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Writer Capt. leon
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The predator
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Vv0nkjE3ZPEsseA4crkJposted on PENANA

ZOOTOPIA TANK POLICEcopyright protection3PENANA1Xj8RyFyuT

Capítulo 11: The predatorcopyright protection3PENANAXpoYNIirMh

A snowy peacock wondered how everything had become so complicated and so abrupt. The perfect plan had degenerated into an armed confrontation within the wagons of the old moving train. On the one hand he and his wolf henchmen faced a small group of animals who called themselves something like the Alliance.copyright protection3PENANAgqJJEjNRL8

“Stupid clowns better give me back my key to the reagents," threatened Lord Sheng.copyright protection3PENANAAM6TVXrAwV

“You mean this key, bleached bird " mocked Nick Wilde, as he threw the key back and forth into the air.copyright protection3PENANAuulSs8BKAn

“You seem to have an eye for valuable, Duke," Finnick praised him.copyright protection3PENANA1RNLAs5ojQ

“As a pickpocket, I have a good instinct for recognizing what is valuable," the weasel boasted.copyright protection3PENANAxTDDNyBe97

A ball of fire addressed the friends and they had to bow their heads.copyright protection3PENANAaDCww4F7Og

The security measures imposed by the mayor were strict and only the mayor's security team carried weapons, which were then passed into the hands of Finnick's gang. Lord Sheng on the other hand had more subordinates, yet none of them carried a lethal weapon. Of course, the latter did not represent much advantage for the group of swindlers, since the wolves used the few aerosols available to them and used them as tiny flamethrowers that could throw tiny fireballs.copyright protection3PENANAuQ7iCIKI73

“Damn it," shouted Finnick, who, like the peacock, wondered how his perfect plan got out of hand so quickly.copyright protection3PENANAyEXchKLSZV

With the city guards knocked out by Yax's adulterated canapés, and his weapons at the disposal of his gang, he thought everything would go smoothly, however, he found that the purified air distribution ducts could not be regulated since a foreign distribution system interrupted such a plan.copyright protection3PENANA0ayCG4Hmcv

Lord Sheng wanted to release the deadly compound during the course of the train, however, he realized that he did not have the master key with him. One thing led to another by making the peacock unintentionally reveal his plan as Finnick's gang announced their intentions to take the passengers of the train hostage.copyright protection3PENANACHmJZYrKGy

“Come on, come on," said the bird trying to change his strategy. “This confrontation is completely futile, if you give me the key, I promise you that I will reward you beyond your wildest dreams.”copyright protection3PENANAOfcMsuwenw

The other members of the little fox gang evaluated the proposal of the peacock, especially Roedriguez. The insane bird was right about one thing: they had reached a dead end, and the key was the key to breaking the current impasse.copyright protection3PENANA9oGH1mMIIZ

“Forget it, man, I may be small, but I'm not stupid. As soon as we give you the key, you'll finish us off.”copyright protection3PENANAdkGA4Gywrf

“Idiots, you're not getting out of this alive!”copyright protection3PENANA4gvh2XMzba

"Damn, it's only one turn before the train gets to the detour," the peacock thought. "My plumage is at stake. I've got to release the compound before those clowns get the train out of Zootopia."copyright protection3PENANA5kyL2z7PhQ

“Boss, I'm running out of bullets," Yax told him, and the other members of the "alliance of evil" warned him.copyright protection3PENANAPvbv5gcEME

The situation was urgent. While Finnick wished his criminal gang to be recognized as the most evil of all Zootopia, that did not mean that he wanted to kill the entire population of the zootropolis, especially if he considered his beloved Gazelle to be one of the victims of Lord Sheng's evil plan.copyright protection3PENANAURUp9WmVvy

“Nick, please tell me you have one of your brilliant ideas.”copyright protection3PENANA5ATEmWduMu

“I'm sorry, Finnick, but no. When we run out of ammunition, we can't beat those stinking wolves with brute force.”copyright protection3PENANAkB0w75NjKz

Lord Sheng had counted the bullets of their rivals and was sure they would soon run out of bullets.copyright protection3PENANAYEqS3APqwl

“Prepare yourselves, all of you," commanded the bird, while his eyes showed that characteristic insane light that he possessed, "Nothing can save those clowns anymore... On the count of three: one... two...”copyright protection3PENANAZBWSgiOtMB

A metallic roar seemed to come from the last car of the train at the same time as the whole structure seemed to suffer a severe blow that threatened to derail the entire magnetic levitation train and crash it to the ground at nightmarish speed.copyright protection3PENANAY7cZEj4rDP

.copyright protection3PENANA0Btrux1jXx

.copyright protection3PENANAEW9BPqTETG

The situation was urgent. Inside the magnetic levitation train, the viral compound that would endanger the entire population of Zootopia was hidden, and if that wasn't enough, Rosano now found out that all the VIPs inside the train had been kidnapped.copyright protection3PENANAfSOrRsKWTo

“Chief Rosano, this is a catastrophe!" exclaimed Deputy Mayor "Callie" Briggs, "What can we do to rescue the hostages and prevent Lord Sheng's weapon from destroying the city at the same time!”copyright protection3PENANALUZfmuMoNK

“I don't know.... Any ideas, Gadget?”copyright protection3PENANAWsG64vwXaq

“The train is going at high speed, the SWAT forces will not be able to intercept it even if they are deployed by helicopters. We won't be able to send any vehicle to intercept it, except...”copyright protection3PENANAEpisQaUB6O

Rosano, Callie and Gadget all turned their faces at the same time and looked at two members of the tanker police.copyright protection3PENANA0SJZ85uUui

.copyright protection3PENANAEqKlwPR3M1

.copyright protection3PENANAtrqMThWOS3

Gadget's plan was insane, but it offered a small but window of opportunity to save the hostages and the entire city. Although it initially seemed unfeasible to carry out the mission, it was Callie who provided the logistics to carry out such a desperate plan.copyright protection3PENANACSVmS3snYW

“This is insane Judy, I can't believe we're going to do something like this.”copyright protection3PENANAFCnqYTfPX2

“There is no other way out, at any moment the virus weapon will spread everywhere. Look, Key, here they come... the SwatCat Team.”copyright protection3PENANAQqtgcmy9ar

A powerful jet painted black and with scarlet strokes was drawn on the horizon and was approaching at a dizzying speed.copyright protection3PENANAcNk8adcCAa

“Well, come on, Key.”copyright protection3PENANAyfNVFLPUBN

The cat nodded and they both entered the tank.copyright protection3PENANAWrdpIqMhzX

The SwatCat team "grabbed" Bonaparte and flew him to the train tracks.copyright protection3PENANAILL2UVf6yP

No vehicle could block the train, it would be crushed or even endanger the lives of the hostages. Reaching it with a conventional vehicle was also not an option due to the high speeds printed and that it should be taken into account that the vehicle should have enough power to hook up to the train and slow down. A tank was needed, but any of these metal monsters would have collapsed the upper roads, Bonaparte was perfect for the job. The question was whether Judy Hoops and Key Keyhearth would rise to such a huge challenge.copyright protection3PENANAh6552KRSFs

.copyright protection3PENANAFBUT1DkOUT

.copyright protection3PENANALCFwEzsTG0

And it was these doubts that kept on leaving the minds of the two tanker policemen, but there was no time for doubt and fear. The SwatCat team had left the small tank on the upper tracks and the collision of the tank's tracks with the tracks put the pair to work.copyright protection3PENANAJX7O2azT3e

“Key, speed up!” Judy commanded with a powerful voice of command that was not known to have.copyright protection3PENANAmJQgCSTXGN

 The cat did so and the Bonaparte crashed into the last car. Handles designed and manufactured in haste by Gadget, were fixed to the structure of the train to somehow try to stop it.copyright protection3PENANAQrpwY45rYM

The timing had to be perfect, the Bonaparte would slow down the train from now on. It should not go too fast, too slow, or else both the tank and the train will derail.copyright protection3PENANArIJzwMJ6GN

“Hurry, Judy, hurry! I can't hold out for long!”copyright protection3PENANAk2wbj93c6J

The young rabbit only nodded with a hard look and then came out of the Bonaparte.copyright protection3PENANA0Xbqt9uzBt

A spectacular jump propelled Judy into the train car, causing the police officer to land with one knee on the ground.copyright protection3PENANAl3b4CIRmOx

Judy looked up. Behind her a huge wave of sparks illuminated her, making her look not like a prey but like a predatory beast lends itself to the hunt.copyright protection3PENANA99AGkUPn7W

"Hold on, Key... I don't know who or who's behind all this, but now they're going to face Judy Hoops, proud member of the tanker police."copyright protection3PENANA67Thymr3W2

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection3PENANAwh5HmIqd4e

Holy carrots! Now comes the action! Don't forget to vote and commentcopyright protection3PENANALenmUHgK5n

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