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Soul Search
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Soul Search
Submission Closed
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Staring Adventure In The Eyes
Dec 4, 2015
2 Mins Read
466 Words
No Plagiarism!4JYcDZKxoczODVBOxmdsposted on PENANA

At the age of 2 months,copyright protection154PENANAOCMsEWHOgZ

My first time being punished physically, copyright protection154PENANA6kJ5wm4hTs

My father flicked my arm.copyright protection154PENANAuth7oSVVf9

He was frustrated and tired,copyright protection154PENANAo3Mawq7efo

At his wit's end, most likely, and readilycopyright protection154PENANAelJXqgjvxd

waited for my response.copyright protection154PENANAX2Gea5761n

I didn't cry or even poutcopyright protection154PENANAgpr2AXtIcJ

But I swiveled around and utterly shocked himcopyright protection154PENANA6q5Pnw5G1D

By wordlessly staring,copyright protection154PENANAUYFBdQGlWI

Not at his hand that flicked me, but in his eyescopyright protection154PENANAIc89fJ7Jrj

Not not pitiful or guilt-struck. copyright protection154PENANAsxJxn63sN4

After that,copyright protection154PENANA6I3LjhC0Cy

My parents knew,copyright protection154PENANAIkLQu0zBK1

I would becopyright protection154PENANAUcyEKWLNoz

Safe.copyright protection154PENANASvhWgAdTAP

It's a habit of mine, really.copyright protection154PENANArjad9EdJgX

I simply make eye contact and don't ever break itcopyright protection154PENANAKbajPUfAIE

If I'm scared our of my mind.copyright protection154PENANA9B9rxq1KjC

I won't say a wordcopyright protection154PENANAALVLY5pcPG

My expression won't change in the slightest, and Icopyright protection154PENANAazRlTGf9hY

Analyze the situation quickly.copyright protection154PENANAOrAYS7oUSI

My Dad laughs when Icopyright protection154PENANAxtusesyEFn

Talk about dating someone mean, rude, and disrespectful, copyright protection154PENANAkPXbaRSq0a

Just to tease him with the idea,copyright protection154PENANApOCZMv6bpZ

Saying that a guy wouldn't copyright protection154PENANAUXsopGRYkw

Dare treat me like that because I wasn't scared to act against him.copyright protection154PENANAlFmiQx9JYa

I guess he's right.copyright protection154PENANATnZvmM1tXq

I'd stare a dragon strait in the eyescopyright protection154PENANAtRoVgOC7MX

Just for fun.copyright protection154PENANAE7C1qtyAcw

Even with friends,copyright protection154PENANAK6TJCgvDKt

I was with a close classmate after school when some strangercopyright protection154PENANA4dls9CgLJ2

Walked up to us.copyright protection154PENANAIoalpBOXb0

He wasn't all there,copyright protection154PENANAuW7oGJEcmp

Starting horribly inappropriate conversations with us,copyright protection154PENANAFrC1TLDaxn

And while my friend looked away, I didn't.  I don't know why,copyright protection154PENANAdgLoBaZp8b

But I stared himcopyright protection154PENANAqD7x1NgGZD

Right in the eyes.copyright protection154PENANA5F5HGYtj90

He eventually left.copyright protection154PENANAGmgrLSCKhL

Later that night, apparently two girls were kidnapped.  copyright protection154PENANAVIo2fqQw6Q

It wasn't us, and my friend ended up really shook up.copyright protection154PENANAabvfTbemun

Those type of things have never bother me,158Please respect copyright.PENANA5p6wuhSVnY
copyright protection154PENANAnbKDDvwgfN

But I was the only one,copyright protection154PENANA1bvqeLQ4hX

After all,copyright protection154PENANAUr8qG2BUo6

Who got a good look at him,copyright protection154PENANAiLh2pVyVbO

And in the eyes.copyright protection154PENANAJdZfDe0uji

My Mom is pretty goofy sometimes,copyright protection154PENANAseJBEqDfl1

Energetic and spontaneous, like a football hitting the ground,copyright protection154PENANAmDMEGcze7K

I like to think I take after her.copyright protection154PENANA2RX26Bg76z

Although stubborn and blunt like my father,copyright protection154PENANApyN99szMHU

I still enjoy a good adventure, I still like being dorky,copyright protection154PENANAO4yBIeNitV

And my Mom knows this.copyright protection154PENANA3wM1zTDP0J

She always makes sure I knowcopyright protection154PENANApqidzrF9en

That whatever crazy idea I have swimming around in my headcopyright protection154PENANA42sCDbRqtl

Is actually important,copyright protection154PENANAmwR9yr2bg3

And that my sense for discovery copyright protection154PENANAUGtdU3EAcT

Should always be quenched no matter how insane it may becomecopyright protection154PENANAXhVqTzBL04

Even if it means chasing a sunset for three hourscopyright protection154PENANA6mBYvapxlG

On a school night.copyright protection154PENANABgn5th88Sl

I was super tired the next morning.copyright protection154PENANA1QDXgxwRiw

It was worth it.copyright protection154PENANAWpSyooIOV4

"Never grow out of that," copyright protection154PENANAuxkSCOaLW2

She still says that and I can't forget,copyright protection154PENANA7YSKV9hs0A

"Even if it means chasing something for a bit."copyright protection154PENANAYXZRvofecb

Though chasing a subject isn't bad for me since I'm so stubborn.copyright protection154PENANAiHICzkrK6n

And bullheaded.copyright protection154PENANAMdmFXhOfKP

But whenever I'm facedcopyright protection154PENANAPIMPziePwq

With an amazing opportunity, and I can go wherever, copyright protection154PENANA0O8IrH3Ss9

I go everywhere.copyright protection154PENANAgenCUlUJAE

Just because I can,copyright protection154PENANAyqmlfWEtMa

Just to spite reality and leave it speechless.copyright protection154PENANAUMZ2vqKyic

And because I want to.copyright protection154PENANAIzr5bmq551

Seize the day, right?  Thanks for reading, and a super fun contest, if I do say so myself!  :)copyright protection154PENANAKEr7ZH3DbQ

​-LovelyShereecopyright protection154PENANAO5CN87eSGx

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