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Silent Knight
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Writer jelly.jaybee
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Silent Knight
Silent Knight

In a life of Kings and knights, the tyranny in the land of Heraldia creates an uprising amongst the nations.

During the time of the Great War, these nations stooped to any levels necessary to gain the upper-hand.

Laila, being one of the few to have been recruited into the assassin's creed, Tenebris Miles, loses everything she once knew of peace and learns the harsh realities of a brutal war ravaging her home lands.

In the fight for freedom great sacrifices are made for the greater good, but will it all be worth it in the end?

Total Reading Time: 1 hour 43 minutes


Flow - This summary sounds amazing. Usually when I read summaries I tend to walk away. My brother bought me a good one a few years ago and it took me 2 months to actually read it, since the summary made the book look awful. Turns out the book was actually way better than I thought and it made me cry (ASIDE FROM unTOUCHable AND NIGHTMARE FACTORY. I'VE NEVER CRIED OVER FICTIONAL CHARACTERS! THE BOOK WAS MAGIC)!
Jelly darling, you better live up to my expectations. I will be very disappointed if you don't.
3 years agoreply

jelly.jaybee - I will try my level best not to disappoint. :D
3 years agoreply

Flow - @jelly.jaybee, I believe in you honey :)
Must've sounded very intiminating right there. Sorry
3 years agoreply

jelly.jaybee - @JellyKat,Well we write to have our work read here so no intimidation haha.
3 years agoreply

once upon a star - hehe! this made me smile! 
3 years agoreply

jelly.jaybee - Feeling the love haha
3 years agoreply

once upon a star - yay! *smiles the brightest smile ever*
3 years agoreply

once upon a star - sorry I got a bit excited! I’ve been waiting to read the story for so long! *looks down embarrassed*
3 years agoreply

Flow - @once upon a star, Don't be embarrassed, we all get excited :) Did you even read my comment? It went from a praise to fangirling to threats. My excitement causes mood swings apparently
3 years agoreply

once upon a star - yes I read it!^^ *looks again at the comment* I have confidence in jelly.jaybee! :‘) 
3 years agoreply

jelly.jaybee - You guys are killing me XD I just hope I can reach the checkpoint by the end of the month X_X
3 years agoreply

once upon a star - sorry! *giggles* I’ll shut myself away now! *gives a determined grin* I believe in you!
3 years agoreply