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A secret mission was all it took for Elise to gain the infamous twins, Azael and Reuel's attention and from then on, there was no stopping them.
While the twins want her, Elise wants nothing to do with them.
Amidst the growing infatuation and feelings, Elise has even to protect herself from the danger she has unknowingly put herself into.
“You were ours the day you stepped inside our club,” Azael said as he strode towards her and Elise took a step back instantly.
“I belong to no one.” She declared as she maintained her gaze on him. But her wavering voice gave her away and Azael arched his lips, taking it as a challenge.
“Are you sure, darling? Why does your heartbeat say otherwise?” Reuel approached her from behind and Elise was now trapped between the twins.
“I…” Elise licked her lips as she maintained her gaze on the man before her while her mind was focused on Reuel’s wandering hands that were inching towards her waist.
“You what, gorgeous?” Azael probed as he smirked at her evilly and Elise was lost in his mysterious depths instantly.
“Tell us you want us, Elise.” Reuel urged behind.
“Tell us, baby. Tell us you want us as much as we want you.” Azael ran a finger along her arm and goosebumps peppered on her skin instantly.
“Tell us, Elise.”
And that was all it took for Elise to surrender. “I want you.”
This book contains mature content including violence and sexual themes. It is also a reverse harem romance and explores many different aspects of BDSM. Read at your own discretion.

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