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Writer Capt. leon
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Honorable tradition
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!P2UVPTukFjgJ8YzDCH3Aposted on PENANA


Capítulo 2: Honorable traditioncopyright protection5PENANAJ4qDZfwuzc

In the Zootopia Police Tank Hangar the tension seemed to decrease thanks to the intervention of Officer Keyheart.copyright protection5PENANANPVWOuAqcE

"Feminazis"... Really, Chief Bogo? Do you know you can get sued for that little word?”copyright protection5PENANA1Ntv45mMvB

Chief Bogo looked at the black cat grimly, but decided to take a deep breath and then gave Officer Keyheart Judy's transfer papers.copyright protection5PENANAaeFASFPpap

“Yes, everything is in order. Officer Hoops, welcome to the tanker police," said the black cat, while the other animals grumbled and exchanged frowning looks.copyright protection5PENANABYfwV31vue

“Thank you very much Subcommander keyheart. I promise you, I'll do my best.”copyright protection5PENANA9w1D16JoSf

“Just call me Keyheart, after all Chief Bogo is the senior commander of the tanker police and I'm just the deputy commander.”copyright protection5PENANA02uFDmltMv

“You'd better tell her to call you by your name, subcommander," a sardonic rhinoceros suddenly said to him, and the other animals laughed with disguise.copyright protection5PENANASnt8UocWUG

“Sub-Commander?” Judy said intrigued.copyright protection5PENANAa4ccIejrDb

“Key.... My name is Key Key Keyhearth.”copyright protection5PENANAHDebjSxElj

Some of the animals couldn't stand it and started laughing.copyright protection5PENANAaeHEmC2yyX

“Yes, yes... fuck all of you," said Key as he returned the transfer papers to Chief Bogo, who was still angry.copyright protection5PENANAfJ1sWKHfbk

When the black cat turned around, he saw Judy make great efforts not to laugh too.copyright protection5PENANAqTYF4hxCWS

“Hmm... I'd better show you the  hangars, Hoops.”copyright protection5PENANAW66DLtfO2O

“Not so fast," interrupted Chief Bogo, "first she has to go to traffic and urban roads.”copyright protection5PENANALhxNKtxrIJ

Key sighed and nodded in defeat.copyright protection5PENANAL9CJOG1miX

“Well cute little bunny," said the evil-looking Buffalo. “You'll hand out ticket violations on the streets.”copyright protection5PENANAee4lSPO8DR

“What? Sir, I'm a real officer, not a ticket collector.”copyright protection5PENANAWp8ucSYJkH

“If the pretty bunny doesn't think she's up to it or thinks she's too pretty to do what she's told.... Then go, there's the way out!”copyright protection5PENANAs6Q4QFLR13

“But, but...”copyright protection5PENANAPgiUBbJqjn

“Judy," Key said calmly. “It's a tradition in the tanker police that newcomers spend a day in traffic and on the road.... It's like a kind of initiation in this place.”copyright protection5PENANAhgNqKZjIJD

“I see, well sir, I promise you that I will give you a hundred, no, two hundred fines before the end of the day.”copyright protection5PENANApbJggzW1rX

“That's the attitude, Judy.”copyright protection5PENANA5gdnaPyUgS

“One week," said Chief Bogo.copyright protection5PENANAiy85YS5iBO

“What?” Key said.copyright protection5PENANAW10FihfeiH

“One week. The cute little bunny's gonna hand out tickets for a week.”copyright protection5PENANAcnXpL8fk3w

“That's unfair! I was given three days, I don't understand why she's being punished like this!”copyright protection5PENANAcl4kr3dxlO

The black cat and the buffalo did not cut eye contact and both seemed to give off sparks.copyright protection5PENANAmhQmX8EdnW

“Okay, Chief Bogo," Judy said in a dignified voice despite the discriminatory treatment. “I'll be a fine sharer for a week.... the best fine sharer in the whole of Zootopia.”copyright protection5PENANAUzkSY50ep4

“Remember pretty little ears, if you can't handle the job.... there's no shame in quitting," said Bogo with a sardonic smile that was imitated by the rest of the animals, except Key.copyright protection5PENANAKBqOWRS9pd

"Anything else, Key," asked the Chief Tank Officer as he watched the black cat stand in a firm pose beside him.copyright protection5PENANAXLvO8tWMGj

“Yes, I forgot.... Chief José Rosano, is very angry with the destruction at the station due to the explosion a while ago, and says that if you don’t get your ass down to his office right away, he himself will come down and bite you.”copyright protection5PENANAJBS3tR9u6z

“And you tell me now!”copyright protection5PENANAyQbYF7Qxgg

He barely shouted that and an old bobtail dog was already walking through the door screaming loudly.copyright protection5PENANALe1h2aKZWr

“I've had it with you, I've had it with you and your men! If it's not for destruction in the city, it's inside the police station, you'll pay this, you'll fix this!”copyright protection5PENANAjF3cJx3S1a

“Excuse me, Chief Rosano, but I had, uh, we had a little incident with the interrogation of a suspect.”copyright protection5PENANArA0DzGKqe1

“Interrogation? Idiot, this is the tanker police, let the detectives from the department handle the interrogations!”copyright protection5PENANAG0fIhhS1hO

“Emmm, yeah, well, that's what I was saying to the cute Bunny... Officer Hoops.”copyright protection5PENANAtAuwMd3Q65

“Bunny? What, that stupid cigar already turned you down. How can there be a bunny rabbit in the tanker police!”copyright protection5PENANA0yG1bgHVGW

“Emm... Police Commissioner Jose Rosano... I'm Officer Judy Hoops and I was transferred to this place from New Port headquarters.”copyright protection5PENANAWnWc5duXfL

The big old dog turned around. At first he did not see who was heading towards him and then he looked down. A couple of seconds passed and then he remembered.copyright protection5PENANAMIlgf8tiYz

“Ah Officer Judy Hoops, the first police rabbit in the New Port Police Department! Yeah, I remember now. Mayor Shere Khan himself gave you your badge.... And how is old Samson, that old bear, still as energetic as ever in New Port?”copyright protection5PENANAoY840jkHf1

“Yes, Chief Samson is in good health, and he was the one who arranged my transfer to Zootopia.”copyright protection5PENANAEboAotOSr3

“I see, I see. Well Officer Hoops, I hope you will play a good role in the tanker police, and remember: If you have any complaints regarding the treatment you received from your colleagues... you understand me, if you have any problems with sexual harassment...”copyright protection5PENANADdMZt17Xk5

“Don't worry, Chief Rosano," Judith suddenly interrupted. “I've only received tokens of affection since I arrived at the tanker police.”copyright protection5PENANAxI4FN4Y7Md

“Really?” said the old dog and looked sideways at the huge buffalo, which gave him a nervous look back.copyright protection5PENANA8qpx1N0QFs

“And you've already entered one of the tanks?”copyright protection5PENANAUjFHi8Ip63

“Emm Boss Rosano," interrupted Bogo. “First Officer Hoops will have to go through traffic and road...”copyright protection5PENANAvDMzizEhHr

“Of course, to hand out fines! Do you know Officer Hoops, who started that honorable tradition in the Zootopia police department? It was me!”copyright protection5PENANAvQRUnTHoKn

Boss José Rosano laughed out loud at himself, very proud of himself, while Judy could only look at him with half-closed eyes in frustration.copyright protection5PENANAQEGvlYE4oK

.copyright protection5PENANA7ToUtHt8Yb

.copyright protection5PENANAzu1rool6N5

In a room inside an apartment complex deep in the ghettos of Zootopia, a disheveled green-shirted fox with a striped tie and gray pants was giving a lot of money to a pig with implants in his eyes that resembled flat rectangular, wrap-around sunglasses.copyright protection5PENANAuEJa959O9y

“This is the money Don Corleone gave me for that stinking skunk carpet," said Nick Wilde.copyright protection5PENANAzhsYbWFF4E

“You did well, Wilde," said the pig, who was none other than Buajaja, a dangerous criminal from New Port, who had decided to go to Zootopia to do some work.copyright protection5PENANAQD8S5xhqD4

“This will bring me a lot of trouble with Don Corleone. I won't be able to go to Tundratown after this," the fox told him with a tone between angry and worried.copyright protection5PENANAv8IfiSksHt

“You should be afraid of me Wilde. But don't worry, I won't need you anymore and relax, I'll keep my promise... your mother won't receive the visit of my two... associates anymore.”copyright protection5PENANA0hLsfXoVCt

The door to the apartment opened and two cats came through it. Of course, they weren't normal cats because they were very tall, much taller than Nick.copyright protection5PENANAzt6ImcfDCT

“Anna Puma, Uni Puma, how did it go with good old Nick's mother?”copyright protection5PENANAI71rnkkHN1

“Meow, we did very well," said Anna Puma.copyright protection5PENANAbNiWgyTFtw

“Nya, those tea cookies tasted great," said Uni Puma.copyright protection5PENANA830fLmr103

“You see, Nick, we're still friends," smiled the fat pig fox.copyright protection5PENANAVIbXayiug5

“Yes... friends.”copyright protection5PENANAwrSPo9niOQ

Nick was leaving the apartment complex and turned his eyes to the light of a window, from where the absurd laughter of Buajaja, the pig, came out.copyright protection5PENANAPXUQcFdDHd

"Oh, my God, how did I get into this mess? Now that I won't be able to get into Tundratown, my profits will go down.... no way, I'll have to associate myself with that grumpy Finnick."copyright protection5PENANAHDWTA6sSAJ

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection5PENANAX6bQVzZjSO

Poor Judy, she'll have to hand out tickets for a week. Vote and comment if you want them to take away the punishment.copyright protection5PENANAaIL4yYKLCr

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