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Writer Cristal Castro
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Chapter Six
Cristal Castro
Sep 16, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!pX67dVl1zvR6pKBlpboaposted on PENANA

Sebastian Westcopyright protection3PENANAoreppLmCMc

Standing next to her felt strange. It was like I wanted to bury myself alive from the anxiety but I also felt the urge to touch her. This didn't feel normal for me but it didn't feel like it was wrong either. I liked it. copyright protection3PENANA6b9din8DoI

I tried to stay close but the trees constantly hit the sides of my body. It was difficult to catch Isabelle's scent when she was a few feet away. I stopped and plopped down on the ground when I lost her scent. This was something that Sullivan told me to do. Minutes went by until she realized I wasn't there and returned to come and find me. I heard her bones pop as she panted. copyright protection3PENANA8gOy1qTrBi

"Why did you stop?" I huffed and turned away from her. "Come on, we can't stay here all day." I remain silent. "What's wrong? You were doing just fine." That is incorrect. I was doing the exact opposite and now my sides were aching. "At least shift so that you can talk to me." I shook my head. Her eyes were burning the side of my face. copyright protection3PENANABZJQp9BMLn

Then I felt the heat from her body get closer to me. My heart was beating faster the closer she got. Her hands pressed flat against my side and the heat that I felt at that second was unbearable. It faded away but it left me breathless. I can feel her looking at me but thankfully she didn't comment on it. copyright protection3PENANAZSz85RwevV

"There is a clearing nearby. Follow me." I felt cold after she walked away. I quickly got up and rushed to her side. My head was low, near her hip. She put her arm over my head and pulled me to the side. "There was a tree." She mumbled. I didn't care. As long as her hands were on me, I didn't mind. "Here we are. You can run here with no restrictions. Just don't go too far and end up in the forest on the other side." copyright protection3PENANAWEcLceb5FM

My body felt numb. A sign that my wolf has taken over. Our senses were just a little stronger when he was in control but they aren't as strong as they used to be. They were just normal. It was also difficult to cope without something that I've had for the past twenty years but things change. Whether I liked it or not. copyright protection3PENANAnhM77cgIY2

My wolf took off at an alarming speed. The wind hitting my face made it a little weird to breathe but that didn't stop him. My legs were starting to burn yet we still kept going. When I caught that familiar smell of the trees, I turn completely and sprint back. Once again, I was going across the meadow. Back to where Isabelle was standing. copyright protection3PENANA6XUF60xDe2

It was like that for a while. Running back and forth, as fast as I can. It was like a race but no one was there to compete with me. My feet would slip on the snow but I chose to ignore it. Thinking about it only made me upset. I can't seem to do anything right.copyright protection3PENANAyaGKWSY7YE

"You good now?" I fall to the ground on shaky legs. My wolf seeped into the back of my mind, leaving me to feel the exhaustion that he caused. The snow slowly melted under my overheating body while Isabelle sits far away from me, much to my disliking but I kept my mouth shut. The silence was unbearable. copyright protection3PENANAUmVGu3TLLS

Her shakey breath let me know that she was starting to get cold. This wasn't the proper climate for a jaguar. Her bones popped and cracked again. Shifting was the only way for her to keep warm. Her scent was a lot strong now and there was a slow, quiet rumbling coming from her.  I stand and make my way into the forest again. She found her place in front of me, in hopes of leading me back home. copyright protection3PENANANRQIxWI4zW

That is until she stopped walking completely. My large head bumped into her behind which caused her to kick my head. I scowl at her. I paw at her back leg as a form of asking why we stopped. She didn't respond. Isabelle remains silent, waiting for the right time to move. The silence was eerie, strange in a way. Then again, my senses aren't that good. copyright protection3PENANA787NT3GSbF

She turned around and bit the skin of my neck. Pulling me away like a mother to her cubs. It wasn't painful but I felt weird. I pushed that feeling aside and tried to maneuver with her constant pulling. Isabelle yanked me away and continued to lead me with a speed that made me believe that we were in danger. The adrenaline was making me uneasy.copyright protection3PENANAw51sMwvFhh

This went on for a couple minutes until we finally stopped. Pushing my body down, she began kicking the snow all over me, covering my head and limbs. Every few seconds she would stop and continue again. My nose and ears were trying to locate where the danger was but It didn't seem to make a difference. I couldn't make anything out. I'm useless. copyright protection3PENANAx49nMGkuLU

After a few seconds, it went quiet. I didn't hear her leave or hide with me, she was just gone. I waited there patiently but I was starting to think that she abandoned me completely. It became difficult to breathe. Would she do that? A clicking sound caused my ears to twitch. There were voices around me but I couldn't make out how many there were. I felt the need to run but if they are hunters, I'd be easy game. copyright protection3PENANArS3zGWDnOO

"Is that him?" Where is she? Why was I so nervous? Without thinking, I moved my back leg. The crunching of snow wasn't as loud but it caught the attention of others. I heard the clicking again. I had to run but I don't know in which direction. I try to find a scent that would lead me home but there were only the trees. "Is it dead?" copyright protection3PENANA2lT4OFAjlR

The smell of gunpowder filled my nose and felt my heart accelerate. I need to attack or I won't make it out alive. I kept on hesitating. It was against our agreement with Artemis to kill any humans. Would this be an exception? Before I could move, I heard a loud roar. Along with hissing and growling. The familiar rumbling let me know that it was Isabelle. copyright protection3PENANAASWJgJqBeb

There was a gunshot.  copyright protection3PENANAvF3yfKvS7j

There were a series of sounds but I know for sure she didn't kill them. They fled, dropping their weapons without doubting it for a second. The breath that I have been holding was finally let out, it felt like my body was shaking. Why am I so weak. I claw at the ground in frustration. My wolf was fueling that anger by not speaking to me. I needed him and he wasn't there.copyright protection3PENANAG9FzdtfOMA

The rumbling was now right by my ear. Isabelle's tongue pressed against the top of my head. The bristles on her tongue combed through my fur, leaving a tingling sensation behind. She was grooming me. The rumbling in her chest was making me shiver.  I press my nose against her neck, taking in her scent.copyright protection3PENANAFntC7Jlykz

You okay? The sound of her voice inside my head caused me to jump. It made me realize that we have established a bond. We are now able to speak with each other through this link. I was trying to hide you since your fur is white. It didn't seem to work, unfortunately.  I didn't think about it that way. I've forgotten my fur was white too. copyright protection3PENANAJQeNouxTmE

Thank you. Isabelle rubbed her head against my own. How many of them were there?copyright protection3PENANAd2OSC2mSQ9

Let's go. She nudged me. Instead of being behind her, she was walking next to me. Her shoulder would bump into my own, sending that unfamiliar heat to spread through my body. Does she feel that too? There were three of them. Only one of them had a gun though. The other two were young so I assume they were teaching them how to huntcopyright protection3PENANAswwV8EFtcZ

The snow under our feet faded away and we were now walking on concrete. The familiar smell of what was mine was comforting. This was my territory, as pathetic as it is, I treasure it as much as I can. I shift after we went up the steps and unlock the door. I slip on the shorts that Isabelle tied around my ankle and make my way inside. copyright protection3PENANA3WPiJeMh78

"Geez, give a girl a warning, would you?" She huffed, it almost seemed like she was out of breath. I look away to hide the smile on my face. "I'm making soup, will you be joining me or will I dine alone?" Her footsteps sounded a bit different. Her quiet grunt made me worry. "I'll be right back." copyright protection3PENANAWlbLeONAGE

"Are you okay?" I question. She ignored my question and went up the stairs. I place my hand on the rail and slowly go up. My foot being cautious of the edge. When I made it I look for the nearest bathroom which happens to be across my bedroom. I try to open it but it was locked. "Isabelle?" There was a whimper. "Please don't make me break the door." copyright protection3PENANAJ8bg4jUJN7

"It's fine I got it." She grunted. Her breathing was heavy but she opened the door. The smell of blood oozed out of the room. "It was the bullet. It's fine, I got it out." The bullet must have been made of silver. "It burns." She was starting to slur her words. She was going to pass out. I learned that from experience. "Is this normal?"copyright protection3PENANAIQ3y8NMV5U

"The bullets are made from silver. You'll pass out any second, you should return to your room." Her hands reach out to my arm again. Her weight was entirely on me. "You'll begin to hallucinate but it only lasts a few hours. I recommend you sleep it off." I lean down a bit, placing my arm below her knees and on her back. copyright protection3PENANA31gfMu3A4K

Gently, I pick her up and head down the hall where my room was located. Her scent became stronger the closer I got, I struggled a bit but I managed to find it. I lean down and used the closest hand to reach for the doorknob and opened it. The citrus smell slapped me in the face with how strong it was. copyright protection3PENANAfNTq4XKZGy

My wolf was uneasy. The smell filled my lungs as if I needed it to survive. Perhaps I did. But I didn't understand why. I set Isabelle down on her bed and pull the covers over her. She mumbled in her sleep a little bit, however, I couldn't make out what it was. I make my way out of her bedroom and close the door behind me. copyright protection3PENANA6ppaYxYLt3

Slowly walking across the hall, I feel the walls to search for the door frame. When my fingertips came in contact, I reached for the doorknob. It was dark in my bedroom, just like always. The light coming from the windows wasn't as bright as it was this morning which let me know that the sun was setting. It meant that Isabelle and I have spent hours on that run and we didn't even realize it. copyright protection3PENANAFw5VMRqPsu

I lean against the door with my arms crossed. It was confusing. Her touch and her scent were enticing but I don't know for sure If she's my mate. I'll never know unless I look at her. I slide down the door and close my eyes. It didn't matter. It was always dark. Perhaps she knows? My legs were going numb the longer I sat there. copyright protection3PENANAzHis8mqSm7

How do I ask? Will she think I'm conceited for assuming? I can't be the only one who feels this way. Was this another punishment from Artemis? I run my hands through my hair and pull at the strands. There was a lump in my throat. I crawl towards my nightstand and feel around for the glass of water that was always there. copyright protection3PENANAqtwPDvnCgQ

Gulping it down, I found my familiar spot on my bed. I felt lonely again. The urge to go see her was strong but I knew better than to lurk around her room. I close my eyes in hopes of sleeping. My eyes became heavy until they fluttered closed. copyright protection3PENANAFWnKR9CiZ5

I felt weightless. It was a familiar feeling and I always knew what happened next. I opened my eyes and see her again. Her back was facing me. Her long black mane of curly hair cascades down her back like a deadly waterfall. Her face turned to me, for the first time I was able to see her lips. The rest of her face was a blur to me. copyright protection3PENANAMzM52VssNO

"Hi." She reached out and wrapped her arms around me. Her body glowed but the pitch black abyss that surrounded us made her seem even brighter. Her legs are on either side of my thighs, her arms were around my neck and her hands were in my hair.copyright protection3PENANAAeh74VCsxS

This was the dream I told Sullivan about. I knew it was a dream but I couldn't control what I did. Her hands go down my sides and up my chest. This was a first and despite her being an illusion, it made me nervous. Something about her seemed familiar. Her hand grips my hair and pulls my head to the side. Her lips press against my cheek and slide down to my lips.copyright protection3PENANAjcOHXGQzYQ

"It's time to wake up." copyright protection3PENANAELprQsmjVa

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