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    Hi there, I'm Nor.

    Here's some facts about me (that you probably couldn't care less about but oh well):

    I love reading and writing, and I write reviews for a few bookshops.

    I also love programming and design. When I'm not reading or writing I can be found on my computer writing code for my latest random idea.

    I once got a school assignment to write a short story and I ended up giving my teacher a ten page story that I spent an entire half term on (no joke!)

    I'm currently writing a couple of books (even though they're not very good!)

    Any comments or suggestions on my books would be great!
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My Broken Reflection

A girl sits alone in a dark room, watched only by her own reflection. It is quiet, but the tension in the air is as thick as old custard. Will she pull from the depths of despair or will her shadow overcome her?

I started writing this story a while ago at a crime fiction workshop, and decided to continue it. I would like it to be a full-length story and I need some help. It's about a girl battling depression and anxiety while being watched by her reflection (the narrater),  but I don't know whether the reflection should have a part to play or if she's just watching. All I know is that she is evil and likes watching her real life counterpart suffer. Any help?