of your unit.”copyright protection2PENANAwKKJ5ssIQo

“Of course you won't get special treatment, pretty bunny, and you know why? Because the fucking law forbids it! And what I'm worried about the most is that I won't even be able to smoke a cigar because you would surely interpret it as a phallic symbol and therefore sue me for sexual harassment! listen cute little ears, I and my officers don't intend to submit to what a group of femi Nazis might dictate!”copyright protection2PENANAy6EIb7wOOC

Judy opened her mouth to the impression, she had never been told such things in her entire life. And when she was about to answer the buffalo in a bad way, it sounded like someone was intervening.copyright protection2PENANAFFofQlnIqP

“Chief Bogo, first of all, it is said: my officers and I, not "I and my officers"; secondly, this is not the way to treat an officer with an academic record. Remember that although the tanker police have the function of supporting the SWAT forces, it is not because of this that we are mere traffic and road police who hand out fines, it is also our duty to investigate and fight crime.”copyright protection2PENANAFWAqGFS8oI

Judy Hoops stood still like a statue before the divine apparition. Dark as night, but at the same time beautiful as a white angel; elegant in his movements but with a wild sexapeal... a handsome black cat, intervened in her favor.copyright protection2PENANAwWPaF0icP6

“Sub-Commander Keyhearth," said Frowned Bogo, "I see that among the little ones you help each other.”copyright protection2PENANAPuMeJCz7lZ

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection2PENANAX0WxqCdjLB

Does love smell like roses or even like tank oil and gunpowder? Please comment!copyright protection2PENANA1iyQteRLqG

Fanfic translated with DeepL and myself, forgive any spelling mistakes.copyright protection2PENANASfbFtVh32C

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