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Maria finally decided to get her sister and escaped from the castle. It was the night of their wedding. On her way to her sister's room, she was caught by the guards. Maria had no choice but ran away, leaving her sister behind. It could cost her life if she waits for a minute. Soldiers were sent after her, and she ran nonstop with her barefoot deep into the forest, under the blanket of the dark cloud; She could hardly see in the dark and unfortunately hit her leg on a stone; she stumbled but was unexpectedly saved. The soldiers stopped when they saw the unapproached man holding Maria in his arms as if she belongs to him. They could feel the intimidating aura oozing out from him. 

"You should leave." 

A chill ran down everyone's spine as he spoke. The soldiers stumbled backwards. Who is this? They asked themselves, including Maria. His voice sounds like the devil from hell, and his tone was full of warning and danger. Maria shivered, and her heart began to pound as if it could burst out. Is this not from Frypan from a fire?

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