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    I like to write both fanfiction and original stories, usually with themes of oppression, LGBT issues and the dismantling of stereotypes and cliches.
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Dazzling Darlings
PG-13 Completed

A series of short stories about lesbian (or bisexual female) relationships between high-school girls.

A series of lesbian/bisexual female romance stories about highschool-aged girls. These are inspired by yuri manga, especially oneshots.

"Gamer Girlfriends" is about two girls in a newly-formed romantic relationship who are having a sleepover. As luck would have it, the power turns off, so one of them suggests that they play a portable game. What ensues is an exploration of where they are in their relationship.

"Isolated Idols" is about a morose teen idol whose gained the affections (and gifts) of another teen idol, who happens to be her complete opposite. One has a 'cute' persona and is nasty whereas the other has a 'cool'persona and is sweet.

"Cute Cosplayers" is about two anime fans who meet at a convention dressed as characters they both like to pair up. Can taking romantic cosplay photos together bring love from the screen to real life?

"Thrilling Thespians" tells the story of a theatre geek who desperately wants the part of Romeo in her theatre club's production of Romeo and Juliet. Why? To get closer to the girl she's certain will get the part of Juliet, of course! When she doesn't get the role, what she really wants comes into question.

In "Friendly Fangirls", fans of the idols in "Isolated Idols" have a fight when one of them confesses to having feelings for one of the idols.

"Beautiful Bikers" explore the budding relationship between a nerdy closeted Class Representative and a surprisingly shy and sweet biker chick transfer student.

"Generous Gymnasts" pits two young gymnasts against each other. When one of them gives money to a homeless man, a competition to see who is the most generous ensues.

"Overjoyed Otaku" is a sequel to "Cute Cosplayers" that explores what the cosplayers' relationship is like after saying goodbye at the convention, especially since one of the girls wants to keep her geeky side (and the fact that she knows the other cosplayer) a secret from her friends.