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Ophelia was a kind person, the kindest of them all. Not a barbed comment ever came from her lips. She was always putting others before herself. Always tolerant. Always polite. She believed with all her heart, that people were either good or misunderstood. And with this, she was content, believe it or not. She was pleased with her lot in life. Not too good, not too bad. Not too rich, not too poor. Somewhere in the middle of it all. And she was grateful. Because of this, the world was good to her. That is, until it wasn’t. Because bad things befall everyone. No matter who you are or what you’ve done. The world does not care. And that is exactly what Ophelia thought as she passed from living. But the world did care, to some degree. But it cannot always prevent human actions. So instead of saving her life, God gave her another one. But it is not the one she expected. She was reborn...Into someone else’s mind!? Reborn as the consciousness of a villain, can she change him? Or is she doomed to stand by and watch as he is hung for treason? 

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