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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Writer Mathew Babaoye
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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Mathew Babaoye
Apr 3, 2016
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!9Y5lY6QyqLyXuXKMRENVposted on PENANA

The wild, gloomy, beautiful castle gardens of Caer Nocht were bright with sunlight. A squirrel chittered and birds chirped, although none near the sphere of dark Essence, emitted from her Midnight Lamp hooked to the branch of an old oak tree, blotting out the day there at center. Her slender form clad in a simple black shift, with her long blonde hair spread across the ground above her, Goldenslaughter still lay within it, upon the dark-patterned leaves. “Is it not a wonder, my pretty?” she cooed…copyright protection126PENANAK2cEwTrMrT

No answer.copyright protection126PENANA8ARdVQjMoJ

Is it ignoring me again?! Goldenslaughter suddenly rolled over, rising up onto one arm and glaring over at the still weakly glowing silver cage sitting nearby. “I brought you outside!” she whined. “Just as promised.”copyright protection126PENANAxXG2VrON6C

No answer.copyright protection126PENANAIQEUvbNWXf

The blonde immortal one blew aside a few strands of long blonde hair fallen across her pale face. “Phoey.”copyright protection126PENANAP5QHjMyCyX

A feelingYou don’t listen.copyright protection126PENANAm6U38PuWCB

Finally sitting back up again, she pouted. “But I do! We are safe from the Daybringer’s bright corrosion while inside the Midnight Lamp’s protection.”copyright protection126PENANAzlrefXp3Tm

A feeling of disappointment.copyright protection126PENANAiJs8rLUZot

Goldenslaughter angrily turned away from it again, shaking out her long blonde hair before tying it into a long ponytail. “Power is what we make of it,” she growled. “What I make of it.”copyright protection126PENANAWKzQNHGiEj

True enough. And you are clever. Inventive. Which is what makes this all the more frustrating…copyright protection126PENANATdElrUiQXc

She turned back, snarling: “why do you always lecture me so?”copyright protection126PENANAdfVFonqjmO

No answer.copyright protection126PENANAMizm9n4QFI

Pah! How dare it! I am a great Power, a feared sorceress and the immortal Queen of this Realm! Grumbling again, she abandoned the debate anyway and plopped over onto her stomach, resting her chin upon her pale, crossed arms while staring out beyond the dark sphere. The afternoon gardens were filtered softly luminescent by the Midnight Lamp, all the way out to the distant, tall dark walls above which loomed the East Keep’s dark peaked roof, with the filtered sun only a pale disc in the muted sky. It looks safe. It feels safe. So what is wrong? She finally groaned, screwing her eyes shut again. “Why can’t I do this right?”copyright protection126PENANAazWOUoIcfG

Open the cage and find out...copyright protection126PENANAosVk8kHzD4

Open the cage? Giving a little huff of surprise, she then opened her eyes and snickered shrilly. “Or not. But at least you are always honest with me.”copyright protection126PENANAoqnXNwkRnZ

Silence.copyright protection126PENANAzxywmtU5G9

The only constant is its unpredictability. Ignore it for now, and let it come to you for once. Goldenslaughter groaned, but stared out upon the filtered dream world of the day. Her thoughts drifting: she didn’t notice the cage’s weak glow flicker…copyright protection126PENANAL4CHpK17jF

A feeling of uneaseTake us back to the Black Well.copyright protection126PENANAbH6yFU5ZLt

She startled with an unladylike snort, caught daydreaming of another life. “But we have–”copyright protection126PENANAZl0yRn2MsI

Now, fool!copyright protection126PENANAVdNyVciXjC

The Queen of Night turned furiously back around towards the cage again, and paused: its glow was fading…copyright protection126PENANADvkJ40D90p

!!!copyright protection126PENANAC0KDzB0Bos

Immediately: Goldenslaughter leapt up, reaching her left arm aside, and using her monolithic Will, to send her own ensorcelled shadow hurtling along the ground, then up the tree to unhook the Midnight Lamp and draw it quickly back into her pale hand while her other grabbed the fading cage’s handle, whereupon she sprinted away, inhumanly fast, through her castle gardens. SHIT! How could this be? We were under the Midnight Lamp’s protection! Finally rushing into the nearest castle wall’s shadows, she skidded to a halt among the underbrush, wrenched open a door hidden in the ivy and darted inside before SLAMMING the door shut behind her and racing down a dark hallway hung with faded tapestries, rushing down a twisting staircase, racing down another hall, darker and cooler, and rushing down another twisting staircase to finally slow again down at the cold, black bottom. She pressed her hand to the glinting lock, sent her ensorcelled shadow slithering inside, twisting until the lock *clicked* and the door swung silently open, slowly roiling living darkness then beginning to coil outwards, coldest. Darting inside, she closed the door firmly…copyright protection126PENANAjjG6SBjbyD

A feeling.copyright protection126PENANANc88Vc8zm8

… and breathed a sudden sigh of relief. Within slowly coiling darkness now, the silver cage kindled back to fitful, glowing life in her arms as she glided through, before placing it beside the unseen Black Well. An ancient Source once used to fuel only her grandest works of sorcery, the Well had remained unsealed through the long centuries, still constantly churning out infinite darkness. She sat beside the cage unseen amidst it all, then leaned back against the Well’s cold, smooth circular surface…copyright protection126PENANAZZ9JCIlDjJ

Thank you.copyright protection126PENANA6D3MKVo36X

Thank the Pantheon, absent or not. “The clime is safest here,” she finally admitted, “but how were you diminished? My works are well: the Lamp removes the Essence of Day, so you should have been safe.”copyright protection126PENANAHU9Q353bFp

A feeling of calmYou do not understand.copyright protection126PENANAkEpto2bJFv

“Fine. Educate me.”copyright protection126PENANAtL8xyTtWWz

If you insist.copyright protection126PENANAUEu3ux9xJO

A pause.copyright protection126PENANAX4tmyRoKB4

In the sudden silence: Goldenslaughter was suddenly frustrated. Why doesn’t it just say it? That I failed again. That not only are my dark Powers still weakening, but now even a simple Tool must have somehow been corrupted. Finally screwing shut her eyes, she deeply breathed in the darkness to calm herself, before exhaling it back out, the same…copyright protection126PENANAf4PoCoh5le

First lesson.copyright protection126PENANAFfS9jnHsVq

… breathing in deeply…copyright protection126PENANAgSuKf3BDNc

You have a misapprehension about what lies inside the cage.copyright protection126PENANAH2hxrTWJYh

What?! She exhaled explosively, opened her eyes blindly and hissed: “I know what was captured! You. My Glory.”copyright protection126PENANAXDwQNPeui9

HesitationA Glory is more a concept than a creature. Whereas you are more of a creature than a concept. To misunderstand either truth invites ruin.copyright protection126PENANAVz1qjgtUUg

“Is that a threat?”copyright protection126PENANA7CjoaKi6th

No. A promise.copyright protection126PENANAnrUUhIKvc2

Goldenslaughter remained silent, and still, amidst the slowly coiling darkness, before abruptly breathing it in deeply, wrapping her pale, unseen arms about herself and then breathing it out yet again. It always makes me break the soft promise of silence. Unfair. My whole WORLD has become unfair. “I only want what is mine by right,” she eventually insisted, but in a voice gone quiet.copyright protection126PENANAE7BGxVW0QR

No answer.copyright protection126PENANAhXtAmDkFKN

She was not surprised at this. Not truly. Unanswered questions had become all too common in her life.copyright protection126PENANAW7eR1wzM2L

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