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(Discontinued) The Concept of the Magon World

Discontinued. Last written: August 2016.

There is a world where people blessed with magic, the Magon, and plain people, the Nigon, live together, but their lives are not in peace. Turmoil has entered this world as it always has in the past, and the Magon-hierarchical Empire suppresses Nigon revolts and promotes the Magon of its territory, yet the Nigon are persistent and will not stop until justice is achieved.

The Scentral Empire favors Magon and magical ability above all else, purging the world of insolent Nigon that threaten the livelihoods of the wealthy Magon leaders. However, the Empire that has stood for over four hundred years has recently faced a challenging foe: the Freir Kingdom of the West. The Freir Kingdom upheld basic human rights for its peasantry, and commanded a caste system that favored no single people, instead only basing profession and wealth off of skill. With its various allies—the People's Democracy of the Northern Province; the eastern people of Dongguo; even the nomadic Myrten, long-time enemies of Scentral, who have survived nearly one thousand years in their desert as a unified people—the Freir Kingdom was able to play decisive attacks, both politically and militarily, on the Empire, and gathered much support from the inside of Scentral, but due to the Empire's cunning strategies, bribes, sabotage, and assassinations, the Freir Kingdom was not able to last even thirty years. The King of the West fell to the hands of an assassin, and the Queen was forced to flee. The West is in turmoil, once again oppressed by the Empire.

The other countries, however, are angered by the despicable way Scentral killed their beloved ally. The rifle-bearing North is readying an army to fight on-par with the spell-casting Scentralmen; the East Country's bowmen prepare their most esteemed warriors to march into Scentral's vassal-country, the Eastern Province, along with the Mrvde, who have skirmished the East long enough to weaken it; and all-the-while, the children of the late King and hiding Queen attempt to raise a new army to attack Scentral, from inside and out of the Empire's lands.

But where do we find ourselves in the boiling tension of this world? We do not follow the stories of nations, but rather the stories of individuals.

Nattia Flau is the Magon daughter of a Nigon farmer, with no recollection of her father. Follow her story as she tries to keep her family safe with her magical abilities, trained under one of the last spellweavers in the Empire. As she lives in County Queen, the demesne of the Scentral Marshal, Duke Eslient, cousin of the Emperor, Nattia will find that conflict will spark in the very place she lives.

Davo Freir is the youngest child of Queen Avdaviel Freir II, the Queen who now hides away from Scentral's eyes. He is proclaimed an international fugitive by the Empire, and he is not even safe in his own home country, and so he has taken the guise of a young scholar looking for opportunity in the Scentral homeland. While he seeks to find his siblings who fled alike him after the Battle of Vinrea-Merriodha, he finds himself in County Queen to look for his eldest sibling, the bastard-child of Avdaviel II, Darien Freir.

And Vi Eslient, who is the son of Dei Eslient, Marshal and Duke of County Queen. He is the cousin of the Prince of Scentral, yet he was forced out of his home by his own father after the supposed death of his mother, and is now the right-hand man of the Bear of Greu Hill, the notorious bandit leader of the Grey Bears that rose in defiance of Duke Eslient nine years ago. Once the son of the second-most important man in the world, he now happily helps the vagrants and scoundrels of the underworld that cannot help themselves.

Unbeknownst to these three, their fates are intertwined, and their destinies will change the course of history in the Magon World. But how will they achieve the destinies whispered to them?

Find out as you read The Concept of the Magon World!

A/N: I have lots of lore about this world and its inhabitants. All text in this story is subject to change, and all depictions and artwork, as well as their text, are subject to change. Please don't steal anything. Thank you for taking your time to read this!

Hey! I'm currently writing a new version of this story that'll be called The War of Wicthwine(or something like that! haven't really found a good title for it yet). I might change the title to something like A Story of Wicthwineor Another War in Wicthwineor something-the-like. These titles are all similar because "Wicthwine" is the name of the world, and I will be including lots of the hidden lore of this story into the narrators' recounting of the events during the events that take place in a major war in this story's world.

If I make several stories and have a series of this going, I'll probably call it the Wicthwineseries, or even Magon Worldas it already is (for instance: War of Wicthwine: the Empire fallswith War of Wicthwine: New Kingdomsas its sequel, or as an alternative The Magon World: Fall of an Empirewith The Magon World: Hiraethas its sequel).

So anyways, there's going to be lots of revamping to go about, and a new story will be published here on Penana called whatever it's going to be called, but it will basically be the rewrite of this story. I hope I don't disappoint the people who've read this! Wish me luck.

The above note no longer holds true as of 2021.

Aspects of Sand

Zefra is a shrine keeper in the capital city of Ehram. Far away from home, she devotes her time to the shrines of the gods. But there is trouble brewing. The Kingdom of Ehlil has turned its back on the gods, and the Glassmakers have grown their influence. Their wonders provide a distraction from bigger problems, and the gods grow displeased by their influence.

Aspects of Sand is a fantasy novel written for Camp NaNo in April 2021. This is the first version of it, pre-revision. I started writing two days early, on March 30, to give myself some room so that what you're reading isn't a rough first draft so much as a story revisited after a couple days of consideration, but there will still be a lot of rough edges.

This year's theme is zombies, though it's technically optional. You'll find that Aspects of Sand is a traditional fantasy story with zombies, but it's not focused on the overt horror elements of zombie fiction so much as using them as a story tool. I'm also not much for gore, so expect the zombie scenes to be "mild" compared to what you might see elsewhere.

I'm working from an outline that has a more or less cover-to-cover complete plot, so I expect to complete Aspects of Sand within the month (or at least be over the 50,000 word threshold to be called a novel), but remember that what you're seeing isn't a finished novel. Although this is the first novel I'm making publicly available, it is actually my third novel.

If you have questions or feedback, leave them in comments! I'm writing this very quickly and many things have probably escaped my notice. I'll also be updating my blog (available through my profile) every Friday with an overview of my progress and a reflection on my work.

Sea of the Forsaken

This story helped me cope through with depression.  I wanted to write a book to where I would actually read where it did not have the typical storyline for a mermaid falling in love with a human, or a mer prince/princess fighting to get back their kingdom.  I started out writing on Wattpad and now I'm expanding to gain more possible readers wanting to read my book.

It was supposed to be a normal visit to her uncle's place. Everything was planned out to prevent anything from happening by her parents, but it didn't end that way in the end. After taking a dive in an underwater cave with her cousins, Lynae and Meredith, something changed within her. Ever since that day, Amelia, Lynae, and Meredith uncover more on their family's secret lineage resulting in them becoming something that they thought was not possible. Now showing their true scales, they adjust their lives into becoming more than just mermaids, but as the rightful rulers of the five water realms along with two mermen. They meet other merfolk along the way to help guide them into making each of their designated realm a better place for everyone. However, not everyone would agree with what the five rulers have in mind as for what is best. The main concern would be set on the five after they discovered that they each inherited a special power from each sibling. But with those powers come with great distress. Fearing that history may repeat itself, the mer are keeping a close eye on Amelia since she is the reincarnate of the one whom was good at heart but became corrupt to the very end resulting in her transforming into a great beast that terrorized the underwater kingdom. If you want to take a dive into an adventure that stretches around the world while witnessing the supernatural elements these mer face everyday, then you are in the right place. Come under and see why the merfolk are not just a fairytale, but a lost race that the humans have forgotten for over centuries.