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Whole Book: 1000coins

"I'm gonna cum!" he screams at her, while still thrusting furiously inside her. "Cum with me! Cum together, baby."
She cries loudly from the intensity of their orgasms, which are coming one on top of another. Her body shakes uncontrollably under him. The bed creaks with each impact of his hips against hers. Their bodies move up and down like waves crashing onto rocks. They're both screaming louder than they've ever screamed before. Then he shoots his load deep within her hot cunt, filling her completely. She feels his cock pulsating inside her, and then she cums again, feeling the warm liquid gush out of her hole and flow around his cock. It's so intense that she can't even scream anymore; just groan helplessly.
They stay there for a few moments, not moving or talking—just enjoying the blissful sensation of being joined together by two separate pieces of flesh. Finally, he pulls away from her and lies next to her. They lie quietly side-by-side until she rolls toward him and kisses him gently. She doesn't know what comes first, whether she leans forward to kiss him or if he moves closer to her, but suddenly they are kissing passionately. His hands caress her back and shoulders. He holds her tightly, pressing her body firmly against his own. They continue making out long past the point where they should stop. Eventually, she breaks off the passionate kiss, gasping for air.
"Wow," he says softly. "That was amazing."
"Yes, it was," she agrees. "Thank you."

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