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Short Story
Child's Play
Writer Lawrence Kinden
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Child's Play
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Rainy Interlude
Lawrence Kinden
Sep 15, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8UU3y4a3hxQPRXFoPSCzposted on PENANA

June sat gingerly on the hard wooden bench and fidgeted all though the lunch. I shot her knowing grins and she blushed and looked away.copyright protection1PENANApbvcohpyW9

As lunch was wrapping up, dark storm clouds began to roll in, quickly dousing the sunshine and gusting a chill breeze that set us all to shivering. June's parents retreated to their camper. My parents had already gone back to their tent to lie down, leaving me and June at the picnic table.copyright protection1PENANAs44m8DrjGI

"Don't get caught in the storm, kids," Mrs. Mason said.copyright protection1PENANAQxyHve6k6I

"Is it okay if I show Thom the books I brought while it rains?" June asked.copyright protection1PENANAUwUpIiG8RD

Her mother shrugged. "Sure."copyright protection1PENANAikHnGQ079H

That's when the rain started. We scrambled into her tent, just managing not to get soaked. We kicked off our shoes and closed the tent flap, leaving it open just enough to enjoy the smell of summer rain. As it got colder, we cuddled closely and wrapped up in June's blankets. June pulled her knees to her chest and rubbed absently at one thigh under the blankets. I put an arm around her shoulder and she leaned into me. We stared out into the rain.copyright protection1PENANAQZepHJDN4K

"What was it like?" I asked.copyright protection1PENANAwYgrnZK47B

June bit her lower lip lightly.copyright protection1PENANAHpWpMCfNKo

"It stung like crazy," she said finally. "It's the worst spanking I've ever got."copyright protection1PENANAuBoJ05tDTx

My heart fluttered.copyright protection1PENANAnqvERTDCYK

"I'm sore from the top of my butt to my knees. It's sure not tingly like a play spanking and it's not really like getting a paddling either. It's just all around more."copyright protection1PENANAeFaa5XNlKx

She continued to stare into the rain, looking kinda far away and thoughtful.copyright protection1PENANAJf88Z9esN8

"Do you wish you hadn't asked me?"copyright protection1PENANA0byvPqps2n

June turned her attention to me and smiled. "Nah. I wanted to know, and now I do."copyright protection1PENANAdg3or8let6

"Do you want to give me a switching now?"copyright protection1PENANALdmUmm4AOR

June shrugged. "Some day, maybe. When you're ready."copyright protection1PENANAIO2hkRHKkK

I couldn't help but sigh with relief. I loved that she knew I wasn't ready for that yet and I loved that she was willing to wait.copyright protection1PENANA7y1aWsiiGM

"That said, I'm still mad at you for that stupid prank yesterday."copyright protection1PENANAps0Mnm8rWX

I laughed. "Really? I already got spanked for that."copyright protection1PENANAiFMkX7cERx

"Over your shorts. I hurt my hand more than your butt."copyright protection1PENANApY5q92TslA

I laughed again. "But your parents are just over in the camper, what if..."copyright protection1PENANAeL3fxqBFRy

"Thomas! You get your bottom bared this instant or I'm going to get the paddle."copyright protection1PENANADaepvbwHPn

"You brought your paddle?"copyright protection1PENANAffmlGvnzXJ

"Of course I did."copyright protection1PENANAacudr2D2Hv

"Where is it?"copyright protection1PENANABlGPKb0gTQ

"In my duffel with my books."copyright protection1PENANAE850tLwRlt

I got to my knees and clambered to the back of the tent where her duffel was and dug through it to find the paddle. I handed her the paddle and pulled my shorts and undies down while she grinned. June paddled my bottom under the cover of pounding rain and gently rumbling thunder.copyright protection1PENANAAwG5J77naP

The summer rain lulled us to sleep.copyright protection1PENANASLayAVKAcD

I woke when June's mother unzipped the tent. I was on my side, one arm around June's waist holding her close to me, our legs pressed firmly together. My bottom was sore from the thorough paddling. We were still wrapped in blankets. June sat up, the book she'd been reading aloud still in one hand. I joined her and stretched.copyright protection1PENANAqQLwRfin7E

June's mom smiled. "Come on, you cuties. It's time for dinner.copyright protection1PENANARHaxNTFUgP

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