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Alex's Doll
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Writer Jess Rufus
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Alex's Doll
Alex's Doll

'"Alexandria... You're... Beautiful...Alex mumbled, tears still his eyes,  stroking her dusty brown curls.

He stared deep into the glass eye. He knew he should have been scared, terrified, but he didn't. He felt... comforted. He pulled the doll closer, not realising her arm raising slowly, reaching onto his arm."

As Alex's life slowly falls apart, he turns to his only remaining source of comfort; a battered, neglected, worn-out doll.

He turns to her every single night for reassurance, a will to live. But then he experiences something truly disturbing - something he will never, ever forget...

Hey, guys! I though it would be worth mentioning that I got the inspiration for this story from this video... (I do not own anything apart from the story!!!)

If the video fails the link is also here: 


Recognise it, @Lata?

It's mainly based on Quattro and his family from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL (Which I don't own). The song 'Dollhouse' by Melanie Martinez (which I don't own either) is based on his 'Junk Puppet' deck (not owned by me) which consists of puppets and 'Gimmick Puppet Doll' (shown by the cover as well) which I do not own...

It's scary but I love it. Yeah, I know, I'm weird... but I do.

So, without any more if my ranting, enjoy!

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes

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Lata - Heh. I am constantly humming this song and I blame you for this.
2 years agoreply