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Penana's 2nd Annual Character Talent Show
✪ Submission Closed

It's time once more for the  Penana Character Talent Show! Bring your best characters and put them to the test! Displays of grandeur and extreme skill are welcome, but beware, the readers are your judge! Appeal to their curiosity and you may just take home first place, but too much personality and you might just lose favor. The stage is yours...

In this contest, authors will write up an entry as to what your character's talent would be, should they ever enter a talent show! Get creative, and aim to please the audience! Here are the rules:


-You may go into as much detail as you'd like about your character's act or talent, however, you may not describe the audience's reaction, as that will be the readers' jobs!

-Try to keep entries short enough to be no more than a 5 minute read.

-You may also react to other characters' entries, however, negative commentary and insults are not welcome! The entire point of this contest is to have fun, and salty people aren't fun. Encourage others to join and perform! :)

-Don't be afraid to use this as a way to promote your stories! You can shamelessly add a plug at the end of your entry to let readers know where they can find the rest of your character's adventure on your profile. :)


-Your comments and likes will be the figurative reaction of the audience to the author's act. You are encouraged to display your enthusiasm through the comment section of each entry, and be sure to let the author know exactly how their act made the audience react! (Clapping, whistling, and standing ovations...yes!)

-If you enjoyed a particular act that you would like to see win, don't be afraid to recommend it or spread the word!

I just wanted to see if a concept like this would be successful! Have fun, and may the best talent win! :)

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