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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!MqxOiqLYY2Nu6LVTMtAAposted on PENANA


Capítulo 12: Tigresscopyright protection2PENANAj9jQXBgIAe

Judy had not foreseen it, but the physical effort she had to put in was overwhelming. The initial race on the wagons soon turned into a crawl on the wagons due to the force of the wind that threatened to drive her out of position so that it would plunge into the void to a certain death.copyright protection2PENANALnIR9EKV8l

Judy could feel each of the muscle fibers in her arms tighten and struggle to advance inch by inch, while her athletic hind legs served as wedges preventing her from being thrown off the roof of the wagon.copyright protection2PENANAvcYcrn2Z1p

"Hell, if only I could breathe," Judy cursed inside, as the force of the wind had ripped off her biological protection mask, and now the wind had hit her face so hard that she couldn't breathe air efficiently.copyright protection2PENANASkycawOqeo

"There's no alternative, I'll have to break one of the windows," Judy concluded, sliding to the side of the car.copyright protection2PENANAFZMoRV3CQb

"No, they had to be right here!" Judy cursed her bad luck when she saw the hostages right in the last car.copyright protection2PENANAXmnVzOjBOk

Judy pulled out her gun and with the handle of her gun proceeded to hit the window furiously in the hope of warning the hostages to get out of the wagon.copyright protection2PENANA1HFzTP5Igk

.copyright protection2PENANA7WkTkbPnNG

.copyright protection2PENANAzL3WHCL0ez

Inside the last wagon all the animals, including Mayor Bellwether, had been locked up. All of them looked with regret at the floor as looking out the windows reminded them of how the train had been hijacked and now instead of the slow march, it was printing speeds that threatened to derail.copyright protection2PENANAlfh1PbQUT7

One of the animals, however, heard a constant, sharp noise upstairs and to his side and spotted what appeared to be a police officer trying to get attention.copyright protection2PENANAf03zToLJMz

“Look, everybody! The police have come to rescue us!”copyright protection2PENANAplkth1532k

All the animals crowded into the window and understood that they should open the window, but they couldn't find the shape, and they signaled to the policeman that it would be impossible without breaking the reinforced glass.copyright protection2PENANADoAUpp5gkY

The train was going at such speeds that if the glass broke, it would expel the purified air and the deadly, stale air would enter.copyright protection2PENANAnzZr9TPUCB

Then the passengers saw the policeman stop holding the gun like a club and now he was pointing at the window.copyright protection2PENANAt2XOvePBiS

Panic spread through the place, and they all walked away from the window and looked for anything they could cover their mouths with.copyright protection2PENANAVVgwQFVVVg

.copyright protection2PENANAUjQTKZMzUp

.copyright protection2PENANAbor8cWn2yG

Judy fired her gun at the window and after two shots, it exploded into dozens of fragments that were ejected backwards and out of the car, one of which hit the rabbit right in the right eye.copyright protection2PENANAUtBb0rQWnM

Judy's face contracted into a grimace of pain but rage at the same time, as stubborn as she was alone, she ignored the penetrating pain and forced the muscles of her arms to the utmost and entered the wagon.copyright protection2PENANAch52bQ2YqX

An intense look of hatred from her healthy eye was directed at the door of the carriage and was followed by the impulse of her legs that catapulted her forward as she pointed her weapon at the door lock.copyright protection2PENANAnClOKyL8Bj

Despite the hatred, Judy's mind could judge the situation with a cool mind, so halfway through she took off the garment that the mayor was trying to cover her snout and Judy fired at the door until she emptied the magazine of her gun. Then, with lightning speed, she covered her muzzle with the garment and proceeded to tie it around her face and knot it around her nape, then reloaded her weapon and fired at the next door, all without stopping for even a second.copyright protection2PENANAOvNqGNSxJf

The rabbit looked more like a ninja with the lower half of her face covered by a white garment, a garment that on the right side did not remain untainted due to a fine thread of blood descending from her blinded eye.copyright protection2PENANAkWxqZJg2HH

.copyright protection2PENANAZ4jkT4TEcu

.copyright protection2PENANAY10LrHzjfj

Lord Sheng and his wolves had been taken by surprise by the shaking of the wagon, a shaking that was taken advantage of by Finnick's gang to retreat from the place. The wolves chased them, fearing that the swindlers would enter the control car and become strong there.copyright protection2PENANAzzf70fRhhy

“We're almost there, my friends!” Finnick shouted as he noticed that there was only one wagon between them and his sloth bear friend, who was driving the train.copyright protection2PENANAYgDhBwluby

A new jolt was felt all along the train, including the wagon where they were standing, causing everyone to lose their way and stumble, an inconvenience not all of their pursuers suffered.copyright protection2PENANAZ9zZV1GulV

“Fuck let go of me!” shouted Nick who had the only gun with a few bullets, a pity he couldn't take advantage of this fact since his wrist was held by one of the wolves.copyright protection2PENANAOUv42vjTMA

The fox inadvertently fired his existing reserves and the wolf laughed as if laughing at him, however, the laughter did not last long as he exchanged it for a howl of pain as he was bitten in the arm by Nick.copyright protection2PENANAsLR52sCoXO

Nick felt the taste of his rival's blood in his mouth, but then he took a hard punch and was blown away. Now Wilde felt the taste of his own blood in his mouth and didn't like it at all.copyright protection2PENANAWWYvWTwCoR

Duke, Yax, and Finnick tried to fight the wolves, but Nick was right, they couldn't fight those brutes as equals, the difference in size, weight, and strength was too much, so they gave up.copyright protection2PENANAydM4hPAAIn

.copyright protection2PENANAab82gbuTzs

.copyright protection2PENANAIvpG1lAyYZ

She would not give up, the eye pain was unbearable, but she would not give up.copyright protection2PENANAqxcdBt2b3L

"There's someone ahead. He must be one of the kidnappers.... I'm out of bullets, but... The door is open!"copyright protection2PENANAyeWHgdSL7r

Judy walked right into the wagon and the first thing she saw was a huge wolf hanging a small, poor, light beige desert fox.copyright protection2PENANAePXDvZY5yW

Seeing that the wolf had both his arms occupied, Judy raced to his shins and swept them away with the full force of her legs.copyright protection2PENANA5Ythc5KegO

The villain howled in pain and released his poor victim who was not stamped on the floor, but was received by Judy.copyright protection2PENANA0P3Wxkap6h

“Hurry, get to safety," the rabbit instructed him, and the little animal cornered himself with a weasel and a yak, both looking pitiful, because of the beating they had received a moment ago. The figure of a reddish fox was a few yards away, but Judy could not see her face as the fox was unconscious and turned her back towards her.copyright protection2PENANARk7PXCOWIn

Judy would have liked to have taken one of the biological protection masks, however, the wolves were already heading for her. She needed guns and fast.copyright protection2PENANASNmm5yrPMI

Judy dodged her opponent and did not attack the group that was going against her, but jumped up against one of the walls and there and taking the impulse, jumped up against one of the fine tables of the place.copyright protection2PENANAENyIJ52Uv8

The table had been destroyed by Judy's force, but It legs had been released. Two of them still had the elbow-shaped piece of wood that joined them to the rest of the structure, Judy grabbed them in less than a second, thus achieving a pair that looked very much like two of those L-shaped police sticks.copyright protection2PENANAcmtjbqW0mE

The balance had been balanced and the adrenaline had suppressed the rabbit's pain and tiredness. The dance of justice had begun.copyright protection2PENANAofsKBxi3n5

The size, weight and strength may have given the wolves an advantage, but it was difficult to fight against such a small and fast target. And to make matters worse for them, their agile opponent had combat training and would get the most out of it, unlike them because they were not animals trained in any martial art, only a group of bullies who only fought against opponents who in most cases surrendered to the first.copyright protection2PENANAL1SjJCpMwU

Judy proceeded to crush the fingers of the paws and break the shins of the opponents, once they had fallen, she finished them off with a blow to the back of the head.copyright protection2PENANAUIgo2sOYtb

A wolf came too close and wanted to hit the rabbit on the head, but she used the leg of the table as a shield, just like the other leg/stick to cover herself with a kick from another rival.copyright protection2PENANACRq5B2CT5Z

The rivals were astonished but did not have time to counterbalance as Judy made a vertical turn, causing the dogs to lose their balance and fall to the ground, and then took blows directly to their muzzles, one of their weakest points.copyright protection2PENANAZR1RbLtAxZ

Other wolves wanted to try their luck and Judy, instead of keeping her distance, ran to shorten it so that the attacks using the rest of the furniture of the place would have no effect. Tremendous impacts on the genitals put his rivals out of action.copyright protection2PENANAusILQKeFJI

The wolves who had received the blows to the snouts renewed the attack, however, they could not focus well because of the tears and Judy beat them mercilessly on their knees and ribs.copyright protection2PENANAQlAhqbk35q

“Come on, come on, don't give up!” Judy shouted at them with a look worthy of the most savage predator and with a power of voice that would scare the hell out of a tiger.copyright protection2PENANA24h4VtPp3m

The largest wolf in the group stood up with effort while holding a knife, however, instead of attacking Judy, he threw the knife to the ground and in front of her.copyright protection2PENANAoyP7kFSzlB

“We surrender... Remember that you are a police officer and you must treat us without violence that we will not resist arrest...”copyright protection2PENANAhcXRto3Or9

“DON'T FUCK WITH ME.”copyright protection2PENANAeudwy9Zoz2

The wolves contracted their bodies out of fear.copyright protection2PENANALXBA5VgXvB

“Is there any way to stop this train?" Judy asked the group she had rescued.copyright protection2PENANAyMNwDhUH6l

“There is," said Finnick, "but if we stop the train, the virus weapon will spread through Zootopia.”copyright protection2PENANAQkQ4QpeQNN

“My friend Nick stole a key from a terrifying white man," Duke said, "without that key you can't release the gun, but the pressure is building and the gas will be released.”copyright protection2PENANASyKu8QqpNV

“Let's take the detour to the Burrows” Yax suggested. “That place is too far away, the gas won't reach that place.”copyright protection2PENANA1mHPSl7N3d

“Well, do that and secure these wolves. I, for my part, must locate Lord Sheng.”copyright protection2PENANA9TyZXoobfc

“If you're looking for that bird," said Nick, who had recently regained consciousness, "he's probably at the observatory. It is the only place from which the windows can be opened from the inside.”copyright protection2PENANAY8KJCTA2io

“Thank you, friend," Judy thanked him without turning around, so neither of them saw each other's faces.copyright protection2PENANAYkKG9D2gr5

Judy ran to the train's observatory feeling more and more the pain pulses in her right eye, the adrenaline rush was running out.copyright protection2PENANAtAY1AWqZ8F

Upon arriving at the observatory, the officer could see how the bird had managed to open just one of the windows, however, he could not get out of it completely because of the irony of life: his long tail had been stuck in the window.copyright protection2PENANAb7NWRqPrt8

"Just like that fable my mother used to tell me when I was little: the tiger and the peacock."copyright protection2PENANAPrsA7BdaRE

And it was Judy the tiger at the time, and as such, she took an incredible leap upward and grabbed the flamboyant tail of the feathered scumbag.copyright protection2PENANAflfemPaMOj

“No, let me go!”copyright protection2PENANAsZqgVhGLI9

Both animals fell to the ground without much grace, but both of them were incorporated at lightning speed.copyright protection2PENANATxAm7IXlSP

Lord Sheng had no weapon, but he saw beside him a statue with a fancy spear.copyright protection2PENANA08afmx4xkT

"It is not a real weapon, but the tip is sharp," he thought at lightning speed, and at the same speed he released the golden spear from the grip of its motionless bearer.copyright protection2PENANAQMSh2OyIzh

Elegant movements with the gun made Judy understand that the bird in front of her would be a bigger challenge than she had with the filthy ones a floor down.copyright protection2PENANARtPsPXaNj3

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection2PENANADjbOzylD6F

Oh, my God! Judy sure knows how to kick ass! Karate versus Kung Fu! Vote and comment to find out who wins!copyright protection2PENANAxXrpeueNcO

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